2014 Vietti Roero Arneis DOCG

Italian whites don’t always do it for me, but Arneis is an awesome grape that I can get behind. Lemon, pears, golden apple flesh, hint of green herb and melon rind, raw almonds, and nice stony minerality on the nose. Lemon, apple, pear, and raw almonds on the palate with a floral, lemony finish. Very nice!

4/5 bones



13% abv

Roero (Piedmont), ITALY

vines and wines...
  • me:*watches some of their favorite vines*
  • grandma:*watches from behind without me noticing them*
  • me:this is still one of my favorite vines!
  • grandma:wine?
  • me:no thank you...
  • grandma:no i mean, since when did you start calling videos wines?
  • me:*vinewikipedia.index.html*
  • grandma:so these short videos are called wines?
  • me:it's vine grandma... not wine. i know you can hear the difference of two letters you know.
  • grandma:i shall call those photos i have on my memory stick bread then... you know like wine and bread?
  • me:this is exactly why i don't feel like forcing you to face the 21 century.
  • grandma:how does one open the keylock of this lumia again?
  • me:*sighs*