CapaBunga – The Reusable Cap for a Wine Bottle

These incredibly simple yet invaluably helpful wine bottle reusable caps are amazing! Invented by renoun Napa Valley Winemakers, the CapaBunga securely seals your precious liquid in an air tight environment that even allows you to lay the bottle on it’s side or even hold it upside down with out any leakage! One of the best features of this replacement cap is that, as there is no cork sticking out the top, the entire bottle will fit standing in the door of my refrigerator! Don’t need to take my word for how awesome this product is. Read the reviews yourself!




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Last night, my boss got me drunk. We got drinks just the two of us after walking through a potential event space and talked for four hours about life and work and everything in between. It was awesome, she’s great, we drank an absurd amount of wine, and it’s times like those that make me feel like my job really isn’t all that bad after all. 

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