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Dunno if these’ll make it back into NJCon today, since it’s kinda delicate to transport and I can’t really sit down or turn around without being acutely aware of my surroundings - but it was so cool to have some people comment on it!

Also, props to the good people behind Bullet Casings jewelry, who make the glowing grace necklaces. I had mine from last year but the liquid had evaporated out, and when I asked if there was anything I could do to restore it, they gave me a new one instead. A+

Animage (02/2003) - Animage Cover Illust Collection

From left to right and top to bottom: Ace wo Nerae! / The Wings of Honneamise / Gundam: Char’s Counterattack / Versailles no Bara /  Gundam: Char’s Counterattack / Samurai Troopers / Sonic Soldier Borgman / Patlabor.

I’ve been working on this off and on for 3 days now…what do you think?

From rough ballpoint and sharpie to ink on 2 sheets of watercolor paper (the picture was so large it spanned two sheets and Dean was cut into two pieces…), scanned in and pieced together on my old laptop, colored on Art Rage

reasons to love tokoyami fumikage:

- has an undeniably badass quirk: 

- wears a choker (so cool.) 

- has bat wing decals on his AC in his dorm

- has a sword in his room for no reason other than aesthetic.

- has a skull lamp

- is embarrassed by his dark emo/gothic room

- bikes to school

- is 5′2′’ 
- says things like “what a mad banquet of darkness.”

- thinks said “mad banquet of darkness” line is so cool, he says it twice. on the same day. 

- is voiced by hosoya yoshimasa. (voice actor of: azumane asahi, yamazaki sousuke, yuuki tetsuya, hyuuga junpei, wataya arata. essentially every sports anime guy ever.) 

- wears vests. 


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[ The fact they are both vulnerable in water though because of their devil fruits,
but wouldn’t care because they feel safe just being together ]


More clear images fom weekly shonen jump.

I really start to think that the duelist on the front is Yusaku in VR form. He hates to stand out, but if he uses VR avatar nobody is going to recognise him. So may be the plot it will be a like superman? Yusaki will hide his “dueling image”? Also the monster in the back may be his ace. Machine? Winged Beast? Insect? I just really hope its not anoter warrior. I want some new type ace different from Warrior, Dragon and Spellcaster. Well nest week in V-jump we probably will get more info ( and name?) for tne new series.


Jacob Frye x Reader

On the tenth day of Edmas, Captain Kenway gave to me…

The festive scent of mistletoe wafted towards you when Evie sprinted by, your already jumping nerves standing on end. She had, after all, promised to get revenge for the little prank you had pulled on her and Greenie. (Honestly, how were you to know that they’d get so angry over a little bit of water?) So here you were, sitting on the defensive as she ran by, the same position you’d been in for the past week.

“Presents!” A voice singsonged, Jacob following his sister’s pace as he nearly barrelled into you, stopping himself just short of your knees. “Oh, hello, love!”

He was wearing a wide grin, the green and red lights reflecting in his hazel eyes. You swallowed down your feelings, something you were accustomed to doing around Jacob, and smiled, chuckling heartily at his behavior.

“Someone’s happy.” You teased, cocking a brow.

He shrugged, the corners of his jacket brushing against the red tint to his cheeks, a sure sign that he’d been drinking before he arrived here.

“What’s not to be happy about?” He questioned, dropping himself beside you with a soft thud.

His sudden weight caused your body to inadvertently move closer to him, the light glow of the fireplace hiding the rising blush of your cheeks as you tried to shuffle back to where you had been sitting. In your efforts, you only managed to brush your fingers along the back of his hands, your eyes going wide and your breathing halting.

“Sorry.” You muttered, pulling away your hand as if it’d been burned.

“It’s quite alright,” he assured you, looking to you beneath half-lidded eyes.

His chest puffed out as he stretched, arms pulled tightly back. You tried to avert your eyes, too enraptured by the tantalizing amount of muscle contracting beneath his shirt. His stifled yawn shook you from your own desire, your gaze swiveling towards the door that Evie had left through.

“You look a little stressed.” Jacob observed, leaning back against the black fabric of the couch.

He looked like a king sitting there; his hands cradling the back of his head, his lips tugged in a lazy smile, and his legs crossed on the ground before you.

“If Evie vowed revenge on you, I’m sure you would be too.” You pointed out, grumbling incoherently when he lifted his legs and dropped them down across your lap. “Really, Jacob?”

He shot you a wink, his calf muscle flexing on your thigh as he repositioned his ankle.

“Just trying to get comfy, love.” He smirked, bowing his head as if in thanks. “And about Evie, she won’t hurt you, then she wouldn’t have anyone to talk about Greenie with.”

