winfred kitaki

 Anti-Narumayos, there’s been a bit of drama around here lately thanks to some of you guys and I’d like to address said drama.

*ahem* Here’s the deal. Paedophilia is sexual attraction a person 16 years and above has towards a prepubescent child (13 years and below). Paedophilia is wrong because the child is not old enough physically or mentally to understand fully the goings-on of a sexual relationship and this leads to sexual abuse. Therefore, I shouldn’t need to tell you that pasting this term on Narumayo is incorrect because Maya is seventeen when they first meet.

If anything, you should be screeching about how this is a minor x adult ship and that is wrong and gross and all that, but even then you aren’t quite right, either. Why? Let’s put things in perspective here. Minor and Adult relationships are frowned on and deemed as unhealthy for good reason— there is very likely to be a case in which the older takes advantage of the younger’s naivety and inexperience. This is the reason why a romantic relationship between Maya and Phoenix right after their meeting in Turnabout Sisters would be bad, but here’s the thing: They don’t start a relationship then. A romantic relationship is never established in the first game. And here’s another thing: People age. When you say, “Narumayo can’t happen because Maya’s 17”, it’s very clear that you, quite unfortunately, have the misinformed opinion that it’s the contrary. Newsflash: As of Justice for All, Maya is officially 18, of legal age. In Trials and Tribulations, she’s 19 going on 20, considering that it ends in the year 2019. In Apollo Justice, she’s 27 and in Dual Destinies, she’s 28. Narumayo shippers are, in fact, very aware that Maya is too young in the first game, which is why we only start shipping in the second game onwards. Do you finally understand now?

Plus, a good look at how Phoenix and Maya interact should tell you that there’s no danger of an unhealthy relationship between the two. You should know (considering that he’s the main character and all) that it isn’t in Phoenix’s nature to take advantage of anyone (in fact if anything, people take advantage of him), least of all Maya. Just look at 2-2 and 2-4 and the fact that he ran across a rickety burning bridge despite being afraid of heights and presumably fire (I mean how can you not be afraid of a fire that big)— It’s clear to see that he really, honestly cares about her. And Maya cares about him, too. Sure, she’ll call him an old man and tease him, but then again she keeps on lookout and snags him cases (the State vs. Will case and the State vs. Galactica case should spring to mind) when he’d most likely just sit in his office and wait for the cases to come to him (Aren’t you supposed to be working adult here, Nick?), which is really nice of Maya, considering it’s not really her job. Then of course there are the more extreme shows of devotion on Maya’s part—Maya initially refusing Phoenix’s help in Reunion and Turnabout because she doesn’t want him to take an unwinnable case despite feeling scared and alone and her note to Phoenix in Farewell, my Turnabout. Bottom line: They care about each other. There’s no denying it. The love is there. It’s just a question of whether it’s platonic or romantic and frankly it could go both ways. Personally I see it as a mix. Who said it couldn’t be both, right?

Another thing you can’t deny is this: They bring out the best in each other. Do you really have to be reminded that if it were not for Phoenix, Maya wouldn’t be able to channel at all? She wouldn’t have the motivation to be a spirit medium either. And do you remember the intro of Rise from the Ashes? Phoenix kept turning down cases because he didn’t have the motivation to keep working with Maya gone. He only took up the State vs. Skye case because Ema reminded him of Maya. They motivate each other to keep going. Tell me, would an unhealthy relationship work like that? No. It wouldn’t.

“Bu-uut,” you whine, “There’s an age gap of 7 years and that’s so unhealthy it will never happen” Well I have news for you, buddy, the many real life couples with an age gap who are happy together aside, there’s actually a canon couple with a 14 year age gap and a son—Winfred ‘Big Wins’ Kitaki and his wife, Little Plum Kitaki. Your argument has thus been rendered moot, take that. Bye bye.

All in all, you don’t have to like the pairing, but kindly don’t ruin it for people who do, because contrary to what you think, it is /not/ unhealthy, it is /not / morally wrong, so please sit down and stop hatin’. You just be embarrassing yourselves and it’s for the good of your own health, really. You’ll feel so much better if you don’t hate on ships. Here’s the end of my long essay, thank you very much ladies and gentlemen, have a good day.