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Title: Lassoed U 

Genre: Comedy, Western, (more as I think of it)

Member/s: All Of SVT 

Words: 1164 

A/N: Developed by bullet points with E (i dunno if she’d rather have me tag her orrr ? When you read this, tell me heh.) 

Heat had never been a problem for him. Heat had basically been nonexistent in the last town he had lived in.

If he could, he’d say it was like getting a lover for the first time.

The blue skies were like eyes staring back comfortingly at him and the windy trails that followed him, soft caresses that coaxed him to relax. The anxiety that others talked about, the possibility of waking up and seeing dark skies instead of blue.

There, he’d never had to actually do his job. He could spend the early mornings at the sheriff’s office, waiting to see if any cases would come in. Then, in the afternoon, after the clock hit high noon, he’d hightail it out of the wooden prisons and lay in the fields.

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Close enough contest!

Hey guys, Windy Trails here has 49 followers now! Now, I know that’s not a lot really but it’s a big deal to me. I figured I’d do a celebration thingy- Fanart time! I’ll be drawing up some fanart for three winning blogs and such.

Rule 1. Reblogs and likes only give you one entry. So reblogging and then liking will not get you two entries, only the one. To be clear, you can either reblog or like the post. It’ll still get you one entry.

Rule 2. I’ll be assigning my followers numbers and will use a random generator to pick the three winners. There will be no biased choices.

Rule 3. If you win, you will be sent a message saying you won. I’ll need a reference of an OC of your choosing to be drawn. If I do not get a reference within two days, a runner up will be chosen.

Rule 4. Contest ends on April 6. Any questions, just send them and I’ll respond.

Grand-prize winner of first place will also be featured in an update at some point. Thank you for following! You’re all beautiful!


In ancient tales spoken of Tumblrule, there were Three Heroes.

These three were sworn to protect and guide all, no matter what.

There was Windy Trails, The Hero of Winds, with a Courageous heart that knew no fear.

There was Sunray Smiles, The Hero of the Sun, with his kindly used Power to guide those lost in the dark.

And there was Raindrops, The Heroine of Storms, with her Wisdom to help the land flourish with knowledge of the weather.

These were the Heroes. Their legends were known far.

But even so, a Hero cannot stand alone.

Even a Hero with Wisdom, Power, or Courage, needs help sometimes.

Thank you for 25 followers, now 28 though, and I love you all for having followed me. I’ll strive to improve and become worthy of having you followers. I’m going to go back to working on other updates (If I ever got asks hint hint) now that the Followers post is done. I meant to put in the cutie marks or the head of some of my followers but they just would not take to the stained glass layout I was using. Sorry.. Honorable mentions though.