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SHAY. My husband and I are on a fancy night out in the big city and have had way too much wine, and, of course, we were talking about FMA and how great it is and long story short I'm pretty sure we're going to read Hellbound together tonight because that's what you do on nights like these, right? Also thank the Lord for autocorrect because this message would be a hot mess otherwise. But yes. Hellbound. Good. Yes. Ajfbdnmakah.

SJDfaklfjfd oh my god so this message made my entire week??? You guys are so great I hope you have a wonderful night out skldjfa

(Also here’s the link if it’s too hard to search on mobile ;A;)

You guys are just alsdfjflk <3 <3


Inspired by the fic The White Queen Running. If you haven’t discovered this amazing piece of work then I suggest you drop everything and start it today. 

(This is just my interpretation of the AU characters of Klark & Lexa. I know Lexa looks way different but hey its an AU, the possibilities are endless. At least in my brain)

floaty dancing-in-a-field-at-sunset songs

other people - beach house, florida kilos - lana del rey, chamber of reflection - mac demarco, australia- the shins, gypsy - fleetwood mac, ultra violence - lana del rey, hold this tight - i know leopard, sparks - beach house, dreams - fleetwood mac, panama - sports, someday’s gone - redspencer, all i wanna do - the beach boys, laika- sticky fingers

9x06 Meta Links

A collection of literally every meta-y post about this episode on my blog :3

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