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johnkunsol on new year’s day: the fact that we didn’t debut in any of the nct units this year caught us off guard but never accept rejection as failure


🍷 To Papa Emeritus III; The classy, the sassy, the grab-that-assy ;) 

🍷 To Papa Emeritus IV; I hope you’re just as classy, just as sassy, just as grab-that-assy, and, motherfucker, you’d best have a kazoo ;) 

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Wine Country Gothic

Everyone remembers the Old Man.  The rest of the world knows his name, but to us, no name is needed.  There are many old men, but he was our Old Man, and everyone has a story about how they knew him personally.

Springtime smells of death.  They planted the trees because they are pretty when they bloom, but nobody thought that the beauty would come at a price.  That price is the scent of corpses, lining every street and school campus with bright, beautiful white blossoms and the lingering hum of insects that have been fooled.

The vineyard lands are nice to look at, when you’re holding still, but take care when moving.  Row after row of yellow and green flickers past your vision, pulling you in, drawing your gaze away from the road, the cars.  You are likely to be run down by bicycles if you are trapped for too long.

People come from all over the world to see our cities and taste our wines.  They are very impressed, and tell their friends how well they were treated here.  We hate them.  We need them.  We wish they would never return, but when they do, we greet them with open arms while our teeth strain at the sudden pressure.

People who do not understand bring surfboards.  They are shocked at the water’s harsh chill, the rockiness of the beaches, the grey sky and cutting wind.  The locals laugh darkly into the collars of their wetsuits, and plunge straight into the shark breeding grounds, riding their own boards until nightfall.

The In-n-Out menu has four items on it.  None of the people ahead of you have ordered any of those items, but they walk away laden with food.

If you find yourself near cows, you’ve gone too far.  It doesn’t matter where you were going, even if it was to a dairy farm; the cows mark the edge of where you should have gone.

Someone tells you how much they adore someone else.  They speak aggressively, layering praise after praise upon the subject, finishing with “And I just can’t stand the bastard.”  They meant this all along.

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Nobody bonds in Napa.  Not even the bondsmen.

Stop and listen for the train horn.  There will be more blasts than you need to locate the train.  When it comes sliding by at last, you will see that every seat is empty, every seat pristine.  There is nobody on the train.  There has never been anyone on the train.  The sign on the train’s nose reads, “Test.”  You do not know what they are testing.

A man asks you for change.  A woman asks you for change.  A man asks you for a cup of coffee.  A woman asks you for bus fare.  The man is a veteran.  The woman has a young child.  These are all different people, and you met them all in the distance from the parking lot to your destination.  They live here.

The newspaper does not bother with spelling.  It does not bother with accuracy.  It does not bother with reigning in bias.  It does not understand the internet.  It does not understand why people do not appreciate it more.

“Going down the river” is a good thing.  It should inspire jealousy.  It implies the use of a floating tube, and a six-pack tethered behind it to keep cool int the brown river.  The brown river knows.  The brown river understands.

You sort of know where City Hall is.  It isn’t the middle of town.  It could be one of four buildings, or all of them.  They are not anywhere near one another.  If you have a complaint, you are told to take it to City Hall.

The bicycles outrank you.  They care nothing for whether you get to where you’re going, or if they have to hurt you.  Stand aside.  They are coming through.

2008 Red Car Wine Company Box Car Pinot Noir

Just enjoying this California Pinot before the train comes! This is a true California Pinot with full and ripe fruit. Ripe raspberries, red cherries, and even a hint of black cherries on the nose. Loads of ripe raspberries and mixed berries on the palate with a sprinkle of cinnamon and molasses. 

3/5 bones


Pinot Noir

14.5% abv

Russian River Valley, California, USA

Dating Steve Rogers would Include

•finding the nicest and most old fashioned bars in New York and becoming regulars
•him playing with your hair at every opportunity
•forehead kisses
•nose kisses
•so many kisses
•him always trying to get you to learn to fight so you’ll be ‘safer’
•trips to Brooklyn
•cooking together
•you always having your hands on his chest
•him hugging you from behind
•him being insanely turned on when you call him 'captain’
•cheesy romantic dates (going dancing, carnivals, drive-in theatres, picnics, stargazing, etc)
•him asking you to sing to him
•him grabbing you and pulling you to him while he’s asleep
•holding you tighter than usual when he’s sad
•receiving small presents like flowers or a bottle of wine
•watching him train
•fixing his clothing when they get torn
•"I’ll protect you no matter what.“

My last one of these was pretty popular so I figured I’d make another one! ❤

Well, the train was broken down for an hour with no lights or ac in any car but one. Crazily enough, Facebook clued us in that we had friends on the train–AND they were in the only car with a generator! We crowded into their car (and made friends with the three on the right), and much laughter and wine later when the train was fixed, we stayed in our new car and had a great time! And, we solved the murder!!!

This is a truly unflattering picture of all of us, but oh well. Murder mystery train ended up a success!!


            ‘  saw you not how his hands quiver ?  ’     it’s something of an overwhelming relief to be able to speak earnestly with someone.  theodora was a great river into which her floodgates opened     —–     we have earned our thrones,  we shall keep them hence.    ‘  my heart is forever his,  but so often I long to rip his from his very chest.   ’

              pallid are her fingers  so STARK in contrast with the crimson stains that wake her  ),  they wrap around the wine glass with trained elegance.   wouldn’t mama be so proud   ‘   thinks he not that I have suffered for this too?  all of it done for his gain !   ’     the glass returns to the table   –   perhaps  too much wine.     ‘  men will never cease to bewilder my mind, theodora  ’


These knights are training with wine cups. The weird creature in the back uses all arms to pour, aim and throw these cups at them so the knights can catch the cups with their blades following a rhythmic flowing motion. There is drumbeats in the background and also big fires that create a hipnotic atmosphere.


The thing I wanted to try on this image was drawing and painting at the same time, no line work, just one brush doing the lines and paint in one stroke, some things are fun but others are just too confusing and hard to keep track of. It is hard for me to design without using lines. -Gabo


Black Folks Can Totally Go Wine-Tasting in Napa. Just Don’t Laugh Too Loud.

The saga began on Saturday morning when the women, who are part of a book club called “Sisters on the Reading Edge,” set off on the Napa Valley Wine Train. They did what any group of friends would do on a wine train: drank, laughed and had fun. But this stopped when a train manager came and asked them to quiet down. After some back and forth and a follow up confrontation, the women were escorted off the train, past all of the other paying customers, and met by four local police officers. The train company offered a response, but it’s hardly an apology. 

gimme hawke taking fenris out wine tasting because they know he loves it so much

gimme fenris telling hawke about the differences between each red, how to tell a wine’s taste by how it clings to the glass, and hawke just smiling

gimme fenris asking hawke to try a wine and compare it to another, and hawke just says “tbh they all taste the same but i’ll take your word for it”

gimme hawke buying fenris crates of wine and memberships to wineries

gimme hawke and fenris having their wedding at fenris’s favorite vineyard

gimme hawke and fenris (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