wine bar 1771


Luxury for less at the Wine Bar 1771.

Feeling fansy for some wine? Or do you have a date and you want to impress her? Or maybe you want to take your family to a really good place but doesn't have enough cash in your wallet to take them to Lolo Dad’s, Cyma, Capricciosa or even Yakimix?

Fret no more! With Wine Bar 1771, whatever budget you have surely they have something on their menu to make your night special.

Luckily, the other night I was lucky enough to be invited on a blogger’s event held at this very luxurious place where I also had the opportunity to dine and taste their diff wines and food on their menu. I was in deep awe at the posh interior of the place, it will sure give you a feel of a gentlemen’s bar which you only see in movies. Other guests are mostly expats and foreigners chatting at the bar, sipping wine and beer.

As the event goes, we have sampled on 7 of their dishes in which every course is paired with a different type of wine. Ranging from lighter to heavier types. Une dégustation (to taste) as our host would say it, was practiced throughout the whole meal. We were also taught how to properly drink wine when we’re eating.

First! The Oyster Rockefellar and Buffalo wings paired with PICCINI FRASCATI, a white wine with a very citrusy aroma and a light feel.

Then, pizzas! We had the Salbacho(Salami, bacon, chorizo) and their best seller, the Holy Cow (Mozzarrella, kesong puti, arugula) paired with Rosada wine which has the aroma of strawberries and it has a light and sweet taste. This wine is one of my favorite, even had 3 glasses of this wine.

As we progressed, we moved to a heavier meal. We were served with Winebar Burger (plus gruyere cheese) THIS! this one is served with warm bone marrow and freshly cooked fries! i loved this one, there were explosion of flavors in my mouth! Everyone loved it! I didn’t waste a single morsel! And also we had, Spicy spaghetti Sardines which was very delectable! This meal was paired with a very heavy wine called Beringer. Really warm and smooth to the taste.

For desserts, we had Raisin pudding a la mode paired with Don Ximenez Sherry dessert wine. Pour some wine on top of your dessert *turn off the music* *slomo everything* *flashbacks* *return to reality* that is what had happened to me when I did that! I was lost! It was FUCKING GOOD!

We also had the chance to meet the chef who prepared everything we ate for that night, KUDOS CHEF! Great food! Great wine! Great Place!

So, if ever you want to go on a fancy date? Remember Wine Bar 1771! it’s just a few meters away from SM Megamall.