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I see a lot of y’alls posts floating around that say things about college and party life that 1. worry me because clearly no one’s ever had a proper conversation with you about these things, and 2. just make me sort of cringe because they are wrong… So here are couple things:

  1. People are gonna drink. They’re gonna do drugs. It happens. Shedding negative light or stereotyping  those people/characters is unnecessary
  2. Normal people will never do more than one edible at a time. If you do you’ll probably vomit and also you’ll be fucked for like a full 24hr
  3. While alcohol tolerance is pretty unique to each person, no one is regularly doing 12 shots along side other drinks. In fact, no one is really ever doing 12 shots period. In my experience, most people tap out in the 5-6 zone. Similarly, its pretty unlikely that anyone is going to drink anything in addition to a full bottle of wine. You drink a full bottle of wine and you basically fall asleep. 
  4. One beer will not get you drunk. Beer has a super low alcohol percentage, and once you’re done being an idiot freshman you usually only drink beer because you enjoy it, not cause ur tryna get turnt
  5. Kegs are actually kind of uncommon at parties?? Usually at a college party you’re just gonna find a gatorade cooler of mysterious jungle juice. Unless you know that people at the party pretty well, stay away from that shit. 
  6. Anxiety medication strengthens the affect of alcohol. Just fyi.
  7. People do not normally puke every time they get drunk. 
  8. Hangovers manifest in two primary categories: head and stomach. Head = feeling like someone is doing construction in your skull. Stomach = sea sick feeling. Sometimes you wake up with a zesty blend of both, sometimes you’re not hungover at all. 
  9. I know this might sound dumb, but honestly most college students are smart enough/strategic enough to have a good time without blacking out. Blacking out isn’t really common occurrence unless someone is dealing with some substance abuse problems. 
  10. College has no where near as much partying as some of y’all believe. Do college students party? Hella. What are college students more likely to be doing? Sitting in their shitty houses with their roommates doing homework or having a glass of wine while playing a board game. Don’t let college themed media let you believe unhealthy things about party culture. And as far as I’m concerned, no one is ever going to actually pressure you to drink/smoke/etc. (THE PEOPLE WHO DO ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS. ALSO DON’T TALK TO CREEPY DUDES AT PARTIES AND KEEP YOUR DRINK CLOSE TO YOU) You’re friends want you to have a good time but will most likely not care about your preferences and will probs not want to share anyway because booze is expensive. 

Idk. I hoped this helps? ***This post was not intended to condone underage drinking. Stay safe! Ask questions! I hope you not have a better understanding of kegsters***

Ouran AUs no one would read part 2

Tamaki is secretly a best selling horror manga author

Haruhi becomes an expert in wine forgery, robs basically every rich person. Finally has revenge. Smashes the host’s 80,000 yen vase and pays it off just because she can

The twins realize they can fusion together (like gems from steven universe) into one mega version of themselves, only everyone thinks this is just their gigantic older brother

Kyoya accidentally asks Tamaki out and they are both so surprised and embarrassed that they just go with it, waiting for the other party to just call their bluff, five years later they get married, they adopt children, they are still waiting for the other one to admit it was an accident. They attend their daughter’s weddings and Tamaki final breaks down and confesses that he only agreed to date Kyoya because he couldn’t find a way to say no. Kyoya points out it would ruin their daughter’s wedding to get divorced now. they stay married until they die.

Mori becomes a best selling romance novelist, gets an MFA and teaches romance writing all over the world. It’s really just a cover for his secret smuggling and assassination ring. Except he develops a real passion for his writing and must deal with the fallout when he struggles to meet his deadlines because he is arm deep in someone else’s guts.

I went out with my libra math TA (it was college and I waited until after the class was over) and my god he was the most annoying ass person I’ve ever met but it was in a funny way. He just liked to annoy me (it wasn’t in a cringey way thank god) and my god he was like a short Asian captain America his torso was a full on dorito shape. I made him where my men’s blues clues sweater (I found it at a thrift store and its green striped like steves sweater and I made him wear it to teach a class bc I thought it would be funny). But he like… tried to talk dirty to me and every time I just laughed at him. And I played “don’t stand so close to me” by the police bc I thought it would be funny but he didn’t know the song…

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moonflag and 7 <333

7. Laughing kiss

For a first date, this is not so bad, or that’s what June tells herself while the wine starts feeling good around her body. She isn’t much of drinking or even liking wine, she knows the basics of it and the rest, she looked it p on google; which turned out to be a smart move when, shyly and almost sweet, Rick admited to not know a single thing about the theme either. At his eyes, now, she was the kind of woman who knew about wine and with what to eat it, so it was alright. Her cheeks felt warm, was she drunk? Or maybe was just Rick in the room? Gosh, he wished she wasn’t drunk, she has never been while carrying the witch with her and the bare idea make her shiver.

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The show is about romance and it is about love between the two of them. I mean profound and inescapable love
Galentine's Day is a good day for this tale

So Friday Jn’s in-laws were in town so we went over there to see them. They’re really fun! I absolutely adore her MIL. We drank way too much wine and chatted about all things.

Background: the first half of the week Jn’s husband was out of town so when she and I had “porch night” (basically wine, snacks, & talking) and with MD working late we discussed how a sleepover would be amaze.

So anyway we got in to the chatting with her MIL and I lamented that D was home bc now we can’t sleepover. However it came up it was like we could just go in to bed. And she was like wait you mean you go this way (toward master) & you go that (toward guest) and we were like no? And then we saw her face and we had to explain & assure we meant like a sleepover & naming stereotypes - cookie dough, celebrities, crushes, etc.

It was SO WEIRD. Like why would you assume that? I’m not offended - Jn & I often talk/joke that the best future would be us living together on farm acreage with all the dogs (shorthand Lesbian Dog Farm) but I know her MIL is unaware of that particular nugget of information.

Don’t worry, friend’s mother-in-law, I’m not trying to homewreck your son.

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What kind of cheap wine would Beast Boy and Raven drink?

Beast Boy doesn’t drink a whole lot, but Raven basically went wine mom the second she hit 21, in the footsteps of Alice. When it’s her turn to do the grocery shopping she tends to pick up low-priced wine or two, usually Australian for being cheap and fairly okay

Beast Boy rarely buys alcohol but when he does it’s California champagne to celebrate his and RaeRae’s anniversary. Or just because he’s so happy being with the woman he loves more than anything else.

One thing’s for sure, when they have something to celebrate they get too into it and pass out snuggled in each other’s arms on the couch and their daughter has to use her teddy bear stand to carrying them back to their bedroom

I thought I was done with feeling like this

Really just want to
isolate myself
and just drown 
in the pool of emotions,
listen to sad music,
read quotes about life,
drink a bottle of wine
basically just feel empty and alone

I felt like playing tonight and was going to play Young Mort, but then I realized - he’d be really perfect for Get Together. His family already has that ties to the “Old World” thing going on, and I can see them being one of the prominent families of Windenburg. 

Plus Mort already has a club of sorts, which includes his buddies Lothar and Chadwick (created by jools-simming and aged down by me) - they’re into literature, philosophy, classical music, fine art, and beverages of all kinds - tea, beer, wine, coffee. Basically they like to sit around and yammer about intellectual stuff.

So I’ll save Mort’s little circle of friends/family for GT. I’m thinking in my game I’ll put Windenburg north of Newcrest/Blythe Harbor, on the way to Granite Falls. It’ll be one of those American-type towns where we try to re-create the look of Europe, but of course it always looks a bit shiny and fake, because it’s an idealized version without much history behind it. ;) It’ll be touristy and slightly kitschy, and probably have Gnome Festivals and other silly things.