wine everywhere

how do i let the Internet know that i dont care about honey boo boo’s mom

So I’m a Target team member, and my store has a tendency to have multiple massive problems all at once. Back at the beginning of November, which is the start of the rainy season where I live, a massive thunderstorm started and it was pouring rain outside. I’m talking thunderstorm so loud it shakes the building, which causes every single small child to shriek and cry in unison across the store.

Then, it was just our luck to have some kid playing on an electric cart up at the front and took the corner out of a giant pallet display of wine bottles, which shattered everywhere. You could smell wine from the back of the store. So the cart attendant has to go and physically hold up the top of the pallet so the rest of the wine doesn’t come crashing down while other tm’s scrambled to clean up get something to prop the wine up.

As THAT was happening, an enormous leak opened up in the grocery section over nearly six aisles, causing them all and a large chunk of the main aisle to be blocked off. It was a fun day.

Sweet Frustrations (M)

►Character: Winner’s Taehyun || You

►Summary:  When Taehyun needed you to help with his frustrations

►Genre: Smut; Sugardaddy!AU

►Word Count: 2, 051

I have like 5 requests to finish but I’ve been feeling down lately. So here are something for you guys to read while waiting for me. This is my backup fic, I’ve ran out of backup now so I’m gonna have to finish the requests soon.Lol. Hope you like this

You fidget on the couch as your phone keeps vibrating on your lap. Taehyun’s name was blinking on your phone screen. You glanced around to see if anyone noticed how you had gone rigid when your phone vibrated for the first time. Your friends were packed in your living room; bottles of soju and wine were everywhere as it was Friday night. Now they were all sprawled out drunk everywhere in the living room with you on the couch, a little buzzed from the alcohol. Quietly you slipped away to answer your phone. “Come out now. I need you.” Before you could even say anything, his rough voice filled your ear. “Taehyun I can’t right now. My friends are here.” The sound of his car engine rumbling quietly on the other side were the only thing that replied to you. Nam Taehyun is your sugar daddy. How you met him, was a story for another time. Right now, he is summoning for you, out of the blue made you wonder. He was never like this. He would usually notify you so that you could be prepared earlier. You tip toed to your window. Looking down, you were greeted with the view of Taehyun’s classic car, with him perked on the hood. Your heart skipped a beat when he looked up as if sensing your gaze. “Come down right now or I’ll go up.” His voice dripped with authority making you swallow. This is not a good sign. Your contemplating making him sigh upon your quietness.

He pushed away from the hood of his car before stalking towards your apartment entrance. “Y-Yah..What are you doing?” You started to panic. Looking towards your drunk friends you quickly scrambled away to grab your cardigan without them noticing. Grabbing along your purse, you scurried back to the living room. “Open the door before I barge in and fuck you in front of your friends.” You breath hitched… You felt your cheeks burn at the thought. “You like that baby girl? Shall we do it then, in front of your friends?” You could literally hear his smirk on the other end. Scampering towards the door, you quietly opened the door to reveal Taehyun in all his glory, standing at your doorway. He was dressed casual and his hair was in a dishevelled state, a sign that he had been running his hand through them countless times. You swallowed again as he smirked at you. Hanging up quickly, you pushed him out before closing the door shut. “What are you doing?” You hushed to him before gasping as he grabbed on your wrist. “Are you beginning to disrespect me now? Do you want to be punished, doll?” He hushed back at you. “N-No, I didn’t mean to…” He didn’t even wait for your answer before he started to drag you downstairs. Upon reaching his car, he pulled open the door to the passenger seat before pushing you in, rather roughly. You rubbed your wrist as you watched him get around the car to get in the driver seat, the sound of the door slammed close making you flinch. He drove off the street since he didn’t even bother to switch off the engine at first. You could see how tense he is by the way his jaw clenches and his grip tightens on the wheel. There must be something wrong at his company today. You knew he had this important meeting with all of the boards, including his father who he dislikes very much. You didn’t dare to say anything so you just sit there in silent. After a while, you looked outside when he suddenly made a left turn. Hotel? Your eyes flickered to him. Usually Taehyun would bring you back to his home no matter where you guys were. Taehyun gets off the car making you quickly mimic his action. He threw his car key towards the valet before grabbing your hand. He dragged you towards the receptionist area to retrieve his key before stalking towards the elevator.

