chocolate covered strawberries 8 by Soma.R on Flickr.


Yes, I have an obsession with chocolate covered strawberries. The first step to recovery is admitting it, right? When I saw a picture of these patriotic berries I knew I had to make a batch of my own.

Go ahead, put them on the buffet table, and go drink wine with your girlfriends. These will disappear quickly!

Here’s what to do:

  • Be sure to clean your strawberries before dipping, and buy organic if you can afford to. Make sure your strawberries have dried completely so that the chocolate doesn’t seize up on you.
  • Put chunks of white chocolate in a small bowl (white chocolate candy wafers are easy to work with). Melt in the microwave at 30 second intervals, stirring in between until completely melted.
  • Fill a second small bowl halfway with blue sanding sugar.
  • Dip strawberry into chocolate, leaving about 1/3 of the strawberry uncovered.
  • Before the chocolate sets, dip the bottom third of the strawberry into the sanding sugar.
  • Place on waxed paper.
  • You can pop them in the refrigerator if you’re serving them later in the day, but don’t make these more than a day in advance.

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acquire a voice that is chocolate covered strawberries and sweet wine in sounds waves, and a MASSIVE DONG, and then we’ll talk

What’s cooking, good looking?: whole grain toast, feta cheese and sun-dried tomatoes in yoghurt and honey w. garlic mushrooms. Main: confit steak in white wine and seasoning, Hasselback Potatoes, oven baked tomatoes, white wine sauce DESERT: dark chocolate covered strawberries and Moët #meatcheatday #foodie #anniversary #love #champagne #moet (at Benedicto/Linden Warehouse)

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Czech It Out

After we were in Warsaw we took a 10 hour over night bus to Prague (Praha). Honestly, a 10 hour bus sounds terrible, but it was so much better than flying.  Flying has so much hassle with security and checking in and it takes so much time extra to be at the airport.  The bus was my favorite way of transportation the whole trip, my seat had a t.v. in front of of it so I watched Shrek 2 for a little, it had a bathroom, and comfy seats, so I was good. 

When we arrived in Prague we went to the hostel, dropped off our stuff and headed into the city center.  While on the way there we stopped at a lot of little street vendors that were selling potato pancakes, hot wine, twisty potato things, chocolate covered strawberries, hazelnut wafers, mmm and a lot of other things, but that was my personal list, my favorite were the potato pancakes.  Also, because I went the week of Easter they had a lot of Easter related things, they have an Easter Market, which has the food vendors and it also has a lot of “egg” things.  They have painted Easter eggs (drained the yolk and whites out of it) and finely decorated eggs.  The city is beautiful, but especially during this time of the year. 

We did a walking tour here too, shocker, but hey, I’m down for anything that is free.  And this tour was pretty cool too, we walked through the town and saw some sites in the city, but one thing stood out to me the most on the tour.  Our guide was telling us the “drama” the Czech Republic faced throughout history, being ruled by different countries, the fall of empires, becoming an independent country, etc.  His grandmother lived in Prague for her whole life, and in her lifetime of living in Prague she lived in 8 different countries because of how frequent they would change their name.  Crazy, right?! So that means you would constantly have to change documents in order to keep current, and also the currency would change too.  So that was really interesting to me. 

Going to Czech was pretty cool for me because of my family’s history.  People in Europe kind of poke fun at people from the States because we always say that we are like 53.1% of a country and .08% of something else and so on, because in their eyes we are from the U.S.A. But, still, it was really cool to go to a country where my ancestors are from.  And just to think that maybe we walked down the same street, or sat down and looked at the same river running through Prague.   

The whole time in Prague went really smoothly until the last moments in the city.  While on the tour our guide told us to be careful when traveling to the airport by metro because there are people who are trying to target tourists, so I had this in mind.  So we get to the metro and to our right are self-service places to buy tickets for the metro.  But the girls I was with decided not get tickets and kept going down the escalator.  So when we got to the bottom this guy came up to us and asked to see our tickets, which we didn’t have.  So he was like you owe $40 for not buying your tickets, you are trying to cheat us and I need your passports and you are not allowed to go up and buy tickets.  The girls I was with gave them their passports but I didn’t, because why would my passport even be relevant in this case? Now a days people can scan your passport number and use the number to create fake passports.  My passport is my life here, without it I can’t do anything, not come back to Spain or the States, and I wasn’t going to hand over my passport to some random guy in the metro. He was trying to hard to prove that he was real, which made me think he was fake, but it is possible that he was indeed real.  After I didn’t give him my passport he left me alone but stuck on the other two girls. In the situation I was keeping my mouth closed, I didn’t want to feed him information to use against me. So he asked how much money we had, and I said I had none.  I had money, but I wasn’t going to say that, so again he left me alone because in his mind I didn’t have money. Even though the last moment there was a bad situation, it is okay because I was safe, and also it taught me how to be a smarter traveler.  Every experience I had while on my trip I learned from, whether it was navigating a city, figuring out how to plan a 6 day trip, or even sketchy metro guys, I learned.