windows by foliage

  • me, riding in the car 2 go 2 the grocery store: Kendra stared out the side window of the SUV, watching foliage blur past. When the flurry of motion became too much, she looked up ahead and fixed her gaze on a particular tree, following it as it slowly approached, streaked past, and then gradually receded behind her. Was life like that? You could look ahead to the future or back at the past, but the present moved too quickly to absorb. Maybe sometimes. Not today.
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Hiya! I know there is a wait and I'm sorry if I cause you any stress but can you do a head canon and maybe a little story about the of the guys from KBTBB being with the MC in her dying moments after she saved him from some bad guy. I know it's sad sorry. Take as long as you want. I understand you have a lot of these and school so don't stress over mine. Thank You! P.S I love your writing.


Hello anon~ First off I hate you for this request, because I like to think everything is happiness and sunshine, you make me think sad thoughts! *cries* Also, thanks for your concern that’s sweet of you. Trying my hardest to power through~ *pumps fist in air* 

Here you are beautiful and thanks for the praise *tears up*, enjoy!

Dying Moments


He gripped your hand firmly as you laid on the white tile floor, your blood filling the cracks in the ground and slowly spreading around you. He tried to apply pressure to your stomach, where a crazed protester shot you, but it only stained his hands red and showing no signs of helping you, but he continued regardless.

“K-Khim.” He stuttered, something not like him. Slowly opening your eyes you were met by his worried ones. 

“I-I’m sorry…” You barely managed to mutter. You tried to reach out and touch his cheek, but you arm only made it half way before falling to the ground, limp. “I love y-you. me you’ll…find happ-.” You words cut short as your final moments were fast approaching.

Eisuke held you close, not caring about his designer suit getting stained, not caring about what happened around him, not worrying about the hotel or work. His entire focus was on you as he said his final goodbye, “I love you Khim, I will always love you.” He said, giving you an uncharacteristically kind smile as you let yourself cry, closing your eyes for the final time. 

He felt his world shatter, seeing you there on the cold ground, it didn’t suit you. But it was something you would do, for him, because you loved him so much. 


Soryu quickly shot his gun from the ground and got up. You fell simultaneous as a knife was still lodged into your chest. “Why did you push me!?” He yelled, racing to your side, wondering if he should pull the knife out or not.

You ragged breaths were the only thing he heard as the other noises were muted to his ears. Panicking, he gripped the knife firm and yanked it out, causing screams to pour out of your lips, a noise he hated. 

The wound was deep, and whether or not his decision was the right one it didn’t matter, because the knife was firm in you right lung. He knew this was the end. 

Not worrying about his surrounds, his face softened as he pushed your hair back and kissed your lips. He wanted you to be left with him smiling, so you would’t have any regrets and neither would he.

Khim tried to make out a couple of words and Soryu held her close, “I know, I love you to.” He said, reading her mind. Through the pain she smiled. He knew what she wanted. She wanted him to live on, not regret what happened for it wasnt his fault. She wanted him to love again, although he would never replace you. 

Pulling back to look at you, he saw your eyes closed. You were already gone. Rage engulfed him as he maliciously murdered the rival mafia group. Nearly wiping out their existence. It took four dragons to hold him back as he repeatedly punched a already dead man.


Anger was all he could feel. Khim was to kind, to careless. It wasn’t either of their faults but he still took the blame. He didn’t know if he could live in a world without her as he broke down next to her cold body. (a/n: soryu baby! I hate this one I’m crying wahhh)


He was shocked when you reached out to grab the criminals gun, causing the bullet to backfire and hit you square in the back, causing you to fall instantly, as the life left you. 

He panicked, his face going stern as he shot the man square in the head out of rage. He didn’t care if he lost his job for killing him, he had other things to worry about. 

His first thought was that you were paralyzed because you weren’t moving, not because you were dying. Racing to your side he joked, “Jeez kid your-”

He saw all the blood pouring out of your back as death took over your face. Losing all the color in his face he knelt down besides you and turned you over, “Sweetheart?”

Khim didn’t speak a word as she just stared at him, trying her hardest to convey with her eyes what her mouth wouldn’t. Her throat was to dry to manage to speak not. 

“Sweetheart say somethin’.” He called out, shaking her body. But she only grew more lifeless as she managed two words.

“ you.”

She fell limp in his arms as pain overtook his face. The other bidders ran in and saw the scene unfold- Mamoru shaking, trying his hardest to keep his emotions in check while your body rested in his arms, unresponsive. 


He watched as your body fell from the window, landing in the foliage outside two stories down. How did this happen? The thoughts and images replayed through his head as he ran down the stairs after you.

You both were laughing a minute ago, rummaging around the room looking for any clues to where a piece of art was. He remembered you pushing him back from the window as a bang went off, and then she fell.

Reaching you outside, he was your body covered in nature, dyed red. The bullet piercing right through your heart. You were dead.

He slowly bent over to look at your lifeless face. Thankfully your eyes were already closed, so he didn’t have to close them himself. He couldn’t bear that. He brushed the hair into place, fixed your clothes and brushed his hand along your cheek, kissing your lips.

Was he to careless? Was his love not enough? Did he cause this?

He picked up your limp body as he heard police closing in. He couldn’t leave you here. “Common princess, were going home.” He muttered, resting his forehead against yours and slowly walking back to the hotel.


“Khim?” Ota called your name uncharacteristically as your body slumped in the chair. You attended Ota to a press conference about his latest artwork and were shot on stage.

Everything turned white and black as your lifelessly stared at Ota. Your throat was dry and your heart was pumping fast, yet slow.

“Khim…Khim…” Ota called as he pulled you off the table you slumped onto. Blood was pouring out of your stomach and dyed his hands red. “Khim!” He yelled, realizing the severity of the situation.

Although you were pretty much gone at this point. The blood loss was to much as the world started to darken as sway. “Khim, no no Khim!” He pleaded desperately as you stared to grow limper, heavier. 

“Ota…” You managed to say. He looked into your eyes, wondering what would happen. He didn’t know, everything was happening to fast for him and needed to slow down. 

“…love…” Were the last words she spoke as she left, left him, alone.

Anger swirled inside him as he gripped you close, realizing that people were screaming and pulling him away from you, trying to protect you. Pain filled his face as someone else lifted your body, carrying you to the back of the room. He couldn’t keep up with the situation, his mind swirling until it focused on one thought. 

“Shes gone.” 

Thanks for making me cry anon *gives you evil eyes* Enjoy!


Stately mansion.
Hidden by huge garden.
Silently demands respect for its past
Numerous windows, enormous.
Facing a beautiful garden.
South facing, sunlit all year.
Leafy trees, single trees, lots of trees.
Spread their pleasant shade.
Balconies in front of the windows.
Invite rest and reflection.
Invitation apparently refused.
Mansion remains empty the whole year.
Windows are never opened.
Balconies are always empty.
Immense garden is abandoned.
Foliage heaped on the floor.
Branches grow in a disorganized way.
Reflections in the windows of a bright sunset
Compete with oppressive gloom.
From Image of an empty mansion.