“Taehyun…” “My house is too far, I can’t wait any longer.” Once both of you were in the elevator, you stand quietly beside him. You watched as he punched the ‘20’ button making it glow in soft orange, the VIP suit. He was still frowning, his jaw still clenched tight. His grip on your wrist was also beginning to tighten making you whimper. “Taehyun you’re hurting me.” His grip instantly loses. “Sorry…” His thumb started to rub on your wrist gently before lacing his fingers with yours. Both of you went silent, waiting for the elevator to reach the desired floor. You were also surprised that he didn’t made any move on you while in the elevator. Once the elevator dinged signalling that you had arrived, he quickly pulled you out before dragging you to one of the doors situated at the end of the hallway. He waved his card at the door lock before pushing it open. Stalking to the bedroom, he pushed you towards the bed making you gasp. “Strip.” He ordered. You swallowed, as you quietly obeyed, not wanting to get on his nerve right now. Slowly, you shrugged off your cardigan before pulling your shirt off, making your hair go wild. You proceed to take your bra off but he stopped you. Leaving your bra on, you started to unbutton your shorts, letting them fell on the floor with a thud before kicking off your shoes. Taehyung wrapped his arm around your waist before pulling you flush against his chest. Crashing his lips onto yours, he laced his fingers into your thick mane. His kiss were desperate, forceful. Taehyun pushed his body forward making you step backward until the back of your knees hit the bed. He pushed you down on the bed before crawling on together with you. Fumbling with the hem of his shirt, he pulled the fabric off before returning to assault your lips with his. Moving towards your jaw, he sucked and nibbled all the way to your collarbone making you sigh.


He growled upon hearing you whimper the word. His favourite title. It was written on the agreement, that both of you had signed, that you have to call him Daddy whenever you’re in private, just the two of you. He reached for your wrists, pinning them down on either side of your head. His lips were still attached to the column of your neck, sucking on the sensitive skin. Looks like you’re going to have a lot to cover up tomorrow. Taehyun released your wrists to reach around your back before snapping your bra’s hook off. You shrugged the strap off before flinging the fabric away. Taehyun’s fingers grazed your rib before starting to massage your mound. He pressed his thumb against your nipple making them erected. You arched your back when he suddenly latch his lips onto your nub, sucking them hard. A whimper spilled out of you. You buried your fingers into his thick locks, tugging on his scalp, your lips parted as you gasped for air and your hooded eyes darkened with lust. Taehyun’s nimble fingers danced across your stomach to slip under your panties. Your breath hitched when he found your sensitive nub. He pressed a firm stroke on it making you cry out his name. Sinking his long finger into your wet core, he started a slow pace stroking your hot walls. He would brush against the sensitive bundle of nerves inside of you at times making you mewl at him.

“Daddy please…” Taehyun watched as you trembled underneath his touch. With his finger still impaling you, he pulled down your panties with his free hand to expose your hot core to his sight. You could feel your whole body flush when Taehyun’s eyes locked with yours; he was staring deep into your eyes. Prying your thighs apart, he dipped his head to lick on your sensitive nub making you moan while his eyes never leaving yours. The moan turned into a whimper. Your body jolted with lust as he started to suck on your clit. His name kept spilling out of your mouth until Taehyun abruptly stopped his assault on you before getting off the bed leaving you dumbfounded. Your thighs clamped together to relief the emptiness but failing making you whine for him. His dark eyes were fixed on your squirming form while he hastily unbuttoned his jeans. You could see his bulge restraining in his pants making you swallow. He quickly unzipped and pushed the heavy material down, his brief following suit. His erection was rock hard, stood proudly against his lower stomach as he started to caress himself making it more rigid. You moved to help him but he tutted at you making you stop midway. “Lay down. I need to be inside of you.” You obeyed, watching as he pulled out a packet of condoms from his jeans before tearing it open and rolling it on. Taehyun kneeled on the bed before pulling you close to him. You moaned when he presses his lips onto yours. An open mouth kiss. Your tongues battle with each other when you felt his bulbous tip at your entrance. He bucked his hip forward, sinking himself deep inside of you with one swift movement making you cry out on his lips. Your arms were instantly around his neck, nails grazing his back making him grunt. Pulling out, he only left the tip inside before thrusting back in. He keeps the pace, his hip bucking against yours as the sound of skin slapping against skin echoed in the room.

