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Evocation of the Red Queen

Call to Her for Rites involving:

Passion and all that entails – lust, infatuation, rage, aggression, obsession, power, drive and motivation, domination, feminine power, etc.

She is ruled by fire – the fearsome aspect of the planetary energy of Venus, volcanic and volatile. In a sense, she is the domineering match to the masculine Mars, the traitorous seductress. Despite our own moral connotations with such – she is not marred by our own virtue, for she exists unabashed and guiltless. She cannot be controlled, she cannot be mastered, and she cannot be owned. Her rage is explosive, her hunger insatiable, she is decadence and gluttony, she is wrath and vanity – and she will not be judged for it. What she wants, she takes; what she desires, she deserves. Conversely, she is the master of passion – with the power to incite and dispel it. She is the dichotomy – the renunciate, the hedonist – and everything in between. Under the guise of the Red Sister, she is the picture of virtue – she who abhors the material and casts away all worldly possessions, she is the ascetic and the chaste. “You may know my nature – but do not presume to know my intention.”

Offerings, including but not limited to:

All things beautiful, lush and expensive – fine wines, champagne, perfumes, sweet cigars/cigarettes, beauty supplies, jewelry, roses, red candles bathed in oils, sugars and syrups, decadent foods (such as chocolate or anything deemed an aphrodisiac); but on the darker side: knives, sulphur, blood, red chiles, illicit substances (though not recommended – for your own good)

(For the Red Sister: white or red roses, anointing oils, flavorful “peasant” foods)

Ideal locations for workings: 

Taverns/bars, brothels, street-corners, places of luxury or excess – she is also particularly suited to bath rituals and mirrors.

To Call Her

Gather a collection of offerings, a square of red cloth or a mirror on which you have drawn her Seal (above). Drawing it in red lipstick may garner you some bonus points. Upon this, the offerings will be presented. Prepare yourself by dabbing on some perfume or inspecting your own image in a mirror. Music is always a welcome addition to workings with her, as dancing is a great way to align yourself to her energy. When you are ready, light 3 or 7 red candles and begin your working. Hymns may be sung and prayers may be said, though I offer none. As with the Black Mother, I recommend speaking freely – give yourself over to the power and allow the words to flow ecstatically. Passion is rarely planned, but captured in a moment. Allow it to run through you.

Once the connection has been made, you might make a plea to her. What that will be is entirely dependent on what you need, but do so honestly. She can easily see through lies and she will draw from you truth – often truths you do not want to face yourself. But without facing them, you cannot be free, and you cannot grow. Allow your guilt and shame to be expunged by her fire and let it ignite within you its passion. Be warned, though, obsession follows her – be sure to set up clear lines when working with her. I don’t lay a circle often, but for this it is recommended.

When you are through, leave the offerings for her. Thank her graciously and give her a respectful bow. You may now leave the circle.

It is recommended that upon the completion of your request that you leave another offering to her as a gift of thanks.

For those familiar with Quimbanda, many manifestations of Pomba Gira are a perfect example of the Red Queen – and much of this working mimics her observance, though less specialized based on aspect.

Masterlist S-Z

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Break Down - All of LIJ - Drabble

Cigars and Wine - Kazuchika Okada/Seiya Sanada/FC - Suggestive Drabble

The Good One - Seiya Sanada/FC - Smutish Drabble

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Surrender - Seiya Sanada/FC - Smut

Talk King - Seiya Sanada/FC - Smut

Good Guy - Seiya Sanada/FC - Angst

Cat and Mouse- Seiya Sanada/FC - Suggestive

Training Day - Seiya Sanada/FC - Smut Drabble

Seth Rollins

Shattered  - Seth/OFC - Angst

Unexpected - Seth/Dean/OFC - Smut

No Vacancy - Seth Rollins/Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns/FC - Angst

Sho Tanaka

Secrets - Sho Tanaka/FC - Fluff Drabble

Winner - Sho Tanaka/FC - Smut Drabble

Pretend - Sho Tanaka/FC - Angst Drabble

Taichi Ishikari

This is Exactly What It Looks Like - Taichi Ishikari/FC - Smut Drabble

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You Should See Me - Tama Tonga/FC - Smut Drabble

