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I don’t care is its just speculation, it’s canon to me dammit.  TTwTT 

Someone should tell the parents not to bring an aerial assault cannon (read as: fireworks) to an air shows though… It could lead to a serious problems if anything went wrong.

Peter Pan Imagine Request/Imagination

“Can you write and Imagine where a girl has imaginary friend named Peter Pan? Peter has been with the girl since she was young. Then when she’s older he asks if she wants to come to Neverland with him, and she says yes because she trusts him and he is her only friend. When. She gets to Neverland she realizes Peter isn’t there because he is dead. But her presence on Neverland brings him back.”

Warnings : Cussing, sexual, sexual harassment, death, mean parents.

“oh the cleverness of you.” you would giggle , your best friend in the world just did something mischievous , and of course got away with it.

You and him did everything together, you ran, skipped, jumped, got scared, even danced together.

You would spend every waking hour together, after all he was your best friend.

You loved him and he loved you, but your parents, well they had enough of your “imaginary friend”

“Why do you have two bowls of cereal Y/n?” your mom asked

“For Peter.” you simply stated.

Your mother gave you a concerned look, then looked at your father for guidanced 

“Look hunny, your friend doesn’t need to eat.” he said

“Well why not?” you asked

“Because umm, well he is imaginary, and imaginary people don’t get to eat.” he said

“What ? Why?” you asked 

“Because they don’t Y/n stop asking so many questions.” your mom said, trying to support your father


“I SAID ENOUGH” your mom yelled at you, which scared you and made you drop yours and Peter’s cereal.

“Ugh! Now we will be late for work, get yourself cleaned up and leave Peter here!” she yelled at you

Most days were like that, but you stood by Peter, and no matter how much you got yelled at, no matter how much you got grounded, no matter how much you got your phone, tv, and laptop get taken away, you stood by him, he was your best friend, and you weren’t going to let him go.

But as much as you stood by him, you were getting tired of it, and he knew it.

“What’s wrong love?” he asked as you lay on your bed staring at the ceiling.

“Peter it’s Friday night, everyone is at that awesome party, and we’re stuck here.” you said sitting up and facing him

“Well, why don’t we go?” he asked

“Because I’m grounded, AGAIN!”you stated , folding your arms.

“Ah, I see, well, let’s sneak out.” he said

“Yeah so I can get grounded again.”you rolled your eyes

“No love you won’t get grounded , I promise.” he said.

“Yeah, YOU won’t .” you say with an attitude 

“Hey, this is the party of the year, let’s go.” he said, winking at you

You smile at him, “Okay.” you couldn’t resist him, he was just too damn adorable 

You both get ready for the party

Once you arrive, you get welcomed by a couple of your friends from school, Peter just watches from a far and smiles. You give a smile back

After chatting with your friends you spot a cute boy that you’ve been crushing on for a while, and he was coming your way!

“Hey.” he said with a drink in his hand

Peter’s eyebrows knitted together. Obviously upset.

“Hi!” you said a little bit more energetic than you should've 

“Didn’t think I would see you here.” he said

“Oh yeah I’m not really a party go-er , but I mean I’m trying.” you said 

“Thats adorable.” he said 

You just blushed and looked down.

“Awe you’re blushing, thats hella cute.” he said brushing his fingers against your cheeks.

Peter’s eyes became neon green, he was upset, but he couldn’t explain why. You were his friend, just his friend, right? He shook his head, trying to focus on something else, but he couldn’t.

You guys caved in and now touching each others arms and what not, you were so shocked, he was actually into you.

“So uh, you wanna go upstairs?” he asked

Peter’s head popped up quickly “The hell?” 

“Excuse me?” you asked shocked

“Well, I mean you know.” he said bringing you closer to him

“Wait I’m not that kind of girl.” you said

“Oh come on, it will be fun!” he said grabbing your ass, 

Peter marched straight to you 

“I said no!” you splashed your drink on him.

“The hell, you stupid bitch!” he said yelling at you

“What a freak” some girl said

Others just laughed

Then everyone started chanting “freak, freak, freak, freak!”

