wine tastes like love


Request: Steve x reader where the reader is a virgin because of low self esteem & she finally decides to have sex with him? - @iknowyouwuvme

Triggers: virgin reader, low self esteem, oral sex (female receiving), penetrative sex, after care, safe sex

Word Count: 2800+

A/N: I got a little carried away with this one, thank you for the request.

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There was always something about the gorgeous blond that attracted you to him. Even when you were younger your favourite superhero was Captain America. Your parents bought you action figures and posters that you showed off with pride. There was actually a box at your parents labelled “Our baby’s first love” that contained most of it. So when you had the chance to work with the man himself you jumped.

Apparently, there was something about you that attracted Steve to you.

On your first day he spent most of him time with you. On your first date you told him how much you idolised him. And the first time he met your parents they were all too eager to show him the large box in their basement.

There only one “first” you hadn’t shared with Steve.

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You are nine and watching your best friend’s older sister throw herself into the teeth of hungry-eyed boys who call her pretty names and buy her gifts and leave her lips looking just like blood, and your best friend leans over and tells you that this is what dead love tastes like, and

you don’t think you’ve ever forgotten the way her eyes looked because you’ve grown up leaning forward, standing on your toes peering into the eyes of your parents wondering how long it’ll take for their love to turn blood red and too heavy to hold back and leak all over your white carpets, and

when you first met him you swore he smelled like peaches and honey-suckle in springtime and he made bitter summer taste like poetry and he called you his little bird but he held down your wings whenever you tried to fly and that’s when you realized he smelled like peaches but tasted a lot more like decay, and

some things get caught in your throat when you try to speak them, getting trapped in the ready-set snares you swallowed to keep all the soft words away, you’d think he can read them in the blood that spills like basement leaks from your teeth, but he kisses you like he is drinking cherry wine instead and this is what dead love tastes like.

—  This is what dead love tastes like. by r.b
In Media Res pt. 2

Okay, so here it is. God bless it, here it is. Shout out to @detective-rowan for letting me ramble vaguely at her about my frustrations. VERY dialogue heavy. Please be gentle to my weak heart. This is what Melpomene whispered to me. I just kept thinking of this quote from chess Grand master and Checkers champion Harry N. Pillsbury:  “Many tournaments are won before the tournament begins.”

Part 1

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Awkward. Starter Sentences
  • "You’re welcome."
  • “It’s like kissing my brother/sister!”
  • “Why haven’t we ever hooked up?”
  • "You’ve got crazy-eyes..”
  • “I think I’m really in to her.”
  • “I’m surrounded by children.”
  • “It’s just really hard when someone you care about moves on before you do.”
  • "..I'm also gay."
  • “Have you read my blog? My life is a mess.”
  • “Truth is, I can’t hate someone I don’t care about.”
  • “You’re never gonna be alone, okay? You’ve got me.”
  • “In case you were wondering, I’m calling from hell.”
  • "Friends... With benefits."
  • “You don’t know what it’s like to be surrounded by all of the girls who can eat everything and do everything and they’re perfect!”
  • “You have nice abs... I get it!”
  • "I thought I was okay with seeing other people, but I'm not."
  • “As your best friend, it’s my job to embarrass you.”
  • “Figure out what you want, because I’m tired of being your secret.”
  • “I fucked your girlfriend!”
  • “Thank you for being my hero.”
  • “If you drink enough wine it tastes like love.”
  • “I don’t need your blessing, we’re not together anymore.”

