2014 Trivento Golden Reserve Malbec

Hey, wanna come with me to Argentina? Cooked black cherries and blackberry pie filling on the nose with even a grape-y note. Blackberries and dark cherries on the palate with a hint of menthol, a bit of tar and asphalt, and stewed strawberries on the finish. 

3/5 bones



14.5% abv



This item from Harry’s house is a wine decanting cradle. You are correct. It can be used for wine or port. It serves a duel purpose as a bottle is placed on it and left to rest for (at least) a couple of hours to allow the sediment to collect on one side of the bottle. It also ensures a steady rate of flow so you won’t stir up the sediments as you pour the wine. When disturbing the sediments, you get less wine out of the bottle. This is of particular importance for older/vintage wines (which is most likely what Harry would have) as these can form plenty of sediment over the years. A version as elaborate as the one Harry has would be ideal for older vintage wine as it allows for a delicate pour with the greatest amount of control.  In the bottom picture you can see why/how a cradle is used.

A filter might also be used to further separate sediment. It’s also the more traditional way of doing it, which is very ‘Harry’. The ‘cup’ off to the backside of the bottle is used to hold a candle (again, the traditional way of doing it) to create back lighting to help you see through the bottle/what you’re doing while pouring so you’re not doing it too quickly and stirring the sediments up. They come in a variety of styles and are quite lovely and included pics of some to give you an idea. Versions similar to what’s in the movie are easy to find online if you want to ‘Harry’ up your life a bit. Hope this helps!

It takes a practiced hand and my headcanon of Harry using one of these is priceless! Love the thought of Harry teaching Eggsy this/how to use it for if he’s ever at a dinner party and/or must fake being serving staff while on a mission!