wine bottle storage


Upcycling Jars, Bottles, and Other Glass Containers.

I cook ALOT. I’m quite proud of my little collection of herbs, spices, teas, legumes, and other dried edibles. Not so much for the actual contents, but for the fact that 90% of the glass containers were upcycled. I saved my kimchi jars, pasta sauce jars, pickle jars, jam jars, booze jars - errrr, whatever I bum off the bartender, and etc. I especially love using the Canada Dry tonic water bottles for my spices; the wine corks I save fits the perfectly as a stopper! The rest of my containers are usually rescued from flea markets and thrift shops. 

I encourage everyone to find a place in their homes for glass packaging. Keep them out of the dumpster.

Floating Chain Wine Bottle Holder

I hate buying things when I can make them myself. A family member wanted a wine bottle holder, and I saw an opportunity to make something cool and improve my welding skills. I quite like the idea behind this sort of bottle holder. A chain (something not often associated with holding up an object all by itself) is turned into a solid support for a wine bottle.

ok you wanna know what confuses the fuck out of me

itori’s bar

where does she get the time to accumulate enough dead bodies to fill hundreds and hundreds of wine bottles with blood (and storage space to ferment that stuff because face it, it’s gonna reek). I mean she sits in that bar all the time unless she decides to laze over to uta’s place to drink. And uta isn’t exactly running around killing either, he has a mask shop to run

sometimes I wonder she actually runs a huge ghoul speakeasy, and Helter Skelter is just the small little front to disguise it. she definitely is smart enough to run a place too, she’s clever as hell. if she runs a gigantic establishment like that, then it makes sense she has all the time in the world and all that fermented blood because it would mean she has lots of workers running around

and it would explain where yamori and nico met (a place where yamori could safely flash two bottles of blood in the open as well, as flashy the guy is he is smart)