The Beginning Of The End

Your world is coming to it’s end
But you don’t have to be afraid - I’m here for you
Save your happiness for tomorrow
And today we’ll drown in your tears
A drop of your blood tastes like wine today

Come closer my dear
It is just the beginning of the end
Yes, I’m here for you
Save your happiness for tomorrow
And today we’ll drown in your tears
A drop of your blood tastes like wine today

And because I love you so
And I’m here for you
Save your happiness for tomorrow
And today we’ll drown in your tears
A drop of your blood tastes like wine today
Save your happiness for tomorrow
And today we’ll drown in your tears
Your blood tastes like life today

Will you let it rain
Let it rain
So won’t you let it rain
Oh, let it rain
Won’t you let it rain


if I didn’t directly address a bday ask from you last night, thank you so much for taking time out of your day to wish me a good one. I got shitfaced at a wine tasting and ate the best softshell crab bao. Like, I just loved that bao so much and if it wasn’t like 800 calories i’d take an uber to get another one…ANWAY. I was screen capping and then ptfo, because I was hella drunk.  

Thank you @fauxtabek, @ncristelli @kouredios, @d2diamond @pendragonstar @cherryfeather101 @mage-immortal and all the anons. 


Haggis with neeps and tatties, Fresh potato pancake with Scottish smoked salmon, and Seared sea scallop with spinach-cheddar gratin and crispy bacon from the Scotland Booth available during the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival.

Loving you is like tasting wine for the first time.
It’s bitter, but I just can’t stop drinking you in.

this was the year i tasted love like wine:
caustic love, decrepit love, love soured to piss
and vinegar,
new love, kaleidoscope love, stomach lurching
gasping, choking love.

the kind of love where i run my fingers
over the pen-marks of your old letters,

the kind of love where i shatter a glass
to drown out the need of you,

the kind of love where i kiss your cheek
and say, tell your girl hello for me.

i am planting love, tending love,
harvesting love–
however it breaks through the soil.

—  MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN, by jones howell

I cannot get close enough to you, my love. I am wrapped like a cobra around your body, intertwining carefully to be as near as I can, but it never seems to be enough. When you are inside of me, I feel closest to you, because this is as close as we can go. But my darling, I have spent lifetimes in your arms and I can feel my heart beat synchronizing with yours. Each beat is life, being swirled around in my chest like a fine wine before tasting.

I have loved, and I have loved hard, but this is not butterflies and broken wounds - this is feet on the ground, hearts in the sky, knowing you for millions of years, and I love you.

—  #feels - Megan McCluer
Candlelight (2/2)

Part 1

Pairing: danisnotonfire x reader

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None

Word Count: 3618 (inc part 1)

Prompt (owenslilecho): Hey! Can you write a fic where you’re Phil’s friend and Phil introduces you to one of his friends (Dan) and Dan obviously checks you out? :D

“It’s great to meet you too Dan.” You reply with a smile.

He releases your hand from his gentle grip and you quickly tuck your hair behind your ear. You felt weirdly fluttery. You tuck your bag down in between yourself and Chris, but are sure to grab your phone out and rest it on your lap, just in case.

“I ordered you white wine. Phil mentioned you like it.” He says, his eyes diverting to the glass between you.

“I mentioned that months ago Dan, good memory!” Says Phil, sliding in next to Chris, opposite PJ.

“Nice one Daniel!” says Chris, winking at him and grinning cheekily. Dan smiles at him but shakes his head slightly, looking a little embarrassed.

“That’s perfect, thank you.” You pick up your glass and smile up at him, being sure to ignore Chris. Dan reaches for his own glass of white wine and raises towards you, smiling back.

“Cheers.” He says to you. “Here’s to a good night.” You clink your glass to his and he then says “Cheers everyone!” Turning his head to face his four friends.

You take this time to run your eyes over him , over what you could see above table level. He was wearing a monochrome shirt, with details of printed lace and skulls. The collar was done up at his throat and he had neatly rolled the sleeves to just before his elbows. The shirt fitted him well, and his tanned skin was glowing. You study his face as he looks across at Chris and take in his features. Wow was he good looking. Dan had beautiful brown eyes sheltered by long dark lashes. His nose perfectly proportioned and his cheekbones were high on his face, nestled below was the cutest dimple which made his smile both sexy and adorable. And his lips…. You feel yourself blush slightly. You’d almost forgotten the rest of people at the table when…

“Cheeeeeeers!” Yells Chris, raising his glass high. “Well done to Dan and Phil on a cracking tour! Still a little bitter you didn’t make it the amazing crabstickz tour is not on fire but I’ll get over it.”

