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Dan posts a video simply titled "fanservice." It is his empty bedroom. Boxes line the walls, labeled according to room. He is wearing ripped jeans, the sexual fantasies jumper, and gold hoop earrings. He lifts a glass of red wine; his nails are painted. Phil walks by, pauses, and gives Dan a quick kiss on the forehead. He carries a cage in one hand; as he walks off screen, the barking of a dog is heard. Dan gives the camera a knowing look, takes a sip from the wine glass, and the video ends.

i wish .. that would be the best fan service ever 😪

Slytherin Girls Things #2

The Slytherin Girls found a charm that automatically changes your lipstick, nail polish and any eye makeup to Slytherin colours.

After all it wouldn’t do to be seen with a bold red lipstick or any shade of red nail polish that wasn’t a dark colour with hints of purple. Red lipsticks automatically became pinks, peaches, nudes, purples and deep wine reds. Any nail colours and eye shadows became neutral, pastel or of course, any shade of green or grey.

It becomes a right of passage that the Slytherin Girls all come down to the common room for one big sleepover night and the younger girls get taught the charm.

the signs & their makeup looks

Aries: wild brows, bold lips most likely cherry red
Taurus: naturally long lashes, bold brows, nude matte lipstick
Gemini: ombré lips, purple hair
Cancer: glittery magenta eyeshadow, bubblegum pink lips
Leo: gold glittery eyeshadow, shimmery lips, sunkissed glo, remarkable hair
Virgo: perfect concealer, perfect brows, perfect hair, ethereal highlight ✨
Libra: heavy contour applied perfectly, stylish haircut, false lashes, long nails
Scorpio: heavy eyeshadow (probably smoky eye), false lashes, black or wine red matte lipstick, black nails
Sagittarius: orange glossy lips, perfect brows, yellow nails
Capricorn: false lashes, perfect smile, dewy foundation, heavy on mascara and blush, clear nails
Aquarius: wears very little makeup, mascara, lipgloss, aquamarine nails
Pisces: beach hair, long lashes, light contour, stunning eyes, sea blue nails