you: lips soft, nails painted to perfection, hair silky smooth, clear smooth skin, sipping on wine while eating chocolate covered strawberries

me: lips chapped to hell, nail polish chipping, dirty hair with some twigs or a family of bees in it probably, greasy acne scabbed face, downing a mixture of five hour energy and monster while eating a dorito i found on the floor
Just a Bet, final part

Part 1, Part 2 ♡♥︎

I wasn’t really awake just yet, but the feeling of arms wrapped around me made me open my eyes. I gasped as I saw a shirtless chest right in front of my eyes. My face was resting on the unfamiliar chest, and I could just make out a few tattoos on the rock-hard chest. I slowly unwrapped the stranger’s arms from around my waist and crawled out of bed, only to realize that I was naked. I screamed and hurried to grab the covers from the bed and the stranger’s body. The scream must have woken him up, and that’s when I realized that I had slept with Justin! Justin was laying fully exposed in front of me and I couldn’t help myself, I studied his body intensely.

“What happened?” Justin asked as he rubbed his eyes, he still hadn’t noticed that he was naked. When I didn’t answer him, he finally looked at me. He furrowed his eyebrows as he realized that I was looking intensely at him, then he looked down and hurried to cover his private area. “Did we…” he didn’t dare to finish the sentence because he knew we had. I hurried to grab all my clothes, then I went into the nearest bathroom and got dressed. I didn’t even know where I was, I just knew that I had to get out of there.

“Y/N please open the door, we need to talk about this” Justin said as he continuedly knocked on the bathroom door. I had just pulled on my jeans and was only wearing my bra, but I decided on opening the door anyway. Immediately Justin came into the room, then he pushed me against the nearest wall and crashed his lips onto mine. I moaned at the feeling on the cold wall against my naked back, which gave Justin access to my mouth completely.

“Please tell me you don’t regret our night together” he pleaded as we pulled apart. I looked down and shook my head. “I’m still very disappointed in what you did, but as I recall, last night was pretty amazing” I whispered to him, then I hugged him tight. “You’ve got every right to be disappointed, but as I told you last night, I will do anything to make it all up to you,” he told me, then he pecked my neck repeatedly. “Now let me take you home to get showered, then we’re going on a date,” he told me. I pulled away from him, then I put on my shirt and jacket. “Okay,” I told him.

I was currently getting ready to go on a date with Justin. I was really excited, and that was very easy to tell.

Justin had told me to dress casually, therefore I was dress in a pair of black jeans, an off-shoulder blouse in black, a pair of baby pink sneakers and a floral printed headband. I decided to try my best, regarding makeup. I even put on a pair of false eyelashes to make my eyes pop. I also wore a whole bunch of jewelry in silver to go with both my clothes, but also my skin type.

A car horn was heard outside, Justin was here. I smiled to myself, then I grabbed my phone, sunglasses, and bag and then I ran down the stairs.

“Who is at the door?” mom asked as I made it downstairs. I smiled and started blushing lightly. “Justin” I then casually said which made her smirk. “Oh, just Justin?” she asked with the smirk still playing on her lips. I nodded my head, then hurried out of the door before she could embarrass me even more.

Justin was standing outside his car waiting for me, and when he saw me, he hurried to walk up to me. He placed a gentle kiss on my cheek, then grabbed my hand as I blushed rather hard. We got into Justin’s car, and then as we drove off, Justin waved at my mom in the window, talk about being embarrassed.

“Okay, so I thought we should be tourists for a day,” Justin said as we drove out of town. “I thought it would be great to get away from normal, therefore we’re going to LA” Justin placed a hand on my lap and then looked at me.

“What do you say?”.

I placed a hand on top of his, then nodded my head. “I like that idea”.

