I just have this headcanon that christophe and victor’s friendship is nothing but spending money and shenanigans like victor is already impulsive and out of control but chris is such a shameless ENABLER. Don’t tell me the reason victor has a hot pink $8 million cadillac convertible ISN’T because of Yuuri asking Victor to go pick out a car that was “reasonably priced and compact” and then Chris stepping in and being like ‘ew you don’t want the paparazzi taking pics of you in an ugly, soccer mom toyota corolla. No, get the one from the showroom thats a prized antique who cares if it’s millions of dollars IT’S FABULOUS YOU NEED TO BE FABULOUS.“ Victor pulls up in this ridiculous barbie car with Chris in the front seat with two pairs of ray bans on his head holding a 12-pack of wine coolers like "We made good decisions today” and yuuri storms out to scream at both of them.

zimbits au wherein a run in with the lax bros leads to a run in with jack

Eric’s walking down the street, latte in one hand and phone in the other, only a very little bit lost on his spontaneous scenic detour to the library. He’s halfway through composing a tweet when several air-horns blast in his direction at once.

He swears, jumps about a mile out of his skin, and drops both his coffee and his phone.

The coffee, sadly, goes up before it comes down, and manages to splash all over his front before spilling across his shoes too. He quickly retrieves his phone from the pavement before it’s similarly attacked by the travelling coffee, and checks it over for damage. He sighs out when he sees it’s only a little scratched on the side of the case, and presses a palm to his chest to try and calm the furious beating of his heart.

He looks over to the house across the way, out of which several, men—actually, boys, Eric’s going to call them after that stunt—are laughing at him, and high-fiving each other. Eric flushes and screws his lips together, telling himself not to cry in front of them, not to give them the satisfaction.

“Hey! Dickfaces!”

Eric looks behind him to see a moustached man flipping the bird to the boys in the house across the street.

“Fuck off to your basement of inadequacy and wine coolers, you absolute shitfuckers.”

The boys don’t take his advice, but rather, blast their air-horns again which causes Eric to hunch up his shoulders.

“Hey, brah, you alright?” The man walks up to Eric and looks him over. “Shit, dude. They got you good.”

Eric sighs out, trying to keep his composure. “It’s alright. Thanks for telling them off.”

“Fucking LAX bros. I live for telling them off. Come on inside and I’ll help you clean up.”

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GREY AREA. (M) | 01

And just like that, your fate was sealed - because Min Yoongi was absolutely going to destroy you. But hell, if you weren’t going to let him, or bask happily in the flames as he did so.

And sadly, at the time, you didn’t think that your thoughts would become so literal.

“I’d rather be alone, but you’re fermented in my bones.” - Habits of my Heart, Jaymes Young

›› Pairing: Min Yoongi / Reader
›› Word Count: 4,444
›› Chapter Index and Warnings
›› Soulmate!AU, Slowburn, Angst

And it starts like this:

You’re standing in a party that one of the college fraternities is throwing, music blaring through a pair of speakers so loudly, that the voice of the singer comes out in a buzz. You feel your heart jump with the rhythm leaking into the room. You’re standing in the foyer of the large house, the room filled with too many people to be considered comfortable, bodies bump into you every few seconds, but you can’t find it within you to care.

You watch and laugh as Hoseok, one of your friend’s, does a keg stand. Two boys you don’t recognize, and you’re sure neither Hoseok or Taehyung do either, holding each one of his legs upwards. A number of people have huddled around to cheer him on, screaming out a chorus of, “Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!”

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I adore your work! It's amazing. If you're still taking requests, could you do something where Betty gets a little tipsy and accidentally admits she likes juggie?? Is that dumb??? Lol

These ones are so fun to write! Thanks so much!

Okay, this wasn’t so bad. She kind of liked this.

Looking into Veronica’s expectant eyes, Betty smiled reaching for the brown, bubbly alcohol.

Veronica smiled

“Oh hell yeah! Betty Cooper slaying your dragons, one by one!”

The cold foamy liquid slid down her throat instantly warming her body from the inside out.

It didn’t taste bad, but it was not what she expected beer to taste like at all, it was a little too ..sour?

This wasn’t something Betty did on the regular, going out to wild parties and drinking with her best friends, but today had been a really rough day.

She needed this.

Closing her eyes and leaning against the counter of the blossoms kitchen, she could remember exactly what had put her in this mood .

Ginger Lopez and jughead jones.

That girl had been all over the mysterious moody boy and he just… let it happen. He didn’t try and stop her, he didn’t shove her away when she placed her hands all over his biceps, he didn’t even yell at her when she stole one of his fries at lunch, And in jugheads world? she assumed that was the closest he came to flirting.

So yeah she was frustrated, couldn’t he see how completely head over heels she was for him? She thought she was being obvious, always asking him to pops, running her hands through her hair, she even bought chocolate scented lip gloss, it was his favorite smell after all. But no. nothing. Instead he was gonna end up falling for ginger Lopez and all her fake lipped, leopard wearing glory.

She didn’t have anything against the highlighted brunette, sure she had filed a petition to get her kicked out of seventh grade for wearing a real fur coat, but that was for the animals, not for her. None the less the girl didn’t bother her.

But now.. Betty couldn’t stand to look at her.

She always met Jughead after school to walk home, unfortunately for her she caught him leaning against the bike racks talking to none other than the girl in question. She was batting her false lashes at him and practically devouring him with her eyes. The worst part of it all? He was smiling back at her. Needless to say, Betty turned right around, and made the walk home on her own today.

Pulling her phone out she noticed the four missed texts from Jughead

JUGGIE: where are you? Burgers at pops? My treat.

JUGGIE: missed you after school, did you have to stay after? Meet up later?

JUGGIE: Ron said you were going to the blossoms tonight, safe idea? Not really your scene.

JUGGIE: hello?

Slamming her phone shut, she reached for another beer, having already downed two she could definitely feel the effect.

So Jughead didn’t want her? Fine. She was gonna have fun tonight, ginger could have him for all she cared.

Suddenly Kevin was by her side, handing her a bubbly pink wine cooler.

She grabbed it quickly taking a sip.

Oh that was good. Finishing it in less than a minute she reached for his, before he pulled it away

“Down girl, the night is young! Let’s dance!”

Forty minutes later , four more wine coolers and one steamy dance with Veronica, Betty was feeling more than a little wobbly.

As she made her way to the side of the room, she felt a hand grip her wrist, steadying her.

Whipping around she came nose to nose with jughead jones.

“Oh great, just the person I didn’t want to see.” She groaned.

Hurt flashed in his eyes for a quick second before it was replaced by anger, tugging her along he shouted over the music

“Come on we’re leaving.”

Ripping her wrist free , she shot him a glare

“I’m not going anywhere! I’m having fun.” She smiled doing a twirl.

He sighed

“Fine have it your way.” Suddenly she was up and over jugheads shoulder, his hand on the back of her thighs holding her skirt down.


Finally she felt the cool breeze hit her face, and her feet touched the ground.

“Don’t make this difficult, we’re going home. Arch is driving Ronnie, but I figured we’d walk, you could use the air, maybe it’ll sober you up.” He looked dissapointed.

“Hey! You don’t get to look at me like that, you’re just a silly boy, a stupid silly boy.” She slurred

He shook his head, the confusion evident in his eyes
“Drunk words are sober thoughts and all that, so why don’t you tell me why you’re so upset that you had to go get drunk?”

She narrowed her eyes, wobbling a little in the pavement

“Like you don’t know, why are you even here juggie. I assumed you’d be cuddling your girlfriend right now.”

His eyes widened comically
“ my girlfriend?”

