windows of confusion

  • Ravenclaw 1: What time is it?
  • Ravenclaw 2: 6.
  • Ravenclaw 1: AM or PM?
  • Ravenclaw 2: I don't even know, did we just have dinner or breakfast?
  • Ravenclaw 1: *shrugs*
  • Mahiru: Kuro, could you take out the trash?

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Hello~ Any black haired uke? Or a soft Seme who is only rough during sex Not including Elektel delusion :) Thank you~

Hi there! I had to thought really hard to check which manga I read meet terms of “soft seme who is only rough during sex” haha :D

Here is what I found:

For the black haired uke there is actually a lot - but I choose good ones for you :)


I probably missed something but I can’t find anything more… ;)

Identity Be Damned

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So I couldn’t draw today (just got home, 11:40pm :c) so have this draft of an idea I came up with and wrote on my phone… on the bus home… while stuck in traffic. Maybe I’ll come back and rewrite it, but I wanted to post a thing. ; w; ok bye, enjoy?

“Oh, uh, hi! Adrien! It! Marinette! …I’m calling because I—BWAAH—!” There were loud sounds of things crashing on Marinette’s end that made Adrien hold his phone away from his ear for a while. He promptly returned it when he heard her give a really loud “OW!” followed by the sound of her phone bouncing on the ground.

“Are you alright, Marinette?”

There was a shuffle that sounded like her phone getting picked up. “Ohh, oww, oh my god, that’s, owwww. Am I bleeding? I’m bleeding, oh god.” Her voice sounded far away.

She was bleeding? What in the world happened?! Adrien looked at his phone in shock, feeling his soul leave him just a bit. Was his friend in danger? What was going on?!

He heard someone talk on the other line, so he placed the phone to his ear again. “—I-I think I stabbed myself, oww, oh god that hurts, call an ambulance—”

Adrien’s brain short-circuited at that point.

Marinette stabbed herself.

Marinette was bleeding.

He listened in horror as her voice faded to silence on the other line.

Marinette was dying.

“I’m coming, Princess!” he yelled into the phone. He could get there faster than any ambulance. He could get her to a hospital before it was too late. Identity be damned, he was going to save Marinette!

He all but tossed his phone onto his bed and screamed, “Plagg, claws out!”

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Hey guys! So I’ve been wanting to write this fic for a super long time, but it deals with pretty tricky subject matter so I’ve been a little nervous, but you guys responded so well to my last angsty fic I thought I’d give it a go! This one is superrrr long and I’m sorry about that, but once I got going I just couldn’t stop!

She stared down at the bright pink, sugary drink sitting in front of her. The intense smell of strawberry, sugar syrup invading her nose. Nudging the picture perfect milkshake out of her line of Vision, she couldn’t stop thinking about what her mother had said,

“You’re looking very puffy Elizabeth, I can’t believe all the weight you’ve put on. It’s all those sugary drinks you’ve been consuming, Polly would never let herself get this way.”

“You okay B?” The feminine voice of her gorgeous raven haired friend broke her out of her thoughts. She would give anything to look like Veronica. Her body was lean and her slender face held none of the baby fat Betty was sure held permanent residence on her own face.

“Yeah! I’m fine. Just thinking.”

Veronica and Kevin fell back into conversation about Audrey hepburn.

“You haven’t touched your milkshake, is it too cold?” The moody, beanie wearing boy beside her questioned, pulling the straw into his own mouth.

She smiled, admiring the way his muscular arms stretched across the booth, he could eat whatever he wanted and never gain a pound, she had just recently discovered how built his body was underneath all those layers on clothing. It was a well kept secret. Well if you weren’t Betty cooper who couldn’t manage to keep her hands off of him.

“No , no it’s fine.” She dipped her finger into the whipped cream shooting him a smile and popping it into her mouth.

He raised an eyebrow, smiling hesitantly.

The conversation continued for the next hour until Veronica’s mother came to pick her up, Kevin hitching a ride.
“Walk me home?” she whispered

“You got it Juliet.” He winked

She giggled as they hit the street, they walked in comfortable silence before Jughead broke the quiet

“You okay bets? You’ve been quiet all day.”

She smiled at his concern,

“I’m fine juggie, just a lot on my Mind.”

“Well my favorite blonde, I suggest you stop thinking so much, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.” He smirked as they reached her house

“Thanks jug, I’ll keep that in mind.” She rolled her eyes, smiling.

“Your castle awaits” he said gesturing towards her front door.

“Thank you my prince.” She curtseyed, “I’ll see you tommorow.”

As soon as she reached for the doorknob he called her name “Betty?” She turned around raising a brow

“If you ever need to talk, I’m always here.” He said smiling softly

“Thanks juggie.” Before the door closed and he headed in the direction of his house

Something wasn’t right about Betty, she was hardly eating anything, he watched her skip over lunch, pushing food around her plate. And dinner at pops was almost nonexistent. She looked tired and he noticed the way some of her clothes hung off her shoulders. It made his stomach clench and his chest hurt. This was Betty he was talking about, if she was hurting she would tell him



Turning to face herself in the mirror, betty lifted her sweater over stomach, running a hand over the almost flat area. She punched the skin there and frowned. Her mom was right , she was getting big, sure her pants were loose on her but she couldn’t see any difference, her thighs still jiggled a little bit as she ran the track and her cheeks were just as chubby as ever.

A knock on the window scared her, causing her to rip her sweater back down over her body. Turning she spotted Jughead scaling the ladder he had placed by her bedroom window. She smiled and went to help him lift the window.


“What’s up?” He climbed through the window smiling confused at her.

“Just getting ready for school, what are you doing here so early?”

“Thought I could walk you to school, we can grab breakfast on the way.” He raised a brow, waiting for her answer.

“Oh juggie, I was gonna run the track a few times before first period, raincheck?”

He sat on her bed

“Bets you’ve rainchecked me all week, you’ve run that track so much I’m surprised you still have feet to run with.”

She smiled nervously
“Come on, don’t be silly, exercise is good for you.” She grabbed her bag, moving to climb out the window.

He watched her for a second, his eyes moving to the mirror he caught her staring at herself in just minutes before. What was happening to her?

She talked the whole way to school, leaving him no time to ask her anything.

“Okay juggie, I’ll see you after school, I hate tuesdays we don’t have any blocks together.” She pouted.

He smiled softly

“It’s not my favorite day of the week either, you sure you don’t wanna grab something to eat in the caf? I can bring you something?” He asked a little desperately.

She shook her head placing a hand to his cheek,
“I’m okay juggie, I’ll see you later okay.” He nodded silently, it felt like he was always watching her walk away these days.

The day went by so incredibly slow for Jughead, all he could think about was Betty and that fact that her collar bones were becoming more and more prominent. It didn’t make any sense to him, he loved food, he would never pass up food especially not willingly.

Kevin seemed to catch on that something was on his new friends mind,

“Penny for your thoughts” he said in jugheads ear, causing the dark haired boy to jump.

“Jesus, Keller you can be really creepy you know that?”

Kevin smiled “you flatter me, anyway what’s on your exceptionally intelligent mind?”

Jughead allowed himself to stroke his ego at the compliment, before instantly frowning again.

“It’s Betty, I don’t think she’s eating, I mean it’s so obvious she’s losing weight, she can’t afford to lose anymore weight she’ll waste away. And all she wants to do is run on that damn track, like I know she loves to work out but it’s getting crazy, she’s gonna run herself sick, and I tried talking to her but..”

Kevin cut him off with a shake of his head
“It’s just like last year.”

Jugheads head snapped up

“Last year, this already happened?”

Kevin sighed sitting down
“Last year, Betty tried out for the cheerleading squad and was turned away, Cheryl told her she was too fat and Betty pretty much lost it. She wouldn’t eat, she wouldn’t talk to anyone and she pretty much locked herself away in her room. It took the health teacher to finally get her help. It was scary, I thought I was gonna lose my best friend.” Kevin choked up a bit, shaking his head to rid himself of his tears.

Jugheads jaw clenched, no. He wasn’t gonna let that happen, Betty was beautiful and whoever was telling her differently was gonna have to speak to him.
“Thanks Kev, I gotta find Betty. I’ll see you later.”
He threw his books into his bag, Betty had said she’d meet him by the lockers but she wasn’t there. He waited about ten minutes before he shook his head. He knew where she was.

Taking off he practically ran to the track field. Sure enough there was Betty, sneakers pounding the pavement her chest heaving, her slim legs pumping and she came to a halt, bending over and placing her head in her hands.

Alright, that was it.

“Betty!” He called.

