Wing-Talia Headcanon’s

1. Romano is very easy to read because his emotions show through his wings, annoyed? they shift or lightly open. Angry? they ruffle up. Want Spain’s attention? they open and give an occasional flap. Spain tends to read Romano’s emotions through his wings and actions alone.

2. When very happy, Italy’s wings flutter vigorously. He often gets in trouble because his wings will spread and knock things over because of his happiness, Germany secretly adores Italy’s fluttering. Italy has been known to flutter when he is flirting as well.

3. Prussia is rarely seen with his wings closed, the only times he does close them is when he’s sitting down or sleeping. He spreads them to show other’s his “awesome” feathers and as a show of masculinity, Germany has to constantly remind him to rest his wings or to somewhat close them when in the house.

4. France is constantly grooming his feathers, everybody becomes aggravated when he begins brushing them during meetings, his wings are said to be so clean that when they spread you could be blinded by pure cleanliness. A rumor France made up himself.

5. England’s wings are really soft, when he was raising America the young boy wouldn’t sleep anywhere but wrapped up in England’s wings. America still has a habit of running his fingers through them or sometimes he’ll fall asleep against them, England pretends he’s annoyed about it but sometimes he’ll wrap one around America to keep him warm.

6. Spain is constantly on the look out when Romano is in flight, the reason is because Romano took Centuries to learn how to fly, he was scared of heights. Romano takes great comfort in Spain watching over him.

7. Germany’s wings have a mind of their own when it comes to being around Italy, one time they copied Italy’s fluttering when said country hugged him out of nowhere, often enough they sometimes rear up in warning when Italy is talking with someone else, telling them to watch what they do or say.

8. Russia is rendered flightless, his boss orders him to clip his wings repeatedly, being a country the flight feathers can grow back, but it takes centuries to do so, Russia tends to hide them with false feathers or beautiful decorations.

9. America has a habit of thinking everybody wants to race him, this always ends up with him flying into something or getting in trouble with England, Canada just rolls his eyes.

10. Canada’s wings are a bit small, he can still fly, but he has to be careful of how much he carries and how long he flies, what he doesn’t know is that America constantly watches him when he flies in case he has to be a ‘hero’ and save his brother from falling to his doom, he often enough knows when Canada is carrying something heavy and appears out of ‘nowhere’ to offer a hand in carrying it.

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Gerita Wing-Talia Headcanon’s

Hello Everybody! I decided to make an OTP Wing-Talia series like thing, I’ll make these whenever as I wait for the original posts of Wingtalia to get either 90 or 100 notes. BTW thank you @romaspain for suggesting otps! I will dedicate all three of the suggestions to you and all of people who support them!

Without further ado! here is the Gerita headcanon’s!

1. When scared, Italy will hide behind his wings, it takes Germany to calm him down by running his fingers through his feathers, this usually ends with Italy calming down and tackling Germany in a hug.

2. Germany can’t take naps without Italy, he’ll usually pretend he is napping and wait for Italy to find him and curl up on his chest, Germany blankets the both of them with his large wings.

3. Italy is a huge attention seeker thus he seeks out Germany to ‘feed’ off of said attention, this attention is obtained by Italy using his wings to give Germany feather light touches (Ha! Pun!) and sometimes surprise tickles, Germany falls for it every time.

4. Germany rarely seeks attention, but when he wants it, he gains it by ‘discreetly’ wrapping one of his wings around Italy, sometimes he’ll even lie and ask Italy to massage his wings because they were ‘sore’ (okay that pun was an accident), Italy secretly knows when Germany wants attention and showers him with it anyway.

5. Italy has a habit of scaring the shit out of Germany by free-falling and screaming like he is going to die, but as soon as Germany goes to catch him he instantly begins flying normally again and says something like “Never mind I’m fine”, this is another thing Germany tends to fall for.

6. One time in a game of hide and seek Germany couldn’t find Italy for an entire 2 hours, only to hear giggling and finally finding Italy who had been following him the whole time by hiding under his ridiculously large wings. Germany now despises hide and seek.