“Oh ginger, I love how your delicious lips taste just like plastic, oh that’s right they are plastic! Let me cuddly you in your rabbit coat. She’s an animal killer, did you know that juggie? I love animals, I would never wear one But you like her instead of me.” She pouted ,as he went to catch her before she fell

“Woah what are you even talking about? Ginger Lopez? You think I like ginger Lopez? Maybe you’re more drunk than I thought.” He gripped her by the shoulders

“Yes I am drunk. Yes I am very drunk. Am I lying? No. every one can see it Jughead, it’s fine I’ll just stare it you from afar like I’ve been doing for five months, you don’t even notice, you don’t even notice me.” She was crying now and every piece of jugheads heart broke, he grabbed her face, Hiding his wince at the alcohol on her breath

“I notice you bets, I notice everything about you.”

She leaned into his palm

“If you noticed you would have known, I was in love with you.”

His heart leapt out of his chest.

“You’re drunk.”

“Drunk words , sober thoughts and all that” she giggled.

He smiled softly

He loved her more than anything but he was not about to have this conversation, with the very tipsy blonde in front of him

“I love you too Betty, and we will discuss this further in the morning, when you’re head is throbbing and you want to bury your self in your bed forever. And that is your punishment.”

She sighed

“Ay ay captain!”

He rolled his eyes reaching for her hand.

It was gonna be a long night

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a concept: harry has a video of you in his camera roll dancing in the LA sunset on the beach, waves crashing behind you, your laugh a high pitched giggle with a cheap wine cooler in your hand as Harry is playfully telling you when to spin and leap. And eventually you walk back to Harry, still laughing and sit in his lap. Harry turns the camera back to put both of you in view as you snuggle under his neck, pressing a kiss to his jawline.


Freedom Part 1 (Greaser!Peter Parker x Reader AU)

Originally posted by gounderoos

Request: hi doll i was wondering if i could request a kinda greaser!peter parker au? like he saves you from your dick boyfriend and idk fluffy shit lmao sorry if this prompt sucks

Read part 2 here

A/N: I was watching Stranger Things when I wrote this… oops

Word Count: 2,109

- Written by Kat -

Ever since you were a kid, you felt like you were supposed to be doing something more. Like there was more that needed to be said, but you never got the chance. As time went on, you pressed the feeling deep within yourself, becoming someone else entirely. In this day and age, women were expected to look and act a certain way. The feeling in your gut was always pulling you away from those ideas, prompting you to be more. But you never gave them a chance, too scared of what people would think. So you swallowed your heart, you wore the dresses and skirts and makeup. You went to the dances, and parties, you smiled and laughed and flirted. And when the captain of the football team asked you out, the only thing to do was say yes. Even though you played the part, the feeling never left, it sat in you gut - an idle threat.

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Can we get Zen beach date?? It's starting to feel like spring and I'm living for it. Thanks!!



  • This guy LOVES the beach
  • A chance to show off his bod, honestly 
  • Freaks out when he sees your bathing suit
    • “B-Babe the guys will all be looking at you! Are you trying to make me get in a fight with someone?!”
  • Finds a really nice spot close enough to the water to spread your towels and place your umbrella (he can’t be in the sun too much because of his skin, he wants to keep it nice
  • Favorite part is rubbing sun tan lotion on you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    • “Zen oHMYGAWD I don’t think I need lotion there!” you jump
    • I have to make sure every inch of you is protected, princess”
  • selfies selfies selfies selfies
  • He’s taking so many pics of you laying on your stomach on the blanket tanning
  • Lots of angles to get the best view of your ass and making sure he saves those haha
  • He’s packed food and wine in the cooler
  • Picks you up in his arms and runs you into the water
  • Tosses you around like nothing
  • Lots of make out sessions in the water as he holds you
  • When it starts to get dark you guys hold hands and walk along the shore collecting shells
  • He puts them in a little vase and places it on a shelf in your bedroom so he can remember the date and how much fun you two had
Headcanons: Liquor

Eren: I’m going to be a troll and say beer. Just because he’s German. He starts drinking it because why not? But ends up accidentally awakening the beast in him (wink wonk), and ends up liking it. Especially Jaëgarbombs. Is the angry drunk (srsly what did you expect?)

Armin: Is totally the type to have a wine cooler and be tripping all over himself. Insists that he’s fine and no he doesn’t need a ride home, but collapses 20 minutes later. Is the emotional drunk.

Jean: Would probably start off with something weak and eventually level up until he’s downing shots like water. May or may not end up in the hospital for alcohol poisoning. Is the clumsy drunk.

Connie: Would drink anything and everything. Is the type to claim they can handle all types of liquor but can barely slur out a word once he’s reached his limit. Is the calm, happy drunk.

Bertoldt: Ends up getting peer pressured by Reiner and is surprisingly still somewhat sober by the end of the night. Probably because of body mass and height. (Hehe body mass 😏) Is the one that holds his liquor mystically well.

Reiner: Is the type to drink straight from the keg, head first. Ends up falling asleep in it, is not found until next morning when incoherent mumbling is heard.

Mikasa: Is the designated driver. Only got drunk once, and the last person to speak about it was never seen again.

Sasha: Has a pretty normal alcohol tolerance, except she gets really hyper and daring. Jumped off the second floor. Does not remember how she broke her leg.

Annie: Can drink like an Irish man. Seriously. No one knows how. No one knows where or when or why.

Christa: Insists she’s lightly buzzed and proceeds to fight everyone who insists otherwise.

Ymir: Will fight whoever comes near Christa. (So like when she’s sober but 10x more aggressive) She gets really butt hurt about the smolest things. (Christa)

Mike: Just kind of sits there and smirks at everyone. It’s a little creepy.

Erwin: (His eyebrows absorb all liquor.) Tries to keep composure and fails miserably. At some point wakes up on the roof.

Hanji: (Don’t give her liquor. EVER) Is ready to conduct drunken experiments. Sets everything on fire.

Levi: (Pretending he can get drunk) Stares off into space contemplating the world and existence but when approached will go off on an emotional tangent. Likes to be cuddled when drunk.

anonymous asked:

Can u write a smut where ur playing spin the bottle with Mingyu and Minghao after u guys left a boring party and it leads to a threesome sex? (Sorry if its too much!🙈)


Genre: Smut

Word Count: 2506

Summary: A simple game escalates quickly when alcohol is involved.

(A/N): THIS KILLED ME Minghao is my bias and Mingyu is right up there with him so basically I’m biased af through this whole thing. But it was super fun to write and I’m really happy with how it turned out, I hope you like it~

Originally posted by jooshua

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iamtonyredgrave  asked:

How about this for a trimberly prompt: Kimberly gets suspended from school because she beat up Amanda for outing trini out to the entire angel grove high school. So trini visits Kim at home to see how she's doing after she was sent home after the fight.

A/N: Trimberly time! This took a bit of a different turn, but your prompt is most definitely in it! I hope you enjoy it!

Trigger warning: Homophobic slurs.


The first time Trini gets in trouble for being different, she’s seven and in the third grade. At this point in her life, she was full of smiles and excitement; she was also full of love for Bianca Yenton, her best friend and the prettiest girl besides her mami. So, on Valentine’s day when her mother takes her card shopping, she picks out the sweetest looking lollipop and the brightest card and scribbles Bianca’s name on it.

But Bianca never gets the letter or candy, her mother sees it and yells at Trini before she throws it away. It’s the first time she hears the word ‘gay’ and it’s only when her mother is yelling at her father that ‘my only child is not gay, I refuse to even consider it.’ Trini knows her mom really is mad when she doesn’t come in later to read her Goodnight Moon and tuck her in with a kiss. Two months later, Trini’s father puts in for a job transfer and she leaves Texas and Bianca behind.


