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He said it with me, like Jon used to do, back in Winterfell. She missed Jon Snow the most of all her brothers.”
(for Ryann)

Angels in the Bunker

Characters: Gabriel, Castiel, Balthazar, Lucifer x Reader (you’ll see *wink wonk*)

Word Count: 1,580

Warnings: Fluff!

A/N: This was requested by @averagegaykid! I loved writing this one, so I hope you all enjoy it! I hope you’ve all enjoyed Satan Sunday this week!! I love you all so much!!

You assembled the four angels, all of them standing together in front of you.  They all towered over you, which was one of the reasons you recruited their help.  While the Winchesters were gone, you were going to decorate the bunker for Christmas.  It was not an easy task to do by yourself.  

You had them each bring along different decorations.  Balthazar was to get the Christmas tree, and the ornaments for it.  Gabriel was supposed to get lights for the tree, along with stockings.  Castiel was sent to get candy for the stockings, along with candy canes for the tree.  You asked Lucifer to bring one thing, garland.  You knew Lucifer was not a fan of Christmas, but he could never say no to you.

“Alright my angels,” you smiled.  “We only have the rest of today and a little bit of tomorrow to decorate the bunker.  Dean and Sam don’t take long on hunts.  They’ll be even quicker when they realize this is just a ruse.”

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Since it's the hot new topic: DId finding out about that board game they have prove phan for you like it did for me? They HAVE to be together in order to play that game (or at least to own it) it's so fukin cute!!

Really?? People are convinced about that proving Phan?

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Provence - France

The landscapes of Provence have long inspired the work of artists such as Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The region is famous for its historical buildings, that include medieval villages, castle ruins, museums and cathedrals. Although most inhabitants speak French, Provencal is the traditional language of the region, and is similar to Catalan or Spanish. 

The region is famous also for its wine. The climate is warm and sunny, with a dry wind, making perfect conditions for growing grapes to make wine. The worlds most expensive rose wine is from here, made by Chateau D'Esclans. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt also own their own vineyard, where they produce a wine called Miraval. 

I think I liked you better when you didn’t have a knife in your hand, Peaches... Chapter 33 - A cheap threat

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When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit…

Chapter 33 - A cheap threat

At least forty-five minutes of more wine and I’ve nevers had passed, with Blake and the other women descending into shrieks of crying laughter at some of the answers given….getting more and more tipsy as the minutes ticked by.

Blake hadn’t had this much carefree fun in a long time, safe inside this room on the fourth floor of the Sanctuary.

But having had at least five glasses of wine (at her last count!), Blake felt more than a little drunk to say the least. It had gone down much better than expected, and the vinegary alcohol seemed to somehow taste better and better with each sip taken.

“Ok, Ok,” said Tanya, as Michelle slapped at a cushion, laughing so much at the last answer, tears were still pouring down her cheeks. “I’ve got one.”

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How would the 2p allies react to realising that they're in love with their best friend

2p Canada: “Oh great…”
Matt would look at his best friend then down like he was stabbed. Emotions meant having to get closer and open up more…would he be willing to do that? Though he would look at his best friend and sigh, they’ve heard and seen everything. They’ve seen his worst and his best, they’ve seen him fight with Allen, seen how he shuts down some days because he can’t move on from his past…they’ve seen it all and they still stand by him…he would know in that moment that if he confesses, it would be okay…though he would be afraid of rejection.

2p France: “Fuck.”
Francois would take a long drink of wine…directly from the bottle. Here we go. Just when he thought his stupid heart realized that love wasn’t for him, it goes and beats. For his best friend, nonetheless. He would look at his pack of cigarettes and realize he would need many more. He wouldn’t confess until it boiled up inside of him and made him go crazy just thinking about it. And even then he would hesitate…would this love end horribly just like the rest?

2p England: “Oh no…no, no…d-do they feel the same?”
Oliver would be freaking out at the thought of confessing to his best friend. Would they think he is weird? He knows that they have been friends for awhile and they never had a problem with him before…but then…is a relationship different? Oliver has never had a good relationship to base the his ideas off of, so he would be stressing out horribly. He would thrust his confession upon them one day as he was baking since that is the only way he can clear his mind and get his thoughts straight.

2p Russia: “Ugh…here we go.”
Viktor would poke his chest and sigh heavily as he shakes his head. His heart had to just go and pop up again, didn’t it? He had enough of a hard time making friends,forget even trying to keep those friends, but now he is in love with his best friend? The only one he has let in this close…and he falls in love. Logically, he would understand why, but fuck logic, this is survival…and he would be completely clueless for once. 

