windows 8

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I have 2 operating systems on my new computer now, Linux Mint and Windows 8 - it’s so funny how they both have their own preferred file systems only Linux can see the contents of the NTFS Windows partitions no problem but Windows has NO FUCKING CLUE that it’s not alone on the machine and can’t see a THING Linux is doing. When I installed Windows, it showed 3 0-MB partitions where Linux keeps its stuff.

It’s classic comedy really. If I was better at drawing I would make it a comic.

Linux moving Windows’ stuff when Windows isn’t looking and Windows thinking the computer is haunted.

Windows side-eyeing the weird partitions it can’t look into and wondering why they’re even there and why the hard drive has such an uneven size.

Windows wondering why the computer seems to only ever be used for gaming and why there’s music but the “awesome” xbox player thing it’s so proud of never gets used.

Linux leaving its stuff everywhere and Windows being weirded out when it finds file extensions on its partitions that can’t possibly belong to it.