She whipped around , her eyes going wide when she caught his “what time is it?! Am I late?! I set my alarm, it was supposed to go off I was gonna meet you by the lockers!” She breathed heavy

“But you didn’t, you’re here. Running. Again.” He said trying to remain cool.

She raised a brow, confused by his tone

“If you’re Angry I’m late, I’m sorry I lost track of time I..”

He cut her off

“You aren’t eating.” He said bluntly.

Her eyes widened

“You’re not eating, you’re skipping meals, you won’t talk to me, all you do is work out and You look so tired Betty.” He said softly.

Her eyes welled up and she looked away avoiding his eyes

“I’m fine juggie. I’ve just been busy.”

His hand went to her chin pulling her face up and towards his

“And now you’re lying to me.”

Almost in an instant, she broke down, her knees giving out as his arms went to hold her upright, wrapping around her waist.

“Jughead ..” she choked

“It’s okay bets, it’s okay”

He let her cry for a few minutes before gently pulling away.

“Talk to me ” he said with pleading eyes.

She took a deep shaky breathe,
“I’m gross, I’m huge, I.. I run and run and I’ll never look like Veronica, I skip meals and I’m still bigger than Polly. Everyone can see it. I don’t know what else to do.” She sounded so broken it made his heart physically hurt.

“No. you’re wrong, you’re beautiful. There is nothing wrong with your body. You don’t have to look like Veronica or Polly or even Cheryl, you’re gorgeous the way you are.”

She looked into his eyes, lip quivering

“But my mom…”
He cut her off

“Is unhappy with herself so she takes that out on you, she wishes she looked half as good as you do. All the girls in this school wish they looked like you Betty. You’re making yourself sick, I can see how tired you are and your clothes are hanging off of you. You need to eat, you need to sleep. Let me buy you dinner okay? Then I’ll take you home and you can sleep.”

Her eyes softened, only a few remaining tears leaking out

“…you really think I’m beautiful? I’m not too big?”

He clutched her hand in his bringing her even tighter against his chest .

“The most beautiful girl in this damn school , and you’re not even close to being big, you’re too small, but even if you were I wouldn’t change a single thing, you’re my favorite person Betty and I don’t appreciate you trying to take her away from me.” He smiled down at her.

She giggled lightly, reaching up to press her hand to his cheek.
“Thankyou juggie.”

He smiled clearing his throat

“Also” he choked

She looked at him confused and waiting


He just stared at her. Was now the right time? he didn’t want to take advantage of her, but damn did he want to kiss her.

“What” she spoke again, this time smiling her eyes darting down to his lips

Screw it.

His mouth was on hers before she even had time to process what was going on. He was stroking her face gently and he couldn’t help but moan. Damn she was a good kisser. That familiar taste of peaches and cream he always smelt on her didn’t disappoint, she was gorgeous and soft and he never wanted to let go.

Pulling away he sighed out of relief, how long had he been waiting to do that? Too long.

She was smiling at him eyes closed when suddenly the sound of a gurgling stomach caused her to look up, blushing.

“Well I think that means it’s time to head out” he held open his palm ready to thread their fingers together. She obliged happily, snuggling into his side.

It was gonna take time but he was gonna help Betty Cooper slay all of her dragons.

One by one.

Momma Hale

So cute =) Tell me if good or not.

Word Count: 763

Warnings? none

Requested? yes

It started out slowly, you knew Liam and Isaac thought of you as their mom, technically everyone thought of you as their mom, but when the boys started competing for attention, it was hell.

You were in the kitchen making their lunches, as they refused to eat the school lunches when you became Derek’s girlfriend. You were bobbing your song to some song you had playing in the speaker. You were making Boyd’s peanut butter sandwich when the door slammed into the wall.

You sighed, not looking up as you already knew who it was. “You seriously need to stop slamming doors when you need my attention, Isaac, you’re gonna make a hole in the wall at some point.”

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Six More Minutes (Mark x FemReader) fluff drabble

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(( gif not mine ))

(A/n): wow hey its me amazing

don’t worry I hate myself as much as you hate me too

Summary: Reader goes outside and gets yelled at for it

Warnings: Swearing


“It seriously isn’t that cold out.” pushed (Y/n).

“Yeah,” countered Mark “it fuckin’ is.”

(Y/n) wisped some hair from her face, and turning to peer out the window. Gleefully, she enjoyed watching the thick snowflakes fall.

“It’s really nice out, too.” she mumbled.

Mark also looked past the glass pane of the window, contorting his nose is confusion. He didn’t understand how his friend could find such weather enjoyable.

The male sniffed and said:

“To me, it looks cold. And wet. And not fun…”

His companion simply laughed. She looked to the floor, then at the back closet, the counter, then finally at Mark.

“I think I might just go ‘chill’ outside for a bit then.” she said.

Mark stared into the girl’s eyes, pulling another face.

“It’s almost midnight.”

“Even better.”

(Y/n) took maybe five steps to reach the back door.

“(Y/n), you are not going outside. Where is your coat?” Mark called, not yet moving, but still leaning over to view (Y/n).

“I don’t want to wear one…” (Y/n) whined, pulling up a hand to twist the lock.

“(Y/n), no.” said Mark, making his way to the girl.

She picked up her speed and undid the lock, pushing open the door “(Y/n) yes.” she spoke quickly.

“Wait- no! Stay on the deck!” Mark yelled, looking mad in the doorway. He coursed out a testing sigh.

“nO!” yelled (Y/n), jumping from the top of the steps.

Mark grimaced. He turned hastily to search for his winter boots, deciding now to go and physically retrieve his best friend.

“Get in the fucking house, or I will beat you with a stick!” Mark warned, pulling on one boot after another.

(Y/n) taunted him with a forced laugh “You’ll have to find me in all this snow, first.” she had offered from somewhere among the snowpiles that littered the yard.

The brunette threw over his jacket and slipped out the door, shutting it after him.



(A/n): Because you know, I don’t do enough Mark stuff

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Request: waking up in bed - morning kai and turns heated

She let out a soft groan, blinking groggily through her eyelashes and pushing her messy locks from her eyes. She lay surrounded by plush white sheets and feather pillows, the noise of early morning birds chirping drifting through her open window. With a seconds confusion, she turned, remembering that she’d closed her window before bed last night. Her violet curtains had been pushed aside, window hanging loose, a smug boy blocking her view of the outside world.

“Good morning, princess,” he smiled, sliding his fingers gently across her cheek. His brown locks were smoothed perfectly atop his head, those heart stoppingly beautiful blue eyes were locked to her own, and seeing her instantly sent a smile to his lips. He was stretched out atop the blankets, fully clothed in a black pullover and tattered jeans.

“Kai!” she said with surprise, quickly grabbing at the sheets and going to pull them over her exposed flesh, as she’d passed out wearing only her undergarments.

“Don’t,” he stopped her, locking his fingers gently through her own and peeling them away from the sheets.

“Kai,” she flushed with embarrassment. “I-don’t,” she stumbled, completely self conscious of her body.

He silenced her with his lips, molding them gently against her own, moving his hands gently around her hips, his cold rings sending shivers down her spine.

“You are by far the most beautiful girl I’ve had the pleasure of laying my eyes upon,” he sighed, pulling away and pressing his pretty nose against her own, “it’s about time you see that.”

Her cheeks burned red, bashful smile tickling her lips but unable to find the right words to respond with. He didn’t mean it as a way to flirt, he just genuinely enjoyed every inch of her body, and made sure to keep his eyes only on her face all the while.

“Why are you here?” she asked after a brief silence.

“I couldn’t sleep, but, seeing you helps me relax,” he admitted. “Also, I was hoping we could watch the sunrise together,” he signalled at the orange flares coming from outside.

“I would love to,” she smiled happily at Kai, to which he beamed and rolled to his side so he could face the window. From behind the rich green foliage in the driveway, they were able to make out the ember colors that lifted into the grey sky, like a giant golden red suspending orb being held by an invisible string. The girl pushed herself up a little so she could see over Kai, snuggling into his backside while she was at it. Her arm came around his body as she meshed her own into his shape, instantly feeling Kai go stiff under her touch.

“You okay?” she asked, sensing his shift.

“Of course,” he responded quietly.

“Good,” she breathed into him, watching the sky melt into a soft pastel blue, her hand absentmindedly starting to draw little patterns over the heretic’s flesh.

His breath hitched in his throat, but he ignored it and tried with all his might to ignore the feeling of her skin against his own, and the smell of soft sugar and honey that wafted off her body, the one he knew by now came from her favorite body foam. What was infuriating was that she didn’t even know what she was doing to him without even meaning to.