“It could have been kick the amazing crabstickz tour is not on fire couldn’t it?” Teased PJ, also picking up his glass. Sophie too, and Phil holds his up with a laugh.

“Next time guys. We’ll get you all in the title.” He says. “Cheers everybody!”

“Thank you all so much for being here.” Says Dan.

A small tune flutters around the table as glasses touch together and you each take a sip of your drink. The wine was dry but sweet, and you loved the taste.

“Do you like it?” Dan asks you, he was watching you calmly, his eyes still glowing.

“Mmm”, you answer, allowing the liquid to glide down your throat. “Maybe you’ll have to order food for me too?” Dan’s lip curls at the edge, obviously proud of himself.

“I recommend the fajitas Y/N.” Sophie jumps in, setting her glass down and leaning over the table slightly to be heard over Chris and PJ who were now inexplicably making robot noises. “I don’t know what the chicken is glazed in but you’ll never taste anything better I promise you.”

“The fajitas? Sounds good to me.” You smile, opening the menu in front of you. “They do good desserts here right?”

“Yes!” Phil suddenly shouts, his head appears from the side of Chris and he grins at you. “I’m glad someone else looks at desserts before mains, see Dan it’s just not me!”

“Must just be another one of those northern things.” Dan says lightly without looking up from his menu. His fingers are twirling a fork and his eyes drift around the cream pages, studying the words. You find yourself watching his hands for a few seconds, until the fork stops. You look up at his face, to see he is staring right at you, the corner of his mouth curling slightly again.

“Um…” You mutter, quickly tucking your hair behind your ear again. You could feel yourself going red, which was weird because one, you don’t get nervous around guys and two, you had no idea why you were even staring at him. But you couldn’t help it.

Right then, the waiter appears, graciously preventing the on coming awkward silence.

“Monsieurs, mesdemoiselles, you are ready to order?” He asks politely, taking a pencil from behind his ear and touching the point against the white paper.

He takes each of your orders in turn, as it happens, four of you go with Sophie’s fajita recommendation, including Dan. Chris and Sophie order another drink to arrive with their food and the waiter nods graciously as he scribbles everything down. He then leans over and relights the candle PJ accidentally blew out after pretending to ninja chop Phil’s hand a few minutes ago.

“Merci beaucoup. Your food shall not be long.” He says in his soft french accent, before gathering up your menu’s. Just as you pick yours up to pass to him, you catch the edge of your spoon and it flicks over towards Dan, catching his fingers.

“Woah!” He laughs.

“Oh God I’m sorry!!” You exclaim, hurriedly passing your menu over the table to Phil, who kindly took it from you before you injured everyone else.

“Don’t worry about it. It could have been the knife.” He grins at you, placing your spoon back neatly where it belongs. You give him a shy smile back. His smile was perfect.

“Honestly guys, a spooning invitation already?” teases Chris next to you, nudging you slightly with his elbow. You feel yourself flush pink and glance nervously at Dan. Honestly, where had this shyness come from? This wasn’t you!

“Shut up Chris you’ll embarrass her.” Replies Dan, smiling but adding a slightly harsh tone to his voice. He folds his arms on the table and leans ever so slightly towards you.

“So tell me about yourself. If we’re roomies for the next few days I’ll need to know if you have any sociopathic tendancies.” He winks, grinning again. Goddamn.

“Um.. what do you want to know?” You ask, copying his body language by also folding your arms on the table and leaning slightly towards him, tilting your head a little as you ask. Dan’s eyes wander to your lips and then back up to your eyes.


The following few hours were filled with great food and even greater conversation. You told Dan all about your childhood with Phil and your future dreams. He asked you about the music you listened to, his eyes lighting up when you mentioned you liked the new Kanye West song. You spoke about films, TV, fashion, animals, science, places you were desperate to travel and places you had already been. Your nerves wore away with every one of his smiles. Suddenly you felt a buzz against your thigh. Your phone. You tuck your hair behind your ear as Dan reaches for the wine bottle you’d decided to order with dinner and glance down at your phone.

