Some fun sample settings showcasing all that Amorie complete family has to offer!

Amorie is a tall and skinny hand drawn font. It comes in various weight and styles, and with an array of opentype options. Built to appear completely hand crafted, different designers could produce completely different results, selecting either Modella (classic and chic), Nova (fun and fancy) or SC (Small Caps and all business.) Each style comes in light, medium and bold and has an accompanying italics version.

As the 500-year-old bell tower tolls, about 25 students from the University of Oxford cross a medieval cobblestone street. They duck under a stone archway and slip into a room named after T.S. Eliot, who studied here a century ago.

The students drop their backpacks and get ready for practice. They’re here to hone their tongues. This week, an elite team of Oxford’s six best tasters will battle theUniversity of Cambridge to see which group has the most refined palate.

The Oxford-Cambridge rivalry dates back to the 13th century. Now, these tasting teams are hoping to be recognized as an official sport.

A Sophisticated Version Of Guess The Grape — But Is It A Sport?

Photo Credit: Gabrielle Emanuel/NPR


The Wine Country Vacation, Reinvented: Six Senses Douro Valley In Portugal

Forest bathing. A medically supervised sleep wellness program. Tree climbing. Canyoning. Composting.

This doesn’t sound like the typical retreat to wine country, where the activities might rightly be expected to run toward winery tours, tastings, poolside lounging and maybe a grapeseed-based spa treatment or a hike through the vineyards if you’re feeling adventurous. But then, very little about Six Senses is typical. Read more >