The girl pressed her face gently against the back of Kai’s head, her full lips and soft breath skimming over his skin and heartbeat steadily thrumming into his back. Her eyes were focused on the color palette in the sky, but Kai’s weren’t, his vision going blurry as he struggled to focus, causing him to release an involuntary growl of disscontempt. 

“What’s wrong?” she asked with concern, peeling her eyes from the sky.

“I can’t-” he said through a raspy breath, his eyes closing, “focus.”

“Why?” she asked, not aware of her control over him.

“I can’t,” he tried again, “when your hands are on me, and i’m drowning in your scent, and y-your heartbeat-” he tried to explain through soft stammers.

“Oh?!” she said, rolling gently aside, “I’m sorry.”

“No, I mean,” he turned to face her now, “it’s nice.”

His blue eyes skipped all over her face, never sure where to look.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” she laughed nervously, her heart starting to race.

Kai’s eyes fluttered closed, his chest rising heavily as he bit at his tongue to restrain himself from thinking of all the things he wanted to do, from feeling-

Suddenly his breath was lost as he felt a leg stretching over his side and bringing down weight to sit gently on his front, as well as two hands trailing softly over the fabric of his shirt. His eyes blinked open at the girl, who sat innocently atop Kai’s body, straddling him as if it was no big deal. She looked shy as ever, her hands not knowing which part of him to touch, her chest rattling softly as she breathed unsurely. Her eyes drifted up to Kai’s, waiting for him to say something, but when she realized he couldn’t, her fingers just nervously toyed with the hem of his shirt.

“May I?” she gulped, tugging at his tee.

He nodded slowly, still shocked as she pulled his shirt right over his head and stared in awe at his rippled front. Her hands trailed over Kai’s foreign skin, fingertips sending electricity through his body as she simply felt every inch of him. Then, without a glance up at him, she dipped her mouth into his front and began to explore it, letting her lips drop kisses, or tongue draw circles against him. Kai’s eyes drank of the sight of her, the feeling causing him to release a soft noise of contempt.

“(Y/N),” he managed at last.

“Yeah?” she said, lifting her head and diverting her attention back to him.

“What are you doing?” he asked, already hating how it felt when her mouth wasn’t on his flesh.

“I don’t know,” she flushed, “I just, really want to…” she trailed off.

“Want to what?” he murmured, lifting himself up so he could bring his face closer to hers.

“I want…” she breathed, staring at the heretic’s lips, her heart going into overdrive. His eyes bore into hers, challenging her to close the gap between their mouths, so she did. Her face went slamming into his own, noses pressing together as her lips found his, and her hands went sliding into his soft brown hair. She rocked herself gently into Kai’s body, and he went back against the pillows, allowing her to assert more dominance as she pressed her mouth into his with more force, tongue sneaking in between his lips before he was given the opportunity to breathe. She was suddenly aware of the knot forming within her, Kai’s soft growl of hunger against her lips enough to drive her crazy. She removed herself from his lips and began trailing her tongue down a slow line across his chest, Kai’s hands against her hips as she moved down on him. She reached his boxerline, his sharp curves creating a V shape to where she wanted to go next, but before she could, she was flipped to her back, Kai assuming a position over her body. His hands came to her breasts, only unclasping her bra when she gave him a nod, and he felt himself ache from the sight.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered to her when he saw her lips droop slightly with worry.

This made her smile a little, and he smiled right back before delving into her chest. His mouth attached around her right nipple, tongue drawing circles, hands coming to massage her gently. He dropped a kiss in the valley between her breasts before switching sides, the girls fingers sliding into his hair, mouth dropping open as she released a noise that made Kai go insane. His front harshly pressed to hers, she felt as his growing bulge pressed hard into her, and she fumbled through the pleasure for the zipper, her fingers clawing at his jeans with impatience. Kai drew his lips back to hers, pressing gently into her mouth and releasing a soft laugh into her lips, pulling away to look her over with a chuckle.

“Kai,” she begged, trailing her fingernail across the hem of his jeans, fingers aching with the need to explore him.

His adam’s apple bobbed in his throat as he let out another laugh, loving the way she went crazy beneath him, her urgency for him.

She pouted up at him, lower lip jutting out as she glared daggers at his smug little smirk, “you’re enjoying this?”

“Sure am,” he smiled.

She pursed her lips, eyes glued to his as she slowly removed her underwear, now laying fully exposed under the heretic, who’s eyes instantly flickered down, breath getting caught in his throat from the sight.

“What about now?” she challenged.

His nostrils flared, eyebrow raised with defeat, “got me.”

He tossed aside his pants, not even letting her get a good look before diving down into her heat, his hands forcing her thighs outwards as he bent into her, mouth attaching to where she needed him most. Her head instantly fell out, a profanity escaping her lips as Kai dipped his tongue cautiously inside her, one of his hands coming up to massage her clitoris. 

“Fuck, you taste good,” he moaned, nuzzling his face deeper down, tongue flittering across her entrance before fully extending inside of her, his hand rubbing little circles, the knot in her stomach tightening. Not enough for him, he scooted further up her body, positioning himself at her entrance, blue eyes filled with lust as they met with hers, eyes to her face as he pushed himself gently inside of her. Her eyes rolled back, that noise he loved emanating from her throat, her hair a perfect halo around her pretty little face, and just that was enough to make him almost lose it. Kai placed a hand upon either side of her hips before slowly rocking his length into her. His length stretched her open, but the look of pain she wore only lasted a second before dissolving into pleasure, her walls tightening comfortably around him. He began a slow rhythm as he pulled back and dipped forward, unable to keep his eyes open as he was engulfed by that feeling. Their breathing coming more ragged, bodies covered in a layer of sweat, he began to quicken his pace, his hips coming knocking into her own every time he slammed himself into her. His rings left deep imprints in her skin as he forced her down, her own hands coming to his back and leaving a trail of red fingernail marks.

“Mal-achai,” she said, choking on her own words, nails sinking into his flesh.

He practically melted at the sight of her, no mercy as he felt himself slipping, his thrusts starting to get more sloppy now. The girl’s body began to convulse beneath him, the knot unwinding in her stomach as she let out a cry, Kai giving a final push before groaning out as he emptied himself inside of her. Filled to the brim and unable to move, she quietly shook beneath Kai Parker, giving herself time to recover. Kai removed himself and bent down to clean her up gently with his tongue, the sensitivity causing her to twitch lightly.

“Come here,” he murmured, pulling her fragile form into his embrace, her face nuzzled into his chest as she slowly regained composure. He brought his fingers trailing gently through her messy tangles, dimples alighting his cheeks when she blinked those eyes up at him.

“So, that sunrise was pretty great, huh?” he joked.

She giggled into his skin, unable to control her laughter, “Kai!”

He smiled down at her, happy to hear that laugh.

“Mm,” he hummed, pulling her hair gently behind her ear.

“What?” she whispered up at him.

“Nothing,” he sighed, planting a kiss briefly to her forehead, “I’m just at a loss of words for how in love with you I am.”

What Happened?

Word Count: 3385

A/N: I wrote this in French Thursday, and then my French teacher got onto my laptop from hers and closed out of it, and I almost had a heart attack because she didn’t save it lol, but I remembered that I had sent it to my email before hand and all I had to do was finish the fic because she deleted the ending, so phew. Hope you enjoy it! Much love!

Warnings: Violence, swearing (duh, I mean its my writing sooo), debating on whether they want to live.

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   The past few days had been weird ones for Y/N, no one ever noticed she was around. For the first couple of days, she figured it was because of her accident, maybe they just wanted to give her space. She didn’t remember much of it, it hurt her physically to try to remember, all she knew was that one second, she was following a lead with Jughead on Jason Blossoms murder and the next she was on the ground and her head was pounding. But after the first few days of trying to talk to her friends and them just walking away, or the waiters at Pops and even pops himself ignoring her presence in the diner, she figured she had done something wrong. She pissed all of Riverdale off, and she didn’t know how she could fix it.

     Since she had moved here, these people had been her family, the ones who picked her up after she had fallen. Moving alone to a new town was hard, especially because she was only 16, but they made it easier. She quickly became friends with the core four, which had now become the core five, with the occasional tag along of Kevin or Cheryl, and Alice Cooper, FP Jones, and Fred Andrews all had offered to take her in or help her at one point in her stay, no matter the circumstances of their own home life. She had even started dating Jughead, the beanie-clad writer who also happened to be her best friend.

    It was never supposed to get this bad, and she didn’t know how her accident had made everyone hate her. Jughead and her had found a lead on Jason, deciding that going down to Sweetwater River to look for clues on their lead was a good idea.


