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‘What the fuck? Don’t take my picture!’

‘Why not, Levi? You look cute when you’re pampering yourself!’

'Erwin, I swear to god, you post that ANYWHERE and I will make you pay.’

’….love you?’


Not even Levi can resist a good face mask XD

Silly idea I had this morning, had to be done. Kimono loosely referenced from Pinterest, used a fake post generator for the fb content. There may be some retaliation coming Erwin’s way…

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I love the response you wrote to the prompt about Jack talking to Senor Bun and I, I dunno, was wondering if you'd finish it with Jack asking Bitty and all...... of course you don't have to do that I just wanted to hear more of your writing and I also just love it when things feel complete, I guess? Anyway thanks for your writing, lol. It's always a pleasure to read

Thank you! <3 I’ve been a bit slow reply so you’ve probably forgotten part one. Anyway, thank you again, and here’s the finale/proposal!

Jack carries Senor Bun carefully back to the bedroom, making sure he’s centred against Bitty’s pillow with the ears flopping just so.

He hears the front door opening, and a second later, Bitty’s calling out a greeting.

Jack pats his pocket. The ring box is still there.

“Well, here goes,” he whispers to Senor Bun, then steps out and through to the kitchen where he knows Bitty will be.

“Hey,” Jack tries to sound normal even though his throat has swollen with nerves.

“It smells amazing, honey.” Bitty greets him with a warm smile and a kiss on the cheek. “And what’s all this?” he asks, gesturing at the dining table.

Jack’s set it more elaborately than normal. Tablecloth, the fancy wine glasses, and a new candle burning gently in the middle.

“Something special,” Jack says, feeling nervous, but at the same time, certain in his love for Bitty and what he’s about to do.

Bitty turns with a frown to Jack. “Have I forgotten something important?”

Jack shakes his head. “Of course not.”

Bitty sighs in relief and Jack finds he can’t wait a second longer.

He drops to one knee.

It’s abrupt and unmissable. Bitty gasps quietly and covers his mouth with his hands. He looks over to the table again and then back to Jack.

Jack holds out a hand, palm up, to Bitty, and waits while he breathes shallowly in and out. Bitty drops his hands eventually, and slides one into Jack’s waiting palm. He nods at Jack, looking a new combination of petrified but smiling.

“Eric Richard Bittle-”

Bitty makes a choked noise. “You never call me that.”

“I’m trying to make it romantic.”

Bitty laughs and shakes his head in a fond gesture.

“Bitty,” Jack starts again, smiling because he can already read the ‘yes’ in Bitty’s shining eyes, and it’s made his nerves fly away. “Bits. Bud. Mon lapin.”

Bitty laughs again, and half-way through it turns into a sob.

“I…” Jack blinks, realising something in the moment. “I had a speech but I can’t wait that long. Will you marry me?”

“I thought you were trying to be romantic,” Bitty teases through his tears.

“There a candle,” Jack says, dropping Bitty’s hand to reach into his pocket and bring out the ring. He had timed it for during the speech but that’s gone out the window now. Now that Bitty’s here, and since he’s gotten Senor Bun’s blessing, it’s physically impossible for Jack to wait on this.

He opens the box and shows Bitty. Bitty wipes at his eyes and looks down at the ring. He reaches out, but bypasses the ring box and curls his fingers around Jack’s forearm which he pulls on gently to guide Jack up to standing.

Bitty looks into Jack’s eyes then reaches up to brush a thumb along his cheekbone. Jack takes a rattling breath in. He hadn’t realised he’d stopped breathing, and now he’s choked up in a very tangible way. It’s a confusing emotional oscillation. He opens his mouth to ask Bitty again, but instead draws in another ragged breath.

Bitty lifts his other hand to frame Jack’s face. He pulls Jack’s head down slightly, and leans on tiptoes so their foreheads are touching.

“Yes,” he says simply.

It’s the most perfect syllable Jack has ever heard.

Jack would kiss Bitty except that he’s smiling so much and can’t stop–as is Bitty–and he knows that wont be comfortable for either of them. Instead, he takes the ring from its box with shaking fingers, and slips it on to the hand that Bitty holds up between them.

It’s a prefect fit. Jack looks at it on Bitty’s finger and feels something has clicked into place. He wraps his arms around Bitty and squeezes him so tightly it’s actually uncomfortable, Bitty’s collarbone pressing into his chest.

“I love you,” he says to Bitty. “I love you, I love you, I love you.”

“God, Jack,” Bitty breathes, laughing. “I already agreed to marry you.” It sounds thick like Bitty is crying again, but Jack doesn’t judge, after all, he is too. He doesn’t think he’s ever laughed and cried so much at the one time.

Jack pulls back, having to see his fiancé’s beautiful face. He’s still smiling uncontrollably when he kisses Bitty.

