windows of confusion

  • Ravenclaw 1: What time is it?
  • Ravenclaw 2: 6.
  • Ravenclaw 1: AM or PM?
  • Ravenclaw 2: I don't even know, did we just have dinner or breakfast?
  • Ravenclaw 1: *shrugs*
  • Mahiru: Kuro, could you take out the trash?
  • Friend: I don't understand the story of Kingdom Hearts. How does everything fit together?
  • Me: *pulls out a 1000 slide PowerPoint of the entire KH storyline* I'M GLAD YOU ASKED

in whatever way.. you’ll eventually tell me.

Six More Minutes (Mark x FemReader) fluff drabble

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don’t worry I hate myself as much as you hate me too

Summary: Reader goes outside and gets yelled at for it

Warnings: Swearing


“It seriously isn’t that cold out.” pushed (Y/n).

“Yeah,” countered Mark “it fuckin’ is.”

(Y/n) wisped some hair from her face, and turning to peer out the window. Gleefully, she enjoyed watching the thick snowflakes fall.

“It’s really nice out, too.” she mumbled.

Mark also looked past the glass pane of the window, contorting his nose is confusion. He didn’t understand how his friend could find such weather enjoyable.

The male sniffed and said:

“To me, it looks cold. And wet. And not fun…”

His companion simply laughed. She looked to the floor, then at the back closet, the counter, then finally at Mark.

“I think I might just go ‘chill’ outside for a bit then.” she said.

Mark stared into the girl’s eyes, pulling another face.

“It’s almost midnight.”

“Even better.”

(Y/n) took maybe five steps to reach the back door.

“(Y/n), you are not going outside. Where is your coat?” Mark called, not yet moving, but still leaning over to view (Y/n).

“I don’t want to wear one…” (Y/n) whined, pulling up a hand to twist the lock.

“(Y/n), no.” said Mark, making his way to the girl.

She picked up her speed and undid the lock, pushing open the door “(Y/n) yes.” she spoke quickly.

“Wait- no! Stay on the deck!” Mark yelled, looking mad in the doorway. He coursed out a testing sigh.

“nO!” yelled (Y/n), jumping from the top of the steps.

Mark grimaced. He turned hastily to search for his winter boots, deciding now to go and physically retrieve his best friend.

“Get in the fucking house, or I will beat you with a stick!” Mark warned, pulling on one boot after another.

(Y/n) taunted him with a forced laugh “You’ll have to find me in all this snow, first.” she had offered from somewhere among the snowpiles that littered the yard.

The brunette threw over his jacket and slipped out the door, shutting it after him.



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Stormy Nights

Simon X Reader

A piercing roar and a blinding flash of lightning jerked me out of what was once a peaceful, deep sleep. Startled awake, I sat up in bed, resting my head up against the headboard. I could hear Simons faint snoring sounds every now and then, he was sound asleep, and he wasn’t waking up any time soon. He was a heavy sleeper and some thunder and lightning wouldn’t even bother him slightly, let alone the heavy rain. I crept out of bed and went over to shut the window, confused to why it was left open as it had been raining for hours throughout the day. As I walked over to the window the lightning strike made me jump out of my own skin, sending shivers up my spine. Why was the weather bothering me so much? I slid back into bed, cautious of waking Si as I didn’t want to wake him. His sleeping schedule was in tatters however he managed to fall asleep at a respectable time tonight. I sat listening while the rain fell aggressively outside and the thunder shook the windows, rattling them. I didn’t have a fear of thunderstorms, yet I felt unusually uneasy. I pulled the duvet over me, warming my feet as they were near freezing before Simon rolled over to face me not yet opening his eyes.

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do you know where i can download Sony Vegas for free?? thank you!

I only have Sony Vegas 8 and 10 DDL links that I’ve used. Both require a few steps to install so be sure to read the instructions! Note: these are for Windows only

Sony Vegas 8

Sony Vegas 10

(click the “Download through your browser” option below each download)

Innocent Comfort

Based off of the “Imagine Thranduil letting you show him why cuddling on the couch can be so nice” || Genre: Fluff || Characters: ThranduilxReader || Warnings: None || Word count: 781


It has been eleven months since the outlandish elven King arrived just outside your door.

It was a bleak, wintery evening, and you were just settling in for the night. You couldn’t wait to burrow inside your warm, cozy cottage, that looked over the snowy hills and frosted coated pines.