    “Ready to go?” Jughead asked, taking a flashlight in his hand and looking over to Y/N.

    “I am. Let’s do this Jones.” She said, taking a flashlight in her own hand and fallowing Jughead out of the car. Archie stayed behind, he was going to wait for the two of them to return after they were done looking around. They made their way down to the water, looking around for any indication that Jason could have been down there, going to the place where he was found. They searched for a half hour to no avail, with nothing coming up.


    Y/N sat in her room, her head starting to pound again as she tried her best to recall that night. She must have done something, there had to be an explanation. She heard familiar voices outside her apartment and she got off her bed, looking out the window to see Veronica and Betty walking by. They looked up to her window, and she smiled and waved down, hoping that they would wave back but they quickly turned their heads down. Y/N felt her heart sink, there they went again, ignoring her.

    “I just can’t believe what happened.” Betty said, and Y/N listened in, hoping to catch a bit of their conversation before they walked away.

    “I can’t either, this doesn’t feel real. It was so unfair what happened to her, I mean hell, it was unfair to the town.” Veronica replied, a tinge of sadness in her voice.

    ‘what did I do that was so unfair to Riverdale?’ she thought to herself.

    “Why were her and Jughead even investigating down there, anyways? Didn’t they know it was dangerous? The killer could still be lurking around. I mean obviously he was.” Veronica questioned, and Betty nodded her head.

    “I’m just glad Jughead didn’t get hurt too, but its still heartbreaking about what happened to Y/N. She was one of our best friends, and she had just moved here too-“ Betty choked up on her words, and Veronica pulled her into her side, trying to comfort the blonde-haired girl.

    “I know.” Veronica said, and with that the two of them walked out of earshot from Y/N, who stood near her window just as confused as ever.

    ‘What the hell happened to me? Why can’t I remember? And why did they seem so sad?’ Y/Ns thoughts raced as more questions than answers were coming at her. She wanted more than anything to know what was going on, she wanted to be with her friends again. Slowly, she backed up until the backs of her legs hit the bed and she fell back onto it.


    “Jughead, we should go.” Y/N said, kicking around a few leaves that had fallen to the ground. Jughead stood up and ran his hand through his hair, sighing in frustration.

    “We haven’t searched everything, there could still be evidence, we’re just missing it.” He tried to argue, but Y/N rolled her eyes.

    “There’s nothing out here, Juggie. We need to go back, Archie is probably getting mad. We told him we’d only be out here a few minutes, not a half hour.” She said, putting her hand on her hip.

    “A half hour is a few minutes, anyways, I’m sure he’s finding plenty of ways to entertain himself.” He teased, and Y/N rolled her eyes.

    “Well I’m going back, and I don’t want you out here alone. Are you coming or are you not?” she asked, and Jughead looked at her for a second before answering, thinking over his options.

    “You can go if you’re bored, I’ll only be a few more minutes.” He said, shining his flashlight down again and looking through the brush.

    “I don’t want you to be out here alone, please come with me, we can return later.” She begged, but to no avail.

    “Any evidence that might be here now could be gone later, its better if I look around now.” He said, slightly annoyed.

   “Jughead, please-“

   “Go!” Jughead yelled, taking Y/N by surprise. His eyes immediately went back to the ground, continuing his searching, and Y/N rolled her eyes.

   “Fine, but when I get kidnapped in these woods because you didn’t take me back to Archies car, don’t get mad at me, get mad at yourself for being an ass.” She spat, walking away.


    Y/N cringed at her last memory, her harsh words cutting deep into her, she couldn’t even imagine what they did to him.

    ‘That’s why he hasn’t talked to me, he’s mad.’ She thought to herself, getting up from her bed, but her head was spinning. Trying to remember what happened was taking a toll on her, and she didn’t understand why. She got up from her bed and walked out of her apartment, making her way to Archies house. She was going to apologize to Jughead, and she was going to try to get Archie to talk to her while she was at  it. She wanted her friends back, she wanted them back more than anything.

    As she walked down the streets of Riverdale, she noticed how empty and barren they looked. Barely any cars went by, people were scarce and none of them smiled or waved back at her when she did it to them. She hung her head low, keeping her attention on the road in front of her, she didn’t want to show her face around town at the moment, but she needed to get to her friends and make up with her boyfriend.


    Y/N walked slowly through the woods, trying to make her way back to Archies truck, although she didn’t completely remember where he had parked it. As she kicked around the rocks and leaves at her feet, she spotted a shiny something in the debris on the ground, and she bent over to pick it up. It was a credit card with the name of Clifford Blossom on it. What the hell was his credit card doing out here? She turned it around and almost dropped it out of shock, the back had blood splattered on it, she turned the card back around and noticed there was some on the front as well.

    “Jughead! Jughead, I think I found something!” she yelled, turning back around to run towards the direction of Jughead. She heard footsteps and the cracking of leaves and twigs coming from the distance, and she felt relief fall over her slightly, he was coming. “It’s a credit card with some blood on it, I think it could be Jasons blood, and you’ll never guess what name is on it.” She called, trying to find her way through the trees.

    “Whose name?” a voice said from behind her, it definitely didn’t sound like Jughead. She turned but before she could see the face, she was knocked over, a blow to her head had thrown her to the ground and she grabbed her head that was now in excruciating pain.

    “What the fuck!” she cried, the world starting to go black. Another hit to her head knocked her out, the last thing she remembered was a scream, but she couldn’t even remember if it was from her or not.


    Y/N fell to the ground, the world spinning and she cried out in agonizing pain. Her head hurt like a bitch, and she didn’t know where she was for a good few seconds. After the pain resided, fear set in. She remembered what happened, but she was still confused. How did her getting hit in the head offend anyone in the town? Maybe whoever hit her found out she was accusing Jasons own father of killing him, and they were all mad about that. I mean who accuses the father? He was already cleared, wasn’t he? That had to be it. It was the only explanation. She slowly looked up and found that she had collapsed on Archies front lawn, the sun shining behind the house in front of her. She got up as slowly as possible to not trigger another dizzy spell, and made her way to the front door.

   She walked up the front steps and hesitated knocking on the door. She was scared, what if they didn’t want to talk to her, or see her ever again. What if they opened the door and slammed it in her face after seeing who it was. She didn’t think she could handle their rejection, especially not right now. She was weak and needed her friends, but they obviously wanted space from her, why else would they ignore her these past few days. Just then, she heard talking coming from inside the house, and it was making its way towards the front door, and out of panic she hid. The door swung open and Archie came out first, and he looked sad. Jughead came next, looking the same way, and Y/Ns heart dropped.

    “It sucks that we have to do this.” Archie said, opening his side of the car.

    “I-it hurts that we have to do this.” Jughead replied, getting into the car and Archie followed.

    “I know Jughead, it hurts us all that we have to do this.” Archie said. “Maybe today will be the day. First stop though, gas station, and the hospital.” And with that, Archie closed the door to his car, started it, and they drove off.

    ‘Why the hospital?’ Y/N thought to herself. Closing her eyes, she did her best to remember what might have happened next, sure she got attacked but maybe she was missing something.


    “Y/N! Y/N can you hear me?” Jugheads voice rang through her head, hurting it more than it already did. She barely opened her eyes, looking up to see the beanie clad boys face stained with tears, worry written all over him. “Come on, please say something! Let me know you’re alright!” She went to go speak, opening her mouth slightly and tried to tell him she was hurt but not to worry, but no words came out. Her head started to throb again, the pain becoming even more unbearable than before, and she started to slip into the blackness again.

    “Archie?” Jugheads voice yelled through his phone. “Get out here and help me with Y/N, someone attacked her!” Y/N could barely hear Jugheads voice now, slowly, she was fading although she tried so hard not to. “What do you mean ‘what do you mean she was attacked’? She was hit over the head with something, the person who did it ran off and now she’s bleeding all over the place!” Y/N could hear the panic in Jugheads voice, and she could also tell he was fighting back tears and anger. He didn’t mean to be angry at Archie, he just wasn’t listening nor being all that smart in this situation.

    “She isn’t responding, please, Arch just get out here and help me take her to your car, we don’t have time to argue! And call Kevin and his dad, they need to get police down here as well, see if they can find the man who did this!” Jughead pleaded, breaking down into more tears. Archie must have agreed because Jughead threw his phone down on the ground and went right back for Y/N, running his hand over her hair, and grabbing her hand. “You’re going to be fine, okay? I’ll make sure you make it, but you have to help me out. I don’t know if you can hear me, but you’re not allowed to die, you’re not allowed to leave me. I need you, Y/N, and I know I’ve never told you this but I love you.” Y/N could feel the pull of death, or sleep, she couldn’t tell which one, all she knew was that she was fading, and Jugheads words rang in her head. Everything went silent, everything went dark.