1 New Message 20:47
Phil Lester

You flick your head up and to the right, frowning in curiosity at your blue-eyes friend who quickly nodded towards your lap. You tap your phone under the table and your fingers brush the passcode, lighting the message up on screen.

Phil Lester 20:47
I told you you’d like him!

You smile and tap out your reply.

Y/N Y/L/N 20:47
You were correct, 10 points to Phil

Phil Lester 20:48
He likes you too I can spidey sense it…

You feel yourself blush again and smile at Phil’s reply.

Y/N Y/L/N 20:48
I should hope so, otherwise sharing a flat this weekend will be a little awkward!

You lock your phone and rest it once again on your lap, before lifting your head back up to see Dan watching you, his glass in his hand resting against his lips. The candle between you flickered wildly.

“You have a cute smile.” He says almost absentmindedly. It takes you a little by surprise.


“Sorry. I didn’t.. well I did mean it but.. uh..” He lowered the glass back down to the table and followed it with his eyes, just then you felt Chris elbow you ever so slightly, and cough gently as if clearing his throat.

“Thank you.” You reply to him.

“Bonjour, are you finished with your meals?” You hear the waiter ask, breaking your gaze from Dan’s. A flurry of answers follow in agreement and the waiter begins to gather your plates.

“Who’s ready to hit da clubs?” Says PJ, raising his hands and pointing finger guns at Phil, Chris, and then at you, winking as he does so.

“Clubs?!” Phil squeaks. “I thought it was a bar we were going to!”

“We are Phil, PJ’s joking. Although has Y/N seen your club moves?” Replies Dan, reaching down into his back pocket for his wallet.

“I don’t think so, she’s a way better dancer than me but I guess I could teach you all a few moves.” Phil says, also reaching for his wallet.

“I can’t wait for that!” You smile at him, giggling at the idea of Phil dancing to club music. The waiter returns with a small white piece of paper, handing it directly to Dan.


“Merci.” Dan turns it over to look at the total, and you watch him admirably. Your stomach fluttering a little when you take in his features once more. He nods at Phil before putting the bill into his wallet, and pulling a bunch of notes back out, handing them directly back to the waiter.

“Woah, are you paying for the whole meal?” You ask him. You knew it had to be expensive. The wine he had chosen was almost £50 alone. Sophie glanced at PJ and then back at Dan.

“Yeah Dan let us all pay for what we had it’s fair that way.” She replies, poking at PJ to pull out his wallet.

“It’s my pleasure guys, I want to pay. When we get to the bar someone can buy me a drink and then it’s all fair.” He says to her, looking over at you and winking. Wow.

“Deal.” You reply. Resting your elbow on the table and smiling into your palm.


Luckily the taxi’s were parked in a line on the street just outside the restaurant. You were all stood outside waiting for Sophie to return from the bathroom and the temperature had dropped significantly. Your hands gripped at the buttons around your neck and you buried your mouth within the material of your coat. You were stood in between Dan and Phil, who were both trying to shield you from the wind.

“Thanks guys. I’m such an old lady when it comes to the cold.” You laugh.

“You’ll have to have all the spare blankets in the spare room then, it’s always freezing in there.”

“Phil!” Snaps Dan. “She’s a guest, you can’t shove her in the freezing spare room. Plus we totally forgot to move the boxes.” He turns to you, “You can have my bed this weekend, I don’t mind having the sofa.”

“What? No. No I’m not taking your bed, I’ll share the sofa with you if I have to… I mean… shit no, that sounded different in my head..” You blunder, pressing your fingers into your forehead with embarrassment. Why on earth did you say that?! How creepy did that sound?!? You hear Dan and Phil laugh, just as Sophie returns. Phil turns to her and you all begin to walk towards the taxi, with you and Dan hanging towards the back.