Tears ran down your eyes, you just ran out of the house, the party ended as soon as it started for you.

You ran and didn’t care if Peter was behind you.

“Y/n!” he yelled out 

“Go away!” you yelled back

You guys passed a park , it was dark, cold, and windy.

“Y/n stop!” Peter yelled at you

“Dont tell me what to do Peter!” you yelled back

“I”m your best friend I just want to be there for you!” he yelled

“You ruin everything!” you yelled at him

“What?” he asked quietly 

“Everyone thinks I’m a freak, its because of you.” you sniffled and wiped your tears. “Peter, you’re not real, you know you’re not, but still, you incest on thinking that you are.” you cried

He walked to you, picking up your chin with his finger. “Do you want me to leave?” he asked

“I just need space.” you said, you walked away, crying , Peter slowly walked behind to make sure you got home safe, once he knew you did he went away, and slept in tree for that night

You wake up to no Peter for 16 years , you always woke up to him, but not today, it felt weird.

You didn’t feel like getting up, so you didn’t you just stayed in bed all day

It was 5 in the afternoon and you heard a tap on the window

You saw him, his face was filled with concerns , you spend the window.

“Yes?” you asked him

“I need to ask you something.” he asked

“Well ask.” you said with an attitude 

Come with me.” he said

“What?” you asked

“To Neverland.” he said

“To who?!” you asked confused

“To Neverland.” he said, he was just staring deep into your eyes, wondering what you would say

“Where is that?” you asked

“It’s a place, that you will never, ever, have to worry about grown up things again.” he said

“Peter, I don’t know.” you said 

He came behind you and wrapped his arms around you

“Y/n listen, I know you’re tired, come with me, Neverland is waiting.” he whispers in your ear.

You turn around, facing him “Never again?” you asked

“Never again.” he smiled

“Fine, take me.” you said with a smile


You arrive on Neverland, but Peter isn’t there.

“What the hell?” you said, did Peter lie? Did he leave you on this island to die?

Well you weren’t going to stay and find out.

You decided to explore.

Looking at the trees they never end, this place was remarkable, the flowers had the most sweetest smells to them, the atmosphere was more of a thrill, you could hear drums, and music, and boys?

You decided to go closer.

You see around 10-15 boys.

“That’s a looooot of boys. you said

You decided to sep back but you tripped over a stick and screamed 

The boys ran over and saw you

“A girl?” a older boy with a scar said

“Why a girl?” he said

“I mean, she is hot.” an other said 

“Shut up.” an other said hitting him in the stomach.

“Ouch!” he yelled

“Look where am I?” you asked

“You’re on Neverland.” a little boy said 

“Do-do you know where Peter , Peter Pan is?” you asked

Suddenly, everyone became sad, some even took off their hats, others looked down

“What?” you asked, you were totally confused 

“Peter, Peter died, a while ago.” the guy with the scar said

“What?” you asked, but now that you think about it, it made sense.

Peter was always imaginary, only you could see him, but what was weird what that you could touch him, and he could touch you.

“How long?” you asked

“Forever it seems like, time stops in Neverland.” the guy said

“Peter was my friend, I lived, well he lived with me, for 16 years, we did everything together.” you said

“I’m sorry.” the guy said

“No , I’m sorry.” you said

“Well , I’m Felix, and these are the lost boys, I’m head in charge now, but you are more than welcome to stay, even for a little bit, I can show you Peter’s favorite spots.” he said

“I’m Y/n and yeah that sounds good, I shall stay, just for dinner though.” you said, even though you felt safe with the boys, knowing that Peter wasn’t there unsettled you deep down.

Watching the boys interact with each other made you happy, in a way they all reminded you of Peter, its they all grabbed a little of his personality, it was cute, they must’ve really looked up to him.

The boys were amazing and talented, they knew how to fight, make food, they played the drums super well, they defended themselves, Peter taught them well.

That night the boys made a special feast for you, there was so much food.

