windy draws

Summerweek 9 | I’ll be going to Schwarzsee this Sunday and made a wardrobe page in my bujo for this vacation. Schwarzsee is A nice place in Switzerland where it could be very hot and sunny, or cool and windy or raining all day, so one should be prepared for that. I just painted these items on paper with watercolor, cut them out and sticked them into my bujo, because the color would come through the pages. 


lmao i dont even know. i just wanted to draw lucy pointing out natsu with black hair buuuut if i had to put a story behind it…

let’s just say that when zeref turned natsu into END, it changed his hair color to pink. the END part of natsu is still sealed right now, meaning only a limited amount of its effects seeps through and sometimes natsu uses its powers in battle. this particular time, he used up a lot of it. the END effects is also what keeps natsu alive. if he uses all of it in his sealed state, he would die. so instead of focusing on keeping his hair pink, it prioritizes his life force and his hair reverts to it’s original black until he can regain that energy. 

of course, i don’t actually think that’s the case (and natsu’s pink hair, which i adore btw, is more than likely his natural color). it’s still fun to think of the possibilities tho.