“We could just share the bed?” He says suddenly.

You stop dead on the path and look up at him. Your heart suddenly beating wildly fast. Did he mean that? Your eyes search his for any kind of emotion but they just blaze back at you, illuminated by the taxi lights.

“I’m kidding.” He grins wickedly, stretching out his hand and gently holding your upper arm in a way of apology. “Was that too much?”


“GUYS! GET IN I’M FREEZING MY TITS OFF!” Yells Chris from the front seat of the taxi.

“After you, Y/N.” Says Dan, gesturing with his palm in the direction of the black cab parked in front of you. You break your stare and walk towards the taxi, taking Sophie’s hand as you clamber into the back, careful not to tread on any toes. Dan climbs in after you and squishes himself beside you. Your heart still beating at his proposal but now even more so at your proximity. He slides the door shut after him and leans back against the seat, your arm and leg against his.

“Oasis bar please mate.” Says Chris, and the taxi pulls away.

Whilst your four other friends chat away, you notice Dan is beautifully silent, gazing out the window at the illuminated London nightlife. You look at his profile for a while, taking in his features once more and decide in that moment that you really, really like him. Feeling brave, and knowing from experience its best to act on feelings, you unclasp your left hand from your right and rest it on top of your leg, ever so slightly touching he edge of Dan’s fingers. You gaze away from him and look out the other window, unsure as to whether he could even tell of what you’d done, but just then, you feel the warmth of his little finger, resting on top of your own. You turn your head back and see him looking down at your fingers, before his eyes flick up at your own. He gives you the softest smile and you feel your stomach flutter. Maybe he liked you too.

You smile back and then your eyes fall to your lap, blushing slightly and biting the edge of your lower lip. You knew, if you ever returned to London after this weekend, the reason would no longer be just to see Phil. Because Dan gave you all the reasons in the world.


Unlikely I will continue this fic as I have a billion more to write, but I really hope you enjoyed it, thanks for all your kindness! X

Thomas Jefferson X Reader

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An arrogant, loud mouth, pompous dickhead came to mind when you thought of Thomas Jefferson. You hated everything about him, his self centred attitude, his self importance, his alluring southern accent, his beautiful brown eyes that could make your heart stop with a single glance. Quickly you snap yourself out of your trance, your face flushed when you realise you had started to drift off into thoughts you tried to deny. Slowly as you spent more time with Mr Jefferson the feelings of hate transformed into love. You tried to push it way, to ignore the beating of your heart whenever he entered a room but you could only do that for so long.

So here you were, watching the secretary of state make his way around the ballroom while you stood in the corner. You hadn’t been able to look away from him, you hated to admit it but that magenta coat always looked great on him. Lifting your glass to your lips you take a sip of the sweet wine inside it helped calm the ever growing nerves forming in your chest.

“You know with you staring at me like that anyone would think you want a bite of me” the soft drawl of a southern accent filled your ears, a large hand placed on your hip. Scoffing you spin around and glare at the taller male, hoping the pink that tinted your cheeks weren’t noticeable. The smirk on his face made you equally bubble with anger and weak at the knees. How can such an ass make you feel so helpless?

“You wish Jefferson, I wouldn’t come near you with a ten foot pole” your voice was laced with annoyance as you squint at him, you hand swatting his off your waist “The mare thought of you touching me is horrific” words flowed out of your mouth with surprising ease as you straightened you back. Sad attempt to make yourself taller then you really are.

 Thomas placed a hand over his chest and pouts, the damn man pouts for Christ sake and yet he still looks handsome. “You wound me Y/N I simply just wanted to ask for a dance” his smug smile returns to his face as he offers you a hand. How one man can be so cocky is beyond you.

“Go ask one of you many admirers Jefferson; I’m sure you have a number of French beauties just lining up for you” you hated to admit it but you sounded more jealous than you intended it to be. Quickly you look away from his piercing stare; you could feel his ego growing with each passing second of silence.