We drove for an hour just listening to music and talking about everything and anything. I hadn’t been in LA that many times, but I certainly enjoyed being there. “How about we start at the Hollywood sign?” I asked Justin. Justin nodded his head and then took a turn to the right. We parked at the bottom of the mountain and got out of the car. Justin grabbed a few things from the trunk, then he came up to me and grabbed my hand. We stood still for a few minutes just staring at the big sign then slowly we started walking closer to the sign. It took us a while to get up to the sign, but when we did, it was amazing.

Justin had brought us some sparkling wine along with some chocolate-covered-strawberries. We sat down on top of the sign and enjoyed the food and drink. “I got to ask you something,” I said to Justin after a long pause of silence. Justin gulped and nodded his head. “Why did you do it?” I asked him. The question had been stuck in my head for days, and I really wanted an answer to fully forgive him. “I honestly don’t know,” he told me, which made me sigh sadly. I figured that would be his answer. “I guess I was just tired of hearing the guys talk badly about you because let’s face it, you’re the most beautiful girl in the world” he then continued. My feelings were getting completely mixed now. “I wanted to make then realize that you weren’t just the nerd and the nobody because I had seen how you could just let go and be yourself when you were at home” he continued. I still said nothing. “Every night I would watch you as you got ready to go to bed. You would listen to your favorite music, and you would sing along, especially to ‘hall of fame’ or 'superheroes’ because that’s your favorite band” he said with a smile, and finally, I also smiled. “I didn’t know you knew this much about me,” I told him honestly. “You would never look at me, which made me want to get your attention even more, and eventually that lead to the whole bet,” he told me. That’s when I did it, I finally kissed him again, the one single thing I had wanted to do all day but hadn’t dared to do. Justin was caught off guard, and it took him a few seconds to kiss back, but when he did, he gave all of him to me.

We pulled apart and just stared into each other’s eyes. “I know I still have to earn your trust, but I need you to trust me when I say that I love you,” Justin said. I covered my mouth with my hand as I gasped. He loved me? “Will you be my girlfriend?” he then asked me. I was still very speechless and decided on nodding my head instead of trying to answer. Justin smiled widely, then he pulled me close and hugged me tightly. Afterward, Justin pulled a jewelry box out of his pocket, which made me furrow my eyebrows. “I’ve gotten you a promise ring, where I promise you that I will remain faithful, to want you forever, to one day pop the actual question, to keep your secrets and to always let you know that I love you,” he said. The ring was very simple and it had a knot on it to resemble to promise to pop the question someday in the future. I awed, then I let him put the ring on my finger. I pulled Justin in for a kiss to tell him thank you, and he sure understood the intention because a few seconds later, I was laying on the ground while Justin was on top of me.

Today had really been the best day of my life, and even though I knew Justin and I would have our ups and downs, I knew in that moment, that I loved the man in front of me.

Last part was supposed to be published hours ago, but apparently my scheduled time was not right, so I apologise for that ♡

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If “i did bad things” was a single what do you think would th mv woyld look like ?


a plot where she was in a relationship with a man who owns a casino. she catches him cheating on her after a while and she finds herself throwing darts at his photo in their home. she’s chatting on the phone with a few friends while painting her nails a scary shade of red from time to time, giving off hardcore housewife vibes. scenes where she plays along with her man’s act, pretending like she doesn’t know he’s cheated on her. she arranges a plan with a group of friends to make a trip to the casino. a full blown scheme of robbing her hubby’s casino because he left all his paperwork and plans with the casino back at home. she knew everything in regards to the casino but he always looked down on her for pretending the whole ‘airhead’ act. she literally lights up the place of the casino, tossing the obscene of money into the backseat of her friend’s ride, speeding down the streets and laughing to themselves as they all opted to just chill in the islands together for this outstanding crime. closing scene could be them hanging out on a yacht and burning all the photos of their exes, sipping on glasses of wine and eating chocolate covered strawberries. 

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What do you think the tlc couples do for Valentine's Day?