“Our first kiss as an engaged couple,” Jack remarks against Bitty’s lips.

“Mm. Feels good,” Bitty replies, kissing Jack again.

Jack can’t stop kissing Bitty now that he’s started. He’s getting lightheaded with it, or he already was lightheaded and this is making it worse. Or maybe lightheaded is the wrong word and he’s simply giddy, elated. Floating on cloud nine.

“I made dinner,” Jack has to remind himself eventually.

“First dinner as an engaged couple,” Bitty parrots.

Bitty spends all dinner glancing down at the ring on his finger, and Jack spends most of it with his eyes on Bitty. He doesn’t eat much because his body is clogged up with other emotions, but they finish the bottle of wine between them and fall into bed clumsily entwined and so in love.

Jack waits until Bitty’s fallen asleep to thank Senor Bun again for his blessing.

Ten Years And Counting

A year ago today, @atticuos send me a Derek Hale fanvideo and that was the start of a beautiful and wonderful friendship (and also the first of many, many videos that she send me). I honestly don’t even know where to begin to describe how important Elisa is to me and how happy she makes me, and I’m just so lucky to have her in my life.

Happy friendaversary, my adorable baby monkey. I love you to the other end of the universe and back a billion times. ♥

As soon as the car door was shut and the sound of the busy city on the other side was reduced to a more muffled sound, Derek sagged back against the driver’s seat, closed his eyes, and let out a heavy and tired sigh, his shoulders losing the tension in them little by little.

It was late. The sun was already going down behind the tall buildings of the city, leaving the sky in a soft pink and orange glow that Derek would probably have been admiring if he wasn’t resting his eyes and considering taking a power nap for just a brief moment. That, and the buildings illuminating the darkening city was blocking out the sunset anyway, so he wouldn’t have been able to see much from the parking lot he was parked in.

That was one of few downsides of living in the city.

Letting out another tired sigh, Derek scrubbed a hand over his face, ran it over his beard (he had let his stubble grow over the years, a few gray hairs joining the darker ones) to fix the wild hairs sticking out, and then grabbed the steering wheel as he turned on the car.

His head was killing him, his brain tired from a long day of having to be around so many people. But, as a history teacher at the community college, that was his job and he liked it. It was the good kind of tired, the kind of tired where he could go home and not feel completely drained and exhausted, the kind of tired where he still had energy to be awake for a few more hours.

He hadn’t felt this relaxed and good in years, and all it had taken was to leave Beacon Hills and his ghosts behind. And, of course, for Stiles to join him in New York, too.

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Pairing: Stenbrough

Word Count: 1778

Prompt: Part 2 of ‘OH, TO BE ALONE WITH YOU’ or alternatively, “the five times Stan tried to tell Bill he loved him and the one time he actually did it”

Warnings: nothing, just pure fluff and some swears and Richie being a little shit

Dedication: those two anons who messaged me and asked for a part two!

Link to part one:


After a month of dating Bill Denbrough, Stan knew he was in love. But he kept his mouth shut. One month of dating was too soon ( all the websites said so ). However, just because he wouldn’t tell Bill didn’t mean he was able to keep his mouth shut to everyone.

Somehow, in the few short months Stan had lived in Derry, Richie ended up being his best friend. Stan wasn’t really sure how it happened, especially because Richie was so wildly different from him, but it did happen. And one night, Stan confessed it to Richie. And that had been a huge mistake. Because Richie refused to let Stan forget it.

But it was December now, and Stan and Bill had been dating for just under three months. The first-time Stan almost told Bill he loved him was a giant mess. In fact, he even said it out loud.

It was a chilly Saturday and Ben’s mother wasn’t home ( she was spending the weekend moving her father into a nursing home in Portland ). Richie and Bev, being the troublemakers they were, got their hands on some cheap beer and two twelve packs of Mike’s Spiked Lemonade. Stan wasn’t sure how they did it and he wasn’t sure he wanted to know, if their self-satisfied smirks were any indication.

It wasn’t long before they were drinking. Bill and Eddie were the only ones not drinking; Eddie had no interest in any form of alcohol and Bill was still reeling from his last time drinking. Stan surprised himself with the amount he drank. And it didn’t take much time for his words to slur and any inhibitions to leave him.

“Billy,” Stan exclaimed cheerfully, plopping himself down on his boyfriend’s lap.

Somewhere behind him, Richie and Bev cheered loudly. Mike wolf whistled.

“Hi,” Bill whispered to Stan, laughing quietly.

“You’re so handsome,” Stan slurred, nuzzling his nose against Bill’s.

“Thanks,” Bill chuckled. “But I got nothing on you, Stanny-Boy.”