“I knew it! You don’t hate me after all your in love with me” you could practically hear the smirk on his face as he chuckled “well I shouldn’t be surprised, no women can resist me.” That was the final straw for you; you knew he was a jerk but to laugh in your face about something so… important was heartbreaking.

 Roughly you pull away from him, tears prickling the corner of your eyes, you wanted to cuss, to scream at him about his arrogance but you couldn’t seem to form the words. Thomas eyes widen when he sees you face, his laughing stopping almost instantly. Before you had the chance to walk away from him he captures your wrist gently his voice soft when he speaks “wait…”

You face him, ready to yell and demand for him to let you go but soon a pair of soft lips cover yours. He tasted sweet, like French wine and honey and you loved it. You couldn’t pull away; you couldn’t fight back; you just kissed back. Slowly accepting the feeling you held for the Virginian man. You didn’t know how long the kiss lasted; all you knew was that you wanted more. “I still think you’re an arrogant prick… Just to let you know” you whisper his lips just inches apart.

Thomas chuckled and smirks, pushing a strand of your hair out of your face. “Maybe… but that why you love me” before you could reply his lips were on yours again, whatever you wanted to say was forgotten as you surrender yourself to him.        


“Okay, no more than one bite of each dish,” I say. My resolve is almost immediately broken at the first table, which has twenty or so soups, when I encounter a creamy pumpkin brew sprinkled with slivered nuts and tiny black seeds. “I could just eat this all night!” I exclaim. But I don’t. I weaken again at a clear green broth that I can only describe as tasting like springtime, and again when I try a frothy pink soup dotted with raspberries.

I decided to make this particular soup now, because it’s summer (at least in my part of the world) and you can buy raspberries that don’t taste like frozen crap.

The food that the Capitol residents eat is extremely rich, so a simple chilled raspberry soup just won’t do. Can you imagine those dumber than a box of pink glitter rocks spoiled kids eating a plain raspberries, sugar and sour cream mix? Someone would have a stroke.

English is not my first language so bear with me.

To make this pink like Effie’s hair, rich, sweet, oh so Capitol and not suitable for children soup you gonna need:

  • 4 cups of raspberries
  • 1 cup of sugar (½ if you want less sweet soup)
  • 2 cups of vanilla yogurt (you can use greek or raspberry yogurt instead)
  • 2 cups of heavy whipping cream
  • ½ cup of red dry wine (you can use pomegranate, cranberry or raspberry juice tho)

#1 *mom’s voice* Wash your raspberries, kids! 

#2 Put them in a blender. Cover and blend on high speed until smooth *race car noises*

#3 OMG seeds! *screaming bloody murder*. That’s not very Capitol. Press your berry mush through a sieve to separate seeds from the juice and pulp. 

#4 Put it back in a blender. Add yogurt, ½ cup of sugar, wine and blend *more  race car noises*. Put in a fridge for 20 minutes.

#5 We’re making whipped cream! *excited crowd cheering*. Add two cups of cold heavy whipping cream and ½ cup of sugar in a mixing bowl. Whip on low speed for 2-3 minutes until your cream has a texture of a frothy cloud. Yummy. What do you think you’re doing with that sneaky finger in the whipped cream? I see you.

I splashed cream all over the freaking place and on myself. Yay me.

#6 Add whipped cream into your refrigerated raspberry mix. Blend everything together.

#7 Put it back in the fridge to chill before serving.

I chose the tiniest raspberries to dot my soup. They gonna pull a Titanic on you and sink, so put the raspberries on right before serving.

Capitol version probably had over the top decoration.

It’s creamy, frothy, sweet yet a bit tart because of the wine and tastes like very fresh raspberries. I’m sure Katniss loved it.

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140704 Naver Starcast TAEYANG X SEUNGRI

TOP Phone call translation

From 20:00 to 25:36

SR: It wasn’t on the plan, but let me try calling him

SR: Don’t get the number on the camera

SR: I’m not sure if he’ll pick up

SR: Actually, TOP hyung doesn’t really like it when we call him like this

CAPS: Calling: T.O.P

YB: Yeah

TOP: Hello

SR: Hello

TOP: Hello

SR: Hello~

TOP: Hello?

