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reasons to love tokoyami fumikage:

- has an undeniably badass quirk: 

- wears a choker (so cool.) 

- has bat wing decals on his AC in his dorm

- has a sword in his room for no reason other than aesthetic.

- has a skull lamp

- is embarrassed by his dark emo/gothic room

- bikes to school

- is 5′2′’ 
- says things like “what a mad banquet of darkness.”

- thinks said “mad banquet of darkness” line is so cool, he says it twice. on the same day. 

- is voiced by hosoya yoshimasa. (voice actor of: azumane asahi, yamazaki sousuke, yuuki tetsuya, hyuuga junpei, wataya arata. essentially every sports anime guy ever.) 

- wears vests. 

in another world, when you are loved, you grow wings  to show it. the bigger the love, the bigger the wings. 

and a world that sees wings as the ultimate status symbol. celebrities with gigantic wings that cannot fly because they are too heavy. monarchs that have stylists to enlarge their (very stumpy) wings. 

babies born with the soft proof of their parent’s love, babies flaking off feathers when their parents don’t care enough. teenagers who watch their wings flake and grow every day, never sure who loves them or doesn’t. having your crush figure out you like him because his wings won’t stop fluffing up. 

bullies who fake having large wings, who hurt others because they never felt whole, who go home and try to wish their feathers into growing. gentle, soft people who have long wings they’re embarrassed of, who tuck them and try to be average because they don’t like showing off. 

weddings where there’s so much love in the room everyone’s wings swell up. the couple having perfectly matched wings which don’t stop their steady growth. waking up next to your husband of six years to find he’s gone and all your feathers have fallen off.

a girl who is pushed down and laughed at for her little wings, her broken home. who knows she’s ugly for it, who feels perfectly alone. who one day walks into a room with another girl who happens to complement her shirt and within six days has become the closest friend she’s ever learned. her wings spreading big and wide and proud over other people’s heads, her new feathers getting in the way because she’s not used to them, pushing her new feathers out of the way so she can kiss the girl she’s dreamed about.

finding your best friend and watching the feathers sprout. lying awake in bed feeling useless and yet having this proof that someone out there loves you. helping a stranger on the train only to have a few cautious pinfeathers tickle their way out. wondering if they felt that tickle, too.

waking up from a dream very confused, hoping a boy six blocks down doesn’t come into school with suddenly slightly larger wings. ace people with arching wings who are absolutely loved by their friends, who are absolutely loving. your boyfriend promising you that boy he’s flirting with means nothing, finding that your feathers are slowly falling out in the shower each morning. 

having average wings and a sad heart and doing your best to be alive and happy and whole but failing terribly - but working towards it, slowly, until one day you see your wings spreading and get excited about who it could be, who liked you enough to change you this drastically; only to figure out on a tuesday afternoon that it’s you, you’re the one who loves yourself for once; and the thought is so big and wide and lovely that you sit down on the floor and can’t stop crying because despite everything, you made it. and that’s amazing.

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Wingfic! I'm not really picky about the specifics. One Piece, but everyone has wings? Only some people (Ds) have them? Riskua talking Luffy into letting her pet/groom his wings and secretly really wanting to touch Ace's because they're just so pretty/impressive.

Huge and nearly four times as wide as Ace is tall, black wings stretch magnificently out from his back. There’s little freckles too, light patches along the joints of the limbs and Riskua just can’t stop looking at them. She’s helped Luffy clean his own wings often enough, to the point she’s gotten good enough to spot the problems. In comparison to the little Monkey, Ace is pretty self sufficient, but there’s just one patch-

“That’s it, I can’t ignore it any longer. Sit down, Ace.”


Riskua doesn’t give him much time to answer, one hand on is shoulder forcing him down before she kneels behind him and begins to gently sort out the short, fluffy feathers that rest close to where wings meet back.

“Wh-what are you doing?”

A quick glance up shows Ace refusing to so much as look over his shoulder, though his neck is turning red. He needs to wear his hat a bit more, if he’s getting sunburnt there. 

“Helping. You’re missing a bit.” 

Smoothing her fingers through the little feathers, Riskua risks another glance at Ace, who’s burn appears to be spreading from his neck over his shoulders slightly, maybe even over his collarbones. He really needs to wear a hat; luckily Luffy had thought to get him one for his birthday.

Its’ unnecessary, but Riskua can’t quite help herself, running her fingers down the larger feathers besides the former problem area. They’re a lot softer than Luffy’s feathers, kinda like how she’s picture the difference between their hair actually. Is there a correlation there?

“A-are you done?” Ace questions, sounding a bit… weird. Like he’s been strangled or something.

“Just watch that area close to the skin, but you’re good now.” A powerful gust of wind almost blows Riskua right off her feet as Ace takes to the sky, and she rolls her eyes. How nice it’d be to go flying. The lucky bastard.

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More WIngs AU?

“You let her what?” 

Thatch’s mouth is open, staring at Ace, who’s gone a deep, deep red. 

Even Teach is looking surprised, his black wings curled around his massive form, as if he can’t quite believe what he’s just heard. 

Thatch hasn’t met many D’s, though they’re not exactly difficult to miss, given their wings. 