Stan hummed in contentment, his eyes fluttering shut as a tiny smile worked its way onto his lips. He pressed his face into the crook of Bill’s neck.

“I love you, Billy,” he heard himself mumble against Bill’s skin.

“Hmm?” Bill asked, eyebrows furrowed.

But Bill got no response from Stan. Instead, he had to deal with a curly haired, sleeping mess that was slumped against his body.

“He slumped!” Richie and Mike chorused loudly, followed by boisterous laughter.


The second-time Stan almost told Bill he loved him was a simple night. Christmas break was drawing to a close and they were having a New Year’s party at Bill’s place. Georgie was sleeping over a friend’s and Sharon and Zack were at some classy party at Zack’s boss’s house and would be staying in a hotel. At some point after the ball dropped, Stan and Bill found themselves in Bill’s room, underneath the warm covers of Bill’s double bed.

“Perfect for two,” Bill had once told Stan, while wiggling his eyebrows.

But in the current time, they were facing each other, forehead’s pressed together and fingers intertwined. It was so peaceful and calming. And Bill kept pressing light kisses to Stan’s neck.

It was driving Stan crazy.

“This is nice,” Bill hummed as Stan began to reciprocate the light kisses. “M-muh-maybe even perfect.”

But nothing was perfect. So, Stan said nothing. He kept his mouth shut and didn’t say the three words he’d been dying to say for the past two months. Bill thought he was perfect and Stan knew he wasn’t perfect.


The third time was two months later on Valentine’s Day. Stan thought the whole thing was stupid, but apparently Bill didn’t. Even though it was a week night, Stan had been called in to babysit Georgie because Zack and Sharon were going out ( the week before Zack had confided in Stan that he was surprising Sharon with a two-week cruise around the Caribbean for the summer ) to celebrate this day of love.

Bill was, apparently, such a fan of Valentine’s Day that he got Georgie and his parents involved in his plan.

“Mom and Dad put money on the counter for you to take me to the movies!” Georgie exclaimed, looking as excited as ever when Stan walked into the house. “Can we go see Black Panther? Please, Stan?”

And so Stan took Georgie to the movies and indulged in Georgie’s hurrahs and screams of delight every time a bullet went flying ( Stan was never the one to take to an action movie ).

“Goodnight, Stan!” Georgie yelled when they got back to the house.

Stan furrowed his eyebrows as Georgie sprinted into the house before he was even able to get out of his mother’s car. Normally, Georgie put up a fight when Stan told him that he had to go to bed. Still, Stan didn’t think much of it. And, anyways, Bill’s car was in the driveway so that would give them some make out time.

When Stan walked into the Denbrough’s kitchen to get himself some water, he stopped dead in his tracks. Bill was standing next to the table with a self-satisfied smirk as he looked at Stan. Set up on the table were some fancy plates, wine glasses, and lit candles.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Stanny-Boy,” Bill said, grinning as he held out a bouquet of daisies.

“I hate you,” Stan chuckled, as he looked at the display.

Though, in his head he was really thinking ‘I love you.’

But Bill grinned, as if he knew what Stan was really thinking, even if he didn’t say anything.


The fourth-time Stan almost confessed his love for Bill was at a college tour. Stan wanted to look at schools in Boston and Bill tagged along for the ride. They woke up at the ungodly hour of 5:00 in the morning to get to Boston for a 9:30 tour of Boston College. It took them three and a half hours to get there, but they had enough time to grab a quick breakfast from a coffee shop not far from the university.

After the tour, they spent the day in the city just having fun. They walked part of the Freedom Trail, spent some time in the Boston Commons, and ate lunch at a trendy little place on Newbury Street. As they drove home, Stan watched as the sun disappeared beneath the trees.

“You know,” Bill said quietly, words slow and deliberate. “I’ve been thinking and— well, it’d be fun to go to college together, right?”

Stan shifted in his seat and smiled.


“W-we could room t-t-tuh-together,” Bill said, his eyes ever so slightly flickering from the expanse of empty country road to Stan’s face. He took a deep breath. “O-or we could g-get some shitty st-tudio apartment in the city?”

Stan’s breath hitched.

Bill wanted to move in with him after high school?

As Richie would so lovingly put it, Stan was shook to the core.  


Stan’s mind was screaming, urging him to tell Bill how he felt. But something wouldn’t let him.


The fifth time was during junior prom. The DJ was being cliché and had the slow song as How Would You Feel by Ed Sheeran ( though Eddie, who was a self-proclaimed expert on the singer, would bitch and bitch about how Perfect was a significantly better love song ). Stan had to seriously disagree with Eddie’s How Would You Feel opinion. But that was probably just because Stan could relate to the lyrics of that song.

