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Small devotional acts. 

  • Drink some sparkling cider*
  • Take an improv class
  • Read/write more poetry
  • Watch an old musical
  • Stay up late enough that reality shifts a little
  • Attend Pride and support LGBT groups
  • Wear fruity scents
  • Take a writing class or continue your writing
  • Eat grapes or drink grape juice*
  • Be the light in the chaos
  • Find ways to add more ivy into your life
  • Get in the habit of asking for someone’s pronouns before assuming
  • Go to a party
  • Unapologetically blast your music
  • Stay hydrated
  • Use more vinegar in cooking
  • Work on your balance between chaos and organization (both are very important)
  • Make crafts using wine bottles/corks
  • Dance!
  • Go to protests that are important to you
  • Witness the break of dawn - however you get there
  • Drink a sugary drink*
  • Play games that involve a bit of chance
  • Wear wine-colored things
  • Watch a drama show - it’s okay to get sucked into it!
  • Learn to say “No”
  • Attend a late-night movie showing
  • Support those who are overcoming/recovering from addiction
  • Explore in the woods
  • Embrace the liminal spaces in your life (there’s more than you think)
  • Many, many, many other things not said here

*This post doesn’t include alcohol because it’s a given, and many of you are minors.

Okay so drunk Supercorp

Kara can’t control her strength anymore and just fucking breaks everything

Lena just giggles over everything until she reaches a certain level of drunk and then everything makes her cry

Winter Sabbat Wine

Winter Sabbat Wine Recipe

1 Large Bottle of Red Wine
3 Oranges
3 Tablespoons Whole Cloves
Ground Nutmeg
3 Cinnamon Sticks
1 Cup Brandy
1 Cup Apple Cider

Pour wine into a non-metallic and heat proof container. Wash oranges and cut into thin slices, then add them to the wine. Stud the remaining orange with cloves, marking out good-fortune rune/sigils, and then add them to the wine. Dust the top of the wine with ground nutmeg and then add the remaining ingredients. Warm slowly and do not boil. Serve on Yule, or a windy night after the winter sabbats.

Astoria was the wine mum

Gabrellie was the vodka aunt

Narcissa was the firewhiskey grandma

Ron was the beer dad

Oliver was the craft beer uncle

Teddy was the weed cousin

Roxanne was the gay cousin

Dominique was the cocktail cousin

Molly was the chocolate milk cousin

Albus was the emo cousin

Lily was the ‘we don’t talk about her’ cousin

At Your Service ~Four~

Part One ~ Part Two ~ Part Three

~got some inspiration from this~

The next morning, you arrived in your new quarters early, setting down the few possessions you had as a servant. Most of what you owned were uniforms and so the small chest of drawers beside the single-person bed was only half-filled. You glanced in the mirror placed in a walnut frame; you had never had one in your chambers before. The bed itself was nicely decorated; a pillow thicker than any you had used before and the blankets soft beneath your fingertips.

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Upcycling Vintage Wine Bottles as Lamps

My MiL was ahead of her time. About 40 years ago, she made a pair of lamps out of a lamp kit and the bottles of some very very good wine. (The Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1959 was $50 a pop back then, and today its averaging - what?! - $3k a bottle?)

The lamps still work perfectly today!
Home Made Art

Are your walls looking a little empty? Art can be pricey so why not make your own. Here’s a few ideas you can try at home!

These canvases have been created using push pins. Simple idea but very effective.


This love heart was created using corks. Very cute.

Draw your design on each canvas and using a scalpel blade carefully cut out. Making each slightly different is more appealing. Just like these.

This heart was created using pieces of paper cut into triangles and joined together. This is a great idea for teenage rooms, renters or dorm rooms. You can simply blu tac the paper onto the wall for easy removal.

These canvases have been created using gold paper and a hole punch!

Head to your local hardware or paint store and pick up an assortment of paint chips/ paint samples. Using a butterfly hole punch, punch out the paper and arrange your design. Frame it and you’re done!

Scrabble pieces make great art. Either randomly displayed or spelling out your favourite quotes, words or names. Put them in a neat frame and display.

