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A Thousand Years

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Author: hela-avenger

Word Count: 2,734

Pairing: Loki x Reader

A/N: Based on the song A Thousand Years Pt. 2

 Also, believe it or not, this is my first one-shot written. 

The day we met

Frozen I held my breath

Right from the start

I knew that I’d found a home for my heart

From the first moment you met Loki, you knew. You knew he would be the only one to hold your heart. While Thor would tug you braids and beg for your attention, Loki did not. Instead, he was quiet and waited for you to come to him. It wasn’t hard for you to be lured by Loki. Not when he was showing you his green flares of magic that he was just learning how to control.

You were in every word enchanted by him. You were just a child at the time, but you realized the severity of the deep connection you felt you shared with him.

As a child, you described your relationship as a friendship.

Growing up, you realized it meant more than that.

Heart beats fast

Colors and promises

How to be brave?

How can I love when I’m afraid to fall?

The streets of Asgard were decorated in green and gold. Songs were being sung and stories were being told about the mischief that the Trickster God was known for. You couldn’t help but smile as young children ran past you wearing replicas of the dark prince’s renown gold helmet.

Though he refused to admit it to you, Loki loved his birthday celebration. It was the day everyone in the city overlooked his dangerous behavior and instead, celebrated it. Pranks, tricks, and mischief were celebrated on his name day and chaos erupted everywhere because of it.

You knew all of the tell signs of the pranks that covered the street. You made sure to avoid each and every one of them on your journey to the castle gates. You greeted the guards stationed with a simple nod before making your way through the open courtyard.

The servants were busy with the preparations for Loki’s birthday banquet and you watched them hurry past you with concern laced on their faces. They knew the severity of this banquet. Not only was it meant to appease the younger and more menacing prince, but it was his 1,000th birthday, a milestone for every god. Because of this, it had to be perfect.

You made your way through the corridors of the castle allowing the angry shouts to lead you to your destined location. You had to restrain the smile on your lips as his designated servants were running out of the room because the prince was throwing a tantrum.

“Your majesty,” you call out as you walk into his room.

At the sight of you, Loki’s anger seems to dissipate enough for his servants to place the last of his armor on.

“Everyone out,” he orders with a wave of his hand.

You couldn’t help but shake your head as you watched the last of his men slip out of his room and closing the door behind them. His armor was on but it hung loosely as he had yet to tighten the buckles to keep it in place.

“You should have waited to scare them away after they finished getting you dressed,” you chastised him as you set the wrapped gift onto the nearby desk.

Loki scoffed at you but said nothing else as he attempted to fasten the buckles himself. You wait to hear him curse under his breath before moving towards him and finally aiding him. He lets out a huff of air as you slapped his hands away from the buckles and tightened them yourself.

“1,000 years have gone by and you have yet to learn how to dress yourself,” you jest as you moved his chest plate into place.

“Why should I waste my time learning this if I have you here to do it for me?”

You roll your eyes at this and a smile finally graces his face.

“A thousand years,” you whisper as your fingers trace the gold lining of his uniform. “Time has certainly passed by.”

“Not fast enough,” Loki comments as he brushes his raven black hair back so he could place his helmet on.

The smile on your face falters a bit at this.

“So keen on growing old, aren’t you?” you ask him as you make your way back to his desk.

“I just want to gain the respect I rightfully deserve,” Loki responds as he doesn’t notice the frown on your face. Instead, he places his helmet on and brushes his hair back the way he likes it.

He finally turns to look at you and you quickly place a smile on your face.

“I respect you,” you tell him. “Others do as well.”

“Others fear me,” Loki replies with a roll of his eyes as he makes his way towards you. “You are still naive enough to deem me as honorable as my brother.”

“You may not be as honorable as your brother, but you are much smarter than him. That I can assure you,” you argue. Loki scoffs at this idea and you shake your head as you grew frustrated at his reaction. “I really don’t want to get into this with you on your name day so just shut up and ask for your gift.”

“How rude,” Loki comments with a sly grin as he noticed the green box beside her. “Now show me what you’ve got me.”

You roll your eyes and pick up the box. You quickly untie the bow, but before you could lift the lid, you look up at him in warning.

“I understand that your favorite colors are gold and green,” you start to tell him in which he agrees with a simple nod. “But I saw this and I had to purchase it for you…”

You lift the lid and reveal the silver pin. It depicted two snakes wrapped around one another and their eyes were two green emerald stones that shone brightly in the light.

“I mean, they do call you silver tongue for a reason and you probably won’t ever wear this but it reminded me of you and…”

“Stop your rambling,” Loki sneers, though the smile on his face reduced the sting in his words. “I like it.”

He picks up the pin and is quick to place it on his shirt.

“How does it look?” he asks you with a small smile.

“It clashes terribly with the rest of your ensemble,” you answer honestly as a soft giggle passed your lips. “Just take it off. You don’t have to wear it.”

Your hand moves to unpin it, but he catches your wrist before you’re able to.

“I know I don’t have to wear it,” Loki responds. “But I want to.”

You can’t help the way your heart flutters at this. Even more so as he places a soft kiss on the inside of your wrist before letting you go. The way he was looking down at you this moment almost convinced you that he could share the same feelings that you had for him. His eyes flicker down to your lips and you believe he’s about to place a kiss there too, but you don’t get the chance to find that out as the doors of his chambers slam open.

“Brother!” Thor shouts causing Loki to quickly leap away from you. “We must go now unless you wish to be late.”

“The people are waiting,” Fandral comments behind him.

“And the feast as well,” Volstagg adds in.

They all stop speaking as they notice your presence among them.

“Lady Y/N,” Hogun greets with a small tilt of his head. “Pardon us for the intrusion.”

“Will you be joining us at our table today?” Thor asks with a beaming smile.

You open your mouth to respond, but Loki interrupts you before you are able to accept his invitation.

“No, she will not.”

You close your mouth quickly and try to hide the hurt from your face.

“She has better things to do than to listen to your war stories again,” Loki states. “Now if you’ll excuse me…”

He turns towards you and bows slightly. His green eyes meeting yours briefly with an unreadable emotion.

“Lady Y/N,” he whispers. “Thank you for the lovely gift.”

“It was nothing, my prince,” you respond with a curt bow.

A smile erupts on his face at the sound of his title on your lips, but it disappears as quickly as it arrived. He offers you a quick nod before turning away from you and following after his brother and the Warriors Three.

You watch him leave and once he’s out of sight, you let out a heavy sigh. If only he knew of the things he did to you. You wondered if things would change for the best or for the worse.

I have died every day waiting for you

Darling don’t be afraid I have loved you

For a thousand years

I’ll love you for a thousand more

After all of the celebrations were done with, the songs and dance performances presented to the young prince, the reenactments of his famous battles and festivities, the nobles who tried to outdo each other with their gifts, the awaited banquet had finally arrived. Mead and wine were distributed everywhere while the first courses were slowly being served.

Queen Frigga had immediately sought you to sit next to her as King Odin sat at the head of the table speaking to other high nobles. She told you it was because she was in need of familial conversation instead of political peace treaties and whatnot.

You knew better.

You weren’t the close friend of the God of Lies without being able to spot a few of them on your own.

You knew Queen Frigga suspected of your emotions towards her younger son. It wasn’t like you were even attempting to hide them anymore. If one looked close enough, they would easily see the admiration you held for the dark prince.

Even now, your attention strayed from the conversation. Your eyes were focused on Loki who was currently sporting a smile on his face though his eyes looked bored with Thor’s storytelling.

You could see Thor, who’s already had enough to drink, boasting about some war story. At some point, he over exaggerates an important detail and Loki’s eyes light up at the chance to correct and embarrass his brother. You couldn’t help the smile on your face as you shared his amusement from afar.

