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BTS Wallpaper - 2017 LIVETRILOGY EPISODE III:THE WINGS TOUR Trailer [screen caps]

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Mr Video Game himself!

Another commission courtesy of @diggerdagger, this time to feed the hype train for Odyssey! He just wanted something Mario, so I thought about what I enjoy most about Mario and figured I’d shove as many power ups and helpers from as many games as I could without overcrowding everything~ NES fireballs, SNES feather, N64 wing cap, Gamecube Fludd, Wii Baby Luma, Wii U raccoon tail (okay, yes, that’s a Mario 3 powerup but it came back in the 3D Land/World games and is more iconic than the cat suit so… counting it) and the upcoming cap from Odyssey! And star sparkles/rainbow too~

Don’t actually think I’ve ever drawn Mario before. Glad that oversight’s been corrected! Thanks again, @diggerdagger!


I finally finished my graduation cap! Me being the nerd I am, I dedicated it to my favorite anime, Attack on Titan. It says “Fought my titans” (titans symbolize obstacles) and “graduating to the outside world” (the characters are obsessed with going to the “outside world” which is out of the walls, and well, I’m leaving college 😭) The bottom of the ribbon says “mom is the corporal” because we all know my mom will whip my ass in shape when I need it. 😂 and right in the middle is the wings of freedom. 💕I wanted to do something different that you can’t find online so here you go~