winfred kitaki

I’ve decided that it’s my new crack!headcanon that people in Ace Attorney are expected to only have one parent. Did another one exist at some point? Probably, but who even knows. Think about it…

Mia and Maya Fey: mother (Misty Fey)

Miles Edgeworth: father (Gregory Edgeworth)

Franziska von Karma: father (Manfred von Karma)

Pearl Fey: mother (Morgan Fey)

Regina Berry: father (Russell Berry)

Viola Cadaverini: grandfather (Bruto Cadaverini)

Valerie Hawthorne: an unnamed mother, eventually a stepfather but he doesn’t count for my purposes here

Dahlia and Iris: a mother that we have met in game but who did not raise either of them; a father who is referenced but does not appear in game and did not raise Iris

Vera Misham: father (Drew Misham)

Thalassa Gramarye: father (Magnifi Gramarye)

I haven’t played Dual Destinies yet, but my impression is Athena Cykes: mother (Metis Cykes)

Trucy really pushes things a little, since both of her parents were positively identified and appeared in game, but between her mother’s disappearance when she was little and her (biological) father’s later exit from her life I think we’re still okay.

Anyway, my point here is that I love the idea of everyone being weirded out by the fact that Wocky Kitaki has two parents (Little Plum and Winfred “Big Wins” Kitaki) who are alive and actually raising him and stuff.