You mean besides talk about how silly Valentine’s Day is and boycott it? Quite honestly, I think with the busy lives they all lead, most of them wouldn’t even remember what day of the week it is, let alone remember Valentine’s Day, but I guess if you wanna be mushy about it…

  • Cinder definitely would not remember it was Valentine’s Day and when one of the maids reminds her, she’d just stare into the middle distance for a bit and wonder if she should get Kai a present or something. Then she would start to freak out over it, wondering if Kai expected a present or something. 
    • There would be an immediate comm to Iko where she will be berated for 15 minutes straight on the importance of declaring one’s love and how romance is dead and yada yada.
    • Cinder would then get even more flustered because not only is she getting a lecture from Iko, but now she’s late for a council meeting she didn’t even want to go to in the first place. 
      • She finally gets to the conference room, only to find Kai inside by himself. His Valentine’s Day present to her is that he canceled all of her meetings for the day and they spend the whole day eating cake in bed.
  • Scarlet and Wolf would have absolutely no idea it’s Valentine’s Day and would spend the whole day doing work on the farm until the sun starts to set and they walk hand-in-hand back to the farmhouse, tired and in much need of baths. 
    • They only know it’s Valentine’s Day when they see a basket stuffed full of goodies like wine, chocolate covered strawberries, and bubble bath with a little note from Emelie, reminding them not to work so hard. They quickly make use of all the items in the basket.
  • Cress and Thorne only know it’s Valentine’s Day because they have to stay on top of their delivery schedule. Even though Cress is dying on the inside, she doesn’t bring it up to Thorne for fear of him thinking she’s silly. Of course, all of that concern is thrown out the window when Thorne surprises her with a huge stuffed bear and she squeals and jumps up and down.
    • In Thorne’s pursuit to give Cress all of the Earthen experiences her heart could hope for, he showers her with chocolates and red roses, but in the end, after they have a particularly tiring day of deliveries, the chocolates, the flowers, and the bear are forgotten and they just snuggle on the couch.
  • Jacin spends Valentine’s Day exactly the same way as he spends all his other days after the revolution, staring at Winter and telling her how beautiful she is; holding her hand and pressing kisses into her knuckles.

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“I caught the bouquet, do you know what that means?” Zutara in college

Katara couldn’t believe when her brother popped the question to Suki, well she could, but it was weird. They were growing up. It was a small wedding at an art museum, and they got married in front of the Frida Kahlo painting they shared their first kiss in front of. It was sappy, even for Sokka, but it was so lovely. Suki looked beautiful, a gorgeous silk dress with white flowers decorating her hair. Everything was so them, it was so perfect. Katara had been the Maid of Honor, and Zuko the Best Man, which meant they spent most of the wedding together, and the reception, and Katara wasn’t complaining, but it was hard to be at a wedding with the man she unrequitedly loved since kindergarten

“Katara, you’re going to be so sorry tomorrow if you take another champagne.” Zuko teased, reaching out for her hand and grabbing it, his fingers wrapping around hers as he brought it down his his lap so she couldn’t take another drink from the waitress’ silver tray. “I don’t want to be holding your hair back in the morning.”

“Are you offering to hold my hair back if I do need some assistance?” Katara teased, her face flushed as she leaned against her elbow on the table covered in white. “How romantic.”

“I will be doing none of the sort.” Zuko smiled, dropping her hand and bopping the tip of her nose lightly. Zuko had been awfully flirty tonight, and Katara couldn’t help but notice it, and bask in the attention. It might have been the drinks, or the loneliness of being dateless at a wedding, but she was eating up every longing look and blushy smile. Katara stood up, patting down her lavender velvet dress and reached her hand out. The music in the background had slowed to a more romantic song, and with the alcohol buzzing in her veins, Katara smirked.

“Dance with me, Zuko,” Katara spoke, her voice soft. Katara played seductress, and tossed her hair behind her shoulder, his name leaving her lips like a breath.

Zuko nodded, biting down on his bottom lip, taking her offered hand and standing. Katara looked so beautiful, her dark skin contrasting with her light dress, and her tresses of hair curled to a wave. She lead him to the dance floor with only a few couples- including the bride and groom- slow dancing to the song. 