“It is clear as day how much you love him.”

You didn’t even have to glance at her to know that Queen Frigga was smiling at this revelation.  

“You should tell him how you feel.”

The smile on your face slowly slips away as the contempt quickly turns to fear.

“I cannot do that to him,” she tells him. “Burden him with my emotions… Our friendship means so much to him and myself. I couldn’t bear losing him with this revelation.

“But what if instead of losing a friend, you gain a lover?”

You shake your head refusing to answer her question.

“I have loved him for a thousand years,” you confess to her. “I will love him for a thousand more… even if I must remain a simple friend to him.”

I have died every day waiting for you

Darling don’t be afraid I have loved you

For a thousand years

I’ll love you for a thousand more

You had had enough mead and food after the fifth course. You were tired and the conversation at the table continued to revolve around the same political mishaps of other nearby kingdoms. Queen Frigga had noticed your attention wavering more often than not and was kind enough to make up an excuse for you to leave the banquet overall.

You walk out of the hall merely keeping your sight on the floor as you tried to ignore the emptiness of your soul.

You wished Loki would have been more interested in spending his birthday with you or at least come and spoken to you at some point in the meal, but he didn’t. He merely stayed seated at his table, enjoying the company of his brother and friends. He didn’t even offer a spare glance in your direction.

With a sigh, you are sadly ready to return home.

“Leaving so soon?”

You quickly look up and turn around to find Loki heading towards you. You quickly place a smile on your face at the sight of him.

“Though the company was pleasing, the conversation grew boring,” you responded with a shrug.

“You could have always joined my side,” Loki offered to her.

“I did not realize that was an option,” you state as you looked away from him. “You seemed disturbed by the idea of me spending dinner at your table.”

“I wasn’t…” Loki sighs out annoyed. “I wasn’t disturbed by you per say… more like the idea of you spending time with my brother. His intentions towards you are as clear as water and I did not intend to waste my birthday seeing my brother’s attempt to woo you.”

You couldn’t help the thought that crossed your mind. The thought that he could possibly be jealous at this moment.

“I was saving you in a sense… saving you from a night of awkward, loud advances,” Loki states with a shrug. “No need to thank me.”

“I was not going to thank you,” you replied as your arms crossed over your chest. “I was in no need of a savior.”

Loki’s face expressed alarm before it quickly shifted to a confused scowl.

“Does that mean… Are you interested in Thor?” Loki interprets your statement.

“No!” you exclaim with a shake of your head. “By the norns, Loki…”

“I apologize,” Loki replies with a shake of his head. “You made it sound like you didn’t want me to intervene between you two.”

You shake your head at him.

“I simply meant that I could defend myself from unwanted advances,” you correct Loki. “Whether it’s the prince of Asgard or a drunken man in the streets.”

Loki hums in understanding and hints of mischief flickers in his eyes. He’s quick to grab a hold of your arms and pushes you onto one of the nearby columns. A gasp escapes your mouth and you’re unable to speak as you feel how closely Loki is pressed against you.

“And what if it’s both?”

“What?” you ask breathlessly as his mouth was dangerously close to touching yours.

“What if the advances came from a drunk prince of Asgard?” Loki asks with a grin.

You didn’t know how to respond. Perhaps it was because you were so close to gaining what you always wanted, or because you certainly drank more than enough mead to gain some courage for this confession, or maybe it was both. Either way, it was now or never.

“If the drunken advances come from the prince I have for so long sought for, I would accept them gratefully,” you whisper to him as you find a way to move even closer to him.

Loki was taken back by your response and simply stared at you with a blank expression. Uneasiness quickly settles into your being and you fear you have revealed too much.

“You’re not lying?” Loki asks you as he searched your face for an answer.

“Why would I lie?”

“Because this could be a trick,” he answers. “A prank you pull on the birthday of the Trickster God.”

“It is not a lie,” you assure him. “I truly do love you, Loki.”  

That was all he needed to hear before he pulled you in for a kiss. A kiss he’s been dying to place the moment you came into his life. You tug him closer, never wanting him to pull away, but the lack of air steers both of you to breathe.

You wonder if this is all a dream, but the feel of his heart beating rapidly under your hand was proof enough that it wasn’t. You slowly look up at his eyes and find them already focused on you.

“I love you, Y/N,” he whispers. “I have loved you for a thousand years.”

And all along I believed I would find you

Time has brought your heart to me

I have loved you for a thousand years

I’ll love you for a thousand more

“Vacations are rare for the Waynes” - Batmom x Batfam

Here’s a little collection of short stories about the Batfamily going to the beach/being in vacation ! I kinda just had ideas for tiny little snippets rather than a story that was a long one and made sense…it’s bad. Hope you’ll like it : 


my masterlist blog :


How did the Wayne found time to go on vacation ?  

God bless Batwoman, Batgirl, Jim Gordon…And everyone who joined in helping the Batfamily over the years, because thanks to them, you, your husband, kids and beloved butler were FINALLY able to take some times off. 

A few years ago, leaving Gotham for vacations would have been a big no-no for Bruce, and you always understood, you really did. Hell, you had trouble leaving the Bat computer behind…But ever since he got new allies that weren’t direct family, things got easier. 

They all were able, since a long time now, to take at least one night off during the week and such. But actually full on holidays ? Oh that didn’t happen in…in…in forever ! 

The only holiday you went on with Bruce was without the kids, and it was for your Honeymoon. Three days. Three days of pure bliss (and lots of sex).

And now, the opportunity to be all together for A FULL WEEK came up ! 

It all started because Tim got injured pretty bad, but still wanted to go on patrol…and you lost your shit. You were always supportive of their nightly activities (though worried sick as well), and you were monitoring the bat computer almost every night, when you didn’t have “date night” with Bruce or “mother/son bonding time” with one of your boys ! 

You were really understanding, and you too wanted Gotham to be a safe place, having had the same kind of background than Bruce…But hell if you were going to let one of your babies go out in the streets while he was badly injured !

With your famous “Batmom Glare” and a stern voice, you told Tim : 

-You’re not going. You’re taking some vacation my boy, to relax and be fully charged again. In fact, we’re all taking a vacation ! 

…It kinda just happened. You were mad, they didn’t want to make you angry (you were scary when angry), and it was true that…All of them wanted well deserved time off. 

And it was decided. A week far away from the murkiness, grittiness, darkness that was Gotham, in the sunny Bahamas. Perfect. 

Of course, Bruce made sure that coming back to the city fast was possible, and also made sure to brief all of the Batpeople on anything that could happen but…He also really wanted to go. He wasn’t getting any younger and though he’d never admit it your little burst of anger was a blessing for him too. 

You all needed time away. Oh yes. And though you also made sure Gotham would be in safe hands (anyway, villains got pretty calm lately), you left without hesitation ! TO THE BAHAMAS !! 

Keep reading

So y'all asked for it last night . The immaculate Valentine's Day I put together, but got played in the long run. Lol

Ok so y'all asked for it. The immaculate story of the Valentine’s Day that I put together .
So BOOM (now y'all know shit is good when u start off with a “so boom”) I was dating this girl, she in the navy now. Now my longgggg time followers from Day one will remember this girl. She deactivated her Tumblr a while ago but that’s not the point. This girl done been thru the worst. She ain’t ever experience a Valentine’s Day. Her ex nigga was garbage. She had a cup of noodle dinner for Valentine’s Day the 2 years prior and it was by herself. Because she got cheated on by this nigga on Valentine’s Day..
Ok so in my head I’m like I have to put your heart back into things. Mind u to us, every day is like Valentine’s Day, because she knew she was appreciated all the time. But I still had to give her something to remember about forever.

