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tbh, i’m going off a topic that seems rife in the rp community and has been on my dash twice in the past hour lmfao.

villains – love ‘em, hate ‘em, you’ll always get ‘em, alright? no part of this world is devoid of villains, it’s the age old adage, you can’t have light without the dark and you can’t have fluffy, adorable characters, without the bastard, piece of shit, makes your blood boil characters !! it doesn’t work that way – and if you try to make it that way, your rps are going to be boring af and stale as shit. hiding behind the guise of it being ‘problematic’ is just even worse, you can’t hide the bad parts of a character just because you want the good parts. you have to take them both because both combined make a character human, makes them more than a cartoonish concept that you can’t work off of AND it’s not fair to the mun of the villain.

why should you devoid their character of the traits that make them who they are, or even worse, attack and demean the writer because you can’t handle characters who aren’t cotton candy sweet? what gives you the right? villains are needed, and if you’re going to beg for more complex characters, don’t spit in the faces of the writers when they give them to you, warts n’ all. no one gives you the goddamn right and it’s rude as fucking shit to the writer.

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