I just have this headcanon that christophe and victor’s friendship is nothing but spending money and shenanigans like victor is already impulsive and out of control but chris is such a shameless ENABLER. Don’t tell me the reason victor has a hot pink $8 million cadillac convertible ISN’T because of Yuuri asking Victor to go pick out a car that was “reasonably priced and compact” and then Chris stepping in and being like ‘ew you don’t want the paparazzi taking pics of you in an ugly, soccer mom toyota corolla. No, get the one from the showroom thats a prized antique who cares if it’s millions of dollars IT’S FABULOUS YOU NEED TO BE FABULOUS.“ Victor pulls up in this ridiculous barbie car with Chris in the front seat with two pairs of ray bans on his head holding a 12-pack of wine coolers like "We made good decisions today” and yuuri storms out to scream at both of them.

I just realized, Davenport is not a big man. Neither is Merle, but Merle’s sturdy. Davenport doesn’t have that dwarfish constitution. His alcohol tolerance must be terrible

He’s on a ship with Magnus, who refuses to take shots of anything he can chug, Lup and Taako who have an ongoing competition to see who can make the most terrifying drink in a single margarita glass, and Barry who once submitted an official experiment to the IPRE where his hypothesis was “what if vodka… but More”. Even Lucretia has been known to down the occasional entire bottle of wine in one sitting. Merle, of course, has almost 2000 Party Points. And Davenport is off in his corner with a wine cooler, like, no, he’s good, this is plenty. 

One time he accidentally drank some of Lup and Barry’s experimental Ultra Champagne (”what if champagne… but More”) and everyone else spent the rest of the day trying to figure out if Merle needed to treat him for alcohol poisoning.

He can make bottles of wine last months (provided he can hide them from the kids) because he only needs a little bit. It means he’s got the best hiding places on the ship because unlike some people he actually has standards for the things he puts in his body and the good stuff disappears fast if you leave it out. He’s got micro shot glasses, for when small isn’t small enough. Someone needs to be able to drive the Starblaster, and it’s almost definitely him. Now please hand back the sparkling cider, Lup. 

Malibu and wine coolers 2/2

first part

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x reader

Warnings: underage drinking

Word count: 1,270

A/N: Hey guys! I hope you like the final part of malibu and wine coolers. There will be more imagines coming your way in the near future. xx (I realized just now that heaven is a place on earth came out in the late 1980s, sorry about that!)

Songs to listen to: Heaven is a place on earth by Belinda Carlisle, Comfortably nymb by Pink Floyd

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GREY AREA. (M) | 01

And just like that, your fate was sealed - because Min Yoongi was absolutely going to destroy you. But hell if you weren’t going to let him, or bask happily in the flames as he did so.

And sadly, at the time, you didn’t think that your thoughts would become so literal.

“and maybe sometimes we shout the things we never want to say, and whisper to ourselves all the things which our hearts want to hear.” - ma.c.a

pairing: min yoongi x reader 
warnings: mature, heavy angst
genre: soulmate!au, slowburn
words: 4,444
chapter index

And it starts like this:

You’re standing in a party that one of the college fraternities is throwing, music blaring through a pair of speakers so loudly, that the voice of the singer comes out in a buzz. You feel your heart jump with the rhythm leaking into the room. You’re standing in the foyer of the large house, the room filled with too many people to be considered comfortable, bodies bump into you every few seconds, but you can’t find it within you to care.

You watch and laugh as Hoseok, one of your friend’s, does a keg stand. Two boys you don’t recognize, and you’re sure neither Hoseok or Taehyung do either, holding each one of his legs upwards. A number of people have huddled around to cheer him on, screaming out a chorus of, “Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!”

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✨Grace Jones✨
Sun Country Wine Coolers Commercial. 1986🇺🇸

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zimbits au wherein a run in with the lax bros leads to a run in with jack

Eric’s walking down the street, latte in one hand and phone in the other, only a very little bit lost on his spontaneous scenic detour to the library. He’s halfway through composing a tweet when several air-horns blast in his direction at once.

He swears, jumps about a mile out of his skin, and drops both his coffee and his phone.