So I booked this hotel in NYC. Shit was private, hella upscale. Rooms were so lit. Then I went and got 2 tickets to go see lion king on broad way. I purchased flowers, rose petals .and the surprise wasn’t over. I didn’t tell her until the day before. Only one that knew was her mom. I had the best relationship with her parents btw. I’m that ex now that they always gunna bring up lol.
So here we are the night before Valentine’s Day, and I’m like babe pack a bag for about 2 days. She was like why , I’m like just so it and be ready by this time.

So where going to the train and we get to our destination after making her think we got lost so that I had everything lined up timewise.
We get to the hotel and shit was lit. She goes crazy checking out the room and I start pulling “supplies ” out my bag. You know, your wines, your rose fresh picked rose petals. Tickets and etc..

So is about 6:15 she comes out the bathroom and tries to jump on me and I stop her with the tickets to see lion king on broadway that’s starting soon. she flips. Lol

We go out the show was great we had a great time, we took hella pictures and the night wasn’t over.
Next was just the venturing throughout the city for a second, but I knew where I was bringing her.

All her favorite stores, makeup shot shoes , etc all on the same street. So we got s miniature shopping spree. The last store we was at was Mac and I let her splurge, and she got her makeup done.
We went out to eat and we get back to the hotel.
And when we got back those supplies that I had were set up.
Candles lit, wine out, rose petals everywhere.

One thing I can say is we’re goodballs so somehow we got into a fight with the rose petals 😂 throwing em at each other like a game of dogeball,

One thing she couldn’t dodge was this dick tho 🌚

She’s been craving it the whole night. Rubbing that shit in public and I gotta tell her to chill lol .
But now that we was in the room it was going down.

We fucked . Made love, and everything for the next few hours , my side of the bed, soaked 🙃 she ain’t care tho. Cause then she wanted food and water . I stepped out the room to grab some and I walk back in 2 minutes later and this girl is knocked tf out.

So then she grabbed me and laid me in the bed and climbed on top of me like she wanted to ride my dick into the sunrise, but then fell asleep on my chest.

I woke up to the room service knocking on the door, and I got it, it was the breakfast I ordered in advance. Because what’s better than waking up to breakfast in bed.

She wakes up and goes thru her food. And devours it and is about to fall asleep again, and I’m like babe what’s that envelop on the bottom of the tray? ( BOOOOMM) she opens it and it’s the BRYSON GOT DAMN MOTHER FUCKING TILLER TICKETS. She been tryna get those for forever. But your boy was a demigod. Hercules ain’t had shit on me.. or my bank account cause damn I had to spend a pretty penny on then shits. It was his first show at NYC at the time I believe and at Webster hall. It was in exactly one week. She cried .
One week later we at the front of the concert and she having a ball. I loved the looks in her eye.

But that’s where shit stops being sweet cause a nigga got played 😂 I ain’t love myself in this relationship and all the shit that happened I had let go. I’m talking her with other niggas, lying, and just all the fuckshit. I was definitely a bitch ass nigga at that time in my life cause I valued that relationship over my happiness 🤷🏾‍♂️
I’m a different nigga now. But yea. That’s the reason why I was like fuck Valentine’s Day lol

Oh and for y'all wondering “how much u spend? That was an easy 2k+ 🙃

Strawberries » Mark Tuan

Pairing: Chef!Mark X Waitress!Reader

Summary: It was the restaurant's tenth year anniversary, you a waitress had been crushing on the chef in the kitchen who was also your best friend since high school. Mark, he was always so kind and nice to you, but when he catches you eating strawberries something is different about his energy. 

❝You’ve always been a slut haven’t you?❞

❝ Have your tits grown since last time? Fuck they’re so big.

❝ I can’t help it, you make me so horny.

❝ Open your legs princess, I’m hungry.

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Warnings: Dirty talk, kitchen sex, oral (receiving) Word Count: 

 Word Count: 2.8k

“C'mon spill the beans y/n. You know you want to.” Jackson said sending a wink your way as you poured his glass of wine to half way. You rolled your eyes, quickly glancing around the restaurant before turning back to the group. 

“A year and a half.” You answered sheepish, Youngjae began coughing, BamBam dropping his fork onto his plate while the rest stared at you in shock. 

“How? What? W–” Jackson was cut off when you heard a customer call out from another table. 

“Sorry boys, gotta go.” You said leaving the table and walking towards the other elderly lady as she gestured to her empty glass and you gladly poured some more in to her desired height. 

You glanced towards the double doors that led into the kitchen, watching as they would open and close every time someone would walk through them. You were so caught up you didn’t realise or hear the lady. 

“Excuse me! You’re spilling the wine everywhere!” She complained, you looked down to see the white table cloth slowly turning a red shade and the glass overflowing. 

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” You apologised, quickly running into the kitchen to grab paper towels and napkins to help clean up a bit. 

“Don’t worry y/n, I got it.” Jisoo said walking out and towards the table. You sighed and began to unbutton your white shirt with red wine stains on it. 

“Y/n? You okay?” You turned your head to your right to see Mark, the chef. Mark was friends with the guys you served out there before. You two had been friends a little longer though. 

“Yeah, I’m just a little messy.” You chuckled, pulling the shirt to close over your chest that was now all sticky. Mark walked over and took off his cooking jacket, handing it to you. He wore a white t-shirt underneath so it was okay. He went back to cooking while you quickly slid off to the fridge. 

Opening it and stepping inside, it was cold so you tried to hurry. Slipping off the shirt when you felt how sticky your skin was. Shit! You thought. He won’t see much of me. You thought before calling out. 

“Mark! Could you come here please?” A few seconds later you heard a small knock on the door and opened it a little just to stick your face through slightly. 

“Could you bring a wet rag please?” You asked as he hurried off to get one before handing it to you and watching your face disappear as you close the door and begin to wipe away the sticky parts over your stomach and breasts. 

You grabbed his chef jacket and slipped it on, doing it up the best you could before stepping out. His jacket was warm, like you were in a warm oven almost. 

“Better?” He asked as you nodded and placed your dirty white blouse in the clothes bin. A basket that you put dirty aprons and rags to be washed later on when closing time comes around. 

Speaking of closing time, you glanced at the clock then out he small window to see customers leaving and Jisoo thanking them for their stay at the front door. You sighed and sat down, not wanting to go out. 

“What’s wrong?” Mark asked walking over and sitting down next to you. Seeing your pouted lips and glossy eyes. 

“Why did you hire me? Was it because I didn’t have a job and needed one or because I was your friend?” You asked and he sighed, placing a hand on your shoulder that caused electricity to shoot through your arm to your toes. 

Your heart rate picking up quickly and thumping in your ears. The tips of the shell of your ears turning a bright red. 

“Neither. I hired you because I like you. You’re cool and handy and help out a lot.” He said and you almost puked at his answer. It was cringy and caused you to scoff at his answer. 

“Aish~its true. Wait here.” He said, walking out of the kitchen quickly. Your stomach began to growl and you couldn’t help but place your hand on it to feel the small vibrations of your stomach crying for food. You weren’t allowed to eat from the stock room or fridge but having something small wouldn’t hurt? 

You crept over to the fridge, eyes on Mark as he was talking to Jisoo by the front door. You ran inside and grabbed some strawberries, stepping out and quickly trying to eat then but enjoy them. You could see Mark start to make his way back towards the kitchen. No time to enjoy then, you quickly downed them before Mark came back. 

“Sorry I had to dismiss Jisoo–” Mark came in and saw you sitting, back up straight and an innocent look on your face while your hands sat in your lap. 

“What did you do?” Mark asked, walking over. Glaring slightly, wondering what you had done or what you were up to. You just shook your head and played innocent. 