Bill was holding Stan close as the lyrics filled the air. Couples swayed all around them. Stan watched as Ben blushed from Bev resting her head on his chest. Mike was dancing with a sweet girl named Sara from their history class and had a big grin on his face as they quietly whispered. Richie and Eddie were nowhere to be seen, but Stan figured they were making out in the bathroom ( as they were prone to do, despite Eddie’s germaphobia ).

How would you feel if I told you I loved you? Ed Sheeran’s voice crooned pleasantly, leaving Stan wondering the same thing about Bill.

And he almost said it too, but his voice died in his throat as Bill pressed a kiss to his lips as the song drew to a close.


When Stan finally managed to tell Bill how he really felt, the situation was not as happy as he would have liked. They were fighting, screaming even. It had gotten to the point where Stan didn’t even remember what it was about. All he knew was that he was crying, and the Bill was too.

“I need to go,” Bill said, wiping under his eyes.

Stan watched as he grabbed his jacket and stomped out the door. For a moment, Stan watched the empty doorway where Bill had just been standing. He took a breath and began sprinting. He didn’t care that it was raining and he wasn’t in a coat or wearing shoes. He just had to stop Bill from leaving.

Stan was a smart guy. He knew that if he let Bill drive away that that would be the end of it, or at the very least things would never be the same.

STOP!” Stan yelled, stumbling to a stop at Bill’s driver side window. He knocked on the window. “Open the window— Bill, please.”

Luckily, Bill did.

“Please don’t go, Billy, please,” Stan begged. “Can you please just come back inside? I don’t— I can’t lose you. I love you.”  

Stan hadn’t even realized he said it. He just knew that he needed Bill to stay.

“You l-l-luh-love me?” Bill asked, eyes wide.

Stan froze, but nodded.

Bill said nothing as he unbuckled his seatbelt and opened the car door. Slowly, he reached up and grabbed Stan’s face, running his thumbs across Stan’s cheeks. Neither one of the boys paid any mind to the freezing rain pouring down on them. Bill merely smiled and laughed almost bitterly.

“I love you too, Stanny-Boy,” Bill whispered.

And as Bill pressed Stan’s back against his car to kiss him deeply, all thoughts of the stupid argument were whisked away.

“I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you,” Stan mumbled as Bill broke away from the kiss to pepper kisses down his neck.

Once he managed to say it, Stan was addicted. He couldn’t stop. He wanted nothing more than to make up for all the times he could’ve told Bill but didn’t.

“I love you.”


small stuff in Stranger Things 2 that I loved

• mike’s mum in the bath reading a romance novel with a glass of wine and candles lit

•the police receptionist that took the cigarette out of hoppers mouth then moments later replaced the donut in his hand with an apple

•dustins mums weird but endearing connection with her cat

•erica (lucas’s sister) saying that her doll and lucas’s gi joe were in love

•nancy and steve having dinner with barb’s parents

•jonathan and nancy comparing scars

•eleven dressing up as a ghost

•hopper phoning eleven and saying that she can’t eat just eggos she needs to eat proper food too

•every single character is great and I am in love with all of them


AUTHOR’S NOTE; First of all, I want to apologize for how long it took me to get to this. With all the set backs concerning this blog, I was unprepared to write for a while. I’m finally back and I really hope this is what you were looking for. Also please feel free to request more stuff, you know I like when people request.  I combined both these requests because they both kind of fit to the plot that I ended up writing here. Hope you guys don’t mind. Let me know how it is! // @kawaiijaegar

Your hands moved lifelessly over the cooking materials that were currently at your disposal and you could feel the excitement build to the surface of your frame over having dinner with Jared tonight. He had been working nonstop on a new project and film while along side some pretty well know actors and actresses, however there was one actress in particular that seemed to bother you. She was talented and you even found yourself enjoying some of her work, but what you didn’t enjoy was her constant need to “rehearse” with Jared for long periods of time. 

Not only was she the same age as you, but you caught her admiring some of the same interests as well which made you even more skeptical of her and her relationship with Jared. It wasn’t right to be jealous, she was his love interest in the movie after all. However, she had the fame, the looks, the money and they just had more in common than the two of you. It wasn’t your fault that you didn’t come from the same background as her, but it still bothered you that she seemed to understand him in ways that you probably didn’t. A part of you wanted to believe that it was all in our head, but there were subtle things being done that caused you to get more and more jealous. The long hours with her, being with her late at night “rehearsing”, spending all day with her in shooting, praising her for being “talented” and a good “partner”, constantly texting and calling her, and overall being more of a boyfriend to her than he was to you. Ok, maybe that was an inch too far, but that’s what it felt like. 

In your last relationship you were constantly put on the back burner when it came to him and his friends. On top of that, he never considered your feelings when it came to the relationship in general, but you never argued it because you didn’t want to lose him. He had good times and those good times always overshadowed the bad even when he mistreated you and cheated on you even. After finally leaving him you couldn’t understand what kept you around in the first place, was it the fear of being alone maybe? 

