windy stop it


1. yummytomatoes 

i actually have never met this person before but damn their art is SO cute and SO good its just.. WOW SO GREAT AND SO DYNAMIC AND THEY DRAW SO FAST!!! huge inspiration for me i admire them as an artist so much also did you know spud used to do RPs when them when they were younger we found that out together thats so hilarious hahaha




tate is so cool!!! man what a laid back and honest guy!! seriously i feel like i can just chill with this dude and do anything no matter what and he always makes me laugh!!! his animation is really cool esp his maple story once MAN THAT WAS SO AWESOME!!! go follow tate rn what a cool guy


so SO HERES THE DEAL OK so i met alex before i knew the Homestuck Fandom ™ was a thing i was at a convention and i was cosplaying south park and i was like OH MY GOD?? HOMESTUCK??? HAS COSPLAYERS???? WH so i ran up to this really adorable pupa pan tavros and asked for a hug and alex juts HAPPENED to be with him and asked me about my cosplay and stuff which is really funny!!! we didnt talk again until like a year later. but alex is SUPER nice and genuine and it really hurts when people say terrible things to him and about him and its just so sad :’( but hes really a great, talented guy and i am super honored to call him my friend :-3

5. tumblino

ginger was one of my first Tumblr Friends that i made on here and i still consider her one of my friends!!! shes a big sweetie and cutie and gets over emotional and her art is just super great. shes actually REALLY smart and knows so much, and even helped design a lot of my character’s outfits like Demetr and Rotten!!!! she actually knows a LOT about me and has gone through so much hell just for knowing me so i have enormous amounts of respect for her

6. kitten-burrito

ok carrie is seriously the cutest person??? wow what a CUTIE shes always just so NICE to everyone i dont think she could hurt a fly her art is so cute and shes always so sweet even when she probably shouldnt be hahaha i just am lucky to have such a nice friend!! :-3 

does anyone know how to make tiled background images u_u like i see all these background images with like john and karkat floatin around and it repeats???

i dont mean the code i mean like

how do you put in a canvas…..


HEY LOOK WE’RE GONNA HAVE A COOL FANTROLL MEET UP!!! with people cosplaying their fantrolls!! and talking about fantrolls and possibly drawing fantrolls!!! 

when: sat. around 1 o'clock (the time isn’t set in stone, just don’t want it to overlap with any of the other homestuck stuff)

where: the main fountain area?? (i’ve never actually been to katsucon yet sorry)

I WILL BE COSPLAYING MY FANTROLL!! so there will be at least one person who is. i also have two people coming who said they will be cosplaying fantrolls as well so if you want to do it, nows the chance! dont be afraid!!! come have fantroll fun :-D!!!

please spread this around even if you’re not going so we can have a good fantroll meet up and have some fun! fantrolls get a lot of crap so it’d be nice to just have a good time together :-3