Today’s #tbt post is dedicated to my girls @reegyna & @shonie29 😊. There’s nothing like having family who are also your friends. No matter if we have a girls night out, or wine & food at home, the laughs are awesome & we have a blast. Love you ladies!! #throwbackthursday #family #friends #smile #goodtimes #wedothis #memories #wegohard #sometimestoohard #myclique #wineohs #lovinthecrew #allthewaytothenursinghome 😉

Hi Everyone,

On Saturday (March 21st) we’re playing at Wine-Ohs, supporting the band Until Red on the Calgary stop of their Western Canada tour. Until Red is a self-described “70’s Inspired Yacht Rock” band from Brandon, Manitoba.

I’m excited for this show and feel a sort of kinship with the band - partly because I share my name with their hometown - but mainly because I grew up in Manitoba (Winnipeg, specifically) before moving to Calgary in 2012. In my experience, Manitobans draw a strong cultural identity not from their predominant agriculture industry or (mostly) 100 km/h highway speed limits, but rather from the diversity of their performing arts scenes. Some of my best memories are watching performances at the Winnipeg Folk Festival, the Winnipeg Ska & Reggae Festival, and of course, Folklorama.

If this post has a point, I guess it would be to please check out Until Red. They seem like inspired, Friendly Manitobans and have a couple free tracks available for streaming on their website - I really like “Wasted”, there are some nice piano textures and a great bass sound. I’ll leave a few links here. Should be a fun night!


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#wineohs miss @hernameisnaz throws it down — effortless - beautiful - a journey to the hearts own true note …. Again - not to be missed! I’m so proud of these peeps!!