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Off - Tetsuya Naito/fc - Suggestive Drabble

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Trent Baretta

Hate at First Sight - Trent Baretta/FC - Drabble

Trent Seven

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Open Up - Trent Seven/FC - Angst/Fluff/Smut Drabble

Panic - Trent Seven/FC - Angst/Fluff Drabble

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Sobering Reality - Trent Seven/FC - Angst Drabble

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But Not Today - Tyler Bate/FC - Fluff Drabble

First Sleep, Then… - Tyler Bate/FC - Fluff Drabble

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Will Ospreay

Distraction - Will Ospreay/FC - Smut Drabble

Yoh Komatsu

Flames - Yoh/FC - Angst Drabble

Zack Sabre, Jr.

Called Out - Zack Sabre, Jr./FC - Fluff

Unnerving - Zack Sabre, Jr./FC - Fluff Drabble

Disloyalty- Suzuki Gun - Smut

Twisted Scheme - Zack Sabre, Jr./FC  Tama Tonga/FC

Unspoken- Zack Sabre, Jr/FC - Angst Drabble

Bullet Club vs. LIJ Series 

Make me - Tama Tonga/FC - Suggestive

Atonement- Kenny Omega/FC - Suggestive drabble

Defiled - Marty Scurll/FC - Suggestive Drabble

Hostile Relations- Tanga Loa/FC - Smut Drabble

Take the clothes off, but never take your heart out.
In every kiss, do not miss the bliss. 
Don’t spill your heart out, you’re just a girl in his list.
The romance stays in the bed, no candlelight dinners or walk in the parks.
He’s in for the pleasures, not for the sparks.
That’s the agreement, just the skin and the bones touching.
Yet why is your heart aching?
A love story made of wine, cigars and clothes on the floor.
Before the sun shines, the muse will be left alone for he already went out the door.
Don’t say the three words you fool. It’s the unsaid rule.
—  friends with benefits // 5:39

anonymous asked:

Secret Santa! who gets who and what do they get them?

Everyone buys a little something for Dogmeat. Not Including Sole as everyone’s Sole is different.

Ada: Preston, she finds a new hat on her travels and gifts that to him, also some energy cells for his musket including a surprise crank modification

Cait: Gage, she gets him a modded combat knife, some 7.62 ammo and a bottle of whiskey

Codsworth: Danse, he finds some brand new paint and some material for Danse to mod his armour and weapons

Curie: Nick, she sews his jacket to make it look as good as new and provides Nick with some new reading material for in his spare time

Danse: Curie, Danse gets Curie some research and scientific reading material both what he finds on his travels and some courtesy of Scribe Haylen

Deacon: Strong, he gets strong an aviator cap, sunglasses and empty milk bottles

Gage: Piper, he gets her a crate of Nuka Cola, courtesy of the gangs of Nuka World and some sweet rolls

Hancock: X6-88, some flashy red boots and a new coat to replace his ghastly courser uniform. X6 is unimpressed by this but welcomes the spare energy cells and polished combat knife. Though why Hancock included the lieutenants hat is beyond him

MacCready: Deacon, he gets Deacon a box full of pompadour wigs and hair dye to “Fix those eyebrows”

Nick: Old Longfellow. Nick is able to sweet talk his way into getting a now 400 year old bottle of whiskey off Vadim and some vintage cigars, which he wraps up and gifts to the old sea dog

Old Longfellow: Cait, he manages to find some vintage Whiskey and Bourbon, with a few shotgun shells thrown into the mix

Piper: Hancock, refrains from getting him any sort of drugs, but a few beers can’t hurt, some sugar bombs, sweet rolls and that slice of preserved pie that he’s had his eye one for a while.

Preston: Maxson. With Danse’s advice, Preston gets Maxson a bottle of red wine and some cigars, nothing too revolutionary, but nothing that will ensue the wrath of the Brotherhood either

Strong: MacCready, he gets him an assorted pile of scrap ammunition, some bones and pieces of radstag hide. Mac is not too impressed

X6-88: Ada, using his charming charisma, he is able to rustle up some improvements and modifications to gift to Ada

Maxson: Codsworth, military upgrades found on most Mr Gutsy models, saying it will improve efficiency and fighting capability instead of a standard Mr Handy