windows and poop


Is nobody going to talk about this video where T.O.P is having a conversation with fans by screaming out a window (cr)

Eurovision 2016 running order
  • Belgium: fleur east fan writes upbeat song for a boots campaign advert
  • Czech Republic: woman makes history for her country at eurovision by qualifying, gets fucked over in the running order
  • Netherlands: he has a bar
  • Azerbaijan: gonna take a miracle to get over this qualifying over Estonia/Iceland
  • Hungary: -youtube comments voice- wow can already see so many people falling in love song should be renamed to the pussymelter
  • Italy: wiwibloggs said this is "serving taxidermic poultry"
  • Israel: shines brighter than my future
  • Bulgaria: chicken dance and light up warrior outfit, actually works really well
  • Sweden: 17 year old kid threatening to rob a bank and post office if he's ever sorry, calls you the devil in disguise
  • Germany: and on this episode of broadcasting your weeb phase to an entire continent
  • France: -sweden 2013 voice- yOoOoOOOOoOOoOUuUUUUuuUu
  • Poland: Conchita's little brother sings about colours and philosophy
  • Australia: they snuck back in. europes chill.
  • Cyprus: cages and on all aspects expect physical, the lead singer is a wolf
  • Serbia: real life queen steps on you. you are ok with it.
  • Lithuania: young boy has a fun party on sta- wait what do you mean hes nearly thirty and has a daughter
  • Croatia: girl in interesting dress encourages sailors to find their lighthouse
  • Russia: "were pissed off sweden took our title so were doing what sweden did last year but bigger just fUCKING FIGHT ME SWEDEN"
  • Spain: everyday im shuffling
  • Latvia: PewDiePie really wants a career as a doctor so he can feel peoples heartbeat
  • Ukraine: another queen steps on you. you are very ok with it.
  • Malta: floating head sings for a few second. you are left confused and afraid
  • Georgia: that windows movie maker youtube poop you made in 2006
  • Austria: trailer for the next disney princess movie
  • United Kingdom: "cheeky nandos trying to be coldplay" "cheeky nandos is amazing, so this song is amazing"
  • Armenia: no you have not had too much to drink she is genuienly multiplying at that part