“Nothing, I’ve just been waiting for you to come back.” You said smiling slightly, he was now right in front of you. He brought his hand up and grazed the back of his knuckle over your cheek lightly. Before his fingers danced along your lips. He pressed the tip of his finger to your mouth and dragged it along your lower lip. 

You were confused but when he brought his finger tip to his own lips and sucked on it, you knew you were busted. But the sight in front of you caused you to freeze and the only thing you could do was rub your thighs together. 

A throaty groan left his lips as he closed his eyes. Taking in the taste and recognising it instantly. 

“Strawberries? Hmm? That’s interesting. But you do know you’re in trouble right?” He asked and you nodded. Face now red and burning you could swear someone had just hit you across the face. But that wasn’t the case now. 

“I mean there is one way you could get out of this…” he said, and you weren’t sure if it was just you but you swore you saw his eyes darken slightly and his wicked smirk sent shivers down your spine. And then it hit you. 

“No.” You said sternly, you did not want to go back there. It was long ago and a stupid dare. It was your final year in high school, you all were gathered at Youngjae’s place and playing truth or dare when you got dared to sleep with Mark. 

You didn’t want to at first but you had always liked him and saw this as your only way of ever having a chance with him. If you couldn’t date him might as well fuck him. You two remained friends and you all swore you would never speak of it again. Until now at least. 

“What? C'mon y/n, I can tell you want to. You’ve been wanting to date me since high school.” He said and you furrowed your eye brows. 

“How did you–I’m going to fucking kill him.” You growled, Jackson couldn’t keep his mouth shut could he? 

“Why? Can’t you just control yourself until you get home or find some girl?” You asked and he chuckled, backing you up against the counter now as the tip of his nose dragged along the skin on your neck as his eyes flickered up to yours. 

“I can’t help it, you make me so horny.” Your knees went weak at that sentence. Your hands behind you to hold you up to make sure you actually don’t collapse. Why was he doing this? To be fair Mark had never been a player, he had never really had a girlfriend either. 

And maybe sleeping with him one last time could make him finally ask you out. 

“Do I now?” You asked as his face now was only millimetres from yours. His lips ghosting and constantly brushing over yours. As if asking you to kiss him. You lips began to ghost over his neck now, lightly peppering kisses along it. 

His bottom lip disappeared between his teeth as he sucked in a harsh breath and craved his neck back. His Adams apple bobbed as you kissed over it. Tongue slightly grazing over his skin to leave wet kisses. 

“Fuck, you never fail to turn me on.” He breathed, eyes closing as you both just stood there. Her hands now coming up to rest and press down on his shoulders to push herself up and continue kissing his skin. You pulled back and smirked, enjoying yourself and his reaction. 

“You’re think it’s funny to tease? Princess-” he suddenly picked you up and pinned you down to the cold metal counter. Your legs automatically wrapping around his waist as he hovered over you. 

“-I’m the fucking king of teasing.” And with that his lips connected with your neck. Kissing, sucking, nibbling in spots to try and create the desired purple circles. Your hands found his hair and began to thread your fingers through his locks, the tugging causing his to grown slightly against your skin. 

You found yourself bucking your hips into his and trying to create some friction. Thank god you finished your period a week ago. You continued to grind yourself against him. The thin material of your black suit pants able to move against the blue jeans he wore. 

The roughness of his material and his boner straining causing your pussy to throb and your arousal begin to soak through your panties. You began helping him undo the button and take off his kitchen jacket, discarding the material to the floor as his lips made their way down to suck at one of the ball of flesh. 

The red lace covering your hardened nipples now joining the jacket on the floor. His hands began to massage the skin, you couldn’t believe this all was still happening. 

“Have your tits grown since last time? Fuck they’re so big.” Your back began to arch as you craved for more of his touch. 

“Please just do something to me. Fuck me. Taste me. Touch me. Do something.” You whined, still grinding your hips into his. His fingers began to fumble with the dress pants button and the zipper. Your pants came off quickly to reveal your matching red underwear. 

He couldn’t help but chuckle as he noticed the wet patch. Fingers pressing against it, your underwear sticking to your wet lips. Fingers slowly moving up and down, along your slit and avoiding your clit. You began to whimper, bucking your hips as you basically begged for him to touch your bundle of nerves. 

You just wanted a release so badly, wanting to cum all over his fingers and tongue. Wanting to cum all over his cock. 

“Mark please…” you finally whined, your high and soft plea caused him to chuckle. Eyes scanning over your body as he watched how your body reacted with his simple touch. 

“What’s that princess?” He asked, placing a finger behind the shell of his ear and pushing it. Acting like he didn’t know what you said but he just wanted to be an ass.  

“Mark just please just touch me.” You practically begged like a four-year-old. 

“Like this?” He asked, fingers now grazing over your clit lightly, the feeling enough to cause your hips to rise and back to arch. 

“Y/n you don’t understand how hard it is for me not to fuck you so hard right now.” He growled, hand slipping underneath your panties and rubbing your clit in slow circles. 

“Don’t stop.” You moaned, hips continuously bucking into nothing as he sat there smirking. 

“You’re different from last time. You’re less vocal.” He said, fingers now gone and your panties pooling at your feet. 

“Lets change that.” He smirked, stepping back and watching you sit up on your elbows and look down at him as he began to get down on his knees. 

“Open your legs princess, I’m hungry.” Your knees were pried apart and his mouth immediately sucked on your clit. Your breath hitching as the sudden action happened. Your hands found his hair and tangled your fingers in it. 

Head now thrown back as loud moans left your mouth and the sounds of his lips sucking away at you echoing throughout the kitchen. 

“Fuck Mark!” You basically yelled when he began to nibble at your clit and slid two fingers into your dripping pussy. The feeling of yourself wrapped around his fingers while he thrusted them in and out of you. Trying to get you to cum. 

“You’ve always been a slut haven’t you?” If Mark said that sentence to you casually you would have back handed him but right now, him using dirty talk to edge you closer only build up the frustration in your stomach. 

You could feel yourself begin to clench around his fingers, your moans grew louder and you began to squirm as he tried to hold you down. 

“Y/n if you keep moving I’ll stop and leave you without an orgasm.” He warned, eyes dark and you could tell he wasn’t kidding around. Not even daring to challenge him to managed to keep your body from moving too much and continued to enjoy the feeling of his tongue and fingers on you. 

“I’m gonna cum, fuck make me cum Mark.” You whined, hips bucking into his mouth more as the last flick of his tongue on your clit was what sent you over the edge. His wet muscle pulling away while his fingers pumped in and out of you to ride out your high. 

Your heavy pants and sweaty forehead was not enough to tell Mark you were fucked out. You weren’t ready to get straight into fucking yet but he didn’t care. He quickly pushed down his own pants, his boxers along with them and thrusted himself in. 

No warning, no teasing, no nothing. Just hard and fast and before you knew it you were clutching onto his shoulders with your legs wrapped around his waist. Enjoying the angle and position but it wasn’t enough and Mark could tell. 

“Fuck, turn around and lean over the table.” He ordered, pulling out and getting off you. Quickly following his order you now mated your body against the cool metal table as he ran his tip through your folds before sliding back in and going back to his pace. 

“Fuck, keep doing that.” He said through gritted teeth with a clenched jaw, you weren’t sure what he meant but picked up on your constant clenching around him. 

“Nice and fucking tight, just like last time.” He hissed, throwing his head back as his high began to approach and you weren’t far behind. The familiar stinging feeling in your stomach growing with each thrust into your g-spot. Your legs began to shake as you got closer and closer to your orgasm. 

Your pussy beginning to pulse against his cock as you basically screamed at the feeling of how hard he was thrusting into you at this point. 