7. Italy uses his feathers to make beautiful charms, jewelry, and sometimes pillow stuffing, he gave Germany a pillow filled with his own feathers once, Germany pretended to be freaked out, but he actually snuggles with it for it has Italy’s scent. Now THAT’S a secret not even Italy knows.

8. Germany doesn’t like to kiss in public, so Italy came up with an idea to wrap his wings around both of them to hide them from the watchful eyes of others and kiss Germany freely there, Germany appreciates this, and sometimes uses his own wings to do the same to Italy.

9. Sometimes when Italy sings, he gets WAY to into it and his wings begin to flap really hard, Germany has to place a hand in between Italy’s shoulder blades for him to calm his wings down and sing normally again, Germany tries very hard to stifle his laughter at the others antics.

10. Germany has a hard time trying to get Italy to sit down so he can preen his feathers, but when he finally is able to get the energetic Italian to sit down, he is exhausted, Italy feels guilty and helps Germany preen his feathers then proceeds to help clean Germany’s wings.

Wing-Talia Headcanon’s 2: Headcanon’s Yay!

OTP Headcanon’s 1: spamano

Spamano Wing-Talia Headcanon’s

I’m waiting for the second Wingtalia headcanon post to reach to at least 90 or 100 to post more headcanon’s, for now, whenever I’m bored I’ll do some headcanon’s for my OTP’s and maybe even yours! as long as you tell me what your ships are! I’ll make a list of my ships later, I promise not to judge yours as long as you don’t judge mine, I am actually willing to type headcanon’s for my notps! just to make you guys happy, don’t ruin this advantage by talking bad about my ships alright? Without further ado, let us begin! 

1. When Romano had his down feathers Spain would reach out and feel how soft they were out of habit, this would end with Romano becoming ‘tomato’ red and thus begin to cuss Spain out until he fell asleep. Spain still does it till this day because Romano’s reaction is still so CUTE! (though Romano runs away instead of falling asleep).

2. When Romano learned to fly it gave him the advantage to headbutt others harder, especially Spain (this one explains itself).

3. When Spain takes siesta’s, chibi Romano would sometimes find him sleeping and snuggle up under one of Spain’s wings and join him, leading to Spain waking up to hear light snores coming out from one of his wings. Spain would Smile and use his wing Romano was under to pull him closer for warmth. Spain still finds Romano curled up under one of his wings after a siesta.

4. When Romano proceeded to molt and gain his adult feathers fully, Spain would shove his face in his wings and wrap his arms around Romano’s waist to keep him there. Romano could only kick and curse at Spain while blushing, though he secretly loved the attention. Spain just really loved how soft and beautiful the feathers were on his Roma.

5. Romano only trusts Spain with grooming his wings, nobody else is aloud to even go near his wings.

6. When Spain is being an ‘Idiota’ Romano has no shame in swatting him on the back of the head with one of his wings then pretending that nothing happened.

7. Spain likes to lightly tug on Romano’s wings for attention, Romano likes to give him attention by lightly running one of his wings over one of Spain’s.

8. When Romano flirts with Spain he opens his wings halfway to captivate his lover with their colors. Romano tries to lie and say he was stretching them when Spain points out his attempts at wooing, though they both know his flirting always works on Spain.

9. Spain likes to flirt with Romano by ruffling up his feathers and creating a light musk, Romano has a thing for Spain looking cocky. Though Romano can’t call Spain out on his flirting because he won’t deny it.

10. When being protective of Spain, Romano emits hormones from his wings that warn others that Spain is mated. What Romano doesn’t realize is that Spain does the same thing without him noticing.

PruCan Wing-Talia Headcanon’s

Hello Everyone here is another ship suggested to me by @romaspain, the otp series is added on to whenever I wait for 90-100 notes on my Wingtalia Headcanon’s posts, speaking of which, here is the link to Wing-Talia Headcanon’s 2 which needs more notes for me to make a third one, and without further ado..let us begin!