The coffee, sadly, goes up before it comes down, and manages to splash all over his front before spilling across his shoes too. He quickly retrieves his phone from the pavement before it’s similarly attacked by the travelling coffee, and checks it over for damage. He sighs out when he sees it’s only a little scratched on the side of the case, and presses a palm to his chest to try and calm the furious beating of his heart.

He looks over to the house across the way, out of which several, men—actually, boys, Eric’s going to call them after that stunt—are laughing at him, and high-fiving each other. Eric flushes and screws his lips together, telling himself not to cry in front of them, not to give them the satisfaction.

“Hey! Dickfaces!”

Eric looks behind him to see a moustached man flipping the bird to the boys in the house across the street.

“Fuck off to your basement of inadequacy and wine coolers, you absolute shitfuckers.”

The boys don’t take his advice, but rather, blast their air-horns again which causes Eric to hunch up his shoulders.

“Hey, brah, you alright?” The man walks up to Eric and looks him over. “Shit, dude. They got you good.”

Eric sighs out, trying to keep his composure. “It’s alright. Thanks for telling them off.”

“Fucking LAX bros. I live for telling them off. Come on inside and I’ll help you clean up.”

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New Rules

Title: New Rules

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Request: Can you do something with tom or Peter based on the song new rules by dua lipa? It would be great if you could 😘💖

Word count: 2,582

A/N: I literally listened to this song nonstop while making this and i didnt edit any of it so its all raw writing but i really liked how it turned out. enjoy!

Warnings: Swearing, angst, very hostile actions, alcohol 

Tagged (permanent): @tomllholland , @manyfandomstohandle , @superheros-and-books , @jor-da-na , @ferls212 

You and Peter have been friends since diapers, you were there for him when his parents died and he moved across the hall from you, he was there for you when your mom died from cancer.

You both made a pack that you would always have each other no matter what, but right now in this moment it felt like peter had abandoned you.

You were at Liz’s party, the music loud and Peter trying his best to get Liz’s attention while you were being harassed by drunk teenage boys.

“Come on it won’t hurt I just wanna touch em.” That’s it you thought that’s he line, “Peter please let’s go.” You yelled your plea over the loud music Flash was DJing.

“Y/N come on I’ve only gotten to talk to Liz once.” Peter spoke without making even a glance your way. You finally got the strength and pushed your way out of the small amount of guys trying to not just harass you but sexually harass you and if Peter isn’t going to help then I just have to help myself, as soon as you were out of the small circle you felt a hand slap your butt and with instinct you turned around as slapped the guy who touched you.

The sound of the slap echoing around with the music which finally grabbed the attention of your so called best friend, Peter. His eyes widened at the scene before him. A hand print on some guys face and tears threatening to spill out of your eyes.

You connected your eyes with his for a split second before turning on your heels to go and find Ned to walk home with.

You had hoped that maybe Peter would run after you, stop you and talk to you about what happened but when you turned around to see if he would follow you saw him get stopped by Liz and not make any other effort to try and get to you.

You huffed and turn back around to continue your search for Ned, you were leaving with or without Peter.

You finally found Ned in the kitchen awkwardly staring at the bowl of chips set out next to the wine coolers, “Hey Ned you okay?” Ned jumps slightly making you let out a small laugh.

“Hey yeah sorry, what’s up? Where’s Peter?” Ned asked his scanning for Peter around you “he’s off with uhh well you should know..” you shrugged “but I really wanna leave and Peter won’t listen to me so do you you could walk me home?” Your pleading eyes catching Ned’s.

“Alright, let’s go.” Ned sighed taking the lead toward the front door of Liz’s house.

You brush past Liz and Peter trying to make yourself unnoticeable, which shouldn’t be hard to do since Peter only ever has eyes for Liz, But a hand catches your arm before your out of the living room.

“Hey Y/N, where are you going?” You rake your eyes up the hand and arm that caught you only to be greeted by the brown orbs you were trying to avoid.

“I’m leaving and Ned is taking me home.” You huff pulling your arm from Peters hand and catch a glimpse of hurt in his eyes before turning and continuing your trek out of the large house.

“There you are.” Ned released a breath as you stepped onto the front porch.