   “Is she in there?’ Y/N heard Jughead ask, and she opened her eyes and found herself in the middle of a waiting room. A nurse dressed in teal scrubs nodded and Jughead and Archie started to make their way to the room, but the nurse stopped them.

    “You can’t go in right now, the doctor is in there. If you take a seat and wait a few moments, I can call you over when its time.” The nurse suggested, and the two boys nodded and walked to some chairs, taking a seat. Y/N though was curious to see who had also gotten hurt, maybe Kevin or one of the police officers had gotten hurt trying to find the man who attacked her, maybe it was even one of their friends. Either way, she had to see, she had to find out who was in that room, they could answer a few questions for her. Slowly, she snuck over into the hallway where the door was and slipped in through the door, quietly closing it behind her. She took one glance at the hospital bed and froze.

    ‘This can’t be. This is impossible.’ She thought to herself, willing herself to move towards the bed. There she was, laying in a hospital bed, wires patches stuck in and on her, she looked…dead. But she was alive, she had to be, she had been walking and watching everyone for days. Y/N couldn’t be the one in the bed because she was standing beside it. ‘I’m dreaming. I have to be dreaming.’

    “She’s still sleeping, but you’re welcome to stick around if you’d like.” The nurse from earlier said, swinging the door open and letting Jughead and Archie in. Jughead walked sorrowfully to the bed, standing right beside Y/N, the ‘awake’ one.

    “Do you think she’ll wake up?” Archie asked, and the nurse gave an apologetic look towards the two boys and the girl.

    “The doctor doesn’t think so, she has major head trauma. He thinks she’ll be in a coma for awhile.” She said, and Archie nodded his head, not really wanting to hear any more. “I’m sorry boys.” And with that, the nurse left. Jughead and Archie sat by the girls side in silence for a long time, the rain from outside spilling against the window, and the thunder and beeping machines were the only noises that filled the room. Y/N stood beside them, staring down at her sleeping body. No wonder everyone was ignoring her, she wasn’t even awake.

    ‘This is some supernatural shit.’ She thought to herself, waving her hand in front of the two boys faces. ‘I didn’t even know this was possible, this is the weirdest thing ever.’ Y/N slowly started reaching for her hand, and softly went to touch it. Right as real skin hit her… ghost skin? What even was she? Either way, right as she touched her real hand, she started to feel dizzy, the world around her spun, and she noticed as her real self started to wake. Her head moved side from side, and her breathing started to become ore audible. She quickly pulled her hand back, and everything returned to normal, well not normal per say, but she wasn’t dizzy.

    “I need you to wake up.” Jughead whispered, breaking the silence of the room. “Please, I need you to wake up. I need you with me, don’t leave me.” Archie placed his hand on Jugheads back, trying to comfort his hurting friend. “I love you, and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself knowing that the last things you heard me say to you were to leave.” He was crying now, and Y/N felt her heart drop.

    Did she even want to wake up though, honestly. Life was hard for her, being 16 and living alone. Depression was a bitch, and anxiety made it even worse for her, and as much as she would deny it, she felt as if she needed her blood family to get through all of this shit that was going on, but she didn’t have them. She made the choice to leave, she decided she was going to be better off without them and she was wrong. Sure her friends were practically her new family, but were they going to be enough, would they leave her? She sat on the edge of the hospital bed, looking down at her sleeping self and she was worried about what would happen if she decided to wake up.  

  She glanced from her sleeping figure to the two boys who were standing by her side, looking sorrowfully down at her, she couldn’t leave them, could she? They obviously cared for her, and they wanted her to come back, who was she to willfully leave them? She wouldn’t be able to do that to them, they also had shit going on in their lives, and it seemed like they needed her, she helped them and they helped her. She noticed now that Archie was crying as well, but Jughead hadn’t realized it because he was crying so heavily himself. She couldn’t stand to see them like this, she had to come back. Time was only time, it passes and so do situations, all of these things that were bothering her now could be but a memory in a few years, and she could have a chance to be happy. Jugheads head fell onto the sleeping girls stomach, and she reached for the hand by his head. Grabbing it, her world started to spin again, and the girl in the beds head started to move, and again she started to wake up. Her head started to pound, but she pushed through the pain, she’d be alright soon.

    Y/Ns eyes slowly fluttered open and she felt a weight on her stomach, which she remembered was Jugheads head. She took her hand and placed it on Jugheads head, to which he shot up and looked at her, and she took her other hand and reached it out to Archie. The redheaded boy quickly took it, and Jughead took her other one, the two of them now crying of happiness.

   “Jughead?” her voice came out coarse and rough. “Archie?”

    “I’m here! Thank god you’re awake!” Archie said, a sigh of relief leaving his being.

    “Thank you for waking up, thank you so much. I love you Y/N, and I’m so sorry.” Jughead said, kissing her hand.

    “Betty! Get Veronica, Kevin and Cheryl and come down to the hospital, she woke up!” Archie yelled excitedly through his phone, and Y/N smiled. She had made the right decision to come back.

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Things Never Changed

Group: Got7

Member: Mark Tuan

Pairing: member x reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Warnings: None

Word Count: 2739


Okay so I’m slowly becoming Got7 trash thanks to @fortheloveofsuga (fuck you for giving me “feelings”) so I was compelled to write something for them. I just kinda wrote this at like 3am on my phone and debated on whether not to post it, but I decided I would. :) 

@seokvie @gotsinvn @mark-myass (i know y’all appreciate Got7 so here ya go *insert side eye emoji*)


There’s an old philosophy that says “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. The sentiment seems beautiful. Poetic, even. The thought that your absence from someone’s life will be an ever-present hollowness that makes it nearly impossible to complete simple daily tasks–the constant memory of the one you love dancing along the edges of your mind, just barely out of reach from your shaking and nostalgic fingers. The deep and meaningful love a connection that is blatant and comforting and unwavering, even with thousands of miles of ocean separating you. Poetic, indeed.

But it’s just not realistic.

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Mine (Joker x Reader)

Originally posted by breakthedisttance

Requested by Anon: “Haii!~♥ Can I request where Reader is like Joker’s girl. Despite being bad-***, he'is really over protective of her (Kinda like yandere, but Reader loves him). Cause of this, Harley gets a lil’ jelly and tries to get Reader dead, but gets caught?”

Warning: Violence, Reader Abuse

Harley’s blue eyes were focused on you as you straddled the Jokers lap. Your arms wrapped around his neck as you laughed, the smirk on your lips managing to make her even more jealous. He had thrown her aside and she wasn’t handling it well. Throwing herself into a spiral of drunken nights where she wanted nothing more then to go to him and beg him to take her back. It was killing her to see you with him.

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oh my god i remember reading something about a turret with more than 1 health and i made this, it was drawn like dirt on purpose


sorry if its hard to read i hate text tool



zoom into what rein is saying in the window btw xD

((Im so confused but ill take it!))

-Mod Jay

anonymous asked:

do you know where i can download Sony Vegas for free?? thank you!

I only have Sony Vegas 8 and 10 DDL links that I’ve used. Both require a few steps to install so be sure to read the instructions! Note: these are for Windows only

Sony Vegas 8

Sony Vegas 10

(click the “Download through your browser” option below each download)

Raphael Santiago x Reader | Haven

summary; : the reader is Raphael’s haven; a specific shadowhunter finds that out.

words ; 1202

pairing ; reader x raphael Santiago ; platonic!jace x raphael


“ Where do you think you’re going ?” an angry voice yelled the second Raphael stepped outside of the hotel DuMort.

“ I’m having a night walk, got a problem with that?” he hissed at the blonde shadowhunter that stood behind him.

“ Actually, yes. You can’t leave the hotel, remember ? Until the whole Camille problem is solved. ”

The vampire frowned , before he showed his fangs.

“ You don’t get to tell me what to do, shadowhunter. ”

“ Oh, but I do. ” he said grabbing his seraph blade

“ Don’t get too cocky, Wayland. ” the brunette smirked

Before Jace, the shadowhunter, could’ve attacked , ten more vampires jumped on him, knocking him out.

“ You don’t get to drink one drop of his blood , you understand ?!” Raphael shouted; the others lowered their heads, going back inside of the hotel.

Before continuing his way, Raphael dragged Jace to his apartment, to make sure he won’t be the meal for someone.

“ At least I didn’t leave him out there.” he sighed, before closing the door.