“I don’t think I ever seen that much food in my life.” you said

“Well eat up!” one of the boy said, 

You guys ate and ate tip you couldn’t anymore, with your stomachs full you decided that story telling was the best thing, because nobody wanted to move

You told stories all the time to Peter, and he loved it, so you thought why not the lost boys?

As the boys start to fall asleep, and the youngest lost boy fell asleep in your arms, you realize, you couldn’t just leave , not know, not ever, these boys needed you, weather they knew it or not, they did.

You had to stay, Peter would’ve wanted it that way.


The next day you made the boys breakfast

“This is awesome!” a younger lost boy said waking up, as he woke up the rest of the boys, they all smiled and thanked you, you made them start a line and one by one take their oatmeal.

They all made a line and got their breakfast, and their orange juice, it was exciting, they learned really fast, for these boys didn’t know the meaning of manners

You lived on Neverland for a couple of months now, the boys do their own laundry, they clean their own tents, and they things like excuse me and thank you, all of this because of you, who would’ve thought a girl would change so much.

Well After a couple of summers go by, and you’re officially the “queen” of Neverland, someone arrives on Neverland

You were all sitting by the campfire, it was the afternoon and you guys were roasting marshmellows, when all of a sudden you heard a voice, I familiar voice.

“Hey you guys gonna save me some or what?” he said

You turned around you dropped your stick in disbelief .”P-Peter?” you asked

“Yeah, thats me.” he said ever so cocky

“But how?” Felix asked

“Y/n actually, her presence , it brought me back., I wouldn’t be here without you love.” he said walking over to you, 

You get up and now are face to face with him

“I-I can’t believe it.” you said , tears running down your face, “You’re real?” you asked

“I am, only in Neverland, if you leave, I won’t be real anymore.” he said

“Well , then , I shall stay.” you said as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

He smiled and grabbed your chin, pulling you in closer to him, and kissing your lips ever so softly.

His lips tasted like mint, his lips felt like velvet, his hands felt like clouds wrapped around your waist, wanting more, you pulled his neck in closer, tongue wrapped around each other fighting for domain ,he won, you guys pulled away and smiled at one an other

“Do you understand how long I’ve been wanting to do that?” he smiled

You smiled and just laughed.

You both lived on Neverland, happy as can be.

Fuwa : I knew this cosplay would suit you ! And this characters correspond to you too !

Nagisa : Why do I have a dress ? And Karma, I know it’s windy today but stop taking pictures.

Fuwa : It’s the characters. Yeah, read some of the volume that I bought.

*Nagisa read the volume, see Jafar first appearance*

Nagisa : Ah ! Your right ! I maybe look like him.

*Nagisa still read, see Jafar angry*

Nagisa : …

Fuwa : …

Nagisa : I look like him.

Karma : Yup, definitely, then I’m Sinbad !

Fuwa : I think you look like more Judal.

Karma : That’s rude. But thank you.

Fuwa : Your welcome.

Thor’s stolen Hammer (the good bits they missed out)

Author some very ancient person and extra bits by ladyoftheteaandblood

Comic (Ihope) one shot

The classic tale of how, Thor loses his hammer and he and Brother Loki have to dress up to get it back,

Please accept my apologies if you are well versed in Norse mythology, I may have taken one or two liberties with this.

“Little brother, I have need of your assistance” Thor’s yell could be heard all round Asgard’s palace as he searched for Loki.

“Ah there you are, your presents is required, there has been thieves afoot in Asgard” Thor roared at his brother who looked at him and sighed.

“Really Thor must you come barging into my rooms when you know I was…….busy”

“Ha! When you finally get a girl you can give your hand a rest. Now follow me” Loki growled but did as he was told,

“What exactly has happened that you need to go shouting round here like a bull on heat” he asked

“My hammer “The mighty Mjollnir” that only the worthy can hold, has been taken by ……?” Thor looked kind of sheepish

“So what you are saying is, you need my brain to solve your problem?” Loki grinned and realize for once things might be in his favour.

 If he, the lowly younger brother could solve this and helped the troglodyte (Thor) get back his second favourite toy. He could win some favour with Odin.

“Asgard is in peril all the while Mjollnir is not with me; I will be unable to protect this land and my father’s people” said Thor in his best pompous,  voice.