“Yeah sorry, Peter stopped me…” You let out a shaky breath before continuing “Shall we go?” You smile over at Ned. “Sure.” He smiles back stepping off the porch with you right behind him. You slip you hands into the small pockets on your jeans. “Hey Ned, could we just go to yours?” Ned laughs lightly, nodding his head fro your answer.

“Thanks.” you sigh, seeing your breath come out into the air in a small puff cloud.

Ned and you have been walking for about 10 minuets which meant that you were almost to Ned’s place. You only asked to go to his because you knew you would have to call your dad to come pick you up from a party which you weren’t even suppose to be at in the beginning but peter had talked you into it. Now that you were thinking about it Peter did that a lot, convinced you to go out and ‘hangout’ as he put it but you saw through the lie, whenever you two would hang out it would be somewhere with Liz.

You felt your chest start to throb and hurt thinking about how much Peter liked Liz and not you, she hardly ever gives him a sideways glance when I’m always going out of my way just for him, why can’t he see that. You puff seeing your breath come out again. It’s getting colder and you didn’t have a coat.

“Hey Ned do you have a jacket at your house i could wear?” you speak up, “Uh yeah, we’ll be there in like ten minuets.” Ned replied looking over his shoulder slightly at you.

You saw figure appear out of an ally next to the pathway to Ned’s place. A nervous feeling surged through your body telling you not to move further but you didn’t listen, instead you followed Ned across the street, he must’ve gotten the same feeling.

As soon as the two of you passed by the figure and the ally the feeling subsided and the feeling relief replaced it. But that didn’t last long when you felt a hand grab your midsection and another hand slap over your mouth. You tried to scream but it was only muffed by the large hand covering your face. Ned snapped his body back to see what had happened and his eyes widened at the scene.

“Give me all your money kid and she doesn’t get hurt.” The figure spat at Ned which sparked him to search through all his pockets, scavenging what looked to be just a dollar, “Come on kid, you gotta have more than that, what about your wallet.” The man spat again at Ned, his grip tightening around your waist. You felt tears roll down your face and your life flashing before your eyes. What-what if Ned doesn’t have what he wants and he kidnaps me, or .. kills me. Your mind flips to the worst situation that could happened causing more tears to fall and screams to come out of your muffled mouth. “Shut it.” the man hissed in your ear making you crawl in your skin.

“Come on kid hurry u-” the grip around your waist vanishes along with the hand around your face, “Didn’t anyone tell you, stealing lunch money is sooo last season.” You whip your head around to see who saved you and your friend.

You freeze seeing the familiar red and blue suit of the local hero, spider-man. He shoots a web at the guy trapping both his hands on the pavement and one more at the guys mouth silencing his words. “Thank you Mr. Spider-man!” Ned practically shouted with a smile bigger than the sun on his face. How could Ned smile after a situation like that? “It-” the hero coughed, “it’s nothing, are you two alright?” his voice lowered slightly as his head switched looking from Ned to you.

You couldn’t do anything, you’re still frozen, no words able to come out so all you did was nod as the last of your tears fell from you face. “Hey, hey your okay now.” Spider-man began walking toward you with his arms open ready to hug you, and you accepted the hug needing some kind of comfort at the moment and the guy you really wanted here to be with you wasn’t so a superhero was a pretty good substitute.

You were the first to pull away from he hug and wipe your tears off your face with the back of your hand, “would you like me to walk you guys home?” the hero spoke taking a small step back from you.

“I’m good spider-man but Y/N here lives a bit away, do you think you could walk her?” Ned asked from the side of you. Your head snapped over to Ned direction than back to looking at the masked hero in front of you, “You really don’t have to, I can just call my-” you were interrupted by spider-man “Oh not its no big deal, plus you need to stay safe and no where is safer than with a hero.” he said proudly putting his hands on his hips. you felt a small smile creep onto your face and agreed to let him walk you home.

“Good night Ned, please be safe.” You waved to your friend who contained walking to his house. “So where do you live?” your eyes glanced up at the heres mask, specifically where his eyes should be, “uhh right off of park avenue.” You practically whispered tearing your eyes away from his mask and began walking home with spider-man.