“Fuck, I’m gonna–” the choked groan he let out was what sent you over the edge, now riding out his and your high before both finally coming to a stop. You stood back up straight, legs slightly wobbly as he helped you sit on the cool table. 

All Mark could do was smirk at you, before placing the familiar red heart shaped fruit to your lips. 

“Open.” He demanded and you obliged happily, eyes never straying from his as he slid the piece between your lips and watched as you hit down into it. Taking it all except the part with the green on it. 

“So did you really have a thing for me in high school?” You knew this would come back to haunt you, hence why you were never going to tell the guys anything again. Especially Jackson when they cousins seem to keep their mouths shut. 

“I mean, yeah. Like you were always there for me and all and you were always my ideal type.” You said, looking down at the floor as you began to slowly get dressed. 

“So do you want to go out sometime?” He asked and you met his eyes, searching for the joke but there was none. 

“Define ‘go out.’” You said, adding the quotations with your fingers to high light the key words. He just chuckled and looked at the ground before looking back up and licking is lips. 

“Well, I don’t exactly have the money to take you to some fancy 5-Star restaurant but I’m sure my old red truck, some blankets in the back and the drive-in could do?” You couldn’t help but smile, you had some good memories in that truck. And you meant that in a very, non-sexual way with Mark. 

Most were good but there were still some bad ones but in the end they turned out alright. 

 "Pick me up at eight.“

how do i let the Internet know that i dont care about honey boo boo’s mom

My first job was a housekeeper at a fancy hotel. I have a lot of horror stories from that place. Once a couple rented a room and when I went to clean it I saw wine spilled EVERYWHERE near the bed. We used white linens, white comforters, white everything. The walls were white. It looked like this couple had decided to drink wine while they were fucking in bed. There was a HUGE wine stain next to the bed on the wall, like someone was holding a glass and just threw it up against it. They used towels to try cleaning it up. So I told my boss and she told me to never tell her husband (who owned the place with her). She charged them 2000 dollars to repaint the wall and replace the mattress and we never told her husband lol.

Another time a couple got married and left all of their gifts in the room. Boxes, packaging, liquor, and a whole- almost untouched- wedding cake. They left a mess too. They left every single gift they got and I guess they were expecting us to ship it to them out of state for free but ended up paying a bunch because of how much they left.

Also people would try to watch us clean the rooms (not allowed!). I was fourteen when I started and some creepy dude walked in by himself and shut the door behind him. I told him he can’t be in the room when we cleaned it and he got all mad and tried to get close to me but I just ran out the door and told my manager and they had to come up and tell him to get out because he wasn’t staying another night and he just wanted to be alone in the room with me. Wtf.

I quit that job when other employees started to go into the rooms before me and steal the tips people left.

Code Yellow

A/N:  Thanks for the lovely ask! I thought this one would be easy to write, but it harder than I imagined. This time, my lovely writing friends jumped in with a ton of ideas on how to make the story realistic. Thank you, as always, my friends! ( @little-black-dress-24, @niallandharrymakemestrong, @melissas173, @emulateharry) I’m so appreciative that they let me hang out with them and that they share their honest opinions about my writing. They push me to be better every time. Go read their writing. You won’t be disappointed. 

I love my sister-in-law. Honestly, few people could have survived my Code Pink. Indeed, many had been ruthlessly eliminated from dating my brother early in the protocol. Plus, I’d been able to help Harry with his Code White when he was ready to propose to her. I’d heard all about the proposal once he decided she was The One, but honestly….she’s the best sister-in-law I could have asked for.

Whenever I’m bored or Michael is busy, I head over to my brother’s house, especially when he’s out of town on tour like he is now. My SIL and I get along as if we were born sisters. We laugh at the same things, and I love that she is always willing to listen to my stories about my cat or the latest piece I’m writing. Which is how I find myself at Harry’s house tonight. My little brother is out of tour with his second album; I think he’s somewhere in Asia tonight. Maybe Japan? Who knows? I can’t keep up with his schedule.

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A/N: Welcome to my contribution for the New Author’s Month over at @loveinpanem​ 

Nearly two months and 16,000 words later and I can finally present it to you. But this wouldn’t have happened if for a couple of very special people, starting with the awesome ladies fom LIP: @thegirlfromoverthepond​, @akai-echo​, @titaniasfics​ and @louezem. Thank you for your dedication and all the work you put in. You’re doing a wonderful job.

My biggest, warmest and most heartfelt THANK YOU is - together with INCREDIBLE beta @honeylime08​ - for my awesome mentor: the unbelievably talented, witty and wonderful @xerxia31​ 
I loved working with you so much, and look forward to our future cooperation. :D

And last but not least: to my best friend, Pez. She’s not on tumblr, but she helped with this story like it was her own. I love you so much, bestie! 

Enough said, let’s start with the story. I really hope you enjoy! Thanks for all the support! :)

Editing to add: AO3 / FFn


“If you don’t show in the next five minutes, she’s gonna have a heart attack.”

Katniss groans, the strap of her bag constantly slipping from her shoulder. With every other step, she nearly crushes her heels with the suitcase she’s pulling behind her. Damn high heels, she should have worn her sneakers. She’s a fit person: she jogs, she visits the gym at least twice a week, she loves hiking. Ok, fine. She could eat a little healthier, but between jobs and her sometimes very atypical hours she can’t find the time to cook as well. So it’s fast food most of the time. But all in all she thinks of herself as a person with good constitution.

Right now, she huffs like a railroad engine, and her feet hurt like she ran a marathon. All the while she tries to hold her cell to her ear and listen to her best friend’s calm but slightly sarcastic voice. Even though she’s running through a busy airport, she can hear Prim’s hysterics in the background.

Code Red it is.

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A Mess- Mitch Marner

Originally posted by willynylanders

Ok so after some careful thought and a lot of how this should go, we’re just going to say… Enjoy!

Warning: A couple of cusses, fluff

@schmerbach201110 Request: A one where Mitch marner messes up proposing


              You honestly thought Mitch was going to pee his pants.

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Archeron sister fluff

Anonymous said: “Fic where nesta and feyre keep making fun of elain for being embarrassed about having sex with lucien. The archeron sisters really need some more bonding moments please.”

This gets a little angsty. 

[Archeron sister fluff]

“Stop blushing,” Nesta said, taking another sip of her wine. Elain fidgeted. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. So you had sex. It’s not a big deal.”

“She’s right,” Feyre said from the other end of the couch.

“Listen to your sister,” Nesta said, tipping her wine glass in Feyre’s direction. “She was rutting around with Isaac Hale before you or I had even discovered the opposite sex.”

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anonymous asked:

How do u think the MM characs would propose to MC?? Like an alternate version than of the game?Thank you!!


  • Spends the day with you
  • You go on a motorcycle ride, together
  • He takes you to that one spot in the mountains that he loves.  He tells you that he wants to be able to share everything with you.  Of course, you feel the same way.
  • You watch the sunset, together, then for some reason, he moves away from you.
  • You turn around, and he’s on one knee with a ring.  Surprise!


  • The first day of his job at the clinic, you both go out to dinner to celebrate
  • You both dress up nice; you’re so proud of him for finally getting his dream job
  • He orders champagne to celebrate; makes a toast
  • The toast ends up being all about you and how he loves you so much; how weird.  Why would he toast like that?  Oh, well; it’s his party; he can do that I guess?
  • You’re in mid-sip of your champagne when you see the ring at the bottom of the glass.


  • once your marriage is considered legal, you simultaneously just know that you have to do it!
  • Not a proposal, so much as, “Let’s do this!”