“So you need your little brother to help fill your “GLORIOUS PURPOSE” in life, to be a dick!” Loki smirked at him.

“At least I have one, you dear brother are just the spare and have no purpose at all”

“At another time, We shall test that theory Thor”

By this time they had made it to Thor’s room were, as he slept as soundly as a wart hog in mud, his favorite toy had  had been taken.

“It’s the giant Thrym” said Loki after looking at the scene of crime.

“And little brother you know this HOW?” Thor was more than a little pissed off, as it had taken Loki less than thirty seconds to come up with this.

“Oh I don’t know big brother. Maybe the fucking great footprint gave it away” came the reply from the smug face.

Thor hated to be made to look an Asgardian Dick! So to get his smart arse of a brother back, Thor  sent him to Thrym’s castle to find out the truth. Maybe the little runt would be stepped on.

Unfortunately for Thor Loki returned, and even more unfortunately the news was not good.

Thrym did indeed have the mighty Mjollnir and would not be giving it back anytime soon. He would only return the Hammer- that only the worthy could lift, yeah right! -If he got to marry Freyja.

Asgard was in shock, although some thought it was better than the Asgardian soap “Down Asgardian Way” and couldn’t wait for the news of what would happen next.

Heimdall came up with the idea so it’s said but many feel it may have been a bet by the warriors three, to see if they could get the  two brothers to do it.

Heimdall suggested that Thor dress as Freyja and be Thrym bride, and as backup he could take Loki as his hand maid. After much debating, mainly about what a hand maid normally did for Thor! the plan was agreed. Although not by Loki, who felt he had a much  better figure to play the bride.

The two mighty warriors went off with the lady Sif to be dressed for their adventure. The warriors three watched from peep holes into the room and tried not to laugh to hard, as the young men put on their wedding outfits.

“For Odin’s sake Thor, you cannot fart like Bilgesnipe dressed like that”

Loki said in despair,   

“Thrym maybe dim but even he knows of your windy record. And stop scratching your balls it’s unladylike”

“These undergarment that Sif gave me are lacy and itch” Thor complained loudly. Loki was pretty sure he heard a laugh nearby but let it pass.

“Why do you need those? He will only see the dress and veil, you sodding ass”

“Sif said it would make me walk as a girl should”

At which point he put on the high heels to go with the outfit, and stumbled round the room like a drunk Tina Turner.

“I think maybe she was having you on, and try to walk like this” Loki put his high heels on and moved round the room with an unnerving grace. Almost like he’d done this before.

“Are you sure you are not adopted little brother?”

Thor ignored his brothers advice went carried on plodding about the room like some uncoordinated Oxen. He passed a mirror and checked out his new look,

“Loki does my bum look big in this?”

“Your arse big brother, is just big. Don’t go blaming the pretty dress” Loki sashayed around the room, swishing his long black locks, and twirling the silk skirt a bit more, just to piss Thor off.

“Ha you look like a girl” he spat at him

“That’s the point you Hamster turd! I said it should be me that played the bride”

“Always the bridesmaid, never the bride! Hey little brother?”

Once Sif had, had her fun with makeup on Loki, who actually quite liked the look, she turned her attentions to Thor. He point blank refused to have his beard removed or even lipstick added. Loki called him a mewling quim, and he and Siff  hoped that veil would do the trick.

“When I get to Thryms castle, I will fill the gate of hell with the screams of my victims” Thor boomed

“Not in those heels you won't” snarked Loki.

 “The two went  off on their mighty quest. They where guarded on their journey by the warriors three, who laughed all the way there and made some very nasty Jokes about Thor’s wedding night!

Once at the Castle,  the giant Thrym told the three to piss off and took Thor and Loki into the great hall.

A great feast was held in honour of his bride to be, and Thor eat an entire ox, a net full of salmon and drank six barrels of mead by himself.

 Thrym was to say the least a little perplexed by his lady’s manners, till Loki informed him that his beautiful bride had starved herself for weeks in anticipation of her big day.