SR: Am I speaking to TOP from Big Bang?

TOP: Yes, this is TOP

SR: Ah… I’m… I’m…

YB: Can’t you tell from the voice?

TOP: Seung… Seungr… Seungri?

SR: Do you always answer calls with that tone of a voice?

SR: *imitates TOP* Hello~

TOP: Ah, I just woke up right now

SR: Do you know what time it is? What did you do last night?

YB: Hyung, I know what you did last night

YB: What you did before you went to sleep

TOP: Yeah

SR: I think his voice is… he really sounds like he just woke up

YB: Are you okay with talking to us right now?

TOP: Yeah, it’s fine

SR: Where are you right now?

TOP: I’m at home

SR: Taeyang hyung and I are doing this live thing for Naver Starcast right now

SR: We called you because we thought our fans really missed you

TOP: I miss them too

SR: Please say something to your fans that you dearly miss

TOP: I miss you~

TOP: I miss you~

SR: I think this hyung is still drunk

SR: Sorry. (He’s still drunk) at this time.

YB: Please tell us about how you’ve been lately. I heard that your movie filming finished successfully.

TOP: Yeah, I’m done with shooting the movie <Tazza – Hand of God>

TOP: My movie will be released a month later. 

SR: What are you doing now?

YB: How are you doing these days?

TOP: I’m just resting these days. I also recently traveled abroad and rested. 

SR: Your movie will be released on Korean Thanksgiving! As the main character, how do you feel about the movie? Do you think it’ll be a great hit? 

TOP: *stutters a lot* Not really that but the original author… his original work… the story… the original work… the manias who enjoyed the original… uh…

YB: What?

TOP: To the fans of the original series…

YB: Ah, you think it’ll appeal well to the fans of the original cartoon series?

SR: TOP-ssi, I think you should drink some water if you have any next to you.

SR: Actually, today’s person on the spotlight is Taeyang hyung…

How is his new song Eyes, Nose, Lips?

TOP: Ah~ I love it! it’s so good. Why are you asking me such a stupid(obvious) question like that?

SR: I think our fans will be curious how TOP hyung’s Eyes Nose Lips will sound! Can you sing it a little for us?

TOP: *sings*

SR&YB: A little bit longer! 

TOP: *sings in alien language(?) lol*

YB: Have you even heard of my song before… 

YB: I don’t think that sounds like my song…

TOP: *sings again*

SR: Seriously, who did you drink with last night?

YB: Anyways, TOP hyung! We’re doing an award on Starcast right now.

YB: And about 50,000 fans voted for you as the best visual award. That means you are the most handsome member. What do you think about that?

TOP: Well…. I don’t know. I have nothing to say *laughs*

SR: Do you still think that you are good looking whenever you look at the mirror?

TOP: Not at all, not these days. I haven’t been taking care of myself lately. It’s very dangerous(?) right now.

SR: Thank you for answering our call even though you’re resting. 

SR: Please say something to our fans, and it’s Naver Starcast’s 1 year anniversary! 

SR: Please say one last word to us!

TOP: Naver Starcast’s 1 year anniversary reminds me, we had our 8th year anniversary too. (T/N: The anniversary is coming up; I think TOP meant to say that too but was too tired lolol)

SR: Right, right.

TOP: Congratulations.

YB: Are you congratulating Bigbang or Starcast? You’re congratulating both, right?

TOP: Why would I congratulate starcast?

SR: Ah~ You’re so bad~

YB: But you’re very honest! 

SR: Say something to our fans!

TOP: Thank you for loving us for 8 years. We will prepare an awesome big bang album and appear in front of you guys. 

SR: Hyung, let’s meet up and eat together soon~

TOP: Okay~

SR: Thank you! Get more sleep~

TOP: Okay!

Translated by bigbanggisvip (tumblr)

Please credit when you take it out!