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Rated: M

Genre: Smut

Pairing: You/Jay Park

Word Count: 2.1K

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Hi. Can you do Sombra and Doomfist proposing to their s/o. Please and thank you.

Ah, yes, welcome to hell, Doomfist. You’re one of them now. 



  • Honestly does some crazy shit that probably terrifies you at first before you realize what she’s actually doing
  • Like your at home or work or something and suddenly all the electricity cuts out
  • Everything completely shuts down for a few seconds, then reboots with a bunch of creepy coding and shit all over every screen 
  • Out of surprise you probably briefly forget that your girlfriend is a hacker and she wants to surprise you so her trademark is nowhere to be seen
  • Eventually the coding starts picking out a letter of each line of coding
  • Eventually each screen has “WILL YOU MARRY ME” spelled out vertically and lit up in purple, surrounded by the rest of the white flickering coding
  • You’re just piecing things together by the time the lights come back on and the door opens
  • Your girlfriend is in the doorway with the smuggest look plastered on her face before she walks right up to you, takes a knee, and pulls out a shiny ring with a purple gem from behind her back


  • Is actually a normal human being aside from punching out of prison with his bare hands and having a giant golden arm/gauntlet as a weapon
  • Makes a big home-cooked meal and sets up the dining room all fancy with nice dishes and a nice new tablecloth wine glasses and candles and dimmed lights
  • When he hears you get home, he runs out to make sure you cover your eyes eyes before he guides you to his at-home restaurant
  • When you ask what’s going on he just tells you that you’ll have to wait until the end
  • All through dinner he asks about you and your day and how everything is going
  • All attention on you
  • Dinner’s your favorite meal and afterwards is your favorite desert
  • Tbh he probably drags the night out a bit to get you wondering
  • Takes forever to finish the cleanup, which he refuses to let you help with
  • Even feigns to have forgotten what the occasion was
  • He walks off to go to bed, then hollers at you to come quick
  • When you get to the bedroom, he’s waiting on one knee with a simple but gorgeous ring in his hand
  • “It seems I’ve just remembered what the occasion was! Will you marry me?”

Happy Valentine’s day @scarletb1tch
I hope you enjoy the story!
This takes place 4 years after the latest Gotham episode. Oswald and have Ed have worked everything out and are secretly dating. This is one of their dates.

 Edward Nygma anxiously ran his fingers over a golden ring encrusted in diamonds, with a ruby in the middle. Ed had spent months on it, robbing several jewelry stores to find the perfect jewels. He was no jeweler, but he was the Riddler, who was smarter than any man. Well that’s what he told himself even if he was proven wrong… a lot.

Edward took a deep breath and looked up at the sky. He watched the sun slowly get lower and lower in the sky.

“Ed are you up there?” A voice asked below a trap door.

Edward almost dropped the ring while briskly putting it back into his iconic green suit. He ran over to the trap door and helped Oswald Cobblepot onto the roof.

“You’re late, Mr. Cobblepot.” Ed noted.

“You try finding this place on your own. Every building is abandoned here in this side of Gotham.” Oswald snapped back.

Edward escorted Oswald to a table he had set up for the date. The table was covered in a black cloth with silverware, ceramic plates, wine glasses and candles in the middle.

“What do you think?” Ed asked afraid that maybe he had gone overboard as usual. Normally he wouldn’t care as much, but this night had to be perfect.

“It’s beautiful Ed.” Oswald said as he sat down.

Ed took the other seat and pulled out a bottle of wine. “May I?”

“Of course.” Oswald handed his glass to Edward.

As Edward poured Oswald couldn’t help, but to laugh.

Ed looked at him perplexed. “What’s so funny Os?” He asked giving Oswald the wine.

“You said I was late, but you’re the only that’s late, 3 years late.” Oswald pointed at the wine.

Edward faked a smile. “Yeah you’re right.” He looked off into the distance remembering the day he promised he would show up to Oswald’s house with a bottle of wine. Fate had other ideas and he was taken away by a blonde headed girl. Edward didn’t know if he should tell Oswald that was the wine he bought years ago.

When Oswald realized what he had done he quickly spoke, “I’m sorry Ed. I didn’t mean t-”

“No it’s fine Ossie.” Ed’s fake smiled dropped again as he studied his lover’s face. All of his mistakes stared him back at his face. Over the years Oswald’s face and body had been the victim of terrible crimes. Most of the marks had been caused by Ed and it haunted him.

“Ed you’re staring. What has gotten into you?” Oswald asked obviously worried.