Raphael continued his way, to the only place that felt like true home for him. He put his hands in the jacket’s pockets and he hurried to the destination; he didn’t mind to look around, he had the route clearly in his mind; even if it has been some time, he won’t forget the road the lead to his personal heaven if that was even possible, considering he was
nothing more but a demon.

(Y/N) was trying to fall asleep, when she heard a click coming from her window; the girl didn’t bother to go check, she knew it was only one person that would come into her house , through her window, in the middle if the night.

She smiled as she heard Raphael taking off his shoes and jacket; he always made her happy, even since they’ve met - about 10 years ago, in the Pandemonium club; she got herself so drunk that couldn’t make it home, not until her knight showed up; Raphael, despite everything he was thought since he was turned into a vampire, he still helped the girl, if he wouldn’t have , she could’ve been dead by now.

Despite his vampire instincts he never bite her, instead they’ve become friends. Weird friends that only saw each other at night, but (Y/N) never questioned him about his weird behavior. He was glad,knowing that even if she couldn’t understand him , she still accepted him anyway; rare for a ‘mundane’ to do so.

“ You’re awake ?” he murmured while getting under the blanket, hugging the girl from behind.

“ No. ” she replied, turning to face him.

Hola, hermosa.

” Hi, Raph. “ she smiled

” I’ve missed you. “

” Of course you did, mi rey . “ she giggled ” I’ve missed you too. “

” No hay nada mejor que un abrazo de un ser querido para relajarte. “

(Y/N) smiled, putting her arms around his neck; she knew he had a lot of problems in his life, or at least that’s what she thought from all the vague stories Raphael told her; he tried his best to inform her about his life, but he omitted some things, like being a vampire and fighting demons or shadowhunters .

” Rough day?“ she asked at some point

” Mhmm.“ he sighed

(Y/N) moved her head closer to his, placing a gentle kiss on his cold cheek.

” It’s all better now, since I’m with you, mi cielito.

” You’re such a romantic. “

” Only when it comes to you. “

She wrapped her arms tighter around him; he was the only person able to make her stomach full of butterflies.

” (Y/N) ? “

” Hm?“

” I know that you might have a lot of questions about me - my behavior. “

” Stop. “

” What?“ he looked confused into her eyes

” You’ll tell me when you want to; you have a rough life, cariño. I don’t wan to push you into telling me what’s going on. I can wait. “ she smiled

” You’re my heaven, (Y/N). “

The girl smiled sweetly before reaching for his lips; he pulled in gently, kissing her for a few seconds.

” I love you too, Raphael. “

Even if he never said exactly those three words , (Y/N) understood him enough, to know exactly what he meant every time he looked at her with those "love-sick-puppy-eyes”.

Slowly the girl fell asleep in his arms; he smiled; thinking he would love to stay with her like this for an eternity.

However, the moment was ruined when Raphael smelled angel blood; carefully he let the girl in the bed, without waking her and he looked out the window, seeing a confused Jace waiting for him to get out.

Raphael sighed as he turned to look at his own angel who was sleeping peacefully; he wrapped the blanket around her small body then he exited the room the same way he entered - using the window.

“ What do you want, shadowhunter ? I didn’t let you knocked out surrounded by thirsty vampires. You should be thankful. ” he said passing by the blonde guy

Jace narrowed his eyebrows.

“ Thanks. ” he said sarcastically

“ Now , tell me, vampire, what were you doing in that house? I saw you. Who is she ?” he spitted out angrily

“ None of your business. ”

“ You either tell me or I’ll tell the Clave you work with Camille. ”

“ You’re a real pain in my ass, aren’t you?” he hissed

Jace just rolled his eyes and crossed his arms to his chest.

“ So?”

“ She’s my friend. ”

“ She’s a mundane. ” Jace questioned
“ While you’re a blood-sucking demon, remember?”

“ Back off, Wayland. ” Raphael hissed

“ What’s that? That little spark in your black eyes? Love ?” the shadowhunter said amused

“ Shut up! ”

Jace was shocked by his reply, most of the times Raphael had a sassy line or something , but this time it seemed like he was defending himself.

“ Oh my god.” Jace gasped “ It is love.” he said placing a hand over his, now wide open, mouth.

“ You’re that shocked?” Raphael gesticulated

“ I never thought I’d see you in love with anyone except yourself. ”

Raphael’s anger faded away slowly;
whispering he said “ there’s a lot you don’t know about me, idiota . ”

“ For how long you know her?”

“ Ten years, I assume. Now, look at me shadowhunter, she’s the only person that keeps me going, you tell someone about her I hurt you; no one knows about her , just like how she doesn’t know about this damn shadow world, got it? ”

“ She appears to be your weakness. ”

Raphael scoffed, laughing he showed his fangs.

“ No, dear. I’m not you. The woman I love it is not my weakness she’s my heaven ; trust me when I say I’ll do anything for her. So, -” Raphael paused for a second before he continued, spelling each word slowly “ Stay. The. Hell. Away. From. Her. ”

And with that being said the vampire vanished , since the sun was almost up.

Jace looked at the place where the downworlder used to be and laughed.

“ I guess even demons have their own heavens. ”

Long Lost Moment

Jughead x Reader

Summary: Jughead and the reader have a moment right before the reader leaves for a trip over the summer. The reader returns, only to find out that a lot has changed.

    Being away all summer had been an eye opening experience. Leaving Riverdale to volunteer at schools in India had made you value how lucky you were to be born into a middle class, kind and loving family. It had also made you see that life was too short not to be honest, and shoot for what your heart desired. As the taxi pulled up to Pop’s diner, you thanked the driver and grabbed your luggage, taking a deep breath before heading for the entrance. You knew that you could do this, that you could tell him. Just before you boarded the plane, he had kissed you goodbye. Although it wasn’t much, it was enough to make you realize that you wanted more from your relationship. He was your best friend, and you had always told each other everything. You only hoped that this time wouldn’t be any different. Pulling open the door, you made your way inside, immediately spotting his dark hair curled around his beanie. Smiling, you thought about how much you had missed this place, missed him. Walking up behind him, you noticed that he was he was looking at his computer intently, with headphones in his ears. For a moment, you took in the sight of him, typing away, before you yanked out one of the headphones. Startled, he jumped and quickly turned around.

“What the-” As his eyes focused on you, his expression changed from irritation to shock. “Y/N, I didn’t think you were getting back for another 3 weeks?”

“Well hello to you too Juggie.” You said, rolling your eyes and plopping down onto the seat in front of him.

“No, I’m sorry, I just wish I had known. I would’ve had a surprise waiting, or I could’ve come to get you at the airport.” Jughead sighed, and then groaned, burying his face in his hands.

“Hey.” You said, prying his hands off of his face. “I was just kidding. I’m happy enough to see you. I’ve missed you so much. I have so much to tell you, you have no idea. How about I order a milkshake for us to share and then I can tell-”

     Your sentence was cut off by Jughead looking out the window, almost as if he was suddenly in a daze. Following his gaze, you saw Betty, walking past the window, up to Pop’s. Confused, you snapped a finger in front of Jughead’s face. “Jug, what’s up?” You asked but he just looked at you with vacant stare, as though he was concentrating on something in his mind.

     Hearing the ding of Pop’s door, you looked up to see Betty freeze as she made eye contact with you. Betty had always been one of your closest friends, and became lost at what was even going on. Her face fell as she slowly walked up to the table. One of her delicate hands laid on Jughead’s shoulder, and his trance was broken as he looked up at her.

“Hey.” He said, forcing a slight smile. “How are you?” Jughead’s entire body language changed. He was tense and awkward, and you were left confused.

“You know, I’ve been better.” Betty responded quietly, eyeing me for a second and then avoiding my eyes.

“Are you guys okay?” You questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“Um, yeah of course! I was just coming to pick up an order, actually. But wow, Y/N, I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you would be back early. This is just…great!” Betty smiled, hugging you. “Well, I am going to get that order, but I’ll see you at school on Monday, right?”

    You nodded, still unsure at to what had just happened. Betty turned around and quickly headed to Pop’s counter, uttering some words you couldn’t make out. Pop sighed and loaded a small box with fries, handing it over to Betty. Glancing at you and Jughead once more, she waved and exited the diner. Weird, you thought. Averting your attention back to Jughead, you looked at him, puzzled. “So are you going to explain what just happened or am I just going to have to ask Betty on Monday?”

Jughead avoided eye contact with you and picked at the corner of his laptop screen. “A lot, happened, over the summer. I-Betty was going through a lot and I got into a fight with Archie. You were gone and we just kind of-we”

“Oh my god, did you two hook up?” You interjected, with an obviously disgusted look on your face.