You gasp at every of his thrust, your eyes shut tightly as your puffy lips parted. Taehyun leaned away from you, grabbing on your hip to pull you down to match his pace. Your fingers gripped on the sheet underneath your head as your back curved making Taehyun went in deeper. You could feel his girth stretching you, hitting every spot deep inside of you. He grunted. “ hot my baby.” He leaned back down towards your chest before capturing the skin of your curvy breast between his teeth, nibbling and sucking to leave a dark angry mark on them. He always manages to leave marks on your chest every time you have sex with him. By the end of it, you would have dark spots scattered on your neck, jaw and chest. Moreover, Taehyun likes it. A mewl erupted from you when he hit your sweet spot, making you arch your back deeper. His thrust had gone hasty now, signalling that he’s close. He slipped his hand down between your bodies, stroking his middle finger on your clit making you cry out his name. “Taehyun..” You felt his finger on your jaw, gripping but not hard enough to bruise. You looked at him, his eyes dark with lust as they bore into yours. “What is that baby doll?” You whined. “Daddy..please make me cum.” With that, he’s a goner. He stroke your clit again making you cry out you ecstasy. Your back arched as your orgasm ran through your vein, your finger gripped on the sheet that your knuckles had turned white. Taehyun bucked his hip a few more time before reaching his peak too with your name spilling out of his mouth.

After a few moments, he pulled out before collapsing on top of you. His damp skin stuck on yours. Rolling off of you, he lay down beside of you. After both of you had regulated your breathing, you turned towards him. Taehyun quietly pulled the satin sheets over both of you before pulling you tightly against his chest. His breath blew on the top of your head as you idly traced a circle on his back before you decided to break the silent. “You know you can talk to me about everything, right?” He released a sigh. “I know… I’m sorry that I let it out on you though.” He mumbled against your hair before planting a kiss on your head and went quiet once again. You decided to let it pass, knowing that he’ll talk when he’s ready. For now, you buried your face onto his chest; letting the sound of his heartbeat lull you to sleep.

I have become the clichéd twenty-one year old.
Starry eyed, wine-stained, coffee rings everywhere.

I think I am more mature than most,
I have my life together.

But I know, I know I am not at all.
I am late nights with boys I’ve just met.
Waking up with arms still curled around me.
Soft kisses and rough movements.

I am dreams of settling down with fingertips
that are pressed into my stomach.
Hands that don’t promise
to stay more than a night.

I don’t know what I’m doing.
I never do.

—  and that’s just fine.

I like the people who give up as soon as they set foot in the door.

No effort to find what they’re looking for. They immediately accost the first person they see.

Even if the product is literally all around them.

“Where’s your wine?!?!?”

“Everywhere, ma’am. Every. Fucking. Where.”

  • Boy Interrupted: Mom, is winopocalypse like a team?
  • Me: Sort of. Like a club. We're wine club.
  • Boy Interrupted: Are you like superheroes?
  • Me: In a way.
  • Boy Interrupted: You can save the day by bringing wine everywhere. Dad can be your sidekick. He can mix drinks.
  • Mr. Interrupted: Oh, great. I'm Robin now.
Cuddle buddies (closed for starfleckedtree)

Thranduil’s head jerked up a bit and he gripped the quill tighter, though it didn’t do much to improve his concentration. He could have sworn he had just read this paragraph…for the third time…and yet not a word of it was making any sense at all. It might as well have been written in Ancient Rohirric for all the sense it made to him. But it wasn’t, it was perfectly acceptable proper modern Dalish, and there was no reason in all of Arda why it should have made so little sense to him. 

He took a sip of wine and scowled at the paper. 

The next time he looked at it, it seemed a bit blurry…had his eyes been closed? Really? 

That was the last thing he thought before keeling over right into his papers, spilling wine and ink everywhere, as he finally fell into the deep sleep he had been missing these past several nights.