wine and beer on valentines day

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How about a Valentine's Day sfw??? How would Hanzo, Zarya and Mccree react if s/o something small and surprise them with picnic looking out over the Sunset over the Ocean???


Hanzo stood there shocked after you giddily took your hands away from his eyes to reveal a beautiful scene in front of him.
“(Y/N)…” He breathed taking in every detail. From the orange turning purple sky, the sun just about to kiss the ocean, a small table simply decorated with fancy dinnerware, roses and candles.
“C’mon lets sit.” You dragged him over to the table seating him, pouring him his glass of expensive wine.
“I’ve got to cancel the reservation.” Hanzo blinked a few times finally getting back into reality. He quickly dug for his phone searching for the number of the restaurant he placed a reservation for a few months prior. He whispered a few apologies for cancelling last minute, the restaurant was overrated anyway.


Zarya thought that you were simply talking away and aimlessly walking around outside in the nice, brisk air. The sun was law upon the horizon giving the both of you a nice warm, romantic glow.
“I should try for five-thirteen.” Zarya suggested but then start to think about the tattoo on her arm. But her mumbling quickly came to a pause when she finally noticed what was in front of her. You stood beside a romantically decorated table with a soft smile. The setting sun giving you a heavenly glow, even though you naturally let out your own heavenly glow.
“What is this?” Her features went from shocked into a smile.
“Happy Valentines day.”


Jesse thought he was the smooth one out of the two of you. Oh boy didn’t you prove him wrong. With the magic of the devil you were able to blindly lead the cowboy to the waterfront. There was a lone table with two delicate chairs, a glass of wine on one side and a bottle of beer on the other. McCree chuckled at that little detail.
“You should’ve have.”
“But I did.” Jesse shook his head laughing. He led to the table taking out the chair and pushing it in for you before seating himself.
“Happy Valentines day.” McCree lifted his bottle clinking it with your glass.
“Happy Valentines day.”

My Hellenic Revivalist Holidays

I see so many folks trying to figure out which holidays to celebrate, how to celebrate them, and specific details for those celebrations…so–I’ve taken the time to write down which festivals I celebrate (or haven’t previously, but plan on celebrating in the upcoming year). This is just my personal festival calendar, and certainly not the only way to do it, but I hope it helps some people get ideas :)

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Valentines Day according to my Facebook Newsfeed:
  • In a Relationship: Tied down, unable to focus on personal development or happiness, buying into a Hallmark holiday of consumeristic displays of affection instead of showing real love. Terrible and disgusting, stealing all the chocolate and flowers from Walmart. Probably goblins actually, has anyone even seen them in public in the past year? Maybe they're dead. Dead goblins. We hate them.
  • Single: Vaguely pathetic, claims not to even WANT the chocolate or flowers that are all being stolen by the dead goblins/couples because they have all the beer/wine and queen beds to themselves, trying way too hard to make a day that isn't about them about them, bitter but very empowered by sharing those sassy vintage/pastel eCard posts all day, the more the better. They're taking up all the newsfeed space usually reserved for what Trump said about foreigners today and Aunt Gerta's latest upload of embroidered doily photos. God, when will it end.
  • Dating Around/No Status: Indecisive, spending the whole day worrying about whether it's too soon to buy flowers after two dates or if they should put rhinestones on a flowerpot for their best friend rather than just LIVING THEIR LIFE, probably not going to give mom any grandchildren this year which is so disappointing. So. Disappointing. Sarah. You are so disappointing. When will you get your shit together, Sarah? God damn it, Sarah. Christ.
  • Dog/Cat is their Valentine: Todd has always been an outlier anyways and will do what he wants. He uploads photos of his ironically-named pug in various outfits every day anyways, so what does it matter if it's wearing a heart antenna headband today? We don't even know when/where we met Todd, so why do we care? Wait, actually, this is concerning...why don't we remember this? Who is Todd? Why do we have no mutual friends? We've never even been to Albuquerque. ??