2p America: “Oh goddammit….feels…well let’s go for it.”
Allen would groan loudly and flop down on his bed as he roughly runs his hands through his hair and looks at his phone. After scrolling through pictures of them on his phone, he would toss his phone across the room as he paces around. Lovelove?! He couldn’t even say the word out loud! How was he supposed to tell his best friend he loves them?! They’ve done so much crazy shit together…he knows they are ride or die…but this is more than that…this is…commitment…this is new territory that he has never seen end well…but there is no one he would rather try something new with than them…

2p China: “Sooooo we are playing it this way, huh?”
Zhao would take a deep breath and look at his best friend. He has been through so much with them, good, bad and probably a few nights in jail. Now that real feelings are getting involved, Zhao would be nervous that everything would change between them. But let’s be honest, Zhao isn’t too shy with how he feels, he would tell his best friend that he wants more than what they have, but he wouldn’t be too mad if it didn’t go farther. Friends with benefits is an option…

Groupie Love | Dylan O'Brien Smut

Requested: nope!! Loosely inspired by the new Lana Del Rey song of the same title, though!!

Rating: R (smut!! Including playing with a vibrator, oral sex etc, also cursing!)

Summary: lots of people caught feelings, you were not one of them, at least you didn’t think you did. Lots of people also had fuck buddies, yours just happens to be Dylan O'Brien.
(Or the one where your pal Dylan brings you a vibrator as a gift).


You and Dylan had started seeing each other a few months ago, at least that was what you both called it when he texted you “come over” at 11:36pm and the two of you would fuck for hours and then you would call a ride home.

It’d all started when you’d waited outside his hotel so that your cousin who loved Dylan might get a chance to see him. Your cousin had walked away to find “a men’s bathroom that doesn’t smell like a crime scene” and had left you alone, there was only a few people outside of the hotel, you weren’t entirely sure how your cousin knew that Dylan was around, or if he was really even in there.

By this time most people had gone, but you were just sat outside the door on a bench waiting for your brother. It had become late and you were impatient in waiting for your cousin to come back, almost texting him to just find a ride and meet you at your house.

That was when Dylan O'Brien stepped out of the doors, security guards not straying more than a foot away from him at all times, you suddenly realized what was going on and called out, trying not to sound as cringey as you felt. “Um, hey! Dylan!” He turned his head around and saw you, standing up to get closer to him. His hair was messy and he looked a little tired but he smiled joyfully anyway, as if the two of you were old friends. He told his body guards that he would meet them in the van, they agreed although it was clear that they disapproved.

“Hi, what’s your name?” You suddenly felt more flustered than you should. “YN,” you smiled. “Sorry to be a creeper outside like this, my cousin just really wanted to meet you and so here we are, but he left to find a bathroom,” you giggled, trying to stop rambling. Dylan nodded. “It’s okay, I’m so blessed to have fans that care so much, I can’t get mad at that, right?” You agreed, wondering what to say.

“Hey, I’ve gotta get going but if you give me your number I’ll text you and maybe I can still talk to your cousin?” He offered. You nodded, shocked.

“And maybe we could meet up, pretty girl?” He never did this, he didn’t know what it was about you that was so alluring but he found himself wanting you in his bed.

“Sure, that sounds great, actually, here’s my number, you said, reading off the digits as dylan typed them into his phone. Dylan’s name was called firmly from the van and he sighed. “I’ll be in town for a few more days, maybe we can meet up, if you’re not too busy?” You shook your head, “no, not at all, id love to meet up!” You didn’t want to sound too eager.

Dylan nodded with a smirk. “Perfect, I’ll be seeing you then, YN, send my love to your cousin, sorry I can’t stick around longer,” you nodded understandingly and walked back to the bench to wait for your cousin, who was furious when he came back to hear the story. “Well you’ve gotta meet up with him!” Your cousin exclaimed and you nodded, the two of you finding your car in the hotel lot and driving back to your house. “Yeah, just gotta wait for him to text me!”

“Wait no longer, pretty girl,” your cousin teased, grabbing your phone as it lit up with a notification.

+UNidentified number:
Hey, pretty girl, it’s Dylan. What are you doing tonight?

Your jaw dropped slightly as your cousin read off the text.

That was just the beginning. The two of you had gone out for fast food and ended up kissing in the parking lot. One thing has lead to another and you’d ended up naked together in the backseat of Dylan’s car, this time you two were alone, no cousins or body guards, just you and your new lover. The two of you had agreed it was just casual sex, it was better this way.