Just when you took your coat off and put some tea brewing, a strange light flashed outside your back window.

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Nap acquired. I am now energized and hype af to go beat up Shelmet and Pancham.

But setting that excitement aside for a brief moment. LOOK AT THOSE WINDOWS!

Do they even have glass or is it just a space with bar? How do I remove the bar? HOW DO I PUT IT BACK??? AND IF IT’S LITERALLY THAT SIMPLE HOW COME THERE AREN’T CONSTANT THEFT REPORTS BEING MADE IN THIS TOWN?!

Well seeing as how if I move more than 3 pixels toward the doorway I get an inner monologue about not wanting to risk going past Leaf Dad. Yeah I guess I wanna climb out the window.

Hell I wanna climb out just to see how the fuck that’s gonna work.

I feel so fucking cheated right now. None of my questions have been answered. None of them ever will be. It goes from making the decision to climb out, to me walking into frame from the side of the house.

Morla isn’t stuck in a window are they?

Actually. Having them stuck in a window would make me feel better.

I might be unclear on how I got out of a window, but I can roll with it. I’m a small birb who works out their legs a lot.

Morla is a fucking tortoise. How the hell would they manage climbing out of one of these windows? Especially without waking their dad?

I have seen and accepted some weird shit over the course of my years playing video games folks. I play Skyrim for gods sake. But I can tell you. These windows and the fact that a tortoise managed to covertly climb out of one? They are going to haunt my fucking dreams as my brain folds in on itself to explain how this could realistically could work.

So now would be a bad time to talk about the fact that even though all of this is totally just Shelmet and Fuzzy being shitheads that the school at night could probably count as some form of liminal space and wouldn’t have that much of a barrier between our physical world and another?

Ok then. Let’s head off.

Oh bite me asshole. I’m still fending off an existential crisis over those fucking windows.

Morla is scared but showed up anyway. You get scared and have to ask new kids to fix your shit.

Ignore him Morla. You just gotta survive some shitty theatrics and then we can been the crap out of him.

Yes. Lets. *cracks knuckles*

  • Sherlock: *pacing*
  • Molly: *fixing her dress in the mirror; smiling* Will you stop that? You'll be fine, she's already sort of met you once.
  • Sherlock: *glancing at the clock; dismissively* She's forgotten that.
  • Molly: *chuckles* You hope.
  • *knocking*
  • Sherlock: *looks at the window*
  • Molly: You'll be alright *pecks his lips* You ready?
  • Sherlock: *nods*
  • Molly: *dashes to her door, smoothing down her dress; opens her door* Hi, Mum.
  • Mummy Hooper: *hugging Molly* Hello, dear. It's nice of you to remember to wear some clothes-
  • Molly: *steps away; loudly* Mum, I'd like you to meet my boyfriend *stands next to Sherlock, linking fingers* Mum, this is Sherlock Holmes.
  • Mummy Hooper: *steps closer, smiling* Ah, Mr. Holmes, the one sleeping with my daughter *extends her hand*
  • Sherlock: *awkwardly shaking her hand* I'm sorry, I thought the door was locked.
  • Molly: *elbows him*
  • Sherlock: *clears his throat* Sherlock, please *forces a smile*
  • Molly: *gestures at the kitchen* I'll get the drinks, then *hurries to the kitchen*
  • Mummy Hooper: *sits on the sofa; grinning* you work at Molly's hospital?
  • Sherlock: Something like that.
  • Mummy Hooper: *nods* Hmm, you seemed to like her lab coat.
  • Sherlock: *blushes*
  • Mummy Hooper: *rolls her eyes* Oh, son, don't worry about it. We're all adults and I've had my fair share of fun in the workplace, let me tell you-
  • Sherlock: *quickly* Actually, Mrs. Hooper... *glances at the kitchen door; lowers his voice* There was something I wanted to ask you.
  • Molly: *returns with a tray of drinks* Right, coffee and your tea, Mum *places the tray on the coffee table* So, what were we talking about?
  • Sherlock: *hastily* Nothing!
  • Mummy Hooper: *tilts her head* You were just about to ask me something.
  • Sherlock: *chuckling nervously* No, I wasn't. That's the medication talking.
  • Mummy Hooper: *frowns* I'm not on medication!
  • Sherlock: *mutters* Not yet.
  • Molly: *looking between them, confused* Umm...
  • Sherlock: Biscuits. Thank you, Molly *kisses her cheek*
  • Molly: *blinking* Okay *walks back to the kitchen*
  • Sherlock: *to Mrs. Hooper, through gritted teeth* Forgive my haste in asking but I would like to ask your permission for Molly's hand in marriage. I have thought long and hard about my future and I cannot see spending it alone or with any other. I am in love with your daughter and, with your blessing, I hope to one day have the honour to call her my wife *swallows* Well? What do you say?
  • Mummy Hooper: *beaming; jumps up to hug him* Of course you can, you strange wonderful man. Thank you *whispers* Are you going to do it now?
  • Sherlock: *smiles* Not quite, no.
  • Molly: *returns with several packets of biscuits* I didn't know what you wanted so- *sees her Mum and Sherlock hugging* Oh, my God, what happened?
  • Mummy Hooper: *wiping the tears in her eyes* You have a wonderful boyfriend, Molly.
  • Molly: *smiles* Yeah?
  • Sherlock: *sighs* I do what I can.
James Potter is dead prank