You rolled your eyes, draping your arms over his legs. Ever since you bugged her about it, Evie had taken it upon herself to tell you every ‘riveting’ detail of her and Henry’s relationship. She obviously needed a place to vent at times, and you were more than willing to help her out, but there were a few details you’d rather not have. She was doing it to get a reaction out of you, obviously, but you played off nonchalance well.

It was apparent when you met Evie that she wasn’t going to tell you much of her personal life, so you spent years prying. Eventually, you broke through to her, and she’d tell you when something bothered her or when something made her happy. But when she met Henry, she started to go close-lipped on you again. It was your duty as her friend to be sure she was getting out her frustrations in a healthy manner, so you’d convinced her to start talking to you about it again.

She was none to happy about having to explain the details of her relationship, choosing to talk about the dreadfully boring parts to get you to stop asking about it. You didn’t, of course. Now, she was aware that you were going to keep asking anyways, so she would tell you in turn for information on your own life. And by ‘information’ she meant your oh-so-obvious crush on her brother and how that was going.

“Oh, please.” You huffed, nudging the back of his leg. “She’d just talk to you about it.”

Jacob moaned, dragging his hands down his face in dramatics.

“I’d rather not.” He drawled dryly, exhaling a large breath as he did so.

“Better protect me then.” You joked, meeting his gaze.

“Yeah.” He breathed, a spark of something behind his eye causing your heart to stutter.

What was it? The intensity was startling, his hazel orbs being highlighted by something stirring deep within him. You swallowed, a deep sensation burrowing itself inside your stomach.

“Jacob!” Evie called, both of you snapping out of whatever had settled in the air between you. “(Y/N)!”

Your head whipped to the doorway, a breath being drawn from your lungs at the interruption.

“Shall we?” Jacob asked, pushing himself to his feet with a long, drawn out groan.

He turned to face you again, holding up his hand in offering. You gladly took it, ignoring the strange sparks that shot down your arm at the feel of his skin against yours.

“If she tries to throw something at me,” you murmured, Jacob still holding your hand as you walked slightly behind him, fearing Evie might throw something. “You’re going to be my shield.”

He chuckled, the sound smooth to your ears, his thumb rubbing small, distracting circles on the skin of your hand.

“Of course.”

You laughed nervously, training your eyes ahead. The bright colors of the living room faded into a darker, less festive mood as you walked towards the kitchen. The cheerfulness seemed to drain from the environment as you got closer to Evie, almost as if your thoughts were actually on display. As the older twin came into view, she wiped the smirk off her face, settling with a stoic expression.

“Yes, Evie?” You asked, feigning indifference.

She met you with a pointed stare, eyes unsubtly dropping down to where Jacob intertwined your fingers. After a moment of you fidgeting, she cleared her throat, smiling as if she was pleased with herself.

“Mistletoe,” she said, pointing one dainty finger to the ceiling.

You followed her line of direction, dread pooling low in your stomach as your eyes met that green and red ornament of death.

“Evie.” You growled, ignoring the twins altogether in favor of glaring at the festive decoration as if it’d personally offended you.

“I didn’t make the rules.” Evie defended herself, holding her hands up in surrender as she smiled slyly.

She gave you a knowing look, the mischievous twinkle in her eye causing you to grit her teeth. Of course her act of revenge would be something like this and not the random flying dagger you were expecting. Hell, you’d take that dagger over this any day.

“Should I feel offended that you’re so against the idea, love?” Jacob smirked, his devilishly handsome features furthering your anger. Or maybe you felt fear. Whatever was happening within that strange heart of yours, it included a lot of negative emotion.

“Fine.” You sighed, facing Jacob wholly.

He didn’t look as cocky as normal now that you were facing him, something decidedly tentative driving his movements. A gentle hand traced the line of your cheek, the gesture sending jolts to your heart. Maybe the mistletoe wasn’t such a bad thing. That didn’t mean you wouldn’t get Evie back later though.

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one time a student kept finding mistletoe and kissing people without asking. after being cursed by a touch-repulsed asexual student, the house elves no longer put up mistletoe. the asexual student wasn't punished, but the other student got a very lengthy lecture about consent from madam pomfrey before she would let him out of the hospital wing -slytherin

The mistletoe had been a problem for a while, to the point where people were coming up with new spells and charms to deal with it. There was finally a loud call from students and teachers to take it down for good after this particular incident.

Anyone who complained (including teachers) got sent to Madam Pomfrey for the same lecture.

- Ravenclaw Mod


Ace Attorney: Wing not-so-AU thingy I don’t even

(I warned you XD)

Very doodle thing that was too crazy-weird not to share with the world. I don’t even remember what went through my brain back then XD

Also, this was apparently supposed to be some crossover with Person of Interest… With wings. Yes, I know.

(They just suddenly got wings and that’s not even an AU how did this even happen X’D)

(Actually if someone is interested, I just found a log of the “Story” and what went through my head XD)