The next time, you’d received a text that read:

Hey, pretty girl, want to meet up again? My hotel is crazy nice and I’ve got it all to myself :(
Read: 10:12pm

I’ll be there soon.
Read: 10:15pm

There was no fear of seeming too desperate or clingy because the two of you knew there was no real feelings involved. You could text Dylan when you felt like it and request that he come take care of you late in the night and he would always come through while he was in town. When he wasn’t, the two of you made it work with face timing and lots and lots of pictures. You knew that if anything, to Dylan you were a kind of groupie. You didn’t care though, when you were together it wasn’t long until you found yourself satisfied beyond belief. When Dylan came into town after a long stretch of traveling was the best, he’d always stay in the same hotel and you’d pack a bag of clothes, the two of you would hole up for days at a time, living off of room service and mini fridge alcohol.

You couldn’t help but feel the race of your heart whenever he’d text you.

Hey, pretty girl. You want to meet up again tonight? Got a little something for you.
Read: 10:36pm

I’ll be there in a bit, can’t wait to see it!
Read: 10:45pm

I think you’ll like it, the lady in the store said it was good, it was about awkward when she said that she’d recommend it from personal experience though, lmao

Omg, well I’ll have to see it now, be there soon!

Can’t wait, pretty girl.

You’d arrived at his door and knocked twice, instantly the door was opened to you and you were sucked into a passionate kiss, Dylan’s lips only leaving yours to kiss other parts of your face and down your neck, sucking and nipping, making you drop your bag as he sandwiched you between his body that ground down on you just how you liked it, and the wall
“Wanna see what I got?” Dylan teased, you nodded. He pulled a tiny black bag from his counter, grabbing you by the hand and leading you to sit with him on the couch. You tore out the black tissue paper to reveal a small plastic box that held a vibrator. You laughed. “Thanks, Dyl, you’re so thoughtful.” You jokes and you both shared a laugh, Dylan kissing you and getting up to grab wine coolers from the fridge. “Here you go, pretty girl.” He handed you one and you both began to drink, enjoying the slight buzz.

“Wanna try this out?” Dylan asked, holding up the toy slightly teasing and slightly serious.

You nodded eagerly and you both put down your drinks as Dylan fumbled with the box, you moved closer to him and sucked on his neck as he removed the cylinder with a thin, rounded tip from the box, finding the on switch at the base and flicking it on, both of you hearing it hum to life. “Thank god for batteries that are included, right,” you joked, Dylan’s eyes crinkled as he laughed, nodding. “For sure, otherwise you’d be stuck with just me again,” he responded with another joke and you pretended to wipe sweat from your forehead in mock relief.

Dylan turned off the toy and put it on the table, pulling you closer to him and facing you, kissing you while pulling you into his lap. “You want to play with it, babe?” You nodded, circling your hips over his. “I’m glad, pretty girl, so do I,” he grinned, taking off your shirt and bra and following suit with his own clothes, you removed your pants, leaving your panties on that you’d bought to show him. “Got a surprise for you too, Dyl,” you said, bringing his attention away from taking off his own pants and up to your hips and the scraps of lace that clung to them just right.

“Holy shit, YN, my baby girl is the most sexy person alive,” he said, wrapping his arms around your waist and leaning to kiss he waistband of your panties. “They look so damn good,” he complimented again and you moaned as he kissed more sensitive areas of you that were still covered by the underwear. You began to take them off, wanting to feel Dylan’s lips with no inhibitions, when he stopped you. “Leave them on, pretty girl, ’m gonna tease you tonight,” he said, your eyes widened and you could feel your core get even more wet. You nodded and remained standing in front of Dylan while he removed his clothes down to his tight underwear.

“Still like what you see?” Dylan asked, half teasing. You nodded, standing between his legs, tilting his head up, allowing you an easier time kissing his supple lips.

“Here, lay down, pretty girl, let me take care of you,” he said, and you put your head at the opposite end of the couch, settling in on your back with jut your panties on. Dylan grabbed the vibrator and held it in his hands, “you excited, baby girl?” You nodded eagerly. “Use your words, YN,” he teased, flipping the one switch and testing it on his hand. “I want you to touch me,” you whimpered, letting your hands caress your own chest while Dylan examined the controls of the toy. “I will, baby girl, don’t worry, I always take care of you don’t I?” You nodded, relaxing your hands and allowing them to glide up and down your body, from your clavicle to your thighs. “So, there are levels of how fast this thing will go, why don’t we try them?” You nodded and Dylan raised an eyebrow, you responded by verbalizing your desire. “Yes, Dylan, I want that, I want you so damn bad,”

The two of you had grown much closer than the two of you had intended. For a groupie, you had it pretty damn good. You knew Dylan was wrapped around your finger, especially in times like this.

