Gradblr Challenge: Day 11

Thu, 03.16.17

Things I’ve gotten done today:

  • Finish metabolism paper! (except for the citations…which should take me at most 15 mins)
  • Continue reading 03.23.17 paper (5.5/8 figures)

Sorry, no pics today. Writing this paper while on vacation is one of the hardest things I have to do, and I didn’t want to distract myself with taking and editing photos. I’m done with it now (thank God!) so I feel much better. D and I spent the afternoon getting Thai and we’re off for a night in with wine coolers and hopefully some good movies.

It’s such a shame class for which this paper is written was so poorly taught (we spent 2 weeks there without the professor, who, when he finally showed up 2 weeks later, spent the next 4 weeks repeating himself about pyruvate dehydrogenase–ONE enzyme!) because cancer metabolism is so interesting! I read a review paper and decided to write about the effects of lactate accumulation in the extracellular space (the byproduct of heightened glucose and glutamine catabolism) and how that advances cancer progression. Fun fact: lactate gets pumped out of the cell via MTC1, which also co-transports H+ along with lactate out of the cell. This leads to acidification of the tumor microenvironment that can render some immune cells ineffective because of the low pH, which allows these tumor cells to evade immune detection. And this is just one of many cool things I learned while reading about this topic!

It’s absolutely insane to realize that people do get cancer because so many things need to go wrong for a cancer cell to be successful, and then so many more things need to go more wrong for it to metastasize from the primary site. I just wish I had more time to read and enjoy these articles instead of speed read to finish my paper.

I have been so many different versions of myself that it feels like

I have seen the world with new eyes at least a dozen times.

There were moments that gave me the stars

and others that shattered me to pieces.

But I’m still here.

I am not the same 12 year-old girl who sneaked wine coolers

from her parents’ stash just for a fun afternoon with her brother.

I am not the same 14 year-old girl who joked about her

past fling only to find out the next day he died too soon

in a car crash that took two other lives.

I am not the same 16 year-old girl who had friendships

that she thought would last forever even when

high school graduation threatened to cut the ties

and leave her to only confide in herself for a while.

I am not the same 18 year-old girl who fell in love

before she knew what it meant to put her heart in the wrong hands,

but I know her story and it still makes me cry.

I am not the same 21 year-old who walked away

and traded bruises for a second chance at a happy ending

with a guy who was just a coworker for the past 3 years.

I am 23.

I have so many versions to burn through until I reach my final self,

and I am learning to accept that I will not like

every single person I will turn into

but I am trying in a world that sets us up to die in the end.

The most I can do is leave a little light behind.

doheegp  asked:

❝ once, I drank a whole bottle by myself. ❞

He turns the bottle over in his hands, fingers skimming over the label. “I take it that means this is the good stuff.” Minseok didn’t actually know that much about wine. He merely looked like a rich boy, he didn’t have the same level of pretentiousness that they did. Aside from Sado, anyway- but Sado was a special case. He was perfectly happy smoking a bowl and drinking wine coolers he bought from the convenience store by his apartment, but sometimes he longed for the more luxurious things in life too. He strived to be versatile, to be the kind of man that looked good dressed down in ripped jeans, but even better in a fitted suit with a glass of six hundred dollar wine in his hand. He and Dohee were similar in that regard, at least. “You wanna know one of the many things I admire about you, Dohee? Your dedication to getting trashed on a weeknight,” he teased, reaching for the bottle opener to unstop the cork.

anonymous asked:

Itts tequia anon im mexic an and germann i am mighty and ecperienced

I have a wine cooler and I’m Down for the count bb I’m linter than a feather plzz lov u anon

( in this moment right now )

       she’s like a sheep broken away from it’s usual
       drove. with only her cheer skirt as visual aid
       that she belongs to the herd with the same school
       spirit and snobby air. — though, honestly she’s
       always been a little different then all of them;
       she just hadn’t realized it.

            why am i even at this party? why?!

( must seem like a lone; talking to no on in
particular in the must empty room in the house )

            “ like who even am i? who am i?!

( or maybe she seems like just babbling drunk
girl; wine coolers that went straight to the head )

“He keeps pushing.
I’m almost surprised.”

|| She muses this idly, a wine cooler in hand as she takes a seat on his lap. He doesn’t get much of a say in the matter as she twists off the top and plays with the aluminum cap between her fingertips as gloss-pink lips sip from the neck of the bottle. Just as easily, now coated in a fruity liquor, they find his cheek and his jaw. She presses soft, tempting kisses there. It is her right–She has claimed that.

“I’m not even his
target, and I’m already
tired of it.”