     Rubbing one eye, he continued. “We kissed, just the other day. I haven’t seen her since then, until just then, that is.”

     Shaking your head you bit your cheek. “Well that’s, great then. Glad you two really bonded. I always told you that you and Betty should be closer. I just didn’t know it was going to be in that way.” You said, bitterness laced in your words.

“Look, we had a moment, but Betty knows it didn’t mean anything more than that. She’s going through alot right now and I’m…going through alot right now and we were alone and it just, happened.” Jughead reached for your hand but you moved it back.

“No, it’s fine. By all means, don’t let our moment impact whatever you and Betty have.” You held your hands in the air.

“Y/N, it’s not like that. I was lonely and three weeks felt like forever to wait until you came back. I’m not going to apologize for the fact that I needed someone. And I didn’t seek Betty out in a romantic way, I just knew that I needed to move on from you and she needed to move on from Archie and it seemed like the right thing to do at the time.” He paused for a moment, taking in a deep breath. “My dad, he’s drunk or high all of the time and mom and Jellybean moved out. I was living at the Drive In but they shut it down, so I’ve been living in the closet under the school. I just…needed someone.”

     Guilt and sorrow began to wash over you as you listened to what had happened in the short time that you were gone. “Jughead.” You whispered. “I’m so sorry.”

     As the last two words fell from your mouth, Jughead’s expression had switched from anguish to anger. “You know how hard it was for me to kiss you, and then have you leave for two months? With no contact? And I couldn’t stop you from doing something that would be such a great experience for you, but in my head, I secretly hoped that you would change your mind, at the airport. That you would decide that you just wanted to stay here, with me.”

“Juggie, it was only two months.” You told him in a hushed voice, trying to calm him down.

“Yeah, this time. What about when we graduate, and I’m stuck here, taking care of Jellybean because no one else will, while you leave, to go onto better things, and better places, and better people?” His voice cracked as he spoke, his anger disappearing.

“I would never leave you like that. I-I-Jughead I love you, in every sense of the word. You’re right, I do want to leave Riverdale, but not if it means leaving my best friend, or his little bug of a sister.” You smiled at him and at the thought of Jellybean.

     Taking my hands in his, he wrapped his hands around yours, kissing the top of them. His eyes fluttered close as he sniffled, a tear working its’ way down his cheek. “I’m sorry about Betty.” He finally broke the silence.

     Untangling your hands you wiped the tear off of his face with your thumb. “I’m sorry I wasn’t here for you. I can’t believe what you’re going through. The thought of you alone, and scared, breaks my heart, and if Betty helped you, even a little bit, then I’m thankful to her. I want you to tell me everything that’s happened since I’ve been gone, but first, I’m going to call my mom and arrange something so that you aren’t sleeping at school anymore. You know we have that spare guest room downstairs and I think she’d be happy to let you stay there.”

Jughead offered a faint smile. “Thank you, Y/N. Really. I’m so happy and relieved that you are back.”

     You nodded and proceeded to dial your mother’s number. The conversation between you two was short, as she instantly agreed to let Jughead stay with you. After ending the call, you looked up at Jughead who no longer looked sad and distraught. Taking your hand in his once more, you watched as his eyes glistened. “So let’s hear about this trip, with that milkshake you so kindly offered earlier of course.”

     Both of you laughed and you happily agreed. “One more thing.” Jughead said, biting his lip as he studied your eyes. “I love you too.”

Cherry Lips (Bucky Barnes X Reader) Part 1/?

Hey guys! We reached 150 followers! I didn’t even get to say happy 100! But, as a ‘gift’ i’m doing a multiple part mafia au series! 40s Bucky is my favorite, so :)

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You walked along the emptying streets of Brooklyn, trying to hurry home before it got too late. You had gone to a work party, so you were in heels, and it was proving very difficult to get home quickly. Huffing, you stopped in the middle of the side walk, and stepped out of the cherry red heels, which matched your lip and dress color perfectly. The weather had become nippy as the night went on, and you wrapped the black shawl tighter around your shoulders. The freezing concrete underneath your feet motivated you to walk faster, thoughts of your warm apartment and getting out of the itchy dress filling your mind. 

You were just a block away from your apartment, so you began to run, not looking where you were going. In retrospect this was a bad idea, considering three seconds later you ran into something tall and muscular. You fell right on your butt, dropping your heels, the shawl unwrapping from your shoulders. 

“I am so, so sorry,” you said, cursing yourself for being so embarrassing. The person standing above you chuckled deeply, extending a hand to help you up. You gladly took it, trying to stand up as gracefully as you could. Once you stood up, you got a look at the person you bumped into. As soon as the face registered in your mind, you gulped. None other than James Barnes, notorious mob boss, was standing in front of you. And you just ran right into him. 

“W-well, again, sorry for bumping into you, but I really must be going,” you chuckled nervously, grabbing your shawl and heels and stepping around him, leaving the nicely dressed man in the middle of the sidewalk. 

You stole a glance back at him before you entered your apartment, and saw his eyes on you, before he turned and continued walking. You quickly undressed from the itchy getup you had been forced to wear all night, and put on your warm and comfortable blue pajamas, collapsing into your bed in a matter of minutes. 

The exhaustion of the night finally caught up to you, and you fell asleep almost as soon as your head hit the pillow, not even having the strength to pull the blankets up over yourself. You didn’t even think about taking off your makeup, you were way too tired for that. 


You were awoken from your peaceful night’s sleep by a crashing sound. You groggily sat up, noticing the red lipstick stain on your pillow from moving around in your sleep. The sound resonated through your apartment again, and you pinpointed it to be coming from the fire escape outside. Your heart nearly stopped as your heard a window opening. Realization dawned on you; someone was breaking into your house. 

Silently, you slid from your bed, grabbing the baseball bat that you kept next to your bed. Your thoughts went to your sister, who had thought it was silly to keep the bat there. You were thankful you didn’t listen to her now. You gripped the baseball bat tightly, slowly inching your way across the room, towards the open door. Moonlight was filtering in from the windows in the living area, illuminating the wooden floor, and a shadow of someone who seemed to be just kinda standing there. 

You reached your doorway, evaluating how best to go about the situation in front of you. There was indeed a man standing in your living room, who was skeptically looking out the windows, which confused you. You thought he would be, you know, stealing things, as a burglar usually does. 

You stepped forward again, and cringed when the floorboards creaked underneath your foot. The man’s head whipped towards you, eyes wide. When he saw you, his mouth settled into a smirk. You squinted your eyes at the guy; he looked a little familiar. Your eyes now widened in realization, as you saw that none other than James Barnes was standing in your living room. Your mind raced; was he here because he was actually mad about what happened earlier and was now gonna murder you?

“W-why are you in my apartment?” you asked, trying to hide the shakiness of your voice. 

“Listen, doll, let’s just say I got into a little, uh, debacle, with some guys. Think I can stay the night here ‘till it blows over?” he asked, striding towards you, before leaning against the opposite side of the doorframe. You thought for a moment. You most certainly did not want to get on the bad side of the local mob boss. 

“I guess so, so long as you don’t take anything, I’m watching you,” you did your best to sound intimidating, eliciting a laugh from the man who was now sitting on the couch. 

“Thanks sweet cheeks, you can trust me,” he grinned, making you scoff. Trusting a mobster, yeah, that was something you did often. 

“So, do you want some tea?” you tried making things less awkward as you walked into your kitchen. 

“Sure, doll, thanks,” you heard, and you put the kettle on, before returning to the living room. You stopped as soon as you saw him polishing a gun, nonchalantly. 

“Right. You can make it the way you want when the water is done. I’m going to bed,” you sidestepped him to get back to your room, careful to take the baseball bat back to bed with you. Deciding this was a weird dream, you settled back into your bed. 


Relationship: Jason Todd x Reader

Summary: (Request)  I was hoping I could request this au with Jason. ‘I’m on the FBI’s most-wanted list for killing a fuck ton of people, but calm down I just wanna date you bc your face is v smoochable and you give me butterflies.’ And with him being the most wanted one please?

Key: Y/N= your name

Warning: language

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…FUCK!”

Jason tossed himself out his apartment window as fast as he could, grabbing as many weapons as possible. He saw the flashing lights grow closer. “Ah! Motherfuckers!” He slid down the fire escape, jumping the last couple feet. I know I’ve killed a lot of people, but they were assholes. I was doing you bitches a favor, Jason thought angrily.

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Teen Wolf Preference – How You Find Out They Like You


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You’d find out that Derek likes you almost by accident.