Then he shoved his brother in the ribs and told him, he’d never get him back into the bloody dress the following day if he didn’t stop filling his fat mouth!

Thrym spent some time watching his adorable bride dance in a rather butch manner,  went over to kiss her still thinking it was Freyja. He lifted the veil just a tiny bit and in the gloom of the hall found rather red eyes glaring at him. No one should disturb the great Thor when he was doing the Macorana.

He went and questioned the handmaiden (Loki) about the strange eyes of his full figured bride to be. Loki  at this point was chatting up one of the young servant boys and felt sure he’d pulled, so was a little put out to have to answer the question.

“Oh she just tired my lord, not been sleeping much due to excitement over her wedding night” Loki informed him.

Thrym egged on by these encouraging words felt he should wait no longer, and went and fetched Mjollnir.

He pulled Thor to his side, and went to hold the hammer above their heads to bless the union that night, so he could get the fair lady with the pleasing big butt in his bed.

“Boy is he in for a shock” thought Loki, trying hard not to laugh at the mental picture of his brother being shagged by the giant!

Thor decided enough was enough, kicked of the high heels that he’d kinda got used to, ripped of the bridal gown and grabbing the mighty Mjollnir, attacked the giants, killing all of them in his pretty lacy undies. A sight Loki will never forget or stop telling people about.

On the way home to Asgard, Mjollnir all safe and sound, Loki had some questions for Thor. How could Thrym pick up the Hammer if only the worthy could do so? 

And a much bigger question why had Thor kept the lacy undies??

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picture not mine i just played with it.


Is it angst, or is it mystery? Who knows! I left the ending for this quite open. You can interpret it how you want. I just wanted to depict Clint’s loyalty, even to those he doesn’t quite get on with [yet], much like with Pietro. Thank you to @cosmichorse95 for this request. I perhaps took the title of Unsteady too literally but screw it, I’m rubbish at Song!Fics. I hope you all like it!

Can you do a loki or thor or hawkeye x reader based on “Unsteady” by X-Ambassadors? Oh a d I loved Fairytale! Not that it’s much of a shock, I love all your fics :D


“We got a tip,” Nat said, waving the file in front of Clint’s face. He grunted, and paused his video game. He was already perfect at it anyway. Nat liked to joke that it was because he spent all day on it, every day. He called it training.
“A hit?”

“A building on Main Street. Potentially got our guy.”
“I appreciate your attitude but we can’t just go busting in a building on a tip,” Clint smirked, resuming his game.

Nat pushed his feet off of the coffee table, and lowered herself onto it, purposefully blocking his view of the television. It was the only reason he came to Stark tower anymore.

“I know that, genius,” She smirked, watching him roll his eyes before pausing his game again, “but I’ve got a plan.”

Nat kicked his shin.
“Are you in or would you rather fight zombies?”
“They’re clickers actually.”
“Whatever. They creep me out.”
“And you creep me out. What else is new?”

“Guess I’ll just take the new girl then,” Nat sighed, standing up. Now Clint turned off the Xbox completely.
“What do you mean? What new girl?”

“Do you want to hear my plan or not?”

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In the rain [Winwin x reader]

Originally posted by nct-china-line

Your had bought food that you dad told you to buy. It was a lot of stuff but since you did material art you could handle it. You were one of the strongest in your class but you didn’t show it much. You were carrying four bags in total. Two in each hand. It was were heavy and you wished you had someone that could help you.

You took a step outside the shop and look up the clouds. It was filled with gray clouds, so you knew it was going to rain soon. ”I should hurry.” You mumbled for yourself and start walking. While you were walking it started to become windy and your hair covered your face. You shook your head and tried to make it normal again, but it was just a failure since the wind didn’t help. You sighed and continued.

You were halfway when it had stopped being windy. However it started to rain. You were not in a happy mood and the only thing you had in mind was going home to take a warm bath. It rained cats and dogs. You hair become wet and so did you shirt.  When you came to the waiting cross it was red light so you just stood there while it kept raining. Suddenly the rain stopped and you looked up. A black umbrella was protecting you from the rain. You looked over you shoulder to face a boy. ”Do you need help to carry that?” He asked and pointed at your bags with grocery. ”It’s fine. I can carry them, but thank you for asking.” You were not in a happy mood and you didn’t want to hurt him just because you felt grumpy.

