windows-vriska replied to your post: you know what’s truly disturbing …

men kill women. men kill women in very large statistics, and the world needs to understand the violence and internalized hatred of MRAs. the world needs to stop laughing at “not all men” and realize this is very serious

i respect your opinion and i know that men kill, i know misogyny kills. but i do not think this issue should be used for people to say “ALL MEN ARE SCUM”. Or “SEE THIS IS WHY MEN ARE BAD" 

In the issue I’m talking about, this guy killed MEN as well. He killed men that were ‘better off’ than he was. 3 of the 6 victims were men.  a mentally deranged person that happens to be male does not speak for all males. this guy said he would torture anyone who LOOKED good. not just women, he mentioned he would have to kill his two male room mates. he wanted to torture EVERYONE not just women,.

Let’s not forget the fact that women kill too and this misandry power trip is poison. I know it is a smaller statistic, i know women have a right to be upset.

I DO support feminism, but i do not support the fact people use issues like these to fuel things like hating all men. They seem to skip over the part that matters, the victims involved. A lot of people seem to use issues like these as gold mines to support their ideals that all men are evil. I’m not saying everyone, but i’ve seen it happen and what’s important is recognizing that the victims involved are what should matter the most. And that mentally deranged folk do not speak for every single person that happen to be their gender or race.