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Maybe T was there during the "black hole" too. Remember that while Sam was with MM in that winery, Cait posted that photo of the fancy hotel. Maybe he was with her.

Maybe? Who knows? Who cares? That relationship is a damn mystery and always will be so it’s not something I’m interested in discussing. 

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If they're so in love why was Sam's body language so awkward at Paley? He didn't want to even look at Cait or be there at all. Quite a contrast to the winery pic with MM where his leg is pretty much wrapped around hers and they are sitting so close and cozy.

What you are seeing, anon, is The Albrecht Effect. It is a phenomenon which happens when the boss says that you and the wife have to act like there is nothing going on between you two, and since there is actually quite a bit going on between you two, what with her being your wife and all, it is very awkward when you try to pretend that she isn’t- and act accordingly- that is when you discover that you have been with her long enough that you have quite forgotten just how it was that you treated her before she was your wife. It’s awkward, and that’s what you are seeing, anon. Contrast Paley to their behavior together at interviews and panels with no executive presence such as the press panel after Easter where the backstage hug happened and you will see a distinct difference in their demeanor. It’s not lack of love that causes their awkwardness, quite the opposite in fact.
Now as to the “leg entanglement” issue. Perhaps there is another photo of Sam at the winery? The photo that I have from that day clearly shows a girl with her back to the camera, who is presumed to be MM, sitting sideways on her barstool with her toes stretched out on the floor under the bottom rung of the stool Sam is sitting sideways on facing her. No touching at all, much less an entanglement. They are having what appears to be a thoughtful conversation from the hand gestures that each of them are displaying with hands touching part of their cheek. But that is clearly all they are having. Both parties are using arm gestures across the torso to block the other party and preserve personal space, and Sam is even leaning back away from the girl to the point of invading the space of the woman seated at his other side (makes me sure wonder just who that dark haired woman is lol!) Sam has also moved both of his legs back and away from any contact whatsoever with the girl’s legs, and has moved them far enough that he has had to grab the barstool to maintain balance. Hardly the posture of a man seeking contact. And for her part the girl is doing nothing to initiate contact either, her torso remains upright, not leaning in to close the distance between them and her toes stretched out on the floor is actually keeping her legs more out of Sam’s space than putting her feet on the bottom rung of either her own, or of Sam’s barstool would have done- that would have got her knees right up between his. It seems that both have simply turned to have a conversation in what looks to be a somewhat crowded, and perhaps somewhat noisy room- the facing each other makes it easier to hear each other after all- and the fact that both of them are working so hard to preserve their personal space here tells me that they are not intimate partners, just two people caught on camera having a chat in a crowded room