-Imagine in second year Sirius gets bored
-So Sirius decides to tell Mcgonagall that James had drowned in the lake
-In reality James was in the dormitory, completely unaware as to what was going on
-When Sirius runs into her class, sobbing, Mcgonagall knows something has to be wrong with James
-Sirius cries dramatically that he pushed James into the lake and he’d drowned
-Minnie, being the amazing person she is, charges down to the lake
-She transfigures herself a swimming costume and dives in
-Looking through the window James frowns in confusion
-So he decides to walk down and find out what’s going on
-He finds Sirius, who won’t tell him anything
-A few minutes later Mcgonagall emerges from the water
-She’s crying
-Sirius is laughing, but James just looks frazzled
-‘Made you look!’ Sirius cackles
-James asks Mcgonagall if she’s okay
-Mcgonagall is fuming
-Both James and Sirius get a month’s worth of detentions
-Even though poor James had no idea what was going on
-On the night the Potter’s died, imagine Sirius called Mcgonagall and she went rushing into the house
-When she emerged Sirius was stood outside
-'Made you look’ he whispered

Locked in

Not requested

Genre: fluff

word count: 1 479

Summary: Realising you’re stuck in school for the night and suddenly finding your ex-best friend!Jungkook who hadn’t realised how late it was. 

I my head back in my chair and groaned. I had been reading through this thirteen times now and I still can’t keen any of it in my brain. It was like the information entered through one ear and out through the other every single time I tried to process it. I let closed my book and put it in my bag, that’s when I noticed that the only light nearby was from the lamppost outside the window. Confused I threw my bag over my shoulder and headed towards the exit. Not a single light was on and I convinced myself that it was probably just a blackout. I never liked the dark, not knowing where I put my feet and having a very big risk of falling any second, so a wave of relief washed over me when I could see the exit in the end of the hallway. With a smile I put my hand on the handle and pushed only to realise that it didn’t move an inch. I tried again, this time with the full weight of my body behind the force but I still couldn’t disrupt it. My heart was beating a hundred miles a second and tears were threatening to fall from my eyes. My body slid down the wall and sat down on the floor, I curled into a ball instantly and I couldn’t keep my tears in anymore. My hands were shaking as I reached for my phone in my pocket in hope of being able to call my mother. Not surprisingly, it was dead.

I can’t believe I got locked in the school.

Scolding myself for acting like a little baby I wiped the tears away and stood up on shaking legs.I decided to put my bag and jacket back into my locker so that I don’t have to carry it everywhere when I obviously would be spending my night here. Sadly I couldn’t use the flashlight on my phone so I had to feel my way along the walls and surprisingly I didn’t trip once. As I approached my locker I could hear a faint sound coming from around the corner in the end of the hallway. Curiosity took over me; I quickly put my things in my locker and started heading towards the sound. As I got closer I recognised the song playing, I didn’t know what it was called but I know that I had heard it before. I rounded the corner and was met by a light, a light coming from one of the many dance halls in the school.

I leaned against the doorframe when I reached the room and just observed the person in there. I knew who he was, everyone knew who he was and not just because he and his band debuted but also because he has been quite popular ever since kindergarten. We had been best friends once but then he went off to become a trainee and I guess we just drifted apart. We still greet each other in the hallway but other than that it’s just awkward every time we meet each other. It’s a shame really.