As soon as you reached your apartment building you thanked your masked hero and took the stairs to the floor your apartment was on.

You fished your keys out of your pocket and opened the door. “There you are!” your dada practically ran you over as you came in the door, “Where were you young lady.” you smiled, tears threatening to spill out of your eyes because you loved your dad so much and what happened just a little while ago made you realize just how much you needed to show him how much you loved him, “I was with Peter and Ned, we went to grab some food and then a movie.” you spoke walking to your room, yes you loved your dad and you had a life changing experience but you can’t let him know what happened, he would be furious and worry about you non-stop. You didnt want to add to his already full plate.

As soon as you were in your room you changed into your pajamas and slid into your bed, under the covers and tried your best to get to sleep.

“Hey!” the familiar face of Peter’s comes into your view “Hey.” You sigh shutting your locker and make your way to your first class of the day.

“Whoa whoa wait Y/N!” Peter shouted grabbing your arm so you would stop, “What’s wrong?” you could hear the confused sadness in his voice, you didn’t dare turn around because you would fall back into his trap of doing what he wants and him forgetting you even exist because Liz is in the same room. “Nothing, Peter I’ll talk to you later.” You pull your arm away from his grip and continue to your class.

Lunch finally rolls around and you can’t be more happy to just go to the library to relax from the world and eat your food in private while shoving your nose in a book. But as soon as you reach the clear see through doors of the library you see Peter sitting at the table you normally find yourself at.

You catch his eyes and instantly regret ever coming to the library in the first place because he gets up out of his chair and starts toward your direction. You can feel the panic rise in your stomach and instead of being the mature person and talking to Peter, you turn on your heel ad head in the direction back to the lunch room.

“Y/N!” you hear Peter yell as the library doors slam close. your feet begin to pick up speed as you see the lunch room entrance and frantically look for Michelle, you spot her at the corner of the lunch room with a book in one hand and an apple in the other. You head to her table, set your stuff down and practically slam your head on the table.

“Tell me when he’s gone, ok?” you speak just loud enough for Michelle to hear.

“He’s headed over here.” Michelle spoke in her monotone voice while she put her book down on the table, “Whats going on?” you lifted your head from the table to be greeted by Peters worried looking face. “You said you’d talk to me later and its later so what is going on?” you slowly turned your head to look at Michelle for some help but only saw her pack up her things and grab her lunch tray before leaving, “Thanks MJ!” you sarcastically shouted as she walked away with a small wave.

a sigh escaped Peters mouth causing you to put your focus back on the distressed boy, you couldn’t help the guilt that rose in your throat because of how bad you were treating Peter.

“Listen Peter-” you didnt get to finish as peter interrupted you “Is this about last night? I’m sorry i wanted to talk to Liz, it was my chance and i decided to take it.” Peter grabbed your hand, squeezing git slightly “You understand right?” you were disgusted by the smile that graced his face. “No Peter it’s not only about last night but overtime we fucking 'hangout’ we always seem to go where ever Liz and then you forgot that I’m even there god dammit.” you couldn’t help your voice raising a little bit, you were mad, mad that the guy liked was sitting across from you treating you like he didnt even see it. “wha- no i wasn’t-” this time you cut him off, pulling your hand away from his.

“No Peter, I’m not done..” you sucked in a deep breath before continuing “did you know last night was getting harassed by a group of guys? I called you and asked for help but all you could think about was Liz and-and when i finally got the courage to stand up for them and leave asking you to leave with me you didnt, you-you-you got distracted by Liz, fucking Liz so i went to find Ned..” you let out a shaky breath, trying to control your emotions and actions.

“And when Ned and I were walking back to his house we got jumped Peter, we got jumped Peter Parker!” you practically were shouting by now with tears threatening to spill from your eyes “And all i could think in that moment was that I was going to be kidnaped or killed and you weren’t with me…you-you weren’t with me, you were with Liz.”

you tear your eyes away from Peters, everything getting too intense for you. “Ned and I got saved from Spider-man, Peter.” By this point tears were falling from your eyes as you furiously wipe them away. “So Last night i decided..” you pause taking in another breath before continuing “I decided that I can’t do this anymore. I’m in too deep and i don’t , no I can’t bare being hurt by you anymore Peter, so goodbye.”

you stand from the lunch table leaving your tray of food and the broken heart of Peter Parker behind. You look back one last time as you leave the lunch room, seeing Peter already staring at you with tears spilling down his face.

