wine snobbery

Resbang 2017 Promo: “Bouquet Garni”

Author: @skadventuretime 

Artist(s): @guacamoletrash & @jamesfalt (soulheart)

Summary: Life rarely ever goes as planned. This is hard for Maka to understand as an up-and-coming law student with her future laid out in black and white, and even harder for Soul, who is still getting used to the idea that he has a future at all. But when their lives intersect through a strange turn of food-related events, they’ll have to decide whether to let their pasts define them, or find the courage to start again.

Pairing: Soul/Maka, Death the Kid/Black*Star, minor TsuLiz

Rating: T

Warnings: Mentions of/working through depression and anxiety, allusions to suicidal ideation, alcohol consumption, gratuitous and unabashed wine snobbery, mentions of self-harm