He flipped of the toy and put it on the table again. “So, you want me to touch you? Baby girl?” You sighed in contentment as his hands covered your breasts, squeezing before removing one, replacing it with his skilled mouth, biting licking and sucking at your chest and your neck. Kissing a pattern down to your panties and moving down your thighs almost to your knees, and then switching sides to come up to your waistband from the bottom of your opposite thigh to the top.

“You’re so good for me, YN,” he commented, “so responsive, so needy,” he cooed with a grin as his hands teased your nipples, making your back arch slightly. He blew a stream of cool air everywhere he’d kissed your body and was delighted to see your react with a small shiver.
He took his hand and began to tease at your underwear, rubbing at your core with a flat hand through the fabric.

“Dylan- please, Dyl, I want, I want you to play with the toy,” you requested, your hips already moving off the couch to follow his hand. He picked up the toy and turned it to the lowest speed. He rubbed it over your underwear. One hand barring your hips from moving away from his ministrations.

Your legs were already quivering. “Y'like it?” You nodded, not trusting your voice to speak. After several minutes of this, you were close to finishing, your legs jerking erratically.

You tried to buck your hips but they went nowhere beneath Dylan’s arm. Just as you were about to come, Dylan removed to toy, leaving you to whimper, feeling more frustrated than ever.

“M'sorry, pretty girl, wasn’t very nice of me was it?” He teased. You nodded with a pout. “Dylan, please, I’ve wanted you for so long and now you won’t let me come I-” Dylan moved your underwear to the side and quickly inserted a finger, pumping it just fast enough to cut off your words. “I’ll make you come enough times to make up for it, yeah?” He questioned, still pumping his finger.

You nodded happily, laying back down. “Alright baby girl, time for these to come off, they’re soaked,” he chuckled as he pulled your panties down your legs. “Ready?” He asked, turning the toy to the second setting, inserting it into you in place of his were already so clear to your high that as soon as Dylan replaced the toy with his quick moving fingers and touched the toy to your clit, you finished. Panting and writhing you were surprised as instead of taking the toy away as you’d expected, dylan licked a solid line up your slit and then kissed your sensitive clit before turning up the speed on the vibrator and thrusting it carefully into you, finding a rhythm that had you convulsing beneath him, grabbing at his wrists as you grew over sensitive. Dylan turned down the speed to the first level as you rode out your high.
“Dylan,” you breathed, sweat plastered on your skin.
“I know, that’s the hardest you’ve ever come, I think,” he teased, kissing your lips gently. “Let’s get you cleaned up. You could tell his cock was hard in his underwear, and so when he turned on the shower for you, you invited him to join you, delighting in his look of relief as he took off his boxers and stepped into the water with you. “I wanna, get you off, Dyl,” you smiled, sinking to your knees. Dylan’s back was to the water so you were shielded from the warm water that poured from the shower head. You didn’t know how Dylan had failed to notice that you’d grabbed the vibrator and brought it with you. You began to go down on him like normal, enjoying hearing him whimper as you paid extra attention to his tip, suddenly, you turned on the vibrator, running it up and down his length and his hips jerked, he had to reach for the shower walls for support.

“Damn, YN- holy, holy shit,” his hips shook and he came harder than ever, with your mouth on his tip and your hand massaging his cock with the buzzing toy.

“Fuck, that thing is just a gift that keeps on giving,” Dylan laughed, catching his breath. You laughed too as Dylan helped you up and held you close after you deposited the toy outside the shower on the counter, not leaving the confines of the warm tub.

“I’m so lucky we met,” Dylan said, gray herring soap in his hands and layering it over your body. You nodded, “me too, you’re really, really good at making me cum,” you laughed, your head against his chest. “Not just that- well obviously that, you’re also amazing at making me come, but I mean I’m lucky we met because I just like having you around, YN,” you didn’t ask him to elaborate on his feelings. The two of you just stood there together under the water together, enjoying each other’s company.

And that night, you texted your roommate not to wait up for you. You couldn’t help but feel as excited as you did the first time that you spent that night with your lover.

You and Dylan had agreed on sharing no real feelings between the two of you, but you couldn’t help but wonder if that might change.

