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to do this summer

read flowers in the attic, anil’s ghost, dreamtigers, flower children, song of solomon, esperanza rising, who cooked the last supper, books on mythology and books on the properties of flowers and herbs

watch a nos amours, don’t deliver us from evil, kings of summer, moonrise kingdom, beasts of the southern wild, stealing beauty, totoro, psychout for murder, waterlilies, romeo + juliet, smooth talk, dazed and confused, empire records, stoker, as you are, avatar the last airbender, new twin peaks

go to europe (sleep on trains draw strangers wander through open fields see grampa dance a lot hike through cities drink good cheap wine), make a map of every sacred place i’ve been to, revisit the enchanted forest, feel whole and holy at fort reno, work or live on a farm for a bit, get my ears pierced, get a stick n poke of “17″ or a shooting star, get my license but bike and walk everywhere, design new clothes and sell them, daydream on my roof for hours, go on food adventures, visit haunted places, tend to the garden, press flowers and make flower tattoos, spend time with the people that matter, find fields and forests with magic in them to walk in with friends, picnic, make s’mores, walk through thunderstorms, walk through the night, make a girl band, fall in love or in SOMETHING, hold rituals to harness the power of the summer and stop time, make potions, make a movie and/or a graphic novel that encapsulates my time here, publish my archive of high school journals as a zine, hold dance parties 



A weekend jaunt. In pictures…and a bit of fanfic too…

We spent Good Friday on a driving tour of the Western Cape wine region. There is a lovely mapped out “Wine Route” that takes you to some of the loveliest locations in a convertible that was kindly put on loan to us though AudiUK. Driving through such beautiful countryside in that open car with the warm sun and wind in our faces was sooo relaxing. And the wine wasn’t too bad either in the little, out of the way winery we stopped in for a late lunch. Just as the sun set we stopped in the pass overlooking Franschhoek and snapped a pic of the hubby standing in front of the car and then got back on the road right quick to get on to our destination for the rest of the long weekend: Grootbos Nature Preserve.
After a late breakfast together at Grootbos, I spent Saturday lounging in the room and reading whilst the hubs went on a 4x4 safari in the nature preserve that surrounds this lovely spa like setting. After a leisurely dinner together, as we got ready for bed on Saturday we decided to share a bit of our weekend with the fans. I posted a shot of the beautiful view outside our bedroom window I took that afternoon, and hubs chose the Audi pic from yesterday; it wouldn’t do to have both from exactly the same place- we are supposed to be only friends after all lol! And the hubs said that he made sure to tag his pic as being from the one town in wine country we didn’t visit. Let them all look for that car, and those license numbers, all over Stellensbosch- both the car, and us, are long gone to the coast by now.
Grootbos was amazing. It was a great choice as we each got the chance to do what we wanted- me to rest, and hubs to be active- in the same place. And the food, oh the food, it was excellent. And the scenery, well, it speaks for itself, the place is like paradise. And very discreet too, I felt completely comfortable posting that pic knowing that the security here would prevent any who did identify that view; and there would be many who did- it’s well published on previous guest’s IG’s after all- from interrupting the rest of our stay here until Monday in any way.
It was truly a lovely weekend! And now, it’s back to work!!

Spain & Portugal
By Neil Stevens

A detail of a new map i’ve been working on for Majestiic Wines. Overall there have been 10 new maps i’ve created for them this week of the various popular wine regions around the globe. These are always a joy to work on and looking forward to placing the whole series up on my main portfolio site very soon.

The Wines of Westeros