“This is better for both of us, I promise.” You whisper more to yourself than anyone else. You were done with being hurt.

You’re playing by your rules now and rule 1 is Peter Parker is out of your life because if you let him back in you’ll be stuck in an endless loop of pain.

Freedom Part 1 (Greaser!Peter Parker x Reader AU)

Originally posted by gounderoos

Request: hi doll i was wondering if i could request a kinda greaser!peter parker au? like he saves you from your dick boyfriend and idk fluffy shit lmao sorry if this prompt sucks

Read part 2 here

A/N: I was watching Stranger Things when I wrote this… oops

Word Count: 2,109

- Written by Kat -

Ever since you were a kid, you felt like you were supposed to be doing something more. Like there was more that needed to be said, but you never got the chance. As time went on, you pressed the feeling deep within yourself, becoming someone else entirely. In this day and age, women were expected to look and act a certain way. The feeling in your gut was always pulling you away from those ideas, prompting you to be more. But you never gave them a chance, too scared of what people would think. So you swallowed your heart, you wore the dresses and skirts and makeup. You went to the dances, and parties, you smiled and laughed and flirted. And when the captain of the football team asked you out, the only thing to do was say yes. Even though you played the part, the feeling never left, it sat in you gut - an idle threat.

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anonymous asked:

I adore your work! It's amazing. If you're still taking requests, could you do something where Betty gets a little tipsy and accidentally admits she likes juggie?? Is that dumb??? Lol

These ones are so fun to write! Thanks so much!

Okay, this wasn’t so bad. She kind of liked this.

Looking into Veronica’s expectant eyes, Betty smiled reaching for the brown, bubbly alcohol.

Veronica smiled

“Oh hell yeah! Betty Cooper slaying your dragons, one by one!”

The cold foamy liquid slid down her throat instantly warming her body from the inside out.

It didn’t taste bad, but it was not what she expected beer to taste like at all, it was a little too ..sour?

This wasn’t something Betty did on the regular, going out to wild parties and drinking with her best friends, but today had been a really rough day.

She needed this.

Closing her eyes and leaning against the counter of the blossoms kitchen, she could remember exactly what had put her in this mood .

Ginger Lopez and jughead jones.

That girl had been all over the mysterious moody boy and he just… let it happen. He didn’t try and stop her, he didn’t shove her away when she placed her hands all over his biceps, he didn’t even yell at her when she stole one of his fries at lunch, And in jugheads world? she assumed that was the closest he came to flirting.

So yeah she was frustrated, couldn’t he see how completely head over heels she was for him? She thought she was being obvious, always asking him to pops, running her hands through her hair, she even bought chocolate scented lip gloss, it was his favorite smell after all. But no. nothing. Instead he was gonna end up falling for ginger Lopez and all her fake lipped, leopard wearing glory.

She didn’t have anything against the highlighted brunette, sure she had filed a petition to get her kicked out of seventh grade for wearing a real fur coat, but that was for the animals, not for her. None the less the girl didn’t bother her.

But now.. Betty couldn’t stand to look at her.

She always met Jughead after school to walk home, unfortunately for her she caught him leaning against the bike racks talking to none other than the girl in question. She was batting her false lashes at him and practically devouring him with her eyes. The worst part of it all? He was smiling back at her. Needless to say, Betty turned right around, and made the walk home on her own today.

Pulling her phone out she noticed the four missed texts from Jughead

JUGGIE: where are you? Burgers at pops? My treat.

JUGGIE: missed you after school, did you have to stay after? Meet up later?

JUGGIE: Ron said you were going to the blossoms tonight, safe idea? Not really your scene.

JUGGIE: hello?

Slamming her phone shut, she reached for another beer, having already downed two she could definitely feel the effect.

So Jughead didn’t want her? Fine. She was gonna have fun tonight, ginger could have him for all she cared.

Suddenly Kevin was by her side, handing her a bubbly pink wine cooler.