Trini knows she’s gay by the time she’s thirteen. While all her friends gush about Zac Efron, Trini watches Ashley Tisdale with a curious expression. When one of her friends gets a boyfriend and talks about how he smells like Axe body spray, Trini scrunches her nose and thinks that vanilla or something flowery would be better. Anytime they so much as mention kissing a boy, Trini allows her eyes to flutter shut and she silently replaces that boy with a girl.

The only problem is that all of the things she feels is apparently wrong. Her friends make faces at her when she compliments one of their skirts, and they stop holding hands with her one day after some boy in a grade above them calls her a dyke. She doesn’t even know what it means, but it still brings tears to her eyes. It still leaves her friendless within the span of a week. Once again, their family packs up and moves.


“Trinity Santana Gomez, how could you do something like this?” Marie demands as she looks at her daughter with wide eyes. “I know your papi and I raised you better, I know you know this is wrong.”

This being her first kiss. Her first kiss that took place in her basement with some bubblegum pop song playing in the background. Her first kiss that was taken by Hannah Garcia. Her first kiss that was interrupted by her mother who screamed at them until Hannah ran out of the house in tears and left Trini to face the wrath of the women before her.

“Don’t you know that you’re sinning? Everything you do with that…harlot is a sin. It’s disgusting.” Marie growls. “I don’t know what has gotten into you, Trinity, but enough is enough.”

Enough turns out to be conversion therapy. Except it doesn’t work, it just shatters her self-confidence and molds her into a harder shell. After that, she changes. Her smile disappears. Her music becomes loud screams that match the anger that thrums through her veins. Her clothes are darker, her face is hidden by beanies. Trini strips herself of the person she was and paints a new face; her parents bump her to Angel Grove the day after her therapy ends.


Three schools in three years. It takes her three schools before she lands herself in the middle of a group of kids who teach her what it means to build a family. None of them are perfect by any means, but they accept each other’s flaws without question. They accept Trini when she finally gets the courage to admit that she is gay, that she’s done pretending to be someone she’s not. They hug her, they tell her it’s okay, and Zack promises to be her wingman.

But Kimberly is the one who sneaks into her room later that night with a box of donuts and wine coolers. It’s a horrible mix, but they toast to her self freedom and Kimberly makes her swear to always be true to who she is. Eventually, the alcohol sets in and both girls cram donuts in each other’s mouths to smother laughter while Trini rolls the empty bottles under her bed.

They fall asleep pressed close together with powder on their noses and something more growing between them.


Kimberly kisses her on a Saturday that they’re trapped in the pit going through exercise after exercise. They’re both exhausted and sweaty, but Trini says something that brings out a smile from Kimberly and soon soft lips are against her own. To Trini, it tastes like coming home but there’s still a part of her that screams that this is wrong; but she flicks that little part of her aside and says fuck it.

“And what was that for?” Trini smirks as Kimberly slowly pulls away.

“Just me ending the tension.” Kimberly teases, and Trini lights up with a blush. “I think we should go somewhere after we get out of here. I think we need to talk.”

Trini nods, “I think so too.”


They talk that night, they quietly talk beside Kimberly’s special lake, they talk until the sun rises high above them and Angel Grove. They talk as school begins. They talk well past first period, and long into second. The conversation never falters, and the laughter between them is soft and easy. They talk until Trini’s phone blows up with texts and Kimberly’s lights up with a photo of her mother.

“Shit.” Kimberly hisses.

Trini winces as she reads the texts, “Fuck.”

Both girls fumble to their feet as their bubble pops and reality sets in; their bodies ache from staying in one position for so long and their stomachs rumble after being neglected for so long. Trini smiles softly as Kimberly winces and presses a hand to her abdomen. As they stand there, the two look towards their new beginning.

“What is this exactly?” Trini asks.

Kimberly shrugs and begins to back away with a smile, “I don’t know yet, but I hope you’ll stick around for the ride so we can find out.”

Trini knows damn well she’s not going anywhere; not when Kimberly smiles like that, not when she knows what freedom tastes like on the lips of somebody. Not when all the wrongs she has been taught suddenly feel so damn right.


“Do you think being gay is wrong?”

On the top of an old abandoned railroad cart, Trini and Zack share a bag of Cheetos and a Sprite. As the question settles between them, Zack looks up at her with wide, sad eyes. She almost regrets asking the question, but this is Zack. Zack who calls her his best friend. Zack who invites her for chess nights with his mom. Zack who has accepted her craziness from the moment they met.

“No. I don’t.” Zack replies. “Do you?”

“I wish I could say no.” Trini scoffs as she sips at the cold carbonation. “Stupid, right? I’m gay and I’m sitting here thinking how wrong I am, how disgusting I am.”

“T,” Zack whispers as he furrows his brow slowly. “You’re not disgusting and you’re not wrong, there’s nothing bad about the person you are. You’re still Trini, you just like girls.”

Trini gives a bitter laugh, “Why can’t my parents see it that way?”

“Because they suck.” Zack snaps as he crunches down hard on a Cheeto. “Trini, you haven’t changed a bit since the second you told us you were gay.”

“I have changed though.” Trini admits. “I was an entirely different person once upon a time. Sometimes I wonder what kind of person I’d be if my mom had been cool with me giving that card to Bianca Yenton.”

“As long as you still somehow ended up here, I wouldn’t care if you had showed up here with lime green hair and a grill. Even if you did, you’d still be my crazy girl.” Zack grins.

Trini looks at him and wonders how she got so lucky. She knows Zack had feelings for her, she isn’t quite sure if they’re even gone, but he has been by her side through it all. With a shake of her head, she lays back and stares up at the darkening sky and Zack joins her a moment later; here with her insane best friend, Trini almost feels normal.



Kimberly smiles as she glances over her shoulder, “You okay?”


A soft laugh leaves Kimberly as she reaches around herself to clip her bra back into place before she feels around for her boyshorts. Deep in the wooded area, beside Kimberly’s beloved lake, Trini stares up at the trees and struggles to come back down from her high. Everything seems so different now, everything feels real. Her entire body buzzes with energy and her heart knocks heavily, pounds against her ribcage in search of the girl who now owns every piece of it.

“Pretty girl, come back to me.” Kimberly whispers as she props herself on her elbow while her empty hand drags down Trini’s bare stomach.

“I can’t.” Trini admits.

“Well, you’re speaking more than one word so that’s an improvement.” Kimberly teases as she ducks her head to press a kiss to Trini’s neck. “Come on, you. I don’t want anyone to find us.”

The words wash away every previous feeling as they register. Kimberly doesn’t want anyone to find them, she doesn’t want anyone to know. With that, Trini sits up and barely manages to miss slamming her head against Kimberly’s as she paws for her clothes. Her hands shake as she scrambles to get dressed while her heart crumbles in her chest, and she can hear Kimberly calling her name but all she can focus on is getting the hell out of here.

“Trin, what are you doing?” Kimberly demands as she stands and rests a soft hand on Trini’s shoulder.

Trini shrugs the hand off, “You don’t want anyone to see us.”

“That doesn’t mean we have to rush out of here.” Kimberly frowns as she moves to slip her arms around Trini only for the girl to step away. “What’s going on?”

“I-I get it. You don’t want anyone to see.”

“Well, yeah.” Kimberly chuckles and Trini sinks at the sound. “I mean, the last thing we need is for someone to stumble upon us naked by a lake. That isn’t exactly how I want to tell the boys about us.”

Trini pauses, “Wait…you’re not embarrassed?”

“Embarrassed?” Kimberly repeats with a look of confusion. “What would I have to be embarrassed about?”