1. Canada sometimes gets maple syrup stuck in his feathers when eating waffles, Prussia thinks its hilarious but helps his lover clean his wings, Prussia also enjoys that Canada smells like maple syrup all the time because of it.

2. When Prussia gets drunk at parties, he’ll usually wrap a wing around Canada or sometimes pull him onto his lap and shower him with kisses, Canada doesn’t mind Prussia being drunk, for even in his drunk state he doesn’t forget that Canada is there.

3. When Prussia wants attention from Canada he’ll walk up behind him and wrap his arms around his waist with his forehead resting on the back of Canada’s neck and his wings wrapped around both of them, Canada will just giggle and proceed to turn around and wrap his arms around the others shoulders with his face nuzzled into Prussia’s neck.

4. When Canada wants Prussia’s attention, he’ll bury his face in the other country’s chest then look up at him with sad puppy eyes, this is something that Prussia will never be able to resist as he responds by picking Canada up bridal style and moving over to the couch to snuggle and nuzzle his lover, Canada’s wings will begin to softly open and close in contentment.

5. Prussia loves to surprise his lover by running up behind him, picking him up, opening his wings and taking off in flight, all the while Canada is repeatedly hitting Prussia’s chest while the other laughs because he can’t feel the punches, Canada will eventually give up and enjoy being in his lovers arms.

6. Canada is very self conscious about his wings because of how they limit his flight and how small they are compared to others wings, Prussia tries to comfort him by saying things like “At least your wings aren’t unawesome like that flightless Austria’s” or “Your wings are so awesome that they can still keep you off the ground despite their size!” though Prussia isn’t great at comforting others, Canada takes comfort in the fact that Prussia is trying to comfort him.

7. Because Prussia’s wings are pretty big in size, he likes to hide Canada under them, when napping, when being protective, when bored, just because, and just about all the time, Canada doesn’t mind since Prussia’s wings make him feel safe. Prussia usually does it because he likes the fact that Canada’s entire form can just ‘disappear’ under one of wings, he feels like a magician basically.

8. Canada is actually territorial over Prussia, he will ask for a hug, only to secretly brush his own scent over his lovers form so no one messes with his mate, Canada does this by hugging Prussia, not just with his arms, but with his wings, which of course like all of the other countries wings, hold scent glands in them, what Canada doesn’t realize is that Prussia has already had it figured out for years, he just stays quiet about it.

9. Prussia is very blunt with scenting Canada, he just basically walks up to him and rubs one of his wings against him or sometimes give him a quick hug similar to what Canada does when scenting him. Canada gets embarrassed when Prussia does it in public.

10. Canada and Prussia both like to preen each others wings and gossip like teenage girls when getting ready to sleep, though when Prussia is finished preening Canada’s wings he’ll pretend that he’s still cleaning them out, but really he’s just running his fingers through the others silky feathers, Canada already knows but doesn’t say anything since he does the same thing sometimes.

OTP Headcanon’s 2: Gerita 

Wing-Talia Headcanon’s 2

Wow! Already? Well I did say that if I hit 90 or 100 from the reblogs on the last Wing-Talia Headcanon’s post, that I would make a second one, so here it it! Thank you for the support!

1. When the countries were nothing but children, they started out with wings that had down feathers, when reaching a certain age in time they would begin to molt and proceed to get their adult feathers (usually as teenagers).

2. France despised having down feathers for he thought they were ugly and stopping his beauty from resonating to others, though England made fun of France for it, he still understood how much down feathers sucked.

3. Russia had to grow into his wings, they were to huge to fly with by the time he became a teenager, he had to wait and see if he would grow more into them until he could fly, which was later on restricted.

4. The countries have the wings of their national bird, sometimes a few of them have the same species, though the patterns may be different or lighter/darker in color.

5. China will use his wings in what he calls “Wing Style Kung-Fu” which involves using his wings as weapons or shields, the countries who have went against China in war have admitted that China’s wings can be as sharp as blades and as strong as steel.