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*whispers* what's percytaur

oh, you sweet summer child—WELP *cracks knucles* can’t keep the past buried forever! 

time for a lesson in pjo history:

once upon a time, years ago (probably abour four or five i think), there was a fic that was labeled as the “percytaur” fic, which was, in the simplest most rated g words i can give you, a smut fic between percy jackson and the minotaur.

and it gained in popularity (did i mention it even got a second fic?), through word of mouth, or rather word of text post, and everyone read it, and everyone was scarred, and there were many shitposts and jokes made about it, and it will forever live in this fandom’s history no matter what. the end.

and that, my lovely anon, is what percytaur is

43. Butterflies

A/N: This drabble piece is dedicated to imnotspeakingtoyou for our one year anniversary of harassin- erhm- knowing each other. *raises glass*

It wasn’t until a few days after, -after Marietta Edgecombe sold them to Umbridge,- that it hits her.

She performed a Patronus charm.

Ron, Harry and her are studying in the library. Easter holidays are coming soon and after that they’ll have to take their O.W.L.s. Hermione is fully aware that the boys won’t study enough during the break, so she’s trying to squeeze in as much studying as possible before they part. For their sakes as much as hers.

She is reviewing the names of Jupiter’s moon, already imprinted in her memory since they first studied them three years ago, when her mind drifts back to the memory of the silvery flow of her Patronus.

An otter.

She wonders why.

Hermione remembers seeing them when she was little. Her parents had taken her to the zoo. She recalls few things from that visit: the popcorn she’d given to the giraffes, the snakes unfazed by the children tapping the glass between them, and the two sea otters holding hand as they were drifting sleepily on the water. They had seemed so serene.

She raises her eyes from her book to look at Ron, frowning over his -hers really- Transfiguration notes. He looks adorable and she smiles to herself.

And then it clicks.

Ottery St Catchpole.

It’s like a giant red flag just raised itself in her head.

Ron’s hometown.

This can’t be why her Patronus is an otter. Because he lives in Ottery St Catchpole.

Hermione breath hitches as she inaudibly gasps. She can barely control her racing heart as she loses complete control of the butterflies invading her stomach. This is so obvious, why hasn’t she realised earlier. After all, the memory she used to conjure her Patronus was her first visit at the Burrow, and how Ron’s home had given her a renewed sense of belonging. She never told her parents. Before casting the spell, she’d taken a deep breath and recalled Molly engulfing her in warm hug as soon as she had arrived, and how everything had just been so marveling. From the dishes washing themselves above the sink to the delicious smell of the freshly mowed grass in the garden.

She can’t explain why the Burrow had had such a strong effect on her. Hermione hadn’t thought possible that anywhere outside of Hogwarts would have made her feel that way.

It had felt home, achingly so.

Hermione doesn’t realise she’s still looking at Ron, and smiling like an idiot!, when he catches her off guards.

He always does.

“Have I got something on my face?” he asks her grumpily, and she thinks it’s cute.

I’m in trouble.

The butterflies haven’t stopped since her epiphany, and she doesn’t trust her voice to reply. So Hermione just shakes her head and quickly puts her nose back into her book.

Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto are Jupiter’s Galilean moons…”

And you most definitely have more than just a crush on Ron Weasley.

Frosted Wine || thewitchofice

Continued from here

The blast had him skidding back slightly and he brushed the frost from the front of his jacket as he regarded her. It had been ever so tempting to kiss her and being in the rare mood to do something a little outrageous, had decided not to hold himself back for once. It looked like plenty of amusement could come from this though~

“I was kissing you.” He replied calmly to her shocked outrage, a somewhat amused smile on his lips. “You were looking rather melancholy so I couldn’t help myself~” He could have helped himself perfectly well but she didn’t need to know that for now. Just as she needn’t know what he was. 

Ah, but then she wasn’t quite human either, considering the elemental magic she had just performed. And without the foci he was used to seeing as well… How curious~

“Mordred, you must try the wine.” Vivian said, handing him a glass. The color was a deep red, and the smell coming from it was strong. It was truly a quality wine.

“It is from around here. Avalon is truly beautiful, is it not? The flowers all around are always in bloom, because the climate is so nice.” She sighed happily. “I missed this place.”


tbh dragon age 2 is the “sassy drunk aunt who only shows up on Christmas and tells all the kids inappropriate stories about her time in Las Vegas but gives the best presents” of the dragon age series

The Blind Date (requested fic)

So juleslokidottir requested another smutty fic featuring her current obsession Lee Pace (apparently it’s my fault…no idea what she’s talking about). Warning: this is NSFW. Anyway, here it is…

Orlando nudged Evie with an elbow and nodded over to where Lee was sat by himself.
“We should sit with him,” he whispered, “He’s been quieter than normal today.” Evie nodded and followed Orlando to the other side of the eating tent. Lee, still in his full Elf armour, was staring at the food in front of him, half chasing some of it around the plate with his fork.

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