Aaron let out a frustrated sigh as he slid a couple of wine glasses up onto their holder and glanced around the bar. It wasn’t a quiet night per se, but the clientele he’d been dealing with could’ve been better. He grabbed a towel and wiped off his hands before making eye contact with a regular and forcing a smile. “I wonder if there’s an event on in the city this weekend.” He gestured around the place and made a face. “I wish I could put up a sign outside that says no douchebags.”


Finally posting my altar!
First picture is dedicated to my Kemetic practice.
-Drawing of Djehuty
-sunflower oil burner for Ra
-Kitty plate for Bast
-shot glass of wine
-Sandlewood & orange candle
-Winged Isis figurine
-Ramses Tarot deck for communication with Djehuty with green aventurine (and usually a bracelet with moonstone, and other gems related to gemini)
-Anubis Oracle with I can’t remember what gemstone on top.
-A blue candle for Djehuty (but the candle holder is multipurpose)
-a pinecone

The left picture is the Voodoo (and vodun) aspects of my practice.
-Green vase with sea shells and roses in it for Mami Wata spirits
-white bowl with red candle for money & root Chakra
-pink Himalayan salt candle holder with roses dried on it
-heart shaped mirror
-Red chalice of wine
-New Orleans Voodoo taro with an amethyst surrounded by hematite bracelet
-Arcadia major arcana tarot with red jasper on top of it
-wine glass/candle holder
-figurine for my ti bon ange (pretty sure I spells something wrong).

In the middle of my altar, for both and overlaps, I have
-my journals/grimoire
-create pen & pencil holder
-offering bowl of rose petals, pine, a mini pinecone, and candies
-small glass incense holder
-deviant moon tarot with rose quarts, moonstoon, and tiger eye (?) On top.

Sorry this is so long! But I wanted to break down all of the things I’ve aquire over time. When I first started, all of my things fit in a small box, then a bigger box, now all of this! And I still have the boxes holding incense, a box of herbs, and books surrounding my altar. I want new comers to know that all of these things aren’t necessary! And as you grow in practice, the things you need will find themselves to you. 💚💜