6. Japan’s wings are almost always folded, he deems it polite as well as a way to maintain his neutral expression and inner emotions, though when in crowds he has a hard time controlling them from ruffling up in nervousness or intimidation.

7. Hungary likes to use her wings to intimidate others when pissed of, Prussia described her to become a ‘giant’ when she is angry because she’ll open them to full length which gives the illusion that she is bigger than what she really is. 

8. Greece likes to use his wings as blankets, sometimes as cat beds, his feathers are so thick its near impossible to stab through them, though the cats tend to play with his feathers more than just sleep in them.

9. Austria’s wings are known to be prone to weakness, which is why he rarely flys, he gets around by walking, car, plane, or train (Ha! I rhymed…). Sometimes they are so weak that he often enough has to drag them or lift them off the ground a little with his own hands.

10. Switzerland is a very swift flyer, which makes him even more terrifying, I mean, can you imagine being chased by a trigger happy man who happens to be shooting at you from the sky with his rifle? *shivers*

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Wing-Talia Headcanon’s 1:

SuFin Wing-Talia Headcanon’s

Hallo mein followers! Guess who got their laptop working again!? Tis right! It’s me! Which means…………………………….MORE HEADCANON’S!! And what better way to start off but with an OTP! Sufin was suggested by @niteangel496 (In which I humbly apologize for being late) please remember that as long as you suggest an otp, and I mean ANY otp (Yes even ones I don’t care for) I will continue making them! Please remember that the otp headcanon’s can only continue as long as I get 90-100 notes on the original headcanon posts! Thus I need support on my Wingtalia Headcanon’s post! Currently I am still on the second one so here is the link: Wingtalia Headcanon’s 2

And without further ado! Let us begin the Headcanon’s!

1. Finland was scared of Sweden for years do to how intimidating the tall country can be, his opinion of Sweden changed when the taller country saw Finland out in the cold and crying, Sweden responded by hugging Finland close to calm him down while he wrapped his larger wings around both of them to keep them both warm.

2. Sweden is a big fan of cuddling, Finland found this out the week after they established their relationship when the large nation suddenly picked him up, flopped onto the couch and nuzzled his face into the back of Finland’s wings while holding him close. Finland got used to it after a while and sometimes he’ll reach back and comb his fingers through Sweden’s hair.

3. When Finland preens Sweden, he finds objects hidden within his feathers, Finland thinks that Sweden just happens to get things stuck in his wings, when in reality they’re gifts that Sweden himself bought (usually jewelry) and thought it would be fun to hide them in his feathers for Finland to find, though Finland thinks they’re random objects, he keeps them anyway because he likes shiny objects.

4. Finland’s wings tend to move along with his singing or humming, this happens mostly when he is doing the dishes, Sweden likes to sit in the doorway and quietly watch the other country in adoration. When the other is finished, Sweden will sneak up behind Finland and wrap his arms around the others waist.

5. When Sweden was courting Finland, he tried to woo the other by stretching out his wings in a show of strength, it backfired when Finland thought the other wanted to fight and ran away because of how intimidating the other looked. Sweden sometimes teases Finland about it still.

6. Finland and Sweden often enjoy flying during warm days, sometimes they fly during the sunset and will usually have small picnics in quiet and calm area’s that they fly over.

7. Sweden usually has his wings folded, but there are times where his wings will open in anger, protectiveness, a show of dominance, and sometimes curiosity. Finland thought it was scary at first but soon learned that Sweden really doesn’t open his wings towards him unless he was curious about something or being protective over him.

8. Finland finds Sweden’s wings to be the most fascinating thing ever, he loves touching them, he loves preening them, and he especially loves to try and lift them up on his own as well as study them, Sweden thinks it’s adorable and therefore watches the other play detective sometimes, he likes to trick Finland into thinking he lifted one of them up only for Sweden to suddenly spread it open and flop it down onto the other, in which Finland cannot escape the soft feathery prison of cuddles and doom.

9. Sweden absolutely adores Finland’s wings, he thinks they are most intriguing to watch because they convey so much of Finland’s thoughts as well as emotions, it’s rather unique to him and he can’t help but see them as something comfortable to snuggle up to. Finland often catches the other glimpsing at his back now and then.

