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Klaine Moments/Overcoming Writers Block


October 1, 2011

New Yorker Festival: In Conversation With Chris Colfer at SVA Theatre 2 in New York City.

(Inspired by this post) Because Kurt and Blaine would be embarrassing, dancing dads uwu

It starts when she’s young.          

No matter where they are, Kurt and Blaine take every opportunity to sing and dance. Whenever they’re making dinner, the house is flooded with playlists and instruments—Blaine sitting cross-legged on the floor as Hepburn strums his guitar, Hepburn curled in Kurt’s arms as he hums while he cooks. Dancing around the kitchen, Blaine lifts Hepburn into his arms and spins her in circles as she giggles, eyes bright, singing, “Again! Again, Dad! Again!”

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December, I'll remember

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by sweetiejelly

Kurt knee-walked over to him on the bed and Blaine sat frozen, heart a humming thing birding in his chest.

Or, Blaine is a fanboy who got really, really lucky, beyond his wildest dreams.

Words: 9373, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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