Kimberly barks out a laugh that holds no humor, “What? Trini, I’m not embarrassed at all. What just happened…Trini, it was amazing. I don’t have any regrets. I…do you regret it?”

Trini furrows her brow as she tries to process Kimberly’s words; she wasn’t ashamed, she wasn’t embarrassed. She was happy with what happened, she was actually content. The surprise explodes in the form of a sob, and Kimberly is curled around her before Trini can even consider falling into her embrace.

“I’m not embarrassed. I’m so lucky that I have you, Trini. I’m so happy to have this with you.” Kimberly whispers as she presses a kiss to Trini’s head. “I’ll say it a thousand more times if you need me to. There is nothing wrong with what we’re doing, okay?”

And Trini finally starts to believe it.


Telling the boys is one of the best moments in Trini’s life. They’re all like excited puppies as they throw out questions and wrap the girls in hugs. Last night, after their afternoon at the lake, Kimberly had tilted Trini’s chin up and kissed her right there on her front porch. It was after that, that Trini gathered all the bad things in her head and tossed them away; it was in that moment that the fear left her and she had asked a beaming Kimberly to be her girlfriend.

“I’m happy for you guys.” Jason laughs as he once again twirls Kimberly around. “You guys are so cute. I’m really glad Kim will leave me alone about how cute you are, Trini.”

Trini giggles from her place curled in Billy’s hug. Eventually, Billy steps away and scurries off to Kimberly who releases Zack and gives him a nod. Trini scoots off to her best friend and Zack wraps his arms around her waist and lifts her fully off the ground; she can almost feel how proud he is as he squeezes her tight enough to almost shatter her ribcage.

“You did it, crazy girl.” Zack whispers in her ear. “Now, take every word that anyone has told you and tell them to fuck off. Don’t doubt your happiness for a second, alright? You’ve got it all now.”

Trini nods through her tears, “I’m gonna be alright?”

“Better than alright.”

“Hey, give me my girlfriend back!”

Zack laughs and sets Trini back on her feet and Trini can feel him watching her as she sinks off into Kimberly’s arms. Her head rests in the crook of her girlfriend’s neck as she watches her boys hoot and holler in excitement. This, she figures, is what a real family must feel like.


“So, date night?” Zack teases as he approaches Trini and gives her a strong nudge. “You seemed all too content when you texted me last night.”

“First of all, all I said was fuck off,” Trini snorts as she slams her locker shut and leans against it. “But, if you must know, we had an amazing time.”

“Are we talking about a very special date night?” Jason demands as he approaches with Billy at his side. “Kim wouldn’t stop gushing about it all period, I heard you actually wore pink.”

“I’m not saying a thing.” Trini chirps.

“Saying a thing about what?” Kimberly asks as she approaches, and her smile widens as she sees Trini. “Are we talking about a certain something that happened last night?”

“Possibly.” Trini smirks.

Kimberly looks at Trini with so much devotion and promise that it causes their friends to startle. The five of them know that they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, and the boys can see that Trini and Kimberly have apparently found their safety in each other. Jason smiles softly at the thought, all he wants is for his team to be happy.

“Well, well. If it isn’t the little lesbian and her group of losers.”

The five stiffen at the familiar nasally voice, and they turn with reluctance to watch as Amanda and her group crowd them. Just like that, the hallway goes quiet as everyone zeroes in on the drama that is about to take place; all is silent as the groups stare each other down until Zack gives a protective growl.

“Walk away, Amanda.” Zack orders.

“Fuck off, trailer trash.” Amanda sneers, and Zack immediately recoils while his team tenses. “Jason, Kim. I know you’ve fallen pretty low on the social ladder, but this is just pathetic. Really, Kim? You’re going to associate yourself with a dyke?”

“What is wrong with you?” Jason snarls as he takes a step forward only for Ty to slam a hand against his chest. “You guys need to walk away. Now.”

Amanda waves him off and focuses back on Trini, “Does Kimmy know how you perv on her? Does she know that you probably watch her change? Aw, do you have a crush on Kimberly?”


Trini speaks so softly that it breaks the team’s hearts. Before them, their fellow Ranger sinks into herself with a look of confusion and so much self-hatred; they can tell that every word Amanda tosses her way is just another memory being dragged up. And while the boys are angry, Kimberly is fuming; her chest heaves and her body glows with an unexplainable anger.

“Did we upset you?” Rebecca coos as she gives a pout. “Everyone in this school already knows what you are. It’s not it’s some giant secret.”

Kimberly swallows hard, “Leave her alone.”

Amanda flashes Kimberly a smirk, “It’s so cute that you’re all so ready to fight for this loser. How can you even stand to be around her, Kimberly? Doesn’t it just make your skin crawl knowing that she’s staring at you?”

Kimberly listens to the words that spew out of Amanda’s mouth. She takes them in, let’s them swim through her head and settle to repeat over and over. The blood in her veins boils as she turns her head to rub her lips together before her tongue flicks out to lick at the edge of her mouth; she has never wanted to hit someone so badly before.

Amanda and her group roar with laughter as they notice the displeasure on the group’s faces. With a giggle, Amanda tilts her head with a look of slight sympathy as Trini tightens her grasp on the straps of her backpack and pulls it tighter while her gaze drops to stare at the dirty floor.

“Guys,” Billy begins in a soft tone. “They’re not worth it.”

“Maybe she just needs a good fuck to straighten her out.” Amanda offers, and the laughter quickly grows in sound. “Any takers? Ty?”

Kimberly feels the fire erupt and before she can register what she’s doing her hand is sweeping hard across Amanda’s face. A loud crack echoes in the hallway as the laughs twist into gasps and phones are pulled out to record Kimberly grabbing Amanda by her jacket and spinning to slam her against the lockers.

“Oh shit.” Zach groans as he presses a closed fist to his mouth.

Billy shakes his head, “She clearly hand that coming.”

“I think you’re done now, right?” Kimberly growls as she tries to hold back the strength she know she has. “You’re not going to disrespect my girlfriend like that and just walk away without a reminder as to why you shouldn’t.”

“Girlfriend?” Amanda sneers.

“Yeah. That beautiful girl is mine.” Kimberly snarls. “Keep your mouth shut and stay the hell away from her, stay away from all my friends. If you want to come at me then do it directly, leave them out of it.”

“What is going on over here?”

Students scatter until Kimberly is left staring up at her glowering principal.


“Alright, alright!”

“Kimberly Ann Hart, we expect to meet this girl that you’re so convinced you need to be suspended for!”

“Alright, Mom! Jesus.”

Kimberly huffs as she stomps up the stairs and towards her room; after being suspended, Kimberly had to come home to a two hour lecture from her parents. It definitely was a buzzkill to the adrenaline of her day; she never really planned to start her week off getting suspended, but she knows she’d do it all over again if it meant protecting her little family.

As she slips into her room, Kimberly feels her heart flutter as she sees Trini sitting in the nook of her windowsill. For a moment, she stops to admire how beautiful Trini looks in her ratty old beanie and the dipping sun glowing down on her. With a soft sigh, Kimberly crosses the room and startles Trini from her thoughts as she presses a kiss to the top of her head.

“Hi.” Kimberly whispers.

Trini doesn’t speak, she just curls her arms around Kimberly and pulls her until they are both crammed in the window nook. They find a comfortable position eventually with Kimberly sitting between Trini’s legs and their feet tangled together; here, in Trini’s arms, Kimberly once again has no regrets for her actions.

“So, an entire week?” Trini frowns.

Kimberly shrugs, “Not too bad.”

“You got into a fight. You got suspended. I’m all for trouble but even I know that’s bad, Kim.” Trini snorts as she drops her head to press a kiss to Kimberly’s shoulder. “You didn’t have to do that.”

