wine glass candles

Valen-tunes <3

The pillows fluffed and blankets layered on the back of the couch. He had even gone so far as to get extra fluffy plush pillows, turning the couch into something of a plush pillow layered bed almost. On the coffee table before it were two wine glasses, candles and assorted candies and snacks. A movie night was planned, it seemed.

Lily was wanting to constantly get into the blankets and pillows and decor and after a while of fighting with hit, Lee gave up the fight and let her lay on the back of the couch… a little ribbon on her collar to be a part of the set up.

“There…” he whispered to himself, setting up a flower in a small vase on the table next to a small gift wrapped box. As well as it being Valentines day, it was also one more since they shared their first kiss. The day they officially became a thing… and1 year since Lee asked for Adam to marry him.

The room smelled of whatever was being baked in the kitchen. Home cooking. Something different than the usual home cooked… but home cooking none the less. Melted butter in a dish, red buttered and garlic potatoes and mixed veggies set to the side. but what was being cooked in the large pot?

… Lobster.

They had gone shopping earlier to pick a meal for the night and Lee was inspired to make something really special. They hadnt had this before, or at least he hadnt made it before. It looked like fun.

He secretly had money set to the side in the off chance it was a flop and they ordered pizza later.


Finally posting my altar!
First picture is dedicated to my Kemetic practice.
-Drawing of Djehuty
-sunflower oil burner for Ra
-Kitty plate for Bast
-shot glass of wine
-Sandlewood & orange candle
-Winged Isis figurine
-Ramses Tarot deck for communication with Djehuty with green aventurine (and usually a bracelet with moonstone, and other gems related to gemini)
-Anubis Oracle with I can’t remember what gemstone on top.
-A blue candle for Djehuty (but the candle holder is multipurpose)
-a pinecone

The left picture is the Voodoo (and vodun) aspects of my practice.
-Green vase with sea shells and roses in it for Mami Wata spirits
-white bowl with red candle for money & root Chakra
-pink Himalayan salt candle holder with roses dried on it
-heart shaped mirror
-Red chalice of wine
-New Orleans Voodoo taro with an amethyst surrounded by hematite bracelet
-Arcadia major arcana tarot with red jasper on top of it
-wine glass/candle holder
-figurine for my ti bon ange (pretty sure I spells something wrong).

In the middle of my altar, for both and overlaps, I have
-my journals/grimoire
-create pen & pencil holder
-offering bowl of rose petals, pine, a mini pinecone, and candies
-small glass incense holder
-deviant moon tarot with rose quarts, moonstoon, and tiger eye (?) On top.

Sorry this is so long! But I wanted to break down all of the things I’ve aquire over time. When I first started, all of my things fit in a small box, then a bigger box, now all of this! And I still have the boxes holding incense, a box of herbs, and books surrounding my altar. I want new comers to know that all of these things aren’t necessary! And as you grow in practice, the things you need will find themselves to you. 💚💜