  • You know that it’s coming, you’re just not sure how.
  • He takes you to the fanciest, most expensive restaurant that you have ever seen.  There’s a string quartet, full waitstaff, a bouquet of roses at the table, champagne… But then nothing happens.
  • He takes you with him during a business trip to Rome.  You go sightseeing, together.  You go to lovely bistros every day.  …but nothing.
  • Next, it’s Paris!  He kisses you at the top of the Eiffel Tower.  More sightseeing. Cafes and wine-tastings everywhere!  …still nothing.
  • You’re not complaining.  I mean, you’re tired, but your boyfriend definitely knows how to show you a good time.
  • Then, you’re spending an evening at his place.  You’ve both turned your phones off; you’re finally getting some quality time, together, away from work.  Elizabeth the 3rd is napping, somewhere.  It’s dark, out; you’ve just finished dinner, and are looking out at the cityscape, admiring the view.
  • You don’t realize he’s behind you until his arms are already around you, holding you close.
  • Whispering his adoration for you into your ear, finally, he asks you.  
  • He didn’t want to propose as Jumin: the Director, or Jumin: the Heir.  He wanted to propose as Jumin: the man who loves you most in this world.


  • You get to his place and see a Post-It with a riddle for you on the front door.
  • It leads you to somewhere in the house, and another Post-It.
  • Eventually, you find yourself visiting all of your favourite date spots with him; sometimes the notes are on the backs of photos from the last time the two of you visited there, or a little poem based on a memory the two of you made. One stop, at a grocery store, has the receipt for the time you both bought 707 Honey Buddha Chip bags and 606 Dr Pepper bottles.
  • Finally, you end up at a local planetarium.  He’s near the display for the International Space Station, a bouquet of flowers and a little velvet box in hand.


  • He wouldn’t have planned it; it would be spontaneous
  • He wouldn’t think that he deserved a happy ending like a wife and family of his own; not after everything that he’s done.
  • You would have to almost die.  He would have to be reminded how short life is and that he has to make the best of the time that he has with you
  • So, spontaneously, without a ring or anything, “…marry me.  Please.”

So I’m a Target team member, and my store has a tendency to have multiple massive problems all at once. Back at the beginning of November, which is the start of the rainy season where I live, a massive thunderstorm started and it was pouring rain outside. I’m talking thunderstorm so loud it shakes the building, which causes every single small child to shriek and cry in unison across the store.

Then, it was just our luck to have some kid playing on an electric cart up at the front and took the corner out of a giant pallet display of wine bottles, which shattered everywhere. You could smell wine from the back of the store. So the cart attendant has to go and physically hold up the top of the pallet so the rest of the wine doesn’t come crashing down while other tm’s scrambled to clean up get something to prop the wine up.

As THAT was happening, an enormous leak opened up in the grocery section over nearly six aisles, causing them all and a large chunk of the main aisle to be blocked off. It was a fun day.

Sweet Frustrations (M)

►Character: Winner’s Taehyun || You

►Summary:  When Taehyun needed you to help with his frustrations

►Genre: Smut; Sugardaddy!AU

►Word Count: 2, 051

I have like 5 requests to finish but I’ve been feeling down lately. So here are something for you guys to read while waiting for me. This is my backup fic, I’ve ran out of backup now so I’m gonna have to finish the requests soon.Lol. Hope you like this

You fidget on the couch as your phone keeps vibrating on your lap. Taehyun’s name was blinking on your phone screen. You glanced around to see if anyone noticed how you had gone rigid when your phone vibrated for the first time. Your friends were packed in your living room; bottles of soju and wine were everywhere as it was Friday night. Now they were all sprawled out drunk everywhere in the living room with you on the couch, a little buzzed from the alcohol. Quietly you slipped away to answer your phone. “Come out now. I need you.” Before you could even say anything, his rough voice filled your ear. “Taehyun I can’t right now. My friends are here.” The sound of his car engine rumbling quietly on the other side were the only thing that replied to you. Nam Taehyun is your sugar daddy. How you met him, was a story for another time. Right now, he is summoning for you, out of the blue made you wonder. He was never like this. He would usually notify you so that you could be prepared earlier. You tip toed to your window. Looking down, you were greeted with the view of Taehyun’s classic car, with him perked on the hood. Your heart skipped a beat when he looked up as if sensing your gaze. “Come down right now or I’ll go up.” His voice dripped with authority making you swallow. This is not a good sign. Your contemplating making him sigh upon your quietness.

He pushed away from the hood of his car before stalking towards your apartment entrance. “Y-Yah..What are you doing?” You started to panic. Looking towards your drunk friends you quickly scrambled away to grab your cardigan without them noticing. Grabbing along your purse, you scurried back to the living room. “Open the door before I barge in and fuck you in front of your friends.” You breath hitched… You felt your cheeks burn at the thought. “You like that baby girl? Shall we do it then, in front of your friends?” You could literally hear his smirk on the other end. Scampering towards the door, you quietly opened the door to reveal Taehyun in all his glory, standing at your doorway. He was dressed casual and his hair was in a dishevelled state, a sign that he had been running his hand through them countless times. You swallowed again as he smirked at you. Hanging up quickly, you pushed him out before closing the door shut. “What are you doing?” You hushed to him before gasping as he grabbed on your wrist. “Are you beginning to disrespect me now? Do you want to be punished, doll?” He hushed back at you. “N-No, I didn’t mean to…” He didn’t even wait for your answer before he started to drag you downstairs. Upon reaching his car, he pulled open the door to the passenger seat before pushing you in, rather roughly. You rubbed your wrist as you watched him get around the car to get in the driver seat, the sound of the door slammed close making you flinch. He drove off the street since he didn’t even bother to switch off the engine at first. You could see how tense he is by the way his jaw clenches and his grip tightens on the wheel. There must be something wrong at his company today. You knew he had this important meeting with all of the boards, including his father who he dislikes very much. You didn’t dare to say anything so you just sit there in silent. After a while, you looked outside when he suddenly made a left turn. Hotel? Your eyes flickered to him. Usually Taehyun would bring you back to his home no matter where you guys were. Taehyun gets off the car making you quickly mimic his action. He threw his car key towards the valet before grabbing your hand. He dragged you towards the receptionist area to retrieve his key before stalking towards the elevator.

“Taehyun…” “My house is too far, I can’t wait any longer.” Once both of you were in the elevator, you stand quietly beside him. You watched as he punched the ‘20’ button making it glow in soft orange, the VIP suit. He was still frowning, his jaw still clenched tight. His grip on your wrist was also beginning to tighten making you whimper. “Taehyun you’re hurting me.” His grip instantly loses. “Sorry…” His thumb started to rub on your wrist gently before lacing his fingers with yours. Both of you went silent, waiting for the elevator to reach the desired floor. You were also surprised that he didn’t made any move on you while in the elevator. Once the elevator dinged signalling that you had arrived, he quickly pulled you out before dragging you to one of the doors situated at the end of the hallway. He waved his card at the door lock before pushing it open. Stalking to the bedroom, he pushed you towards the bed making you gasp. “Strip.” He ordered. You swallowed, as you quietly obeyed, not wanting to get on his nerve right now. Slowly, you shrugged off your cardigan before pulling your shirt off, making your hair go wild. You proceed to take your bra off but he stopped you. Leaving your bra on, you started to unbutton your shorts, letting them fell on the floor with a thud before kicking off your shoes. Taehyung wrapped his arm around your waist before pulling you flush against his chest. Crashing his lips onto yours, he laced his fingers into your thick mane. His kiss were desperate, forceful. Taehyun pushed his body forward making you step backward until the back of your knees hit the bed. He pushed you down on the bed before crawling on together with you. Fumbling with the hem of his shirt, he pulled the fabric off before returning to assault your lips with his. Moving towards your jaw, he sucked and nibbled all the way to your collarbone making you sigh.