Edward suddenly stood. “Why do you stick around? I’ve done so much to you and yet you’re sitting here with me. You should just put a bullet in my head.” Ed couldn’t help it. No matter what he did there was always a voice that told him he wasn’t good enough. “I’ll hurt you again. I know I will and-”

“Edward that’s enough!” Oswald shouted. In one swift motion Oswald pulled Ed into an embrace. “I told you to never talk like that again. Listen to me Ed, you’re the only person I will ever love. You’ve saved me countless times even after everything I’ve done. If I could go back and do it all again, I would. Falling in love with you was the best thing that has ever happened to me.” Oswald held Ed tighter trying to hold back his tears.

Edward panicked. He didn’t know how to fix things, he had ruined another date. He always knew what to do, except when it came to Oswald. When he was around Oswald all reason went out the window and his head became static. “What do I do?” Edward whispered.

“Shut up and kiss me, Nygma.” Oswald cried into Ed’s shirt.

Ed was about to do as he was told when he heard two car doors slam shut.

“Jim, I’m telling you, the freak put you on another goose chase. He won’t be here. Let’s just call it a day and go get a drink.” A voice came from the street below.

Oswald and Ed both froze they knew exactly who was down there.

“Harv, we can’t just ignore this. If we don’t act quickly who knows what Nygma will do. He’s sick. Besides if you can’t handle it, you can just go. I’ll find you later.” Another man’s voice chimed in.

“And let you kick Nygma’s ass without me? Hell no.” The first man spoke again.

“Ed you need to leave now.” Oswald said with urgency.

“I’m not leaving you.” Edward said grabbing Oswald.

“Don’t worry about me. They’ll only take me to Arkham. I’ll be out in a couple of days.” Oswald pulled away and say back down at the table. “I’ll only slow you down.”

Footsteps and voices were heard from the trap door.

“Go!” Hissed Oswald.

Edward finally did as told and found a ladder on the side of the building. Oswald smiled at Ed one final time as Ed disappeared down the building.

“GCPD!” A man yelled as he busted open the trap door.

Oswald watched as two men climbed up through the opening in the roof. One man was fairly older than the other with a grey and brown beard, the younger one had slick brown hair and eyes that teared into Oswald’s soul. They immediately pointed their guns at an unamused Oswald.

“I see you still have no manners.” Oswald sighed and crossed his arms.

“Where’s the green freak, Penguin?” The older man asked clearly out of breath.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. Now if you excuse me, my food is getting cold.” Oswald picked up a container of spicy mustard.

“Cut the shit, Cobblepot. I figured out Ed’s riddle. He should be here. I suggest you tell us or I can drag your ass back to Arkham.” The younger one was obviously not in the mood.

Oswald turned to both of the men. “As much as I would love to help you with whatever adventure you’re on now, I’m kind of busy currently.” Oswald said with a mouthful of food. “You’re not very good at your job, Jim. I expect this much from a buffoon like Harvey, but not you. Nygma and I are enemies. Don’t worry I’ll find him and when I’m done I’ll send you what’s left.” Oswald hoped Ed was long gone, so he couldn’t hear the terrible things being said about him.

“You say that, but here you are at a table set for two. I was there 4 years ago when you and Nygma were buddies. I know he’s here, Oswald.” Jim Gordon took out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed Oswald to a pipe connected to the building.

Oswald was about to tell Gordon otherwise when he was interrupted by the Riddler’s booming voice over what sounded like a megaphone. “Detective Gordon and the other imbecile there’s still one final problem! You have 8 minutes and 45 seconds to stop my bomb from going off. I gave you more time since you have a Harvey with you, Gordon. You better hurry or all the people trapped inside will die. Good luck, you’ll need it.”

A building a half block away lit up with green.

Oswald turned back to the detectives and pleaded. “Don’t you dare leave me here. If that maniac finds me, I won’t be able to defend myself.”

“Don’t get my hopes up Penguin.” Harvey said as he quickly dropped down the trap door.

Gordon stared at Oswald as if he knew what was happening. “You can run, but I’ll find you guys.” Jim promised as he disappeared down the hole after Harvey.

Edward climbed back onto the building as the detectives raced to the green building. He quickly ran over and uncuffed Oswald.

“I told you to get out of here!” Oswald yelled.

Edward only ignored him and pulled him down where Jim and Harvey exited earlier. Once they were out of the building Ed picked Oswald up and ran. He didn’t know where he was going, but Edward knew he had to get them out if there.

“Edward Nygma stop ignoring me and put me down at once!” Oswald screamed.

Ed kept running. Tonight was the night he was going to propose. He wouldn’t let Jim or his own mistakes ruin it.

After about a mile and a half of running and taking quick breaks, Ed suddenly stopped realizing where he had taken them. The dock haven’t changed in years.

“Why do you never listen?!” Oswald shouted as he broke free from Ed.

