windows home server

Windows Home Server Trial

Okay, I hate using Windows, but I need it for games. That’s about the upshot. It’s worth $100, but I’d rather not pay for an OS, so I typically use Linux. However, Linux sucks at lots of stuff, and they want my time, for free, to make it better.

Uh…maybe not. My time has more value than donating it for free. Kthxbye. That’s official. I’ve decided. My life is very busy now that I have children, and I hardly have time to even keep up with my usual computer habits.

Speaking of time and habits… here’s something that should be part of that: backup. I have used ClarkConnect, and I like the idea of using Bacula with it. However, I want to look at Time Capsule and Windows Home Server as well.

I ordered the Trial of Windows Home Server. It arrived a week ago. I still haven’t installed it. I’m begining to wonder if I should even bother. I won’t want to spend the money, and I’m really only interested in backing up pictures, which I can store online, and my resume, which I can store online.

If I could just stick a wireless card in a WHS device, that might sway me. I like having an Airport Extreme right now, but it lacks some flexibility that I’d love to have. NDISwrapper on CC sounds awful. Time Machine sounds awesome, but upgrading to Leopard and stuff is expensive.

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