He growled upon hearing you whimper the word. His favourite title. It was written on the agreement, that both of you had signed, that you have to call him Daddy whenever you’re in private, just the two of you. He reached for your wrists, pinning them down on either side of your head. His lips were still attached to the column of your neck, sucking on the sensitive skin. Looks like you’re going to have a lot to cover up tomorrow. Taehyun released your wrists to reach around your back before snapping your bra’s hook off. You shrugged the strap off before flinging the fabric away. Taehyun’s fingers grazed your rib before starting to massage your mound. He pressed his thumb against your nipple making them erected. You arched your back when he suddenly latch his lips onto your nub, sucking them hard. A whimper spilled out of you. You buried your fingers into his thick locks, tugging on his scalp, your lips parted as you gasped for air and your hooded eyes darkened with lust. Taehyun’s nimble fingers danced across your stomach to slip under your panties. Your breath hitched when he found your sensitive nub. He pressed a firm stroke on it making you cry out his name. Sinking his long finger into your wet core, he started a slow pace stroking your hot walls. He would brush against the sensitive bundle of nerves inside of you at times making you mewl at him.

“Daddy please…” Taehyun watched as you trembled underneath his touch. With his finger still impaling you, he pulled down your panties with his free hand to expose your hot core to his sight. You could feel your whole body flush when Taehyun’s eyes locked with yours; he was staring deep into your eyes. Prying your thighs apart, he dipped his head to lick on your sensitive nub making you moan while his eyes never leaving yours. The moan turned into a whimper. Your body jolted with lust as he started to suck on your clit. His name kept spilling out of your mouth until Taehyun abruptly stopped his assault on you before getting off the bed leaving you dumbfounded. Your thighs clamped together to relief the emptiness but failing making you whine for him. His dark eyes were fixed on your squirming form while he hastily unbuttoned his jeans. You could see his bulge restraining in his pants making you swallow. He quickly unzipped and pushed the heavy material down, his brief following suit. His erection was rock hard, stood proudly against his lower stomach as he started to caress himself making it more rigid. You moved to help him but he tutted at you making you stop midway. “Lay down. I need to be inside of you.” You obeyed, watching as he pulled out a packet of condoms from his jeans before tearing it open and rolling it on. Taehyun kneeled on the bed before pulling you close to him. You moaned when he presses his lips onto yours. An open mouth kiss. Your tongues battle with each other when you felt his bulbous tip at your entrance. He bucked his hip forward, sinking himself deep inside of you with one swift movement making you cry out on his lips. Your arms were instantly around his neck, nails grazing his back making him grunt. Pulling out, he only left the tip inside before thrusting back in. He keeps the pace, his hip bucking against yours as the sound of skin slapping against skin echoed in the room.

You gasp at every of his thrust, your eyes shut tightly as your puffy lips parted. Taehyun leaned away from you, grabbing on your hip to pull you down to match his pace. Your fingers gripped on the sheet underneath your head as your back curved making Taehyun went in deeper. You could feel his girth stretching you, hitting every spot deep inside of you. He grunted. “ hot my baby.” He leaned back down towards your chest before capturing the skin of your curvy breast between his teeth, nibbling and sucking to leave a dark angry mark on them. He always manages to leave marks on your chest every time you have sex with him. By the end of it, you would have dark spots scattered on your neck, jaw and chest. Moreover, Taehyun likes it. A mewl erupted from you when he hit your sweet spot, making you arch your back deeper. His thrust had gone hasty now, signalling that he’s close. He slipped his hand down between your bodies, stroking his middle finger on your clit making you cry out his name. “Taehyun..” You felt his finger on your jaw, gripping but not hard enough to bruise. You looked at him, his eyes dark with lust as they bore into yours. “What is that baby doll?” You whined. “Daddy..please make me cum.” With that, he’s a goner. He stroke your clit again making you cry out you ecstasy. Your back arched as your orgasm ran through your vein, your finger gripped on the sheet that your knuckles had turned white. Taehyun bucked his hip a few more time before reaching his peak too with your name spilling out of his mouth.

After a few moments, he pulled out before collapsing on top of you. His damp skin stuck on yours. Rolling off of you, he lay down beside of you. After both of you had regulated your breathing, you turned towards him. Taehyun quietly pulled the satin sheets over both of you before pulling you tightly against his chest. His breath blew on the top of your head as you idly traced a circle on his back before you decided to break the silent. “You know you can talk to me about everything, right?” He released a sigh. “I know… I’m sorry that I let it out on you though.” He mumbled against your hair before planting a kiss on your head and went quiet once again. You decided to let it pass, knowing that he’ll talk when he’s ready. For now, you buried your face onto his chest; letting the sound of his heartbeat lull you to sleep.

Spaghetti al Pomodoro

I’m going through a phase and I’m yearning for all things classic, with specific details to make them really outstanding. Recently, my thing is searching for the best spaghetti al pomodoro restaurant in every city that I travel in.

It all starts the second the waiter brings me the plate, I want it so hot that it almost sears the table. The restaurants that I love most, they ALL serve HOT plates. Then, it’s the simple things, the curl around the fork like a pretty woman’s hair around a brush, the semi-virgin-olive-oily essence of the tomatoe sauce, and the texture savored when you fill your mouth with it, still steaming. Every place is different, sometimes it’s cooked with garden tomatoes, sliced in half, that explode their hot liquid as you bite, or sliced onions (which I love), even red onions (I love those too)! There might be a little pepper, but the best places don’t need it. Each and every bite… dashed in between with a taste of (good) wine, sometimes an earthy red, sometimes a crisp white, but it has to be (good) wine. Oh my God… did I mention freshly minced basil on top, and the warmly toasted bread, sliced and oiled ever so lightly before being purposefully grilled JUST enough to brown the surface and the edges to a crisp, to create that crackle and crunch you experience with each bite. You can wipe up every drop of sauce with that bread and still wish for more… more (good) wine too, always more (good) wine.

Everywhere I go recently, I’m trying this. Those of you who’ve actually eaten together with me probably know why, I simply love… simplicity, and I always have my secret reasons. I adore the little black dress. I smile so brightly when I wear sterling silver cuff links. I polish my shoes every morning. I could watch a starry night and moving clouds, with my back to the sand, listening to the Sea crawling loudly up the shore, for hours and hours. These things make me happy.

You’d be surprised, what ordering a simple spaghetti al pomodoro and a (good) wine has done to my credibility in a fancy restaurant. Even I’m surprised, that on almost every occasion (with the exception of once in London), the restaurant owner came out and shook my hand. “I like your style!” I was told last week, with a hand on my shoulder. I’ve always said, “It’s the simple things, that are never as simple as you think. That’s what makes them special!“ The same goes for (good) people.

anonymous asked:

Can I get #8 for the drabble thing with Chuuya if it's no trouble. I love your writing!

drabble prompt challenge {closed} // “Forget it. You fucking suck”

{ nsfw-ish } can I ever write Chuuya without it being naughty? not really. 

               Concentration is a fickle bitch.

               Especially when familiar hands roam up your ribs, one arm sliding over yours and entwining gloved fingers over your bare ones. He claims he’s helping, but the way his teeth nibble at your lobe beg to differ. A second hand descends back down, past your hips and to your thigh. He bends your body slightly and presses your ass flush with his groin.

               “Are you trying to help me or fuck me?”

               Chuuya laughs but doesn’t answer. He tugs the pool stick back a bit and instructs you to aim for the purple solid. The entire point was to play against him, but after a round of him dominating the table he figured you could use a lesson before you tried again. It sounded sincere at first until a bit of red wine led his hands everywhere other than helpful places.

               “Chuuya,” you say with a huff “I can do this myself.”

               “Oh? Let’s see then. If you sink that shot I’ll do that thing you love so much.”