“Defend your honor?” Kimberly frowns.

“Out yourself.” Trini corrects.

Kimberly falls silent for a beat before she turns her head so she can meet Trini’s nervous gaze, “Are you really talking about me or do you mean us?”

“Both.” Trini admits as her cheeks bleed through with a blush. “Now the whole school knows that we’re dating and…”

“And I don’t care. Trini, I’ve wanted this since the moment you tumbled down into that ravine with us.” Kimberly confesses before she pauses. “Were you ready to tell people? Fuck. Trin, did I overstep? I’m sorry, I didn’t…”

Trini reaches out to press a hand to her mouth, “I’m not upset, just surprised. I’m not…used to this. You guys are the first people to not give a fuck about my sexuality, I just didn’t expect you to want to tell everyone at school.”

“Mm,” Kimberly hums against Trini’s hand before she pulls it away from her mouth and drops a kiss to her palm. “I’m proud to be with you, Trini. I’m proud of the fact that you want to be with me.”

Trini closes her hand into a fist, “Why?”

Kimberly shifts until she is kneeling in between Trini’s legs, “Because you are ridiculously smart. Because you swerve on the road to avoid animals and butterflies. Because you laugh at all of Zack’s jokes and you always know what to say to calm Billy down. Because you’re the first to step up and help Jason.”


“I’m not done.” Kim laughs as she presses her fingertips to Trini’s lips. “I’m proud to be with you because you’re proud of who you are. You’re beautiful, Trini. You are so beautiful. And the outside matches all the beauty on the inside.”

Trini swallows hard and slowly shakes her head, “I don’t deserve you.”

“I don’t deserve you either, babe. I don’t deserve any of what I have, to be honest.” Kimberly shrugs as she frames Trini’s face. “But I think that’s why we’re perfect for each other.”

“You deserve the world, Kim.” Trini argues.

Kimberly smiles as she ducks her head to press their lips together, “I already have it right here in my arms.”

In that moment, Trini throws it all away. Every therapy session, every backhanded comment from her parents, every shove in the hallways at school, every word carved into her locker, just…everything. She throws it away and grasps onto her future, grasps onto Kimberly and readies herself for the rest of forever.

Game System


Korekuni Ryuuji: Tomo, I put out my cup, so go prepare the hot water and teapot.

Aizome Kento: There’s no way I could make a mistake like that. It was in the ice water in the wine cooler.

Miroku Shingari: It’s a magazine where a lot of our senpai have been on the front cover. Don’t assume it’s something small.

In this game, you’ll get lots of info on their private lives and past…!
Let’s see lots of surprising sides! ♪
Also, you’ll be able see a closeup to KiLLER KiNG more than anywhere else!

The story part uses the Live2D system!
You won’t miss the members making various expressions that match the story!


Advance through quests and unlock new stories and songs.
Clear a lot to get various items, and let’s level up the member you’re interested in ♪

(see Glossary for more Items)


You can enjoy B-PROJECT’s wonderful songs in a rhythm game!
Form your own special unit, and enjoy a live performance ♪

Recorded songs
Koudou*Ambitious / Hoshi to Tsuki no Sentence / Starlight / Yume Miru Power / Muteki*Dangerous / Kirakira Smile / Gokujou Fiction / Eikyuu Paradise
Songs are planned to be added at any time


Lots of photographs of the B-PROJECT members are being introduced!
When you level up a photo, you can read special stories!
Let’s level up the photos of members you’re interested in ♪


Use leveling Items to level up your favorite members!
Strong members will be helpful for the Quest ♪
Furthermore, when you raise them to the maximum, they will change to an awakened visual!

Pregnant part 2 | Zach Dempsey

Read part 1 here 👉🏽


The past few months had been draining for you. Between juggling school, pregnancy and hiding it all from your friends and family. You just felt like you had the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Although, some of the weight would soon be lifted. You and Zach had decided to tell your family today, together. You had invited Zach’s mum (Karen) and sister (May) over for dinner, not expecting them to be over the moon and throw you a parade, but, just supportive.

“You are so lucky I love you” Zach teased as he held your hair up and rubbed your back whilst you threw up into the toilet.

“Urm- don’t act like I’ve never done this for you before” you clapped back, flushing the toilet and standing to your feet. You walked over to the sink and began to brush your teeth. Zach stood behind you, his eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

“When?” He inquired

“Bryce’s house and about 2 wine coolers later” you told him “You know you can’t handle your liquor”

”..yeah” Zach snapped, sounding a little irritated “ but that’s because they we’re strawberry”

“Light weight” you sang as you entered your bedroom, him right behind you. Zach had gotten a little clingy since you told him you we’re pregnant, you tried not to pay attention to it, maybe it was just a protective thing. You sat on your bed and unplugged your phone from your charger and began scrolling though Instagram.

Your stomached churned a little so you sat up as you bought you would have to suddenly dash to the bathroom again. The feeling soon passed. False alarm. “I don’t get it” you randomly announce

“Don’t get what?”

I mean, why do they call it morning sickness if it’s all day, every-fucking- day?” You asked, your eyes still glued to the screen of your phone.

“I don’t know babe…Maybe one of these could explain it to you” You looked up and noticed Zach holding a bunch of books in his hands.

“Here” he chucked one to you. The tile read ‘What to expect when your expecting’

“Holy shit babe, you know how much I love to read” you said sarcastically

"Ha. Ha. Ha” Zach fake chucked as he sat besides you. “Look, I know it’s early days but we need all the help we can get”

“I know” you winged, resting your head on his chest, “It just seems like one more book I need to cram into my head?”

"You’ll like it” he assured you “it has pictures and a little colouring in section at the back..”

You giggled as you hit him on his arm playfully “thank you, I love you”

"I love you more” Zach declared You both lingered in each others eyes for a while, prompting Zach to make the first move. He caressed your cheek and pulled you into his lips. He was very dominating, gently forcing you onto your back and before you knew it his body was hovering over yours. Zach’s hands began to roam up and down your leg, gently squeezing your ass as he continued to kiss you.

“Zach?” You murmured, still attached to his lips.


You gently pushed him away, causing him to bite down on your bottom lip as you did so.

"You need to slow down, that’s how we ended up in this situation, Remember?”

He grunted “Fine. Whatever” ….

Zach’s mum and sister had arrived a little earlier than expected and offered to help set out the table. You sat in the living room with May, letting her braid your hair as you watched TV. When the table was set you all came together and sat around it. And It was nice to see everyone talking and getting along and acting as a family. Zach then tugged on your arm, snapping you out of your trance to give him your undivided attention.

“Maybe- Maybe we shouldn’t tell them today” Zach whispered to you

"Are you pussy'ing out Zach Dempsey?” You teased

“Im not. It’s just. My mums not in a good mood”

You looked across the table and over to Karen. She had a huge smile plastered across her face and engaging in a convocation with your parents.

“I can tell” he added

You shrugged “she seems happy”

“Don’t be fooled” Zach muttered “She always does. She’s good at that”

"Zach” you warned “Man up, cos we’re telling them. To-day”

He sunk lower in his seat and began to tap his left foot (nervous habit).

"What are you two whispering about?” you mum asks, catching you both off guard.

“Nothing important” you tell her, causing her to just smile blankly at you. An awkward silence fell over the table as everyone began to tuck in again. Maybe this was the perfect opportunity to get it off your chest.

You sat upright “Actually..I, well Zach and I wanted to tell you guys something”

Your mum looked to your dad with concern, then back to you “What is it?”

"I’m pregnant” -was what you said, in your head. With both your parents staring at you, you just couldn’t seem to get the words out. You gently kicked Zach’s ankle as a cry for help.

