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Hello! I would like to request a Jun scenario :) There is a serious lack of Jun fics, he doesn't get nearly enough love. Feel free to change it about however you'd like but I was thinking something super fluffy where Jun and reader are good friends who have strong feeling for each other but they are both too shy to express them and reader is a few years older. They are hanging out one night and Jun ends up kissing her and lots of fluff and cuddles ensue :)

Ahhhhh! So cute! We enjoyed writing this! - Cap and Chorizo

Coming of Age

Pairing: Junhui & (Y/N), fluff

Word Count: 3022 

Author’s note: sorry if it’s a bit long, but I encourage reading all of it to know the plot :)

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« THERE IS NO WAY OUT » - Theon’s last aCoK chapter.

Happy Theon Week! Surpise meta I started writing 1 year ago.
Edited! Thank you nobodysuspectsthebutterfly

I’d be the first to claim that every singleTheon chapter is amazing but if I had to pick one – just one of them, it would be his last aCoK chapter.

Essentially because it is the very last glimpse of the arrogant, unstable, brash and deeply insecure Theon (aka my favourite Theon) we get to see. After that, this Theon becomes a stranger to Theon himself.

Theon stared at the platter of oakcakes, honey, and blood sausage they’d brought him to break his fast. Another sleepless night had left his nerves raw, and the very sight of food sickened him.

So, Theon took Winterfell, tried to hold it, mostly failed – most of his men don’t respect him, he lost the Stark boys and had to have two other children killed in their place. Theon is falling into paranoia and is starting to have bad dreams of wolves with children faces haunting him. All in all, Theon’s not feeling well at all. And his rule as Prince of Winterfell turned into a nightmare.

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Could you do an Olitz fanfic of them in Vermont when they decided to stop lying to eachother?Like an afterglow or something. Please & thank you!

afrocentrichippie requested a little Vermont. So here is what came to me…

A Promise in Vermont

                The morning sun rose orange over the mountains. She hadn’t noticed how gorgeous the property was when Marine One landed the night before, but in the light of day it was nothing short of breathtaking.  Olivia stood wrapped in a blanket looking out the floor to ceiling windows of the house Fitz had built. The house he had built for her, built for them, for the day when they could walk away from the hustle and bustle of Washington life and be together, to start a family, to start a life.

                She thought back to the conversation they had the night before, about lying and half-truths and honesty. He claimed not to know her, told her she was a ball of dirty little secrets, yet he had built her this gorgeous house with orchards full of fruit and lush gardens brimming with the most magnificent flowers. She told him she resented him not telling her the entire truth about his past, yet she ran to him, kissed him, and spent hours entwined in him.

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