You’d known Derek for a while and everyone knew that he had a soft spot for you – although, no one would have guessed that he had a crush on you. He usually he kept to himself, especially when it came to emotions, and when you found out about the supernatural world he’d so far been extremely patient with your questions.

“So you can shift when it’s not a full moon – does that really make you a werewolf?”, “how come only your face really changes?”, “how do you stop yourself from wolfing out when you get angry? You’re always angry”.

If someone like Stiles asked Derek these questions he’d tell them to shut up. But you were different. You were his anchor.

“We have anchors – something that stops us from losing control. It can be people like Scott used to use Allison or it can be something else. My anger used to anchor me.”

You arched an eyebrow, “what anchors you now?”

“What?” Derek hadn’t expected you to pick up on his terminology.

“You said ‘used’ to anchor you. What anchors you now?”

He avoided looking at you, worried that he’d cave in as soon as he saw your pleading eyes. So, Derek turned away and pretended to be interested in documentation on the table.

“Doesn’t matter.”

He knew you and knew that saying this would only interest you more. He wished he could just lie to you, it was so easy to like to other people.

“Oh, come on!” you moved closer to him, “is it really embarrassing?”

“Yes,” Derek said gruffly, bravely looking at you, “it’s you.”

You grinned, “that is embarrassing!” realisation seemed to dawn on you, “wait, me? But if Allison was Scott’s anchor…”

And for the first time, you saw Derek blush.

“Yeah, whatever.”


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You’d find out that Isaac likes you in a strange but not so surprising Isaac kind of way.

The pack, Scott specifically, were aware of Isaac’s nightmares and night terrors. Scott had grown accustomed to hearing Isaac’s yelling in his sleep every now and then and usually his nightmares revolved around the same thing. If it got really bad, Isaac would ring you after waking up because you assured him you’d be there for him no matter what the hour was. You were his best friend and everyone but you knew that Isaac thought of you more than that.

One night, his nightmare shifted to a whole new story.

Isaac woke up in a heavy sweat, letting out a few deep breaths as he tried to take in his surroundings and remind himself that the nightmare wasn’t real.

But it felt so real.

So he quickly grabbed a clean shirt and left the house, not even bothering to check the time as he sprinted through the streets of Beacon Hills. He tried to calm himself but there was a small voice in the back of his head that kept saying ‘but what if it was real?’

You almost threw a book at him when you were awoken suddenly to Isaac climbing through your window.

“Isaac – it’s 3am!”

He gave you a breathless smile, his eyes flickering to the book in your hand, “your plan to stop an intruder is to throw a book at them?”

You frowned groggily at him as you turned your lamp on, praying that your family wouldn’t wake up to the sound of your visitor.

“Are you gonna tell me why you’re here or are you just going to make fun of my plan of attack if an intruder comes?”

Isaac hesitated. He was relieved to see that his nightmare wasn’t true and you were okay after all – he just didn’t know how to explain that to you without feeling embarrassed.

“I had a nightmare.” He admitted, moving closer to your bed. Like a natural instinct, you moved over so he could get in bed beside you.

“You usually call me. What happened?”

“Uh,” Isaac fiddled with your bedsheet, “you were in it. I mean, sometimes you’re in my dreams like… in the background… but this time you were really in it. My dad – it’s stupid. I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

You rested your head on his shoulder, “that’s different. You didn’t do your breathing exerci –,”

“I like you, alright? I had to be sure. You never know what happens in Beacon Hills. Shit’s insane around here.” Isaac tried to joke but realised what he said. Even in your tired state, what he said processed quickly in your mind.

“You… like me?” you thought for a moment, “actually, that makes a lot of sense.”


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Mason would constantly tease Liam about it and whenever you were around he’d make subtle hints and you’d accidentally pick up on it

Mason was relentless when it came to Liam’s crush on you and that was how you found out Liam liked you.

“Here comes your girlfriend now.” Mason said in a sing-song voice when he saw you walking down the school corridor to him and Liam at the lockers. Liam glowered at him, this being an almost warning expression that if he said anything to you that Mason would face the consequences.

Mason nodded but whenever you were around, he’d just tease Liam when you weren’t looking.

“Please tell me you guys will stay after school. I really need your help on an assignment and I think it’s going to be the death of me.” You said when you reached Liam’s locker, Mason stepping so he was behind you and couldn’t see the faces and gestures he was pulling.

“I don’t know if I can stay but Liam definitely can,” Mason mused and you looked at Liam with a delighted expression. You couldn’t figure out why Liam had a frown on his face, unaware of Mason’s smirking face and mouthing ‘get some’ to his friend.

“Yeah I’ll probably stay. Are you coming to the lacrosse game tomorrow night?” Liam asked and you nodded your head. Mason was now doing a small dance behind you.

“Yeah, of course. I never miss a lacro –,” you turned around quickly, “Mason, what the hell are you doing?”

He stopped mid-dance, freezing when he saw your annoyed expression. Mason smiled sheepishly.

“I have a nervous tic?”

“You’re a terrible liar,” you said, “c’mon guys! What’s happening? You’re always doing this now! Don’t think I don’t see you, you idiot.”

Just as you playfully punched Mason in the arm, you realised why he’d been doing what he was doing. Your friends do a similar thing when Liam’s around.

“Oh… Liam!” you turned and pointed a finger to Liam who was blushing furiously, “oohh!”


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You’d find out Scott likes you through an obvious source – Stiles.

By now, Scott should know not to trust Stiles with anything (especially with a crush secret) but he had to tell someone. Stiles was his go to person for everything.

“You’re not helping, (Y/N).” Stiles said loudly as he and Scott looked through boxes of archives at the police station, all three of you knowing full well that you shouldn’t be there. Whilst Stiles and Scott were looking through folders and papers, you were sitting on a wheely chair and filling out quizzes in a magazine.

“I think I’m helping a lot. For instance, I just read your horoscope, Stiles. This month you need to focus more on your happiness rather than getting caught up in work and putting your needs aside. You’re welcome,” you stuck your tongue out at him briefly, “oh, also, if you really want to dig up dirt on Theo why don’t we just visit his parents? They’d probably know about his sister’s death more than anyone. Before you ask, I do have his address and since Scott’s disapproved he can go over this stuff on chimeras which I photocopied out of one of Deaton’s books. I’ve highlighted the important bits.”

“You couldn’t have told us this earlier?”

“Nope, it’s been fun watching you two snoop around.” You showed Stiles the sheets you’d printed out for him.

“God, (Y/N). If Scott didn’t like you, I’d kiss you right now.” Stiles grinned as he took the sheets from you, already leaving the archive room as you and Scott sat still with wide eyed expressions


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Your best friend, Lydia, had been trying to convince Stiles to tell you that he likes you for a long while but you’d find out that he likes you by accident.

You were in the car with Lydia on Friday afternoon, the loud music softening when a phone call came through the car.  

“I finally figured out how to connect my phone to the car,” Lydia grinned as she answered the call, “hi Stiles!”

Before you could greet Stiles too, he’d launched himself into a full ramble – something that happened often with him.

“I’ve finally decided to ask (Y/N) out on a date.”

“Stiles.” Lydia hissed, glancing to see your reaction. All you could was stare out the window with a confused expression.

“Lydia, I’m serious. I know I’ve said it heaps of times but I actually mean it this time. I’m gonna ask her out and tell her I like her,” he thought for a moment, ignoring when Lydia said his name again in a warning tone, “I just don’t know where to take her. Any suggestions?”

“I really want to go to that new restaurant in town.” You said and heard Stiles making a choking noise on the other end of the line while Lydia let out a loud laugh.

“I tried to tell you, Stiles!” she laughed as he quickly mumbled that he had to go and hung up the phone.


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You and Theo are always flirting and you kind of know he likes you and he gets hurt and admits it to you and you’re like “I already knew that”

You always had a hunch that Theo liked you but had your theory confirmed when one of Theo’s late night outing went wrong.

Theo relentlessly flirted with you and you often responded just as eagerly. You were tending to his wounds, applying disinfectant and telling him to stop being such a wuss when he hissed and complained.

“You’re an idiot, you know that?” you muttered as you applied a bandage on his arm, trying to remain serious and ignore the fact that his arm was so nice and muscly.

“You dig it,” he gave a half smile, “can’t believe I’m saying this but I was really worried for a second there. I thought it’d kind of suck if I died and didn’t tell you that I liked you.”

Your snorted, “you weren’t going to die, they’re just minor cuts.”

“You’re not going to react to my proclamation of love?”

You leaned up, kissing his cheek, “no because I already knew.”