She grabbed it quickly taking a sip.

Oh that was good. Finishing it in less than a minute she reached for his, before he pulled it away

“Down girl, the night is young! Let’s dance!”

Forty minutes later , four more wine coolers and one steamy dance with Veronica, Betty was feeling more than a little wobbly.

As she made her way to the side of the room, she felt a hand grip her wrist, steadying her.

Whipping around she came nose to nose with jughead jones.

“Oh great, just the person I didn’t want to see.” She groaned.

Hurt flashed in his eyes for a quick second before it was replaced by anger, tugging her along he shouted over the music

“Come on we’re leaving.”

Ripping her wrist free , she shot him a glare

“I’m not going anywhere! I’m having fun.” She smiled doing a twirl.

He sighed

“Fine have it your way.” Suddenly she was up and over jugheads shoulder, his hand on the back of her thighs holding her skirt down.


Finally she felt the cool breeze hit her face, and her feet touched the ground.

“Don’t make this difficult, we’re going home. Arch is driving Ronnie, but I figured we’d walk, you could use the air, maybe it’ll sober you up.” He looked dissapointed.

“Hey! You don’t get to look at me like that, you’re just a silly boy, a stupid silly boy.” She slurred

He shook his head, the confusion evident in his eyes
“Drunk words are sober thoughts and all that, so why don’t you tell me why you’re so upset that you had to go get drunk?”

She narrowed her eyes, wobbling a little in the pavement

“Like you don’t know, why are you even here juggie. I assumed you’d be cuddling your girlfriend right now.”

His eyes widened comically
“ my girlfriend?”

“Oh ginger, I love how your delicious lips taste just like plastic, oh that’s right they are plastic! Let me cuddly you in your rabbit coat. She’s an animal killer, did you know that juggie? I love animals, I would never wear one But you like her instead of me.” She pouted ,as he went to catch her before she fell

“Woah what are you even talking about? Ginger Lopez? You think I like ginger Lopez? Maybe you’re more drunk than I thought.” He gripped her by the shoulders

“Yes I am drunk. Yes I am very drunk. Am I lying? No. every one can see it Jughead, it’s fine I’ll just stare it you from afar like I’ve been doing for five months, you don’t even notice, you don’t even notice me.” She was crying now and every piece of jugheads heart broke, he grabbed her face, Hiding his wince at the alcohol on her breath

“I notice you bets, I notice everything about you.”

She leaned into his palm

“If you noticed you would have known, I was in love with you.”

His heart leapt out of his chest.

“You’re drunk.”

“Drunk words , sober thoughts and all that” she giggled.

He smiled softly

He loved her more than anything but he was not about to have this conversation, with the very tipsy blonde in front of him

“I love you too Betty, and we will discuss this further in the morning, when you’re head is throbbing and you want to bury your self in your bed forever. And that is your punishment.”

She sighed

“Ay ay captain!”

He rolled his eyes reaching for her hand.

It was gonna be a long night

uponthemidnightclear  asked:

Fall prompt: Kara and Lena attempt to bake the perfect pumpkin pie.

The smell of burnt something hits Lena’s nose the minute the elevator doors slide open and it confuses her a moment before she realizes it’s coming from her apartment and oh god what has Kara done now?

