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An empty askbox sounds like a sad thing. I'm glad I chanced it ^^. But if it's still sadly empty, have a daikiri, Haizaki, and Kasamatsu scenario: Their girlfriends' skirt blows up in the wind... only to reveal she wears shorts under her skirts. Whether they're disappointed (most likely) or relieved, she cheekily says "maybe when we're alone ♥"

Yamazaki: “Jeez, it’s pretty windy.” You shivered. 

“Yeah. I think there’s a typhoon coming.” Yamazaki explained, suddenly, there was a huge gust of wind, causing your skirt to fly up. Yamazaki turned red-until….

“Are you wearing shorts?” He asked, sounding slightly disappointed.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. I didn’t want something like that to happen in public.” You smiled.

“I’d like to see it without the shorts.” He said quietly, so you couldn’t hear him. You turned around and winked.

“Maybe when we’re alone~”

Hara: “Is it cold outside?” You stood inside the building under the door frame as Hara stepped out. 

“It’s a little windy, but you’ll live.” He popped a bubble with his gum. You stepped outside, and it was most certainly more than a “little” windy. Your skirt flew up, revealing your shorts.

“Shorts?” Hara hummed in disappointment and started walking away.

“It’s so pervs like you can’t stare at anything. But don’t worry, I’ll show you when we’re alone!” He whipped around and stared at you in shock.


Seto: “Come on, I want to leave. I need some sleep.” Seto yawned. You ran outside to catch up to him.

“Sorry. I  was going to change so I wouldn’t have any problems with-” Right as you were about to say the words, the wind blew strongly and your skirt went up.

“You-Shorts?” Seto asked, confused.

“Uh, yeah.”

“Lame.” He yawned again.

“I’ll let you see more later.” You said, cutting off his yawn. 

“I’ll hold you to that.”

Furuhashi: “____-san, do you need a jacket? It’s fairly windy out.” Furuhashi asked you.

“No, I’m fine thank-” You were interrupted by your skirt blowing upward with the wind.

“Hey, careful!” Furuhashi reached to push it down before you could be exposed, but then he saw you were wearing shorts. He sighed in relief.

“So you were prepared?” 

“Of course!”

“That’s good.” 

“If you want to see any more, just ask.” You mumbled. 

“I might take you up on that offer.”

Haizaki: “Ugh. It’s windy and cold and disgusting outside.” Haizaki moaned.

“Get over it.” You rolled your eyes at his complaints. Suddenly, your skirt flew up in the breeze, catching Haizaki’s eyes.

“Hm, is that revenge?” He sounded disappointed.

“What? Do you like looking up girl’s skirts?” He smirked and nodded.

“But you’re wearing shorts. That’s not sexy at all.” He turned away and started walking further.

“Maybe I’ll show you something sexy later.” You said quiet enough for him to hear you, but not other people. Haizaki smiled deviously.

“Can’t wait.”

Kasamatsu: “Yuki-chan! It’s windy!” You whined as you stepped outside.

“Shut up, we have to walk home. Get over it.” Kasamatsu mumbled. You pouted and started to walk. All of a sudden, your skirt went upward with the wind. Kasamatsu reached out and held your skirt down before anything could happen. You started giggling and he quickly pulled his hands away from your hips.

“Sorry I-”

“It’s okay, Yukio. I’m wearing shorts underneath. See?” You lifted your skirt and showed him. He turned red.


“Aww, are you disappointed?” Kasamatsu shrugged.

“I’m just glad you didn’t embarrass yourself.” 

“Me too. The only person I’d show that to is you, after all.” 


Shit Hanamiya: “Hanamiya, it’s windy. Make it stop.” You mumbled when you walked outside.

“Idiot. What am I supposed to do?” He argued.

“I don’t know, maybe it’s windy ‘cause your black hole of a heart is sucking everything into it’s void and alarming rates.” 

“You’re so irritating.” 

“So are you.” 

“Why don’t you just-” He tried to talk, but the wind knocked your skirt up, only to show off your shorts.

“What? Why don’t I what?” You crossed your arms.

“Why don’t you just stop wearing shorts under your skirt…” He sighed. You turned red.

“I will not-Unless we’re alone.” You said.

“Alone, huh?” He winked at you.

  • Sousaphonist: *has short hair and it is windy outside.* Ugh, I hate it when it's windy, it always messes up my hair.
  • Guard member: *also has short hair.* Eh, I don't mind.
  • Sousaphonist: You may not know this about me, but I wash my hair twice a day.
  • Guard member: ...That's not good for your hair.
  • Sousaphonist: Really?!?
  • Guard member: Yeah, wash it like once a day maximum on a regular basis. You can use conditioner more than shampoo, though.
  • Sousaphonist: Well I always use conditioner and then wash my hair.
  • Guard member: Conditioner before shampoo??
  • Sousaphonist: Yeah, I use that and then I wash it with bath soap.
  • Guard member: Dude, that will give you a bad hair day. No, don't do that. Shampoo first.
  • Sousaphonist: Oh my god!! I feel so dumb and unfabulous now.