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St Paul, MN Noyes-McKay House by army.arch *Adam*
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On Summit Avenue with an interesting mix of Italianate and Second Empire styles. In the Historic Hill District, National Register #76001067.

Windows and shadows in the Financial District, manhattan.


St Paul, MN Fogg House by army.arch *Adam*
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I really like those half moon windows on the third floor. A Colonial Revival on Summit Avenue. In the Historic Hill District, National Register #76001067.


Canandaigua New York ~ 1840 Inn on Main ~ Historic B&B by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo
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1840 Inn on the Main

She Shines

Words: 1343

Fandom, Ship: Critical Role, Percahlia

Rating: PG

Warnings: Descriptions of injury, Major Character Death

Summary: Transistor AU, the aftermath of an attempted assassination.

*This is totally a recolour of official art, but you probably guessed that

Merry very very late Christmas @vexahliia !! This was going to be a full out AU but unfortunately, depression happened so I decided to tidy this up and post this up (i still have an outline of what I was going to do, so maybe one day- !) Also thank you to @the-waffle-iron for the one conversation we’ve had 5 months ago (you can’t see me but I’m giving you the thumbs up), where you encouraged me to do this! 

Edit: This was named after the Transistor Bonus Track of the same name

You can also see Alisha’s reaction of livereading it here

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Architectural Detail - Savannah, Georgia by Zorro The CAT

Shmi the Temple Menace

Or: What happens if Anakin isn’t a Jedi, Qui-Gon isn’t killed, and Padme` uses just a little of her political swing.

The disgustingly happy domestic AU that nobody except me wanted.

Alternately: The Jedi Order pulls it’s head out of its collective ass, and Shmi Skywalker is tested for force sensitivity as well, and Qui-gon takes her to Naboo. Nobody dies, Shmi is a force to be reconed with, and she and Anakin join the Corps. I also somehow accidentally Qui-gon/Shmi.

As I’m so fond of saying: Not every force-user must be a Jedi, and just because you age out of the Jedi, doesn’t mean you stop learning about the Force.

Shmis lightsaber crystals were found in an ancient crater, peridot crystals that sang to her in a dream and she’s carried them since she was pregnant with Anakin. There’s six of them. 

Yes she’s terrifying and the Council knows better than to make her false promises.

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