Ed stared at the water in front of them. How could he have taken them here? Memories Ed tried to forget every night flooded into his head all at once. He heard Oswald’s voice begging him not to pull the trigger.

Oswald watched as Edward fell to the ground. “Damn it. We don’t have time for this. They’ll corner us if we don’t leave now, Ed.”

Oswald tried to push his own memories of the dock away, but couldn’t. So he sat next to Ed and watched as police lights get closer.

Oswald put his hand on Ed’s. “It’s going to okay, Eddie. We can’t let the past ruin our future.”

“You’re right Ossie, like always.” Edward smiled. What happened in the past is the past. This place doesn’t have to be a hurtful reminder. Maybe it could be a happy beginning.

Edward put his other hand into his pocket and felt the ring as Oswald stood up to face the nearing ever closer GCPD. An idea pushed its way into his head, it was crazy, but he had to do it.

“Oswald do you remember when you told me that we needed each other, that one couldn’t exist without the other?” Oswald heard Ed’s shakey voice behind him.

“Yes then you shot me.” Oswald stated coldly not wanting to remember the past.

“It took me four years to realize that you were right. I need you Oswald.” Ed’s voice was now cracking as if he was about to cry.

Oswald saw Jim running towards them in the distance. Oswald spun around to face Edward. “What the hell-” Oswald stopped mid sentence. Edward was on one knee.

Oswald choked back sobs of joy, “Edward Nygma I swear to God if you propose to me with a god damn riddle I will shove you into the water.

“What needs two to work, falls apart with one, and ends only at death?” Edward smiled proud of his riddle and pulled out the ring.

“Screw you Nygma.” Oswald sobbed.

“Is that a yes?” Edward pressed.

“Yes, you big idiot!” Oswald yelled as he ran into Edward’s arms.

“Wait Nygma and Cobblepot are a thing?!” Harvey yelled out of breath from running. Harvey opened his wallet and pulled out 20 dollars.

“I told you.” Jim Gordon sighed and took the money from Harvey.

They had a bet on if Edward and Oswald ever got together. Jim may have left the part out where he saw the two singing together in Ed’s apartment.

Edward paid no attention to the GCPD and kissed Oswald.

“Can I shoot them now?” Harvey joked wanting to go home.

“It’s too much extra paper work, Harv.” Jim sighed again.

“You’re just mad, because Nygma and Cobblepot got a happy ending, but you and Lee didn’t.” Harvey laughed suddenly enjoying the situation.

Jim turned to one of the officers. “Make sure those two are far away from each other in Arkham.” He turned back to Harvey “I need that drink now.”

“Now you’re talking. Have fun on your honeymoon in Arkham.” Harvey said following Gordon back to his cop car.

Oswald responded with a gesture that Harvey sadly didn’t see.

The Riddler and the Penguin were then apprehended and taken to Arkham. They were both out in record time.

pastel-nonbinary  asked:

Reaction of RFA when MC does the whole "throw the alcohol bottle into a candle" thing that Kala from sense8 does (I don't know why they did it though...) (Also this is why I asked you about what I did, cause I've only played for like less than 3 days...)

what’s that? ams is doing this request because she saw that Sense8 got a lil bit renewed? Heck yeah.

Thanks for this, babe!💛 Hope you like it! 

[ what’s that?? a mafia au?? yes. tw: for language,violence, blood, and death(in one case)! ]

MC was getting real tired of just standing back and listening to this crap. They were ordered to sit at a nearby table and wait, but…their conversation was starting to get to them. While they watched the two others talking, with their wine glasses, candles, and barely picked-at meals, various thoughts ran through MC’s mind. What could she possibly want with the RFA? Why choose that member of the RFA to talk to? And why did MC have a really bad feeling about this? 

They didn’t get to think about it too long however, because finally - finally - V’s voice came into their earpiece. “We’ve wasted enough time here. Do what you need to do, MC.” They smirked, standing up and making their way over to the other table. MC put their hand on the back of their RFA member’s chair and looked straight into this girl’s eyes. “You’ve made a mistake.” The girl across the table raised an eyebrow, smirking slightly. “Did I? I think it was the RFA who made a mistake. You have no idea what you’re dealing with.” MC and their RFA member glanced around the room, noticing everyone else shifting in their seats. They were surrounded. The RFA member was about to stand, but MC put a hand on their shoulder, only moving them to the side a little bit. They put on their own smirk and leaned toward her. “Bring it, bitch.” MC quickly grabbed the bottle of alcohol on the table and smashed it over the table candles, causing it to explode.


