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5 Lana Del Rey Songs You Didn’t Know Were Covers

As we all know, Lana Del Rey is a phenomenal artist with a number of magnificent songs in her arsenal. However, there are a few songs that might surprise you when you realize she didn’t originally write them. I know I was shocked by a few of these, myself.

1. Blue Velvet (Originally by Tony Bennett, 1951)

It’s pretty apparent, now, as to why this song sounds like it would’ve been right at home in the 1950’s.

2. The Other Woman (Originally by Nina Simone, 1959)

The role of “the other woman” is a tough and painful part for any woman to play, and both renditions of the song do a marvelous job of illustrating the raw emotions that go along with it.

3. Summer Wine (Originally by Nancy Lee, 1966)

I guess you could say that this song is as fine as summer wine (I’ll see myself out).

4. Chelsea Hotel No. 2 (Originally by Leonard Cohen, 1974)

Even when she sings No. 2, Lana could never be second best.

5. Heart-Shaped Box (Originally by Nirvana, 1993)

Let’s face it. If you’re a Nirvana fan, you damn well knew this was a cover.

There are plenty of Lana covers that have slipped under the radars of many. These, however, were some personal favorites. I would highly recommend exploring the rest of her discography! I promise you, it’s a strong 10/10 from start to finish.

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back to bed // some songs that put me to bed and my mind to rest

SLOW IT DOWN / the lumineers ~ BIG BLACK CAR ~ gregory alan isakov ~ TRUCE / twenty one pilots ~ THE LIGHT BEHIND YOUR EYES / my chemical romance ~ BUZZCUT SEASON/ lorde ~ TREACHEROUS (ORIGINAL DEMO RECORDING) / taylor swift ~ IT ONLY GETS MUCH WORSE / nate ruess ~ WE DON’T EAT / james vincent mcmorrow ~ IMPOSSIBLE YEAR / panic! at the disco ~ CHERRY WINE / hozier ~ CHELSEA HOTEL NO 2 / lana del rey ~ CAN’T HELP FALLING IN LOVE / twenty one pilots ~ GIVE ME LOVE / ed sheeran ~ HEAR ME / imagine dragons ~ THINGS THAT STOP YOU DREAMING / passenger ~ WHAT THIS WORLD IS COMING TO / nate ruess ~ HOW IT’S GOING TO BE / gerard way ~ COUGH SYRUP / young the giant ~ HALF A HEART / one direction

2012 Concha y Toro Casillero del Diablo Manchester United Legendary Collection

Let’s start from the top… the color. Deep and dark, dark, dark - like the souls of anyone who plays for ManU. ;-) Deep plum, cassis, cocoa powder, dark chocolate bar, hint of green pepper, and a touch of some Malbec-y notes on the nose. Chocolate-covered plums and chocolate truffles yield to cassis, plum, and a TOUCH of green pepper on the palate. Tannins are present but not overly aggressive. Can feel the alcohol a bit on the finish. Could use a bit more acidity to help the finish. The talent is there in this wine but it’s a bit Wayne Rooney-ish. Kind of a bruiser without the grace and precision of Hazard or Fabregas. As a Chelsea fan, I’ll say this - ManU (and this wine) isn’t a “bad” team… it just isn’t top of the tables. 

3/5 bones


Cabernet Sauvignon

14.5% abv

Central Valley, CHILE

opens tonight, Thurs, May 15, 6-8p:

Rx for Viewing
 Grant Foster / Jesse Wine
Ana Cristea Gallery, 521 W26th St., NYC

a two-person exhibition that brings together the work of London-based artists Grant Foster and Jesse Wine, artists that eschew the contemporary preference toward multi-media and mixed media works. Foster and Wine work unabashedly in one medium: painting and ceramics, respectively. The palpable humor of the works on view, alternatingly mischievous and dark, suggests ambivalence toward contemporary culture, its feigned invocations of morality and the cookie-cutter mentality of digital reproductions. But despite the tone of satire, the works are richly textured, executed delicately, and, ultimately, with a distinct tenderness toward their subject matter.- thru June 9

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