Using nails, wood and string this art creation is actually quite cool.

A great use of lace doilies. This would look cute for the inside of a tray or notebook covers.

Cover a wreath frame in string lights and paper doilies. Great for Christmas or all year round.

Framed branches. A very simple and quick way to jazz up an empty wall. You could even try spray painting them. 

Fringe Yarn Art. Created using a combination of polyester and cotton yarn. A very pretty wall hanging.

Another gorgeous example of coloured paper/ paint chip samples and hole punches. Choose your colours to suit your space. 

So there you have it. A few DIY art creations that won’t blow the budget to have your empty walls looking pretty! 

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Konstanz, Constance or whatever you call it, is quite a nice place to visit when you have a day to kill and happen to be around the Swiss-German border. Place the kids into the Sea Life at the border of the lake (a big lake, mind you) and enjoy the stroll through the rather crowded streets of the medieval town center. There’s even a tower to climb in the town’s cathedral, from where the whole lake and the narrow streets of the town can be admired - within limits, as not all balconies on the top are open and the ones which are not are swarming with such a luxurious insect life that taking pictures through the windows is basically useless. That is, unless you like spiderwebs and dead flies in macro view. At the base of the tower there’s a terrace restaurant - obviously - but you won’t get a beer picture from there because as soon as we got our orders, a sudden gush of strong wind threw a heavy umbrella right in the middle of our table, shattering everything in sight. Nobody got hurt - surprisingly - but until we cleaned up ourselves it was time to leave so there, here’s a German beer enjoyed at home instead:  a barleywine from the Bavarian brewery Crew Republic, by its name X2.1 (X for experimental see) and by the taste yummy like malted chocolate just not overly sweet. I would have liked it with some more fruit or more barrel or more hops or more whatever, just more of something, but even so it was a fully enjoyable drink.


Modern Worshippers: Dionysus

Throwing Mardi Gras beads from the iron railed balconies of New Orleans they sip on aged red wine and sugar-dusted Beignets. Those in California send care packages of locally-crafted wine to the online group’s monthly care package. All around the world they create the most elaborate costumes and have the most fun at any party, big or small. They keep others safe should they decide to take drugs and open their minds to the psychotropic world. If there’s a homophobic or transphobic neighbor they get together and throw the nicest, gayest party they can both in the old and new sense of the word. They volunteer at clinics that aid in recovering drug addicts and psychiatric wards when the patient has no one to say hello. They are those kids who can put on a million roles without flaws and the ones who will drag you out of your comfort zone to experience life to the fullest.

The world is their stage and He is the director of His players.


Party like it’s 1776: toast the founding fathers with a colonial-era cocktail 

Find that patriotic feeling this weekend by stirring up our founding father’s favorite cocktails | Follow these recipes

Fun 4th of July Drinking Facts:

  • George Washington owned a distillery that produced rye
  • The julep found popularity in America even before the the first shots were fired in the Revolutionary War. Born in Virginia, the julip was made with rum or brandy, not bourbon as it is today
  • The popular cocktail called The Stone Fence purportedly played a supporting role in the Revolutionary War itself, when patriot Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys were able to easily overtake a Fort Ticonderoga commanded by British forces sodden with the drink
  • The colonial-era working classes mainly indulged in beer and cider, while those who could afford it looked to Europe to slake their thirst, with old-world elixirs like madeira, sherry and Holland gin

A complete roast beef dinner, complete with two plates (with green beans and mashed potatoes and gravy), two glasses of red wine, and tiny cutlery. All food and plates made from polymer clay. Roasting pan, glasses, and cutlery were purchased online. The red wine was made with resin.

I figured out how to white balance my camera! :D It works beautifully with my new light box now. Plus now I have a photography corner set up in my craft room. Doesn’t sound too exciting, but it is for me!

I wanted to add some foods to my Etsy shop, but I’ve been editing pictures and listing some more of Alex Meiklejohn’s pottery since 10 am. I still have to clean, do dishes, finish dinner, and clean fish tanks before the day is over. Where can I go to get more hours in a day? >.<

Hopefully I’ll have the mini foods up tomorrow!