Hi Friends, for the first time ever COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN!

I know that my handwriting could be a little bit messy so here are the prices:

 - Coloured Portrait -10$
 - Coloured Waist Up -15$ /+5$ for additional character
 - Coloured Full Body -20$ /+5$ for additional character
 - 1 Colour Full Body -15$ /+3$ for additional character

The drawings shown are all “fan art”, however I prefer drawing OC’c. NSFW is fine as long as it’s not too graphic. Contact me via the tumblr messages! PayPal payment only! I’ll take half of the price before I start working on your commission, so I know that you wont change your mind. The more descriptions and reference pictures that you send me  the better! Asking for touchups/corrections after is fine. Thank you for any commissions or reblogs!