But he does know it’s considered a highly personal thing to allow someone else  (someone who’s not family) to help groom their wings. Like, sex level intimate. He’s pretty sure if his eyebrows climb any higher up his face, they’ll become part of his magnificent hair-do. 

“I just- and she- argh!” Ace’s limbs flail about, a scowl on his face as he slams one fist to the deck, clearly past being able to explain. Black feathers twitch, restless. 

Well shit, Thatch muses, scratching at the back of his neck. The kid’s in deep for this chick.

Tell it to the Marines - Swan Maiden/Soulmate AU

[A hope-you-feel-better short AU for @tsume-yuki, hope you enjoy it!]

Ace had the mantle for as long as he could remember.

It always appeared in his possession if he traveled too far, materializing out of the air like magic. Falling across his shoulders like he’d never left it behind, nailed down deep in the chest at the end of his bed. The strange looks he’d received while walking into town with a collar of feathers around his neck were too much, so he tried getting rid of it.

Selling it was pointless because it would always come back.

Burying it did nothing.

Throwing it into the ocean, again, did nothing.

Burning it had no effect either, though it was gone longer than usual and he’d fallen into a deep depression during that entire span so he never tried it again.

Sabo had been fascinated, wondering if it had any other powers and overall had been the reason he came to accept the mysterious coat. Luffy just became all starry-eyed and asked where he could get one too. He’d been disappointed when Ace couldn’t give him a direct answer.

It wasn’t until after he left Dawn Island and became a pirate that part of the mystery was solved.

“That’s a Valkyrie’s cloak ,” Marco murmured in surprise, when the cape faded into existence around his person. The black and red feathers were all ruffled in an agitated manner, reflecting Ace’s mood as he sat glowering on the Moby Dick’s deck. “How did you come across something like that?”

It turned out that Marco was much older than he appeared. Much, much older. And knew what the mantle signified.

He’d been chosen, by some divine providence, to be the husband of a Swan Maiden.

A Swan Maiden or otherwise known as a Valkyrie, a mythical female warrior that served as protectors of the King of their choosing.

What the hell?

Ace laughed in the man’s face once he’d gotten over the shock of his explanation, because it was just that ridiculous. Who in their right mind would choose him of all people to marry such a powerful figure? He was the demon child of the late Pirate King. There was no way a woman (or any woman for that matter) would find it beneficial to be burdened with him as a husband. He wanted nothing to do with it.

Or so he thought.

He very much wanted to eat those bitter words the first moment he laid eyes on her.

She was on Luffy’s crew, his little brother her chosen King (because of course Luffy was that lucky, why wouldn’t he be). Riskua was her name, hair the color of a crimson dawn and eyes so startlingly yellow they could have very well been plucked right from a beast’s skull. She was a warrior, fierce and loyal. Vicious as a hurricane in the heat of battle.

And to him, she was as radiant as the sun.

It was no wonder he was tongue tied, the moment she strode up to him and gave a beauteous smile, her yellow eyes melting into warm amber.

“I see my favor has guarded you well. It’s good to finally meet you, I’ve been waiting,” she says, and Ace nearly faints.

He returns her mantle, and the red and black wings that burst from her back only add to her feral beauty. The Straw Hats crew give the appropriate applause, ‘oohing’ and 'aahing’ as she flaps the wings experimentally. Ace smiles as she takes to the sky, her wings beating powerfully through the air, her form shifting to that of a black swan, the crown of her avian head as red as her hair.

His heart soars with her and he knows now that he wouldn’t have it any other way.

They later sit beneath the stars, huddled among the feathers of the mantle, two hearts beating as one at last.

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Wings!AU, Riskua is seen preening the feathers of another man. When they hear the news, the Whitebeard pirates try to break it to Ace gently. He's all sad and mopey until he figures out that the other guy is Luffy. (Luffy, incidentally, is considered scandalous by other Ds, because he has no problem letting any of his nakama groom his wings. Due to the hijinks the Strawhat crew gets up to, every crew member has helped Luffy get that one spot he can't quite reach at least once.)

Eventually, Riskua is told all about what helping with the grooming of feather’s really means by an uncomfortable Law. When she next sees Ace, she tentatively asks if he actually does see her as a little sister, to which he replies ‘of course not’. Cue confusion on Riskua’s behalf, along with a lot of hesitance. But when Ace doesn’t move, she slowly goes back to helping him out. Just a hell of a lot more careful ands elicate and gentle and suddenly filled with questions on their relationship.

(Meanwhile, Law (who’s wings were small enough to hide during his time with Doflamingo and then Ope Ope’d into hiding later) is scandalised by Luffy’s behaviour and the boy won’t abide by the general laws children of D have always followed)

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Who do you think would be bts's volleyball team's ace??

OKOK i’m gonna put the positions i’ve planned here!!!!!

captain/middle blocker: joonie (comedic rivalry with opposing team’s jackson wang?)
setter/vice-captain: yoongi (genius setter jjangjjangmanboongboong)
middle blocker: jin (try to spike past his broad shoulders LOL)
ace/wing spiker (right): jeon (muscle bunny has Power)
wing spiker (left): tae (great bc he’s ambidextrous!)
libero: chimchim (our tiny guardian)
middle blocker: hobi (he’s skilled in defense but is a very well rounded player!)