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Goode News  -- So where were we...

I’ve missed SO much Goode news I don’t know where to start…

Oh yeah …  Matthew Clairmont in A Discovery of Witches!!!   

Please. Somebody. Pinch me. 

If ever there was a PERFECT part for Goodey …..   


Reading the books was like seeing Matthew Goode described in detail (except the vampire bit… obviously…. although you never know….)

The physical descriptions of Clairmont’s beauty are pure Goodey - his size, his eyes, skin, his long…long… fingers (gulp), the love of wine, the lop-sided smile, the quaint old fashioned manners, even the prominent veins in his forehead (neatly forming a ‘V’!).  Deborah Harkness must have been taking notes on Matthew Goode for years and put it all into her books.

I was wary of the All Souls Trilogy at first - thinking ‘Buffy meets Twilight’ but I have loved them so far.  The protagonists are mature (mid/late 30′s) and intelligent in the extreme. I really hope the production is a good one because it would be an insult to the books if it isn’t.  I hope it is a success for Matthew and all concerned - I will be livid if the production wastes this opportunity.

Ordeal By Innocence

Phillip Durrant is another interesting and intelligent character for Matthew.  He’s an arrogant man who challenges people and that gets him into trouble.  An ex-fighter pilot (oh yes please - just imagine the uniform….) In a wheelchair again - sitting down all day must be TORTURE for the hyperactive, wired, athletic Goodey.  Eleanor Tomlinson plays his devoted wife.

The Wine Show - Season 2 

All wrapped up and looking Goode. Loads of guest stars plus plenty of Goodey humour, charm and eye candy.

Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

A small part as Sidney Stark but it will be lovely to see him striding about being all bossy, big brother-ish and (again if they stick to the book) dealing with goats and parrots!  


The only info we have about this one is via Michelle Dockery who let slip in an interview that Matthew would be in this at some point.  No confirmation from his agent yet and he’s not listed in the cast on IMDb. So let’s keep our fingers and toes crossed because…. OH PLEASE CAN MATTHEW GOODE BE WEARING LEATHER CHAPS IN HIS GUEST APPEARANCE!!!!!  Just asking. (Begging). 


Filming of this comedy with Toni Collette was completed a while back but no release details yet.

The Hatton Garden Job AKA One Last Heist

To be released in the US at some point sooooooon.  September was mentioned but no confirmation.  A must see for Goode fans for the glorious sight of Matthew getting a bit sweaty drilling a large hole and the gratuitous sauna bod shots at the end!!  (Phew … is it hot in here??)

The Crown 

I forgot this - how could I forget this?  Matthew Goode as Lord Snowdon - breathless with anticipation.

What else have I missed?  Some new Goode bloggers are around - WOOHOO! So I will be reblogging my favourite things that I missed since June over the next few days.

I finished Matthew’s biography for months ago but haven’t got around to replacing the existing page - so that is my next job over the weekend.

Others may wonder where I get time to think of things to write. I don’t need to go out of my way much, because I think and feel deeply by nature. All that’s left is to record it well. I could hold back from sharing writings, but would I rather be the bottle, or the wine?
—  B. E. Barnes

Dear Heart,

Why do you feel heavier and heavier in my chest everyday?

Dear Ribs,

You. You are doing a terrible job of keeping Heart caged in. Stop letting it out to sit on my sleeve.

Dear Lungs,

Is the moon really that beautiful, that it takes your breath away?

Dear Mouth,

I don’t remember what you look like when you’re smiling.

Dear Eyes,

Stop looking for boys who can’t love you back. I’m tired of falling for them.

Dear Knees,

Stop buckling when Eyes see boys that can’t love you back.

Dear Head,

Please stop pounding- I can’t hear anything over these tsunami tides crashing against my skull.

Dear Hands,

Stop shaking. Stop shaking. Stop shaking. Stop shaking.

Dear Heart,

I know you are only held together by super glue and loose strings but please, don’t fall apart on me.

—  4.10 A Letter to my Body // m.m.c.

rebecca in the garden, head full of tulips and moving like spun sugar. lady dionysus picks thorns out of her teeth and brushes your hair. her voice sounds like pink wine / blueberry kisses / honeysuckle. when you tell her about the boys shaped like coffins, she asks you
what does the poet have to say?
the poet says that something is wearing the skin of every boy you ever loved. a skittering across the ceiling at night when he’s burying himself in someone else’s spine and you feel like fog over the ocean. we buried the hatchet and something different grew back. we buried the hatchet and a hand clawed it’s way back out. just because you have wrists doesn’t mean they were made to be bruised / just because you can bleed doesn’t mean you should. rebecca in the woods, barbed wire grown into the wood of her flesh, staring out at fields of dead birds. again. flowers in her hair and whiskey on her breath. she kisses each wing and the birds

the birds all fly home to roost / the bees are making honey in the fox’s skull. she brews tea and bandages your hands. she asks you,
what does the poet have to say?

the poet says that boys that talk like Ouija boards need to be exorcised. that you kill yourself every day and come back a little stronger. the poet says

what about tomorrow? and one of the dead birds makes a nest

outside your bedroom window. the tapping of rebecca’s fingernails and the tapping of the bird’s beak against the glass / both sound like / morse code / telling you / somebody loves you.

anonymous asked:

Klefan + the 20s

Does anyone ever think that sometimes Klaus just wanted to hang out with his bud in a normal non-hedonistic context? Because I do.

Imagine with me if you will.

  • Klaus inviting Stefan over to whatever aristocratic townhouse the Mikaelson’s were staying in at the time just to sit and trade stories. 
  • Perhaps they’d have a spot of tea. Maybe they’d just enjoy each others company and one would read a novel and the other would paper or perhaps while Klaus read Stefan would add another addition to his journal.
  • Going suit shopping together.
  • Klaus, most likely would be posing as some sort of nobility. So on more than one occasion, with Stefan as his plus one he’d probably turn up to some stuffy event, drink, flirt shamelessly and quietly raise hell until they’re asked to leave at which point the offending party becomes their afternoon snack.
  • Shameless day drinking
  • Both Klaus and Stefan weaseling their way into an exclusive wine tasting society and making a complete mockery of the whole thing before excluding (or eating) all the other members and draining the club’s private stash.
  • Smoking pipes together.
  • Raucous impromptu sing songs along with other patrons at the bar.
  • One stumbling home propping the other up on their shoulder because they’re piss drunk.