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It was a good dream

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Theo x Reader ~ Smut

Collabed by @bonniebird and @joeynihil

It started with a innocent comment during a hug. Theo had come back into the house from speeding the full moon in the woods, having just enough time to tug a pair of boxers on before you darted into the room and hugged him.

“You smell so good.” You muttered, nuzzling into him as he smiled, trying to hide his delighted look behind smugness.

“I look good too.” He said in your ear as he stroked your hair.

“Yeah but you know that and it make you make that face.” You hummed pointing at him and he laughed.

The two of you shared a small apartment, the bed doubled as the sofa and the kitchen was close enough that you and Theo often tried to see who could toss cutlery into the sink from the bed on the days when the TV wouldn’t work.

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"...slash is what happens when you take away the glass."
It is time for us all to decide who we are/what’s the price we might pay
—  My heart, my soul

My lens broke a few weeks ago so i’ve only been able to take pictures on my phone, which is why most of the pictures i’ve posted of Watson lately aren’t the best quality.

Here’s one I took before my lens broke while we were out in Hill Country. Good news is that my lens should be fixed soon! :)