Zach cleared his throat and everyone’s eyes landed on him “W-well..umm” he stuttered

“Just get to the point already” May huffed

“Well..” Zach begun “Im pregnant, I-I mean, she’s pregnant”

"We’re having a baby” you chimed in, smiling awkwardly.

Everyone around the table went silent.

"That’s not funny guys” Karen said, topping up her glass with some wine.

You and Zach looked to each other then back to them “We wasn’t joking”

"Come on Y/N” your mum scoffed before biting down on a piece of celery “You think I wouldn’t know if you we’re pregnant?” She asked “helloo? I made you ok, I know everything about you”

“Actually, I would be the first to know cos Zach tells me everything” May said proudly as she folded her arms across her chest. You began to feel anxious “…Well no..We didn’t say anything cos we didn’t know how you guys would react”

"But you don’t seem to be reacting at all” you tell them.

“Yeah cos we know it’s just a prank” Then your mum suddenly shot up and begin to adjust her hair as her eyes shifted around the room “Is this going on YouTube?”

"Y/N” your dad called so you turned to face him “How far along are you?” He asked, a serous tone in his voice

You couldn’t believe your dad of all people was the only one taking it seriously.

"I’m about..” you counted along on your fingers “6 weeks”

Karen clapped her hands in excitement “Is he in on the prank?”

"There is no prank mum(!)"Zach stressed- his voice raised a little

"And you waited this long to tell us?” Your dad continued to inquire “As I said, we wasn’t sure how you guys would take it” you told him “I’m sorry dad”

Your dad just nodded, understandingly.

“No. There’s no fucking way our pregnant y/n” Your mum spat as she rose to her feet with an awkward smile on her face.

"And there it is” Zach mumbled under his breath.

“I mean, We’ve told you all there is to know about safe sex and contraception and birth control..” she ranted, looking to your dad for support.

"It just happened” you admitted before lowering your head in shame

“How? Did you poke a hole in the condoms or something?” Karen questioned

"Mum what the fuck?” Zach snapped

Offended, you let out a short breath “Why the hell would I do that?”

"I dunnoe” You watched as she took a huge gulp of wine “You had to trap him in your clutches somehow” she mumbled into the bottom of the glass.

“Excuse me?” Your mum questioned “Why would she want to ‘Trap’ someone like him when she can do so much better?”

"Mum” you warned

“Better?!” Karen yelled “Your daughter’s the one spreading her legs, didn’t you teach her any self respect?”

"Mum!” both Zach and May warned

“I didn’t raise y/n like that, your son probably pressured her into having sex with him” Your mum hissed

They continued to go back and forth for a while. Both these women blaming each other for raising their children wrong. Your dad and May kept quiet as Zach tried to intervene.

“Oh my god, SHUT UP!” You yelled now on the edge of your seat, immediately causing the women to stop “For fuck sake, can’t you guys hear the bullshit your saying to each other right now?!”

Karen and your mother slowly sat back down on their seats. Zach grabbed your shoulder to comfort you.

“Look ladies” Zach begun “We know this is a shitty situation and neither of us expected it to happen, but it is what it is, you just gonna have to deal with it”

"Zach, How are we suppose to deal with something like this?” Karen asks “Our babies are having a baby. That’s a huge fucking deal”

“Yeah, We know. That’s why we need you guys to support us” you say “So..will you?”

You waited a while for someone to answer.

“To be honest y/n..” your mum eventually replied “I am very disappointed”

Your heart sank a little. Hearing your mum say you was disappointed in you had hurt you a lot.

“I don’t want you to get upset but I just- I guess I just had a different plan for you in my head” She honestly admitted “But no matter what, I will always support you”

She picked up the wine bottle and wavered it about “I’m just gonna need a minute to get used to it, that’s all”

you threw her a short smile and she returned one.

"Have anything to say to me?” Zach questioned his mother, everyone’s attention turned to Karen.

“..It’s getting late” Karen announced as she begun to gather her things. Zach shook his head in disbelief “Come May, we’ll meet Zach at home” You felt for Zach and rubbed your thumb over his clenched fists.

"Why don’t we clear these plates?” Your dad suggested to your mum and they the soon exited the room. Zach waited for the door to slam shut before talking.


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Try Something New (Josh Dun X Reader X Tyler Joseph) Smut

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Word Count: 3500+

Warnings: SMUT!, Threesome,

*** This is my first threesome smut ever, so I’m sorry if it sucks. Also it’s my first Twenty One Pilots fic also so I really hope I didn’t fail miserably. Enjoy!***

You sat on the floor of your’s, Josh’s, and Tyler’s apartment, back leaning against the small piece of furniture the TV sat on. Your boyfriend and Tyler and sat opposite you on the floor against the couch. Aside from Josh, Tyler was one of your closest friends and pretty much the reason you two were dating. Like the 14 year olds you all mentally were, you were playing a late-night truth or dare session which had, as usual, gone from innocent questions to much more risque ones. “Tyler, truth or dare?” You asked him, taking a swig of your wine cooler. The boys made of you for drinking them but they were freaking delicious so you didn’t care much.

He thought for a moment, “Truth.” He decided.

“Wimp.” Josh teased.

You were hoping he was going to say dare so it took you a moment before finally asking, “Have you ever had a sex dream with another guy?” You asked. He squeezed his eyes shut and ran his hands over his face groaning. “And you have to tell the truth or you have to drop ice down your underwear. That’s the rules.” You laughed devilishly since that rule was Tyler’s idea in the first place.

“Ok! Ok! Fine!” He shot an awkward look to the side, “It wasn’t really a wet dream but I had a dream about Josh a few weeks ago.” He said ashamed. Both you and Josh practically screamed in laughter. Although none of you were drunk, you were definitely about two drinks down so you were feeling a little tipsy. “But we didn’t actually do it! We were like making out and stuff and I woke up before anything happened! Before I fell asleep that night I got curious and looked up fanfic about us because it’s funny to see what fans think happens and I guess it was just in my head.” He said, his face red with embarrassment.

Josh scooted towards him and leaned his head on his shoulder, “If you wanted me that bad all you had to do was ask.” He joked.

Tyler shoved Josh off playfully, “Shut up. Ok, fine. Y/N, truth or dare?”

Of course he would pick you back. You thought for a moment. You wanted to pick dare but after what you made Tyler admit to, you didn’t trust him not to make you do something awful and embarrassing, “Truth.” You grinned nervously in anticipation of what he was gonna ask.

“Would you ever have a threeway?” He asked.

Again, you had to think about it. The thought had occurred to you and despite knowing a ton of your favorite singers through Josh and Tyler, you’d definitely had your fair share of fangirl threeway fantasies with band members. But would you ever actually go through with it? As a joke threeways always sounded fun but when it came down to it, you usually thought of sex as something personal and romantic and loving between you and Josh, even if it did get a little kinky sometimes (although not much). But you had to admit, the idea of a threeway was pretty fun. “I think so. But I would have to really trust the other two people.” You decided.

Both Josh and Tyler’s mouths were open a little bit, as if they found the idea kinda hot but they quickly covered it up. “Guy-guy-girl or guy-girl-girl?” Tyler asked, raising his eyebrow.

You rolled your eyes, “One truth at a time!” You glanced at the clock on your phone seeing it was 11:39 pm. You sighed, “I actually got to go to bed. I have to be at work at 6:30 tomorrow morning.” You stood up, walking into the kitchen to throw away your empty bottle before walking over to Josh and kissing him on the cheek, “Good night babe.” You looked at Tyler, “Keep your hands off my man while I’m asleep.” You joked. Tyler groaned and Josh laughed at the comment.


