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Not a question but ... I've just read a discussion about John's long-lasting drinking issues (screens from MHR and HLV). So I'll just send you this: SUE: That’s a huge glass of wine [John’s] having there, isn’t it?BENEDICT: I think that’s a whisky, isn’t it? (...) STEVEN: If you watch this show carefully, there is a subtext about John drinking. John’s just hammered by every midnight! (...)MARK: Even he forgets the names of his girlfriends, and that’s why! [Scandal in Belgravia Commentary on DVD]

Hi Nonny!

Yeah, John’s drinking has been brought up before, and I believe that quote was added to the post in later reblogs! 

A lot of us believe that drinking in this series has a lot of subtext behind it:

There is SO MUCH meta about drinking and liquids in the series, so the last links bring you to more theories about the various “codes” that we think exist as subtext in the series, since there is just so much of it, I think it’s just better, if you’re interested, to peruse my tags instead, LOL.


Infographic: Around the World In 80 Drinks

This is a striking infographic which delves into the world’s most popular drinks, and the countries which produce them better than anyone else. Sit down for a Scotch in Scotland, a Sangria in Spain or an Almdudler in Austria.

Disclaimer: Although the name is a bit of a cheat, because while there are flags from 80 nations on the poster, there are only 75 drinks shown, as some are double up. 


Call me crazy, but I’ve been counting objects. I don’t write meta, but I wanted to chip in with my two cents. The best predictor for future behaviour is past behaviour, so these are my predictions for what to expect from season 4.

Now, I know very little about cinematography, so if there are rules about how to count these things, I have probably broken them. I’ve simply put down every time someone mentions, touches or in any way interacts with an object on screen. I have also included objects that are ignored by the characters but are prominent on screen because of the way they are filmed. If two people in the same scene interacts with the same object, I have noted it twice.

These visualisations show which objects appear in which episode. I also have statistics on the characters, so I am planning to make more visualisations if you like these.

When I started this meta-adventure, I had help from 

Thanks a lot for helping me get started!

Edit: I’ve just checked TAB and my numbers are off on several measurements. Gngh! I’m looking into it and will get back to you!

Wine night out

What it is: A wine guide which gives you a professional view on wine. It makes it easier to choose and includes also some nice must-knows. It informs you about colours, flavours, temperatures, ages etc.

Why it is cool: Now you can choose your own wine. You don’t have to ask the waiter to help you with your choice. This guide makes the wine industry less complex, which is good. It gives you more information about wine and its flavor and quality. The guide shows that transparency in the food business isn’t that hard to make clear, just by making a guide you can take the consumer into your concept. It shows that you are interested in the opinion of the consumer and that you respect them by showing your process. You will get more consumers and respect in return.

Why it has future growth potential:
The fact that this guide gives you a lot of information about wine is nice, but what’s way better is the fact that it does connect you to others. Because it is so easy, you can enjoy your wine, food and night out really well and simple. This wine guide will probably result in a nice night out with a few wines too much, but that’s fine!