wine portrait


This is a completely and wholly honest representation of Mr Wines.

This entire sitting left me wondering how uncomfortable it would be to wear clothing over fur.  I had also thought that the corsetry of many of the ladies in Fallen London was terrifying; I can’t imagine what possessed Mr Wines to do this to its wings.

It was willing to part with some excellent vintages while posing.  For a price.

(Make sure you check the full resolution images!)


Tagged by the darling @miraculoussophiebug to create an aesthetic/mood board with only stuff found on my phone. I think this is a pretty accurate representation…of how Extra™ AF I am. 

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While working with Skrillex in Puerto Rico, I got to hang out with the sweetest girl MIJA, a dope DJ who now lives in LA. The night we took these shots we were at a house by the beach and I causally asked her if she was on the mood the take some pics. She was like yeah, let’s do it! She was drinking wine so I asked, wine glass or no? And she was like, “Oh, I love the glass!” I’m so glad she wanted to keep it because it became the perfect prop for our little shoot. Mija is an amazing subject and I’m really happy with how the shots turned out! There’s some exciting plans for that first shot in the post, check this space in a few weeks! ;)