Five days had gone by since that night and finally it was Friday. You had Saturday off and didn’t have to worry about going to bed early for work. It was your night to just chill with Josh. Hopefully Tyler would go out with some of his other friends so you and Josh could have some alone time. You loved Tyler but since he was always around, you and Josh hadn’t had sex since they got back from tour about two months ago. At first it sucked not ever having intimate time with him, but you both had gotten used to it. It was just like being teenagers again, always having the drive to do it if you had the chance but ignoring it if you didn’t.

You pulled into your parking space and walked up to your apartment, unlocking the front door and kicking your shoes off as soon as you got in. It was strangely quiet inside which was uncommon. Usually Josh and Tyler would be practicing or talking or something. Their cars were outside so they were definitely here. “Anybody home?” You called out curiously.

You walked down the hall, “Yeah we’re in here.” You heard Josh’s voice echo from your’s and his bedroom. You walked in and saw Josh sitting on your dark blue comforter while Tyler sat in the bright green bean bag chair in the corner. You giggled a little to yourself thinking that you guys just looked like a bunch of teenagers living together, not full grown adults. Unless all adults had bean bag chairs. You set your bag down on the floor next to the door.

“Hey you guys. Are you having a heart-to-heart? Should I come back later?” You asked.

Josh shook his head, “No, no you’re good. Don’t go anywhere.” He smiled. Tyler sat quietly in the bean bag chair, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees, leaning his chin on his clasped knuckles. He seemed… quiet… suspiciously quiet. Were they planning on pranking you again, because last time when they put baby powder in your hair dryer was not nearly as amusing as they thought it was. Josh must have seen the suspicious look on your face because he quickly stood up, laughing nervously and biting his lip, “Don’t worry, we’re not pranking you.” He said reading your mind. Tyler chuckled a little.

“Ok, then why are y’all so serious looking. Did someone die?” You asked with a joking tone but slightly worried after you said it.

“No… it’s just… we were thinking, well I was thinking- gosh I don’t know how to say this.” He ran his hand nervously through his pink-orange hair, “Well, you remember how we haven’t done anything in awhile?” He asked, quirking his eyebrow suggestively so you knew he what he was referring to. You nodded, “And well, I happened to have heard from a certain friend of yours that you’ve been wanting to try some new things in the bedroom.” You cursed your friend Y/F/N under your breath for telling Josh. You had always felt kind of awkward about trying new things in the bedroom and suggesting it. You guys were into rough sex, but that was about the extent of what you did. Josh got dominant sometimes but it wasn’t often. But gosh did you love it when he was, which you’d told him but he was always scared of hurting you. “And then the other night you said you’d consider a threesome…” He said trailing off.

When you realized what he was suggesting your gave him a strange look, “Wait, so you’re suggesting that we-” you motioned with your finger to all three of you.

Tyler quickly cut in, interrupting, “Only if you want to!” Josh nodded in agreement, “If you don’t feel comfortable then I’ll leave and you and Josh can go at it all you want.” You chuckled a little at what he said. He always had a way of being sincere and smooth and awkward all at the same time.

“Honestly, I’ve been wanting to switch things up in the bedroom too lately. And I read about some stuff that sounded kind of cool that I was thinking we could try and this was sort of one of them. But if you feel uncomfortable with it at all, then just say so.” Josh said looking you the eyes, “But you said if you trusted the other two people, then you might consider it.”

You thought for a moment. Was this actually happening? You had answered yes to a hypothetical situation. But what was hypothetical was somehow now a reality. You glanced at Tyler and then back at Josh, “Are you guys sure you’re alright with this? I mean, Josh. Tyler and I would be screwing. And Ty, would that be too weird for you to see your best friend naked? Or his girlfriend for that matter? I mean I’m ok with this, I just don’t want you guys to screw up your friendship for the sake of experimenting.”

Tyler stood up and stood a few feet away from you, leaning against the wall, “We’ve actually been talking about this since Sunday night after you went to bed.”

“Yeah, we’ve already agreed that there’ll be no jealousy or anything like that. And if it fails, we never have to do it again.” Josh reassured you.

You thought for a second, “Ok. I’m in.” You muttered, biting your lip and looking between the two boys. “But two things first. I’ve never had sex with anyone except Josh.” You admitted shyly, “And I have no idea how the heck a threesome works except for what I’ve read in smutty fanfic.” You chuckled awkwardly at what you just admitted to them.

Josh smirked, sucking his lip between his teeth as he stepped closer to you. One of his hands fell on your hips while the other was gently brought on your neck, pulling you in for a sweet simple kiss. Your eyes fluttered closed and when he pulled away, you were already breathless from his gentleness. “I guess we’ll just see what happens then. If you want to stop at any point just say so.” He tells you. You gaze up at him and nod. His voice was so comforting that you could pretty much agree to anything. “You are on the pill right?” He confirmed. You nodded and bit your lip.

He shot a glance over at Tyler who walked behind you from against the wall. Josh leaned back and kissed you passionately, tongue slipping into your mouth. Tyler’s hands roamed feather light down your sides and over your thighs shooting electricity down your spine. You leaned your head to the side, following Josh’s kiss and Tyler pressed his body closer against your backside, trailing hot open mouthed kisses across your now exposed neck. His hands trailed up your thighs to knead your breasts through the fabric of your low cut black t-shirt. You moaned against Josh’s lips and you felt him smirk through the kiss. Tyler’s teeth raked across the spot that made you moan, biting it lightly before smoothing it over with his tongue.

Already, you were overwhelmed by the sensations. Your core was hot and wet and your heart was racing. Josh’s hands left your neck and trailed down to lift your shirt over your head exposing your dark red bra. Tyler unhooked it and it soon followed your shirt on the ground. You were grateful that Josh was in front of you. Apart from the one guy in high school you flashed because you lost a bet, Josh was the only guy who’s seen your breasts. Josh’s head dipped down, leaving a trail of kisses down your neck, across your collarbone and on your breasts. You leaned back against Tyler’s body, arching your back as he sucked on your neck and Josh nibbled at your nipples.

You almost didn’t notice Tyler’s hands lightly running down your bare stomach and unbuttoning your dark skinny jeans. His hand slipped inside the front and he began rubbing you through your panties. You moaned loudly and Josh stepped away, taking off his grey t-shirt to reveal his body. Your knees were shaking from Tyler’s movement and you were moaning loudly. He wasn’t rubbing hard enough to get you off, but it was definitely enough to warm you up. “So wet already…” He whispered huskily into your ear, turning you on even more.

You knew if you didn’t move soon, your legs would buckle from underneath you. You stepped away from Tyler, chest heaving and turned towards him, placing a hand on each shoulder. You glanced over your shoulder at Josh who nodded at you, silently telling you to keep going. You leaned in and kissed Tyler deeply, parting to slip his shirt over his head. Josh sat on the edge of your bed and you began walking backwards, not breaking the kiss with Tyler until you were near Josh. You got on your knees, unbuckling Josh’s skinny jeans and pulling them down. Behind you, you could hear Tyler doing the same for himself.

Just as you were about to run your hands up Josh’s legs, he shook his head, “Uh-uh. Lay on the bed.” He said. His voice was almost commanding but there was still a bit of uncertainty. It turned you on to no extent. You did as you were told, lying down. Josh began crawling up your legs, kissing down your bare chest sending shivers throughout your body. Eventually he made it to your unbuttoned jeans, “Are you still ok with this happening?” He asked cautiously.

“Yeah.” You breathed. He slid your pants of, underwear leaving with the, until you were naked and exposed. Right away, you felt strange. Tyler was here. You knew you agreed to this but suddenly it was seeming really, really… real. You bent your knees, almost crossing them with how tightly you were squeezing them together. You didn’t exactly mean to do it, it was just sort of instinctual.

