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katsuki ♀ (you can also see a kuhli!), yagi ♂, and kaminari’s ♀ tanks! they’re all wips and i hope to add more decorations/hiding spots to them in the future- i just added the driftwood today! 🐟🐟🐟


I just wanted to announce that buying the Company Program was definitely one of the better decisions I’ve ever made, and this is officially my absolute favorite photograph of Raúl Esparza.

Pit-A-Pat (Part 1)

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fuckboy!jungkook // high school au

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader

Genre: Smuttish, Romance

Word Count: 3.1K

Description: It all started when Jeon Jungkook moved into the house next door during the first year of high school. His popularity was given as his looks are extraordinary, and not to mention his outstanding grades. Everyone thinks of Jungkook as the perfect person with his good looks, perfect grades, and rich parents. However, Y/N thinks apart from that.

A/N: This wasn’t supposed to be a series but oops. 


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I’m Nothing Without Her- Part 2 - Liam Dunbar Imagine

Word Count: 1.098

Warnings: Cussing

Author’s Note: Not proof read. Ignore any grammar errors, ha.

My Teen Wolf Master List

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[Part 1] [Part 3]

The ball flew at full speed towards Liam. Before he could catch the ball with his lacrosse stick, Y/N ran towards him. She aimed low before standing up straight and flipped him over her shoulder. Liam let out a loud groan when his back hit the hard ground.

“Nice job, Little McCall!” Coach Finstock yelled across the field before he blew the whistle, signaling the end of practice. “Hit the showers! Your stench is making my eyes watery!”

A couple of guys jogged towards the locker rooms, while others grabbed a quick drink from the table filled with water bottles. Scott rushed to Liam’s side, who was still struggling to sit up. Y/N removed her helmet as she walked right pass them without so much as glancing at them.

“Y/N, what the hell?” Scott hissed. “You could have hurt him.”

“We both know he’ll be perfectly fine,” she said over her shoulder as she kept on waking towards the girls’ locker room.

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"No wonder you're so out of it. Your face feels like the surface of the sun" with marichat?

“No wonder you’re so out it, Mari. Your face feels like the surface of the sun,” Chat Noir said, rubbing his cheek against hers. 

“Cold,” she shivered. 

“Come on, let’s get you inside.” He slid an arm under her knees and picked her up. “Are your parents home? They need to know you don’t feel well.”

“Trip,” she whispered against his chest.

He stopped by the skylight. “You’re home alone? The whole weekend?”

“S’okay,” she murmured.

Chat Noir bit his lip and looked back out over the city. “You need someone to take care of you though.” When she didn’t reply, he looked down to see her eyes closed and breathing evened out. “Plagg’s going to kill me,” he muttered, turning back towards the balcony railing.

Cradling Marinette tight against him, he leapt from the balcony but missed his mark and scrabbled along the outside wall of the bakery with one hand to make a less than graceful landing to the street below. “Looks like were hoofing it, Princess.” Marinette grumbled something about silly kitties and went silent again.

Chat Noir stayed out of the light as much as he could, ducking into alleyways when civilians passed by. He made it back to his home, managing to get himself and Marinette through the window with limited problems. He immediately dropped his transformation, settling her on the bed.

“Kid, this is not a good idea,” Plagg said, looking down at the girl curled up on Adrien’s bed.

“She’s sick and was home alone. I couldn’t just leave her there.”

“You could’ve gotten her some medicine and checked in on her tomorrow.”

Adrien frowned. “Well, maybe…”

“Are you ready for her to know your secret? This girl?”

“She doesn’t have to find out.”

“Uh-huh, and how exactly are you going to explain when she wakes up here?”

“Um, Chat Noir brought her to me?”

Plagg rolled his eyes. “Yeah, that makes tons of sense.”

“Chat?” Marinette asked sleepily.

“Yeah, Mari, I’m here.” Adrien knelt down on the bed beside her.

“Thank you,” she sighed, turning in towards him. 

He brushed her hair away from her face. “Anytime, Princess.”

