Frans Snyders, Stillleben mit einem Weinkühler (Still Life with a Wine Cooler) by HEN-Magonza

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<br />Frans Snyders (oder Frans Snijders),  Antwerpen 1579 - 1657

Stillleben mit einem Weinkühler / Still Life with a Wine Cooler (ca. 1610 - 20) Fundación Banco Santander, Madrid

Frans Snyders [Flemish Baroque Era Painter, 1579-1657]

The Amazing Amnesiacs of New York go on a Beer Run (1706 words) by nonky
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Blindspot (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Jane Doe/Kurt Weller
Characters: Jane Doe (Blindspot), Kurt Weller, Roman (Blindspot)
Additional Tags: Season/Series 02

If Roman had chosen fruit flavoured wine coolers, Jane’s obvious pride in her brother would oblige them all to happily drink pre-mixed strawberry kiwi breezers. At least the choice had been narrowed safely to beer.


11 Facts about me Challenge
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•I’m a very picky eater (I don’t like salt, butter (I only like it on popcorn), beef, seafood, bacon, and I will never eat venison)
•I’ve only dated two guys in my life. I’ve been on many dates though and talked to quite a lot guys that turned out to be TRASH.
•I hate spiders (I have a very bad fear) also I don’t like needles or heights.
•My career choice before becoming a hairstylist was to get into web design.
•I graduated high school in 2010
•I’m not really into drinking (most I’ll drink is a wine cooler or something very sweet)
•I tend to go 5 to 10 mph over the speed limit (thankfully no tickets!)
•I am pretty creative. I used to be really into drawing and photography, and I do write.
•My worst holiday is 4th of July because fireworks hurt my ears
•I don’t have any tattoo or piercings (I would love to get something, but my pain tolerance is very low)
•I’m an introvert

So since I’m lazy af, I’m going to choose the last 11 in my notifs. Sorry! (You don’t have to do this if you don’t want too.)

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random story: my little sister is 18 and she loves to buy non-alcoholic sparkling cider and put it in my dad's wine cooler. Like she'll pull it the bottle out, pop it, then pour it in a wine glass acting like she grown 😂 one day, my dad got home and saw her going through the wine cooler... MAAAAN I've never seen him so hot lmfao he was about to reach for his belt, but she showed him the label of the bottle she was getting and he calmed down. told my mom what she did and she started dying lmao

I used to do that, well I still do if there isn’t any liquor in the house😂

1. your limbs are weary, bones are tired; nothing is ever going to feel the same again.
2. he tattooed his name into your flesh with a whisper across your skin. you can always get it covered up; his name is pretty short. but it will never be as you were born with it.
3. it’s not like it was when you exited the womb, anyway, not crawling but screaming. all the cells that make up your outer layer are completely replaced within seven years.
4. that means you don’t have the same skin you did when you were twelve, much as it may feel like it. but that’s probably because it isn’t like a snake shedding, although i’m sure it doesn’t feel that much different for them, either. they’re still in there. they still look the same. it’s just a bunch of cells.
5. he drank your happiness like wine coolers when you were thirteen. don’t romanticize that. he sucked every last bit of contentment, every drop of liquid gold, from your lips and gave you nothing back. that fucker.
6. you spent hours crying by yourself, curled around the stuffed animal that boy gave you, still lingering with the scent of his cologne. regretting everything said, but not regretting anything unsaid. not sure which of those is worse. don’t want to know.
7. sickness in the kitchen sink, because they’re fucking in the shower & there’s only one bathroom in your house.
8. dreams flit across the pathway of your subconscious; every movement is discernible. wake up with nothing but the fear. no memory, just terror. seems like that happens to you, and others, quite a bit.
8. first computer virus. looked at porn too many times, because he asked you to. he wanted you to learn new moves. lie and tell your mother that it was your friend’s curiosity. it’s easier than punching her in the face again with what happened. she already has a couple of bruises there, and they aren’t pretty.
9. hospitals don’t really smell like bleach. they smell more like nothing.
10. a nurse leaves a paperclip in your room while you’re on suicide watch. can’t do much harm. other patients use ballpoint pens as a catalyst for harsher chaos; chaos that warrants a code gray, instead of a little drop of neosporin two or three times a day.
11. devour ink on pages like it’ll keep you alive if you only consume enough. record in one day: 500-something pages.
12. you can feel the raindrops on your open wounds if you’re watching them trail down the other side of bulletproof glass.
13. months & months. finally, one year.
14. watching the princess bride in the dark over thanksgiving dinner, no voices except those that are real.
15. stop the antipsychotics. take your first real breath in a year and a half. you don’t need to sleep all the time now. you’re coming back to life.
16. relearn the basics: boundaries, relationships, safety, moving past age twelve or thirteen, allowing your mind to become unstuck. you owe it to yourself, don’t you think?
17. gnaw on your insecurities until they bleed.
18. uncomfortable isn’t always a bad thing. the world is beautiful, but not too beautiful. everything is colored like a sunset without being seen through lenses of rose.
19. her;
—  19 steps & you’re getting better [hope at last]

tfw you’re actually gonna cook and make lunch/dinner for the next few days but your roommates have used all the foil so you decide on microwave nachos and wine coolers

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Relationship status: Committed relationship, 7.5 years and going

Fav color: Brown, earthy tones.

Pets: Dog, two cats, and a hedgehog

Last song I listened to: Wicked Ones by Dorothy

Fav TV show: Don’t have a favorite really, but I have really enjoyed watching Trollhunters, Halt and Catch Fire, and Firefly.

First fandom: Kingdom Hearts was my first big fandom.

Hobbies: Reading, drawing, baking, biking, rock climbing.

Fav book: I seriously enjoyed the Bloody Jack series by L.A. Meyer

Worse thing you’ve tasted / eaten: Wasabi

Fav place: My kitchen, it has a wine cooler.

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