Suddenly, Tyler’s lips were on your’s, “Don’t worry.” He whispered, pulling away. It was strangely simple of him to say but it somehow eased your nerves slightly. You felt Josh’s large hands on your thighs, gently opening your legs and leaning between them. His tongue flicked over your clit and you gasped at the feeling. His tongue ran up and down to your entrance before returning to suck on your clit. You were already a writhing mess. Tyler had his mouth occupied on your breasts, licking and kissing and nipping at the already hickey covered flesh.

“Oh my gosh…” You moaned.

Josh leaned back just long enough to groan, “That’s it Y/N, tell me how good we make you feel.”

His teeth gently grazed your clit and your moaned loudly, “Oh god. Just like that Josh.” Tyler’s tongue flicked over your nipple while he gently ran over the other perked bud with his calloused thumb. You ran your hand up Tyler’s back, gripping lightly onto his hair. Your back arched as Josh slid a finger into your hot core.

“So tight.” He groaned, pumping quickly. Tyler captured your lips in a rough kiss. You broke the kiss, sitting up slightly, and Josh stopped his actions with a confused look on his face. You ran your hands through your disheveled hair and crawled over to Josh, missing the feeling of his lips. Tyler was good, no doubt, but you loved Josh. He bit your bottom lip teasingly. Tyler kept his eyes on your butt as you made out with his best friend, removing his erection from his boxers and slowly pumping himself at the sight of your naked body, sitting at the top of the bed. You sat up on your knees, Josh’s lips following you until he was standing and you hooked your fingers in his waistband, pulling his boxers down. His erection sprang free and you broke the kiss, gazing up at him through hooded eyes. His dark eyes were clouded with lust and it made your empty core ache for him. You bit your lip when Josh nodded his head slightly, “Get on all fours.” He demanded, that dominant tone more prominent than before.

Silently, you obeyed, turning to face Tyler’s naked body and being surprised at the size of his length. Josh stood at the foot of the bed and grabbed you roughly by the hips pulling you closer to him. Tyler quit pumping himself and positioned himself on his knees in front of your face. Josh’s soft hands caressed up your sides, cupping your breasts and moving back down to your bum. You savored every feeling the two men gave you.

Reaching up, you grabbed Tyler’s hard member and ran your hand up and down it a few times, his thin body shivering and the contact. Josh ran his fingers through your wet folds. Leaning forward slightly, you took Tyler into your mouth, tongue swirling around his sensitive tip. You hand pumped what you couldn’t fit as you bobbed your head back and forth. Behind you, Josh positioned himself at your entrance and slowly pushed in. You moaned loudly around Tyler’s dick.

“Are you still alright?” Josh asked.

You nodded slightly but he must not have seen because Tyler’s strained voice chuckled a little, “Yeah she’s good.” Josh rocked his hips slowly at first but he soon matched your pace on Tyler. Tyler reached down and grabbed a fistful of your hair. You could see his muscles fighting to keep from moving your head for you, shoving himself deeper. He didn’t want to hurt you after all. Josh gripped tightly onto your hips, sure to leave bruises as he snapped his hips fast. A knot built up in your stomach and your legs were beginning to shake. You took Tyler out of your mouth and slowly licked up the underside of his shaft. His cock twitched in your hand and you knew he was close.

You pumped Tyler faster, trying to focus on how Josh was making you feel and still keep a good pace with Tyler. His grip on your hair tightened and he quickly pulled back, letting go of you. He pumped a few times and released all over your body, panting.

Now that you were totally focused on Josh’s movements, you noticed his movements becoming erratic. You knew he was close. His breathing was labored pants. Knowing that he wasn’t going to last much longer, he pulled out and climbed on top of the bed on his knees. He roughly grabbed your ankle and brought it over his shoulder before slamming back into you. He hit that spot deep inside you that made you scream out, “FUCK!” Your eyes screwed tight. Both and Tyler and Josh let out a small laugh at your profanities. It was rare when you cussed. “Oh shit right there.” You begged and Josh obeyed. Your whole body was on fire, every nerve burning with lust.

Tyler stood up and walked to the side of the bed, leaning over. With one hand, he spread your folds apart, exposing your clit. With the other, he rubbed fast harsh circles over your sensitive bud. That combined with Josh continuously pounding your g-spot had you screaming and moaning, “Fuck… me… Uh… Josh… Shit … Yeah… Oh god Tyler!” You moaned. Your entire being was on fire and how you hadn’t cum yet was beyond you because you felt yourself teetering on the edge.

“I’m so close babe.” Josh groaned. You reached down and held his hand tightly.

Suddenly, you felt your walls tighten uncontrollably as wave after wave of euphoria washed over you. “Fuck! Josh!” You moaned (or rather screamed), toes curling and legs bending as you orgasmed. The boys worked you through your orgasm, Tyler rubbing your clit and Josh slowing his hips. Your walls clenching around his length sent him over the edge. He pulled out leaning over your body and resting his head on the bed next to you. The two of you were panting uncontrollable messes. That was by far the most powerful orgasm you’d ever had, still feeling the effects after your breath calmed down.

“Holy shit, Y/N. You fucking squirted that was so hot.” Tyler commented and Josh chuckled into the mattress. You turned bright red, covering your face with your hands. You’d never squirted before.

“I have never heard you cuss that much. You’re freaking filthy. But sexy.” Josh laughed, propping himself up on his elbows to look at you.

“That was freaking amazing.” You panted, sitting up. You swung your legs over the side of the bed and set your feet down to walk to the bathroom but as soon as you put weight on your legs, your knees buckled slightly. Your core already ached. It had been a long time since you’d been screwed so hard you could barely walk and you honestly loved it.

You heard a snort behind you. “Are you alright?” Josh asked. You turned around stabilizing yourself.

You put up a hand and laughed a little, “I’m good. It’s just… been a while.” You said. You returned from the bathroom with a towel and cleaned up your guys’ mess. The three of you got dressed and met back up in the living room, sitting on the couch.

You were the last one to get into the living room. Josh and Tyler insisted to take a shower since Tyler kinda came all over you. They sat there with expectant looks on their faces, “So… was it awful?” Josh asked nervously.

You shook your head, “You heard me earlier. That was amazing. Did you guys enjoy yourselves?”

“A little awkward but not bad.” Tyler confessed. All three of you laughed and nodded in agreement.

“But thanks guys. Really. I never actually thought that dirty little fantasy was gonna come true. And I’m glad it was with you Tyler.” You said, sitting next to Josh who put his arm around you, letting you burrow yourself into his side.

anonymous asked:

i love how tony is sometimes the Disaster friend (staying up for 48 hours, tripping over things, blowing things up, etc) and sometimes the Mom friend (Sending encouraging texts, making people smoothies, etc). i just, -clenches fist- love tony so much

Tony is simultaneously Disaster Friend and Mom Friend.

“I haven’t slept in 48 hours but consider this: I am offering you smoothies.”

“Tony that doesn’t make it okay!”

“I also bought donuts and packed everyone a lunch.”

“…You’ve… you’ve packed us Lunchables and mini wine coolers.”

“You’re welcome.


“You think they don’t drink??? You have clearly never met any congressmen.”

The Visceral (Belly) Fat Diet

Want to gain weight and target your belly? Perhaps you are looking for a beer belly or a hanging belly or just want to outgrow your clothes quickly. Speak to any nutritionist and they will tell you that there is no way to target your fat gain to any specific region, this is true, with one exception – visceral fat gain, that is, belly fat. This is the fat that surrounds our internal organs, and there are certain steps you can take in your life and your diet to promote visceral fat gain.

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