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Night School

I started taking some night classes at the local college. Well it didn’t take long for me to realized that I could get more out of it then just a few credits and some knowledge. Instantly I developed a crush on the teacher and there was at least 2 or 3 guys in the class that caught my eye. I figured if I was lucky I’d get at least 1 of these hunks to stuff my married pussy before the end of the semester. A few weeks into the class and we were assigned a project to do as a group project. We had to pick our own groups, well 2 of the hotter guys from the class had become friends and I asked them if they had a third yet. They said they did not and were very happy to have me work with them on the project. We agreed on a day and time to meet the next week in the library to get started. The only problem I could see was that I didn’t know which of the two I liked more but I figured after a bit of flirting I’d have a better idea which 1 I’d let get into my pants. The day came and we met at the schools library and we got to talking about our project and it didn’t take long for the flirting to start. Soon we were talking more about sex then we were our project but I didn’t mind. We were all telling stories of past accomplishments and the wild things we had all done. I mentioned I had been in a few threesomes and both the guys loved this and wanted details. Then one of them asked if I had even been with 2 guys at the same time and I said not yet and winked. They were a bit surprised by my statement and said but aren’t you married. I told them I was but that I hoped one day to enjoy getting tag teamed by two hot guys. We worked for another hour on our project and continued to flirt. We made plans to meet the next week to continue working on the project but this time we choose to meet at one of the guys places as he was not far from the school and we could have some drinks while we worked. The night came and I arrived with a few wine coolers and a freshly shaved pussy.
I didn’t know if anything would happen but I wanted to be ready if it did. Plus it always feels good to be sitting around with some hot guys with a nice clean smooth pussy, it makes me feel sexy. So after a little bit of working on the project and some light flirting the hunky blonde of the two asked me flat out if I had ever cheated on my husband. I answered honestly saying that yes I had. Well of course this lead to more questions which lead to both guys saying things like they would bang the shit out of me etc etc so finally I just said fuck it “I want you both to fuck me like a cheap slut right now.” Then pulled the blonde to me and started kissing him. After a few moments I turned to the other guy and motioned for him to come closer and we kissed. Soon clothes were coming off and both guys had their dicks out and I was taking turns sucking on both their hard cocks. The blonde guy was cut but his friend was not, it was my first uncut cock but both were equally nice. I told the blonde guy to fuck me while I sucked his friends cock. He got in behind me and thrust his hard cock in my tight wet pussy, causing me to gag on his friends big dick. It was hot and made me even wetter. This was my first time being spit roasted and I loved it. Something told me I would be doing this again that’s for sure. The blonde guy fucked my pussy hard and fast and pulled my hair while his friend fucked my face and made me choke on his fat cock. At one point while getting double teamed by these hot studs my phone went off. The blonde guy said something about it probably being my husband and how I should send him a sweet innocent text back about how we were cramming in lots of hard work. I laughed and said sure so he passed me my phone. I sent my hubby a text and told him I loved him, all while blonde guys cock was pounding my married cheating pussy then went back to sucking the other guy. Then the two guys switched holes and continued to abuse me like a dirty whore. Blonde guy was really into the fact that I was married and kept saying shit like we are going to stretch you out and send you home to your clueless husband. I bet he thinks your such a good little wife, if only he could see what a cheating slut you really are. Well his words were making me so hot. I was practically cumming in 1 continuous orgasm the whole time. The two guys took turns abusing my pussy and fucking my face while calling me a dirty slut and a cheating whore. The whole time I begged for more. Since cheating on my husband the first something in me had changed I wanted to be used to be the biggest slut I had ever been. These 2 college guys where doing just that and my pussy was dripping wet for them. Call me a whore I begged. fuck me hard I moaned. cum on my married face I demanded and that’s exactly what they did. By the time the were done and both had shot their hot sticky cum on my face and tits I was 2 hours late from when I had told my hubby I’d likely be home. I cleaned up got dressed told the boys they should fuck the shit out of me again soon and went home to my loving husband. I stopped and picked up some junk food on the way so as to distract my man from my being late. I suggested we put on some Netflix and snuggle. He picked the movie and we got cozy. Part way through the movie my pussy started getting wet cause all I could think about was the way the 2 guys fucked me like a dirty slut so I took my hubby’s dick out and started sucking him like a slut in heat. It didn’t take long for him to fill my mouth and I happily swallowed his sweat load before kissing him on the mouth, snuggling up to him again then passing out before the movie finished.

Okay here’s some thoughts about the losers drunk at parties

(all based on actually things i have seen drunk people do/things i have done. some of these are modern au i guess)

eddie drinks like one wine cooler and is blacked like 20 minutes into the party, the actually biggest lightweight in the world

stan and bev are always partners for drinking games and no one wants to play with them anymore because they always win (bev rocks beer pong and boom cup and stan’s good at any sort of guessing game like fuck the dealer. he’s scarily accurate)

sometimes stan doesn’t drink so he’ll use richie as his proxy during drinking games because richie will drink literally anything.

nobody ever knows what’s up with mike but he’s still everyone’s favorite at the party. is he drinking? is he not? who cares?