10. Finland can be protective of Sweden a lot of the time, he usually tells others to back off as soon as the taller country is out of earshot, what’s funny is that Sweden has yet to figure out that his sweet caring wife is a territorial little thing. Finland prefers to keep it that way.

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OTP Headcanon’s 4: AmeriPan

AmeriPan Wing-Talia Headcanon’s

Hallo People! Welcome to my Wingtalia OTP Headcanon’s! This one shall be of course AmeriPan, this is the last OTP that @romaspain had suggested! and thus my dear shall all three be your Christmas Present, as well as a Christmas present to all the people who ship them! I will make more as long as I get suggested a Hetalia ship, also, this series shall not end for a long time! As long as I get 90 or 100 notes on my Wing-Talia Headcanon’s posts I will keep making this series, other than that, here is the link to the Second Wing-Talia Headcanon’s Post, it just needs 90 or 100 notes for me too make the third one ;). So without further delay, let us get to the AmeriPan headcanon’s!

1. Whenever America does something embarrassing/stupid, Japan handles it by putting off a pheromone from his wings that let America know that if he keeps doing what he is doing then there will be hell to pay, though Japan looks innocent and neutral when emitting this scent, Alfred freezes up and walks over to the others side almost submissively and laughing nervously, thus Japan stops emitting the smell and they continue on with their day.

2. When Japan is playing video games his wings ruffle up and flap with agitation, America thinks its hilarious though he has to calm Japan down sometimes because the other tends to flap too hard which can make the TV fall off the stand if he begins to flap them harder. Japan denies that he does this.

3. America has a habit of knocking things over with his big wings, so Japan has to make sure all of his breakable things are locked inside of a cabinet whenever the other comes over, though not one visit ever ends without America breaking something at least once, Japan is used to it though.

4. Japan gets cold easily so he’ll usually resort to wrapping his own wings around himself, America usually saves him the trouble by pulling the other into his own lap and wrapping his much larger wings around them both, Japan will usually blush and mutter “Arigato” in which America replies with “No problem!”.

5. America likes it when Japan races with him, Japan rarely agree’s and when he does accept the challenge, America will keep the race going as long as possible, “Race you too that tree! Kay never mind to that rock now, nope that mountain is the end, I lied it’s the sun”. Japan knows what he’s doing, and secretly he enjoys that America wants time with him.

6. One would not think that Japan would want attention from anyone, especially America, but guess what, one would be wrong to think so, the silent treatment as well as ruffling his wings in mock anger is the best solution to getting the attention that Japan wants, he’s not even mad, he’s just pretending to ignore America who in turn is trying to get him to say or do something, America knows what he’s doing, what’s worse is that he knows its working.

7. With America, it’s not that hard for him to gain attention from others, Japan is no exception, when America wants attention, he gets it, he usually gains the others attention by flirtatiously tugging on the others wings or sneaking up on Japan and wrapping his wings around him, Japan knows he’s there though, he doesn’t have a history of being a ninja for nothing…though he gives America attention by reaching over to lightly stroke the others wings.

8. Japan is not one for cuddling, the only exception is America, Japan cuddles with the other on the couch every now and then with his wings slightly stretched out in a relaxed position with him laying down on America’s chest. If America says anything Japan will get up and leave, this is how America learned to be a little more self controlled when with his timid lover.

9. America likes to hang around in tree’s a lot, Japan thinks its a big mistake, he wasn’t wrong, especially with the incident when America tried to hang upside down like a bat while claiming he was ‘Batman’ only to fall from the tree and land on his wing, Japan was responsible over the American for the next two weeks until the others wing healed up, only for America to get cussed out in Japanese.

10. Both love preening, and usually they clean each others wings in one of Japan’s many hot springs, where they’re both relaxed and have time to actually talk and clean each others feathers out. To them this time is one of the times they can actually be close to one another and talk.

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OTP Headcanon’s 3: PruCan