windy trails

This is what poor choices looks like. Who chose to go bike riding even though it’s windy and the trails are dusty and I was already congested? Me. 🙄 Whose husband refused to go with her out of protest? Mine. Whose husband is still the freakin best and is getting us takeout because he has the best heart AND only rolled his eyes and said “I told you so” once? Again, mine. 😍

I was going to crop out that tissue and edit my naked face…but then that would not be TRULY what bad choices looks like. So, sorry! 😉


Crystal Cove State Park, Long Beach, California 

Found myself wandering on this magical, windy, dirt trail the other day through these massive beach cliffs and mountain ranges. Even though I couldn’t see the ocean, I heard the waves and could smell the salt, and got to watch the sunset over El Moro Canyon :) 

 Instagram: kayt.ea

Possible ideas that I think might happen in the next upd8:

1. A long transit of John flying to his planet.

2. A long transit of Terezi slowly dying.

3. Terezi touches John’s windy trail and her mind powers activate.

4. Terezi’s powers did work before and we are shown a teaser image of what she saw.

5. We switch back to Jade and Calliope or maybe someone different.

6. EDIT:Or something completely random like a 5 minute long flash of Hussie dancing with horses.

Close enough contest!

Hey guys, Windy Trails here has 49 followers now! Now, I know that’s not a lot really but it’s a big deal to me. I figured I’d do a celebration thingy- Fanart time! I’ll be drawing up some fanart for three winning blogs and such.

Rule 1. Reblogs and likes only give you one entry. So reblogging and then liking will not get you two entries, only the one. To be clear, you can either reblog or like the post. It’ll still get you one entry.

Rule 2. I’ll be assigning my followers numbers and will use a random generator to pick the three winners. There will be no biased choices.

Rule 3. If you win, you will be sent a message saying you won. I’ll need a reference of an OC of your choosing to be drawn. If I do not get a reference within two days, a runner up will be chosen.

Rule 4. Contest ends on April 6. Any questions, just send them and I’ll respond.

Grand-prize winner of first place will also be featured in an update at some point. Thank you for following! You’re all beautiful!