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Pit-A-Pat (sneak peek)

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fuckboy!jungkook // high school au

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader

Genre: Smuttish, Romance

Description: It all started when Jeon Jungkook moved into the house next door during the first year of high school. His popularity was given as his looks are extraordinary, and not to mention his outstanding grades. Everyone thinks of Jungkook as the perfect person with his good looks, perfect grades, and rich parents. However, Y/N thinks apart from that.


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BTS Reaction to you being hit on by a guy in a cheap way

A/N: Hi! Sorry for the wait. Here is the reaction! Enjoy and happy reading! 😊

**gifs are not mine. Full credit to owners**


He isn’t the aggressive type, but he would politely try to tell the guy off. He would keep it classy like always.

“I’ll make you see stars” a random guy said to you as you were busy shopping. You turn around to face him and tell him off when Jin appears. He wraps a protective arm around your shoulders. “I am sorry but this lady here is taken. So can you please leave?” he told the guy as politely as he could. Jin didn’t leave his gaze and stared at him intently. The man eventually gave up as he saw how serious Jin was about him leaving. “Thank you Jin” you said as you finally released the breath you were holding. “It’s nothing you should be thanking me for. Its my job baby” he kissed your temple gently, while his arm was still draped protectively around your shoulder.


He would be pissed and jealous. I am sure he wouldn’t get physically aggressive, but the tone of his voice would get dangerously low, and his facial expressions would darken.

You were waiting for yoongi to pick you up when a guy came up to you and said “I’ll take you home baby”. You ignored him. A car stopped in front of you and Yoongi rolled down the window. “Any problem babe?” he asked you, completely ignoring the guy at first. “How about you fuck off?” the guy said to Yoongi. He sighed and walked around the car towards you. “I’ll take care of it babygirl” he kissed your cheek .He stood in front of you protectively. “How about you leave before I report your ass to the police. This is my lady so don’t mess with her or me” his voice was dangerously low. He stepped forward but instinctively you grabbed onto his forearm.“Its okay” yoongi said. He kept on intensely staring at the guy for a good 2 minutes without blinking. Eventually the guy got uncomfortable and retreated back.


Namjoon would not be afraid to tell the guy off. He would be very protective of you in a situation like that, specially the guy would be hitting on you in a vulgar way.

“Nice ass” a guy said as you were walking hand in hand with Namjoon. You were very taken aback. The guy stepped forward towards you, but Namjoon put his hand on the guy’s chest to stop him from proceeding. “ Please have some manners. Clearly she is with someone” he then brings your interlocked hands to the guy’s face. The guy however kept on staring at you very sleazily. Namjoon glanced at you and saw how uncomfortable you were. “Really though cant you sleaze balls come up with something new? All I ever hear is shit like this from your disgusting mouths” Namjoon smirked at the guy. “You look young to me. I am guessing you wanna live a long life ahead of you so learn some manners and don’t talk to another woman like this ever again”You guessed maybe the guy felt guilty because he lowered his gaze and left without saying another word.


Hoseok would be angry too and in such a situation I see him being very possessive and protective contrary what a lot of us would expect from him.

A guy touched your ass while you were on the bus. “Hoseok can we leave?” you whispered to him. “Whats wrong?” he asked. Instead of saying something you looked at the guy who touched you. “He just touched me” you whispered while snaking your hand around his arm and snuggling into him. Hoseok looked at you and then at the guy. “If you touch her ever again, or any other woman things won’t end nice for you” he mumbled so only the guy could hear. As the bus stopped he grabbed your hand, and shoved the guy with his shoulder on your way out, while snaking his arm around your waist protectively.


To me he seems to be scariest person when angry. I think he would definitely be angry and he won’t be afraid to show his dislike for the situation and for the man hitting on you.

Jimin came outside from the store. He saw a guy trying to touch you, while you were trying to evade him by backing up. Hey! What the hell do you think you are doing?” he shouted at the guy. “And you are?” the chuckled and smirked. “I am her boyfriend and the person who will not hesitate to show you your place if you don’t stop” he stared at the guy as he grabbed his wrist that was trying to reach towards you. Jimin tightened his grip on the guy’s wrist until his knuckles turned white and the guy winced in pain. Jimin let go with a satisfying smirk as the guy massaged his wrist in pain.”I’ll deal with you later” the guy yelled as he ran away. Jimin embraced you in a hug and whispered soothing words to you as you clutched onto him for dear life.