Wise men say, 

only fools rush in, 

but I can’t help, 

falling in love with you.

Zuko wrapped his long arms around her long waist, and she tangled her fingers into his long hair. It was sloppy, and they were grinning, their faces pink with a soft blush. Zuko stepped on Katara toes, and she tripped over herself, and all they could do was laugh, and grow closer and closer. Katara could feel Zuko’s breath on her lips, he smelled like wine and the chocolate covered strawberries served at each table. Zuko’s eyes were on hers, never leaving or drifting, always burning into her like the sun or a comet. A comet. She giggled, and he smiled, and they had never been so close before.

“Katara, I think I want to kiss you,” Zuko sang, drawing out the ‘you’ as he leaned in and kissed her cheek. 

“You missed,” Katara muttered, her hand dancing to the back of his neck, the other pressing into his lower spine. “Do try again.”

It felt like everything she had ever imagined and pictured, and fantasized since she was in middle school and all her friends had kissed boys and all she wanted was her older brother’s older friend. But it was better, because it was real and Katara kissed him back, with a grin on her mouth and her nose colliding with his far too much. She craved every bit of Zuko, his tongue against hers and his teeth on her lip with his fingers cupping her jaw. Katara knew the music had stopped, and she could hear her brother talking but it was muffled because all she could focus on was ZukoZukoZuko, and it was wonderful.

Zuko was the first to pull away, his comet eyes filled with lust like a erupting volcano and she figured hers looked like the push and pull of the tide. She smiled, and pursed her lips while letting her hands drop down to her side and she finally exhaled a breath she hadn’t know she was keeping.


Time for the bouquet toss, ladies!” 

“—I got to go catch those damn flowers.” Katara smirked, turning away from Zuko, maybe her Zuko, and fled to the small group of single ladies all reaching for the bouquet. Katara swore she saw Suki wink at her, before she turned her back and let the damn lilacs fly.

True to her word, Katara caught the lilcas, and held them close to her chest. Everyone looked at her and she shrugged, her face still red, and lips still lightly swollen from the kissing. It didn’t take long for everyone to dispurse and forget about the silly tradition, but Katara didn’t want to forget, not just yet.

“Oh, Zuko.” Katara hummed, waltzing towards him. “I caught the bouquet, do you know what that means?”

Zuko laughed under his breath, picking one of the flowers out of the string and pushing it into her wild hair. He cupped her chin and kissed her forehead. “That you’ll be my date to the next wedding we go to?”

“Hmm.. something like that.”

Kept promises || calzona

Since Arizona had a surgery that ran long, Callie got the girls from daycare and took them home. She fed them dinner, gave them baths, and got them both asleep. As she was going through some emails she remembered her and Arizona’s night from a few days ago. She really wanted to keep her word and make it up to her wife. So the brunette dimmed the lights, lit a bunch of candles, made a comfy pallet for them on the floor next to the lit fireplace. She poured wine and put together some chocolate covered strawberries. Lastly, she put on some lingerie and laid down while she waited for Arizona to come home

What he buys you for a surprise gift:


He had been away on tour and he decided that this would be the perfect gift for you when you picked him up at the airport. But you knew just seeing him would be the perfect gift.


You had been under a lot of stress lately and he could see it too. He wanted you to relax so he made you the most relaxing night of your life, Him, a bubble bath, some nice wine and your favorite, chocolate covered strawberries. it was going to be a fun night!


He knows you favorite thing in the world (next to him of course) are teddy bears. He brings you too your favorite park and there sitting on a bench is the cutest teddy bear ever. watch out Cal you might not be getting as much cuddle time as the bear now! 


Mikey loves you and you two love to play video games, listen to rock music and just hang out and be lazy. Whilst you were at his house, he orders a pizza and when you open it, typical Mikey thing. it was shaped like a heart. it maybe cheesy but it gets the point across. (Classic Mikey) <3