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All prepared for to the next days to come I am beyond excited for this wedding I can’t even 😍 and the most amazing thing is you all are going to the wedding with me ❤ we’ll get through this together I’ll happily share my wine with you haha

Otp prompt #17

Imagine your otp in their living room dancing. B put on some Christmas music over the record player and A poured the two of them each a glass of wine. Picture A’s head leaning against B’s chest as they sway back and fourth to the sound of pure happiness. In this moment, nothing could go wrong and nothing will go wrong. They are both feeling a mix of emotions but above all else, they feel happy.

Tabimatsu: Yamanashi Story 2

EP 002: WAIN To TOIRE / ใƒฏใ‚คใƒณใจใƒˆใ‚คใƒฌ
EP 002: The Wine and the Toilet

aka the skit that gives further evidence to the theory that karaโ€™sย โ€œwineโ€ is probably fake and not wine at all. and I promised you guys Iโ€™d eventually give you good suiriku ok ok pls take this to make up for all those other times choro has shat all over poor kara

Choromatsu: Alright~!! To celebrate our pachinko victory, letโ€™s try out some wine~!!

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Frozen Szarlotka (Apple Pie) from the Poland Booth available during the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival.