There’s a lot of controversy surrounding Master Wong and just how traditional his Wing Chun is, but he’s one of the few people showing how Wing Chun techniques apply to real-life situations.
His footing might be a little questionable and not very typical of Wing Chun (I’m not entirely sure) but his arm movements look pretty solid. He’s using a lot of nice blocks and then he steps in with a punch or a kick. Nice stuff.

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Say dawg, I know you're a martial arts afficionado. So, I figured I'd ask you since your knowledge of the arts is extensive. Word to god, I'm a fat ass nigga, b. Like...5'6 and 275 on a good day. I did TKD when I was 100 lbs lighter but, due to bad genes, I was never flexible enough to do all the flashy kicks. Are there any martial arts where heavy niggas can thrive?

From one plus sized dude to another, i feel your pain. There is a limit on what big guys can do in regards to martial arts. The good thing? That limit is very, very small.
I’d advise you to go for a martial art that relies primarily on upper body strength and arm attacks rather than kicks. You might want to avoid TKD, Jeet Kune Do and even Karate, but there’s no stopping you from going for Hung Gar, Wing Chun, Bagua, some traditional Shaolin forms (again, not the bullshit Wushu) and even Bajiquan.
Then there are animal styles: Northern and Southern Mantis, Tiger, Dragon etc. You might not want to go for Monkey kung fu, but, otherwise, the world is your oyster.
Aikido, Systema…the list goes on and on. Find yourself the right style and the right teacher and weight won’t mean a thing.


Came across this cool video of Anderson Silva training under Bruce Lee’s protoge


“Martial art is a form of expression, an expression from your inner self to your hands and legs.”

- Donnie Yen


Characters based off the Legend of Wing Chun. Takes place during the Qing Dynasty in China. 

It was really interesting reading about chinese history while searching for a theme and time period for this project. I had another idea surrounding a chinese brush painter, but ultimately went with the Wing Chun origin story because it’d be fun to pose and it has a strong lady protag. :’)