He had always been good at dancing but I had forgotten exactly how good he was. I was almost mesmerised by the way he moved. It was as if the air carried him, his moves were sharp when needed and soft when the music slowed down. I think that the song that played was one of his own and that’s why I recognised it. Suddenly he stumbled over his feet and fell onto his back. I was quick to run to his aid but not without giggles coming from my mouth.

“Oh my god, are you okay?” I said while laughing slightly. He was panting, as if he had been dancing for hours.

“You startled me.” He got out between heavy breaths. “I got surprised when I saw you in the mirror and lost my concentration.”

“Sorry about that.” I helped him up into sitting position. “Maybe you should take a break.” Jungkook looked at me like I was insane.

“Are you kidding, I’ve only danced for like two hours.” I gave him a look that made him doubt his statement. “Right?”

“Check the time on your phone.” He stood up and walked over to his bag.

“I promise, it’s only like 5 pm” The light from his phone made him look even paler than he already was. Then his eyes grew to the size of plates. “It’s freaking 9.30!” I nodded and sat down against the wall. He looked at me for a moment, thinking.

“What are you still doing in school?” He knew my parents were very strict on my curfew and they would be pissed tomorrow.

“I lost track of time while studying.” I said and shrugged as if it was no big deal. I smirked.

“You’ve always been the good girl.” I ignored that, surprised that the atmosphere wasn’t as tense as it is otherwise.

“We’re stuck here for the night.” I said and let out a sigh.

“Great.” He said sarcastically as he sat down beside me, the phone on the floor beside me. Out of boredom I picked it up.

“Hey!” He tried taking it back but I just stood up and went to the other side of the room, laughing along the way. He didn’t have the energy to go after me, he just sat there whining at me. I successfully unlocked his phone, he hadn’t even changed his password, and started taking some very ridiculous photos.

“You haven’t changed at all, have you?”

“Of course not.” I said cheerfully and sat down against the wall opposite of him. Bored out of my mind I started scrolling through his photos. My eyebrows scrunched together when I saw a locked map. He was never that private so I don’t understand why he would have a map that he didn’t want anyone to see. I tried that same password that I used to unlock the phone but it didn’t work.

“Why do you have a locked map?” Instantly his face got red and he started stuttering.

“N-no reason.” He looked down on his hands and started fiddling with his fingers, something he did only when he was nervous. I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Come on, you’ve never been a private person, Kookie.” He looked up at me with a curious look. I always called him that when we were younger, he never really liked it but that was the reason as to why I gave him the nickname.

“I miss you, you know.” He mumbled but I could still make out every word. I looked at him, not knowing what to say. “I hate that we drifted apart, I never meant for that to happen. You were my best friend and in my mind you still are. I will never find a better friend. And then when I came back it was so awkward and tense every time we talked and I hated it. I still hate it. I just want us to go back to the way we were; inseparable.” He stood up and walked over to me and sat down. Gently he took the phone out of my hands and unlocked the map, then he gave it back. As I saw what the map contained my breath caught in my throat.  Every picture, every video, was of us. Us as kids, pre-teenagers and even pictures from me now. Pictures he had taken without me noticing. If it was anyone else I would’ve been creeped out but this was Jungkook. I looked at him and he was surprisingly close to my face.

“I’ve never really wanted to be friends with you though.” He continued and put a strand of my hair behind my ear. “I’ve always wanted to be more but I was scared. I didn’t want to lose you but thanks to that I lost you anyways. I should’ve tried harder to keep in touch but I didn’t want to annoy you. It only resulted in me losing you.” I opened my mouth to say something but he pushed a finger on my lips and shushed me. “No, don’t say anything. Can we just sleep for now and deal with my confession in the morning, please.” I couldn’t bear to see him like this, so exhausted, so I just nodded. He then surprised me by lifting me up in his arms and carry me to the very uncomfrórtable couch in the corner of the room where he put me down. He hesitated but I pulled him down and made him wrap his arms around me, he would fall otherwise.

Before we both fell asleep I imagined his expression the morning after when I would tell him that I actually liked him back.


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I don't get why you're so cocky, there's better leaders than you

Guzma pauses for a moment, quietly glancing around his room before going over to the door to open it. From there, he moves down the hallway and looks out the window, legitimately confused. There is silence, then—

[ ☠ ] — “—Where they at doe?