  • Honestly, his first thought was “thank god mc pushed me out of the way, that could’ve burned my hair”
  • followed by: “holy shit mc just did that” 
  • but then he realized what was going on and immediately went into action 
  • pulls out his gun and looks over to MC’s direction
  • they’re alright, but walking towards the other lady 
  • ohmygodMClooksprettyhotlikethatwowwhatabadasswalk
  • zen please, focus
  • the other people in the restaurant are moving towards mc
  • ok..maybe there aren’t enough bullets 
  • knife, then. hello naughty children, it’s murder time
  • he goes for the one closest to mc and continues to beat people out of their way
  • however, he notices that the other lady pulled out a gun and mc didn’t notice
  • so he just runs over there and grabs them, bringing both of them out of the way to behind a pillar
  • right on time, too. he just heard the gunshot
  • actually makes time to look at mc and smile, “that was pretty hot back there, babe”
  • the rest of the rfa heard that through the earpiece and someone yoosung let out a ‘ugh’
  • mc just rolls their eyes and hits him lightly
  • “let’s go before she finds us.”


  • is actually pretty surprised
  • thanks for warning him??
  • but he gains his wits quickly and pulls out his gun
  • glances over at mc and sees them already fighting people in the restaurant
  • yes that is The Love of His Life, beating up a bunch of bad guys
  • he joins in, shooting someone near them
  • they end up fighting back to back - both with the guns and with their hands
  • then the other lady enters the picture
  • and yoosung let’s mc have at her
  • it’s when she pulls a knife that yoosung goes and interferes
  • and by ‘interferes’, I mean save mc’s life, duh
  • he tackles the other lady and runs back over to mc
  • “we’re going. now-” 
  • they sprint out of there
  • half of the rfa yell at them through their earpieces
  • cause that was DANGEROUS and the kids need to be SAFE
  • the two of them turned it off when they got to a safer place lol


  • was so surprised honestly
  • what was that, mc?? 
  • spares a second to look at them and give them a look that just screams “never do that again
  • but she shakes it off and lunges after the enemy lady
  • mc goes after her too, kicking away other enemies
  • jaehee takes out her knife and starts grappling with the enemy
  • “I got her! Take care of the others!” 
  • mc nods and takes out a gun and her own knife, fighting the others
  • jaehee manages to get the enemy in a chokehold, knife to her neck
  • mc kicks down the last of the others in the restaurant, before doing a half smirk at the enemy in jaehee’s hands
  • jaehee nods at them
  • mc reaches up to their earpiece, “target captured, V. Mind picking us up now?”
  • the enemy glares at both of them, “I wasn’t joking. The RFA will regret this.”
  • and then jaehee reveals literally their whole plan to corrupt the rfa, leaving the enemy speechless
  • “The only thing I regret is destroying this restaurant. My date mate and I would’ve loved to go here.”
  • mc just grinned, “we can find other places”


  • his actual first thought: “mc, that was a good bottle, why?”
  • jumin..priorities
  • but he just sighs before pulling out his twin pistols
  • he shoots one of the enemies behind mc before pointing it at the enemy lady 
  • she stops where she is, snickering
  • “the rfa will take you away now.” he says, a bit too calmly for comfort
  • however, this lady quickly ducks down and sideswipes him
  • mc Does Not Approve and runs to tackle her
  • they get a scuffle
  • after jumin gets up, he scoffs and walks over, hitting the other enemies with the back of his guns
  • grabs the enemy lady and pulls her off of mc, flipping her in the process
  • and for good measure, he shoots her in the leg
  • mc gets up and wipes a little blood off their chin
  • “try that again, I dare you.” jumin says, glaring at the lady now. his voice cold
  • she stays on the ground, gripping her leg. “you’ll still..regret this..” she says slowly
  • mc glances at jumin, who’s still glaring
  • V’s voice come on in their earpieces. “Luciel gained new info. She’s not useful. You’re free to eliminate her if you wish.”
  • mc sighs, waving a finger at the enemy. “man, did you make some bad choices.”
  • jumin ends her with a single shot 

707 / Luciel / Saeyoung

  • listen, they probably talked about doing that beforehand
  • they have a strategy pre-planned out
  • as soon as that bottle hits the candle, saeyoung rolls onto the floor
  • he stretches to kick the lady, tripping her while mc attacks the closest enemy to them
  • no one expected them to be ready for this??
  • the lady is shocked for a second, she just stay on the floor
  • but she gathers herself and pulls out her gun
  • however, mc is quick enough to kick it out of her hands
  • seven is nearby, holding one of her colleagues as a human shield, basically
  • the enemy lady really,, wants out of there
  • but she has orders
  • so out comes another gun
  • slower this time, sneakier
  • mc doesn’t see it, but seven does
  • and he pulls them out of the way before kicking the lady away
  • “come on!” he said to mc, taking their hand and running away before the lady could get back up
  • everyone else was worried, but they honestly were expecting them to pull something like that
  • they don’t yell at the two, but V gives them a good scolding