               Another laugh; your cheeks flush at the thought of him doing that. The sounds of the bar fade out as you hyper-focus on sinking the purple ball, if anything, to shut him up. If it weren’t for the unnecessarily hot weather your outfit would have been more appropriate. Fabric rides high up the back of your thigh as you bend further to get the shot right.

               Like a conditioned reflex at the sight of exposed skin Chuuya’s hand lands a firm smack on your ass. The cue ball spins to the left barely moving an inch. Chuuya meets your over the shoulder glare with a wink.

               “Couldn’t resist. Wanna try again?”

               “Forget it. You fucking suck.”

               “______, let me make it up to you,” He purrs, tugging you to his chest and nibbling your bottom lip, “I’ll do that thing you like here and at home.”

#C4 The God Key Snippet

See The God Key tag here.

“Why didn’t it work?” Archangel asked quietly. He could feel his control teetering, like a wine glass wobbling on the moment before it fell and shattered everywhere. Red wine, everywhere, impossible to scrub out of the perfect white tablecloth and his parents livid at the scene of it all.


He rounded on Isaac. “Why didn’t it work?”

“You said her mind might be dreamy – difficult for you to tap into.” Isaac’s jaw clenched. “It’s not my fault.”

There had to be some way to get in her head, there absolutely had to be. She couldn’t be immune to him completely. Even Isaac wasn’t immune to him, and he was maintaining an impressive level of silence for someone who wasn’t actually dead. Blocked off. Distorted.  That wasn’t Isaac’s power, even. Archangel’s eyes narrowed. He could get flashes of past days, painful memories, but nothing now. He couldn’t snatch control Isaac’s mind and bend him to his will like a boy made of clay. Nothing since the day he ‘died’.

“How did you turn your thoughts off?” he asked softly. His mind ran over mad ideas, of flawless androids and zombies born again to life. “A pulse point can be faked, blood can be faked, but your thoughts…”

Isaac tensed.

“Well, she was obviously on  his side – they seemed good friends,” Spring bit out. “Morphina might have done something, if you can’t get in either of their heads.”

Archangel played the scene over and over in his head like the nauseous wheeling of a spinning fair-ground ride, always returning to the same flashes of sickening colour.

“Isaac. Tell me how you did it.” The urge to pounce on his head swelled, but he’d promised and he didn’t want to fail in front of Sanna and Spring. “This is all to do with you – Morphina she – she’ll kill them -” He struggled to organise his thoughts.

“She what?” The colour drained from Spring’s face. “She’ll kill what? What? No! No, she can’t. You spoke to her? What exactly did she say? I thought it didn’t work, that she didn’t come here!”

Archangel kept his gaze locked on Isaac. A clammy unease swept at him, and his headache throbbed behind his temples. Burned in his eyes. Tugged at every inch of him.  

“Archangel!” Spring snapped and surged forwards, seizing his wrist and giving him an impatient shake. “What did she say?”

He truly must have looked pathetic because something in Isaac’s expression gave a little.
“Is this a discussion you want to be having with me publically?”

“He has nothing to hide from us,” Spring snapped. “One of you just spit it out. Is my sister in danger? How much time do we have?”

Her thoughts prickled at him again, her emotions an agitated spew that made Archangel’s skin crawl with the sheer force of it. His blood began to boil.

Sanna crossed the room, the only one of their seeming untouched by sleep-deprivation or injury, and brushed a hand over his temple. The headache eased. He could think; at least for the few moments where her fingers soothed the pain away. His shoulders sagged.  

Isaac folded his arms across his chest and god, Archangel knew that he wasn’t helpless but his hoodie swamped him and he was so pale that he looked like the most vulnerable creature on earth all hunched up protectively around himself like that.

“You haven’t figured it out?” Isaac’s lips twisted. “You really must be tired.”

“Don’t mock me.”

“I’m not mocking you,” Isaac said. “She deals in dreams, in nightmares. She makes nightmares come to life, that’s literally what she does. What’s your biggest fear, Gabriel?”

Losing you. Again.


Not being able to save anyone, no matter how hard I try.

“I magnify you, when you touch me,” Isaac said. “Your power is in your mind. So is hers. You may be more powerful than her when you have me, but that doesn’t mean she can’t use your powers against you when you’re terrified. The greater your fear, the stronger she gets, right?”

“And I feared failure,” Archangel said. More to the point, he’d feared Isaac’s death so long ago. “She was there.  On campus.” His ears buzzed and the rest of the room felt like it had ceased to exist, as he stared at Isaac.

Why now? Why here? What had happened six months ago that could possibly start this? Make her attack now if for years she’d been silent, providing she’d truly been there so long ago?

Six months ago – Morphina learned that Gabriel knew Isaac Morton was still alive.

Archangel’s insides curdled.

“You’re on her side.” Was that why it didn’t work? Isaac sabotaging him all along, muffling his powers perhaps, sedating them. “She’s killing us, and you’re on her side. Do you really hate me that much?”

“Oh for fuck’s sake, I’m not on her side. Or maybe I am. Brain like yours and a power like hers you could probably dream that in to reality.” Isaac glared at him. “She wanted me in exchange for her hostages, right? Second she said that, you panicked, and whoops there’s goes our plan because that’s your nightmares come to life right there.” Isaac shook his head, laughed that awful laugh again. “Great going after lecturing us about controlling our emotions. Really, Gabe. I’m impressed.”

“You’re a spiteful little prick these days, aren’t you?”


He couldn’t use his powers on himself, his control over his thoughts was as mediocre as everyone else’s if not even less so with the amount of traffic wandering around his synapses and Isaac bloody well knew it.   He couldn’t go near Morphina without being terrified. It was a sickening thought – a punch in the throat. And he couldn’t lose Isaac again, he simply couldn’t stomach it. Not again. And there was Isaac, knowing that, and sneering anyway.


“I thought you wanted me to be more like you?” Isaac returned sweetly.

Archangel snarled, wordlessly, and lost it.

Isaac staggered, clutching  his head. Turned wild eyes on Archangel and pounced, this time making a beeline for skin contact. Vicious and angry and  oh Isaac liked to pretend that he was such a goddamn pacifist didn’t he, but here now-Archangel caught his wrists by the sleeves, grappling.

“Stop it!” Sanna snapped. “Both of you stop it!”

Spring’s vines wrapped around them and hurled them bodily apart, panting. It was enough. Both of their abilities cut and left a ringing silence.

“You’re acting like bickering children,” Sanna said with a cold disgust. “It’s not about whose fault this is or isn’t, or what did or didn’t happen that you’re not telling us about. We have to work together. Jesus, Archangel.”

This isn’t like you.

The shame crept over him, as cold and slimy as a raw egg cracked on the back of his neck beneath their stares. He was supposed to be their leader, and here he was tousling like a schoolyard boy. He straightened just in time to catch the tail end of Isaac vanishing out of the door.

He took a few steps after him.

Spring’s vine caught around his torso and he rounded on her next, eyes ablaze. She stared him down with a silent don’t you dare. “Tell me about the hostages.”

“Spring.” Sanna touched her wrist again, exhaling a breath. “You too. We have to calm down, none of us have slept for days. We can’t afford to start fighting among ourselves it’s probably exactly what she wants.” She looked over at Archangel next. “Your Magnifier can stew for a bit, it’s not like he can leave.”

“He’s not my Magnifier-“ His chest stung and his temper flared again.

“-Don’t start,” she warned.

He fell silent and grit his teeth. “Sorry.” He rubbed a hand over his face and released a breath too, made a show of letting the tension ease out of his posture. “Fuck, sorry.”

The silence stretched for a few beats, nothing like the companionable thing it used to be.

“I’m going to make us some more coffee,” Spring said cheerfully.

They all groaned.