Out of all the boys I think Taehyung will be the most calm and collected. He wouldn’t raise his voice, neither will he engage in any sort of conversation with the person hitting on you.

“Please leave my girlfriend alone” Tae emphasized the word girlfriend. He saw a guy walking up to you. Although he was at a distance and couldn’t hear what was going on, he could see your uncomfortable expression. he made his way towards you with long firm strides. He spun you around by your waist and planted a kiss on your lips. He kissed you with intensity and once he had made his point he looked at the guy with dark eyes full of anger that didn’t slip past his lips. “What are you looking at?” he asked the guy, which brings you to the present moment. The guy gave both of you a once over and left. “I am sorry I didn’t get to you sooner and I am sorry you have to deal with scums like him” he said as he kissed your forehead.


I think his anger would get the best of him in such a situation, but his reaction would be pretty similar to Jimin in that he wouldn’t be afraid to show the creep his place, and maybe even get handsy if it came to that.

“This is my girlfriend you are talking to you asshole” Jungkook said as he rolled up his sleeves. “We can share” the guy gave a lopsided smile, which infuriated jungkook even more. “The only thing I will be sharing with you is my fist” Jungkook threatened him. The guy kept on looking at you and ignoring Jungkook. So he covered the guy’s view of you by standing in front  “I think I am much better to look at than her no?” he said as a smug expression made its way onto his face. “Listen you creep if you so much as lay your eyes on her I will end your worthless existence right here, right now” Jungkook sneered at the guy through gritted teeth and poked him in the chest. “If you don’t run away in 10 seconds, I will change the geography of your body.” So leave” he seethed in anger. The guy took the hint and left you two alone.

I hope you liked it!

“You know that your actions are making you look incredibly suspicious, right?”

“I can’t believe I was dragged into this mess, but at least I’m having fun.”

“Part of my charm is that I never have any idea what’s going on.”

“My neighbor’s cat keeps climbing in through my window, but the real problem is, I never open it.”

“Can you please stop storing your science experiments in my fridge?”

“Look, I had no idea vampires were real. Why would I have believed that?”

*honks horn really loud behind someone*

*person pokes head out window* WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM??


person: HOLY SHIT


Another fine piece of retro computers joins my army! Say hello to Siemens-Nixdorf Scenic Mobile 500! Equipped with Pentium 100 MHz, 40 MB of RAM, 788 MB HDD, Chip & Technologies 65550 1 MB video chip and ESS1888 sound card, it’s a complete beast for DOS and other older OS. One of the downsides is the fact it doesn’t feature any kind of CD-ROM, but at least it has a functioning floppy drive, as well as a serial/parallel port, so I don’t complain this much. Who knows, I might pick up a PCMCIA CD-ROM/PCMCIA-to-SCSI adapter someday.

MS-DOS 6.22 works like a charm, as I suspected it would. The ESS sound card, and its OPL3 clone, sounds as good as the Yamahas I have in my other retro machines (YMF744B in Tecra 8100 and OPL3 SA-x in my oldschool rig). The screen quality is also great, for an old TFT monitor. However, when it comes to the video, this one doesn’t have a built-in BIOS function of screen scaling, so I have to use a small TSR program to force the full screen, otherwise I’d be playing the DOS games in a bit smaller window (the native resolution is 800x600, and the screen is downsized to 640x480).

Just for the kicks I also tried out Windows 3.11, and no problems here as well (though I had to search for appropriate drivers first). Really enjoyed a quick round of SimTower and other Win3.x games.

Overall, just like Tecra 8100, it’s a damn fine machine if you’re looking for an authentic DOS/early Windows experience, but worried about building from scratch and configuring a retro rig by yourself.

Oh and shoutout for @ms-dos5, as I know you like these kind of thingies. ;)