bill is absolutely the dad friend who like interrupts conversations with the other losers to like go and shake people’s hands and shit

because he’s such a lightweight and because richie likes to convince him to drink more eddie always goes way too hard and usually ends up carried out of the party

richie always tries to dj but never takes requests and plays shit songs so he always get the music taken away from him

ben loves to dance at parties but is super embarrassed about it so bev always drags him out on the dance floor so he has an excuse

speaking of her majesty beverly marsh remember that scene where she’s sunbathing and the boys are all staring at her in amazement???? literally everyone at the party when bev dances

bev and richie can go through a 24 pack by themselves and still be more sober than the rest of the losers (except mike because he’s a wild card)

one time they were at a party and stan was actually drunk and bev convinced him to switch clothes just to see if anyone noticed (ben and mike did but most people just thought stan looked a+ in bev’s overalls)

mike ends up being the one to make them all switch to water and sometimes he’ll wear one of eddie’s fanny packs to hold like id’s and napkins and stuff

bev sits on everyone’s laps but mostly ben and bill. richie is the only person who can get away with sitting on her lap though

theres never a picture of all seven on them at a party. someone’s always missing or passed out or falling down mid picture. the closest they have is a selfie bev took the single time they convinced stan to sing kareoke where all of them are somewhere in the background but no one is paying attention

one time ben ended up dj at a house party and bev yelled for him play new kids on the block and everyone loved it and now ben usually takes over when they want richie to stop dj-ing

thats all i got for now folks

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Can u write a smut where ur playing spin the bottle with Mingyu and Minghao after u guys left a boring party and it leads to a threesome sex? (Sorry if its too much!🙈)


Genre: Smut

Word Count: 2506

Summary: A simple game escalates quickly when alcohol is involved.

(A/N): THIS KILLED ME Minghao is my bias and Mingyu is right up there with him so basically I’m biased af through this whole thing. But it was super fun to write and I’m really happy with how it turned out, I hope you like it~

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Headcanons: Liquor

Eren: I’m going to be a troll and say beer. Just because he’s German. He starts drinking it because why not? But ends up accidentally awakening the beast in him (wink wonk), and ends up liking it. Especially Jaëgarbombs. Is the angry drunk (srsly what did you expect?)

Armin: Is totally the type to have a wine cooler and be tripping all over himself. Insists that he’s fine and no he doesn’t need a ride home, but collapses 20 minutes later. Is the emotional drunk.

Jean: Would probably start off with something weak and eventually level up until he’s downing shots like water. May or may not end up in the hospital for alcohol poisoning. Is the clumsy drunk.

Connie: Would drink anything and everything. Is the type to claim they can handle all types of liquor but can barely slur out a word once he’s reached his limit. Is the calm, happy drunk.

Bertoldt: Ends up getting peer pressured by Reiner and is surprisingly still somewhat sober by the end of the night. Probably because of body mass and height. (Hehe body mass 😏) Is the one that holds his liquor mystically well.

Reiner: Is the type to drink straight from the keg, head first. Ends up falling asleep in it, is not found until next morning when incoherent mumbling is heard.

Mikasa: Is the designated driver. Only got drunk once, and the last person to speak about it was never seen again.

Sasha: Has a pretty normal alcohol tolerance, except she gets really hyper and daring. Jumped off the second floor. Does not remember how she broke her leg.

Annie: Can drink like an Irish man. Seriously. No one knows how. No one knows where or when or why.

Christa: Insists she’s lightly buzzed and proceeds to fight everyone who insists otherwise.

Ymir: Will fight whoever comes near Christa. (So like when she’s sober but 10x more aggressive) She gets really butt hurt about the smolest things. (Christa)

Mike: Just kind of sits there and smirks at everyone. It’s a little creepy.

Erwin: (His eyebrows absorb all liquor.) Tries to keep composure and fails miserably. At some point wakes up on the roof.

Hanji: (Don’t give her liquor. EVER) Is ready to conduct drunken experiments. Sets everything on fire.

Levi: (Pretending he can get drunk) Stares off into space contemplating the world and existence but when approached will go off on an emotional tangent. Likes to be cuddled when drunk.