The light became green and you started to cross the rode. The boy followed you with his umbrella. ”Why are you following me?” You asked. ”I want to protect you from the rain until you reach your destination.” He said and gave you a friendly smile. You sighed. ”Fine, follow me then.” And he happily did so. ”What is you name?” You asked. ”My friends call me Winwin.” He told you. ”That’s an unusual nickname, but I like it. My name is y/n, but you can give me a nickname if you want to.” You said with a small laugh and he nodded.

Winwin kept looking at you from time to time and you at him. Then you saw behind him a shop that was selling food. Your stomach started to scream after food. ”I’m sorry.” You said and looked down while walking. Winwin looked at the shop you had been looking at. ”Let’s eat!” You looked at him. ”What?” ”Yeah, let’s eat, my treat!” He said and flashed a goofy smile that you found adorable. ”Oh… Okay…” You said and followed him while you walked into the shop. ”Is black bean noodles okay?” You nodded as a yes. Winwin went to the cashier with two pack of noodles. ”You should give your girlfriend your jacket, she seems cold.” The cashier told Winwin and his cheeks got red. He bowed and thanked before he went to fix the noodle. He heated them up and came back to you. ”Thank you.” You said and was so happy over the food that was in front of you. ”You’re welcome.” Winwin looked at you. You were soaking wet. He took of his jacket and put in on your shoulders. ”Thank you.” You said with a shy smile. He smiled back at you. ”Cute.” He said and start digging in. Your cheeks became red but you decided to start as well. You talked and joked around while you ate. Soon you were 100% happy again and Winwin could tell that.

You were walking again and the rain had stopped. Winwin was helping you by carry two of the bags. ”Do you want to do something next weekend?” He asked. ”Sure, how about arcade games?” ”Sounds fun!” And you felt so blessed that you had met Winwin on a day like this.

 ”Loselose.” You looked at Winwin. ”Pardon?” ”I will call you Loselose.” He said and laughed. You gasped in disbelief. ”WHY ARE YOU NAMING ME LOSELOSE? WHAT DID I DO?” You said overly dramatic, which made the boy to burst into laughter.

You were outside your house so you bowed while you thanked Winwin for the help. ”Thank you.” You put down the bags so you could take of Winwin’s jacket. ”Keep it.” You looked at him confused. ”Give it back next time we meet.” You started to blush. ”Oh… Okay…”

thigo9  asked:

I know how you feel, I'm also super shy and get really afraid of messing things up *hug* I-I don't know any encouragement to say to you, sorry (^w^;)

//*hugs back happily* Aww, thank you, even just knowing that you get it and wish you could say a few words of encouragement is enough for me!
Gosh, from the submission, to getting to send positivity to someone to help them out on their interview, to this
I can’t stop smiling!


I am back at work this morning, but dreamin’ of this blustery summer weekend.  

I texted Angela Saturday morning with an, “80% chance of rain, you still want to do this?” text, which in hindsight, was rather silly of me, because that girl is always up for a good adventure - rain or shine. 

As we hopped into the kayak in the morning, the sun was showing some serious promise. Who cares if it’s a little overcast, right? we got this. And off we went, into the high seas on Toronto’s harbour. 

A friend at work had mentioned he would be out on the island on Saturday on his yacht (yacht!), and welcomed us to stop by for a beer with him and his wife. Ummm, yes and please!

So we headed to the island, in search of his boat. And then dined over beer, and cheese, and crackers on a picnic table, under a tree, hidden from the rain.  

We then said our goodbyes, and headed into the fog, as we made our way around the islands, stopped at the cutest little cafe for an ice-cream, and then voyaged back to the mainland.  

It was rainy, at times very chilly, and windy, but that didn’t stop us from having a wonderful Saturday. 

(ps. Saturday also gave me one of